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Police State

January, 2012

These articles describe how the U.S. has become a totalitarian police state, becoming more and more like the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. This isn’t just “conspiracy theory.”

Don’t let the government’s war propaganda and fear-mongering influence your ability to understand what the government is really doing to our country.

(I will add more to this list as new articles become available…The most recent ones will most likely be toward the top of the list)

Articles by Me (Scott Lazarowitz):

Freedom of the Press and the Right to Access Information About the Government

Whistleblowers? State Apparatchiks? Opportunists?

Ignorant Sarah Shoots Her Mouth Off at NRA Convention

The Amerikan Gestapo Wants You (to Snitch)

Our Modern Salem Witch Doctors

More Prisoners of Soviet America’s Medical Establishment Cult

What’s Going On with the Rulers These Days?

Why “National Security” Extremists Would Want to Kill JFK

The Police State: A Ghastly Product of the Left

Obama’s “Common Core”: Part of the Increasing Police State of Amerika

Our Un-American Rulers in Washington (on the NSA Spy Criminality)

My Post with links to several articles by Glenn Greenwald on the NSA Spy Criminality

Can Our Lawless Police Bureaucrats Be Tamed?

Lawrence O’Donnell’s Propaganda on Behalf of the Left’s Police State (on the Watertown Police Siege)

Warrantless Searches and Criminal Government Bureaucrats (But I Repeat Myself)

Americans Proudly Voting for Evil

The Bureaucratic Berlin Wall in America

Can America’s Descent Possibly Be Reversed?

Why Are Government Bureaucrats Turning America Into Nazi Germany?

Tea Partiers May Need the ACLU Soon

Articles Which Expose Government Propaganda to Promote Needless Wars

Do Not Allow President Obama to Impose Martial Law

The Ignorance of Newt versus the Inalienable Rights of All

Senators Who Love the Government But Hate America

Obama’s FEMA Camps

Protecting Ourselves from the State

The Treasonous U.S. Government

Martial Law vs. ‘Let Us Separate’

The Planned Chaos of National Security Socialism: Time to Give the Central Planners a Dishonorable Discharge

More on Amerika’s Police State


Articles by Other Writers:

Retail-Level Tyranny by William Grigg

The More Secrets the State Has, the Fewer We Do by Becky Akers

British Spies Hacking to Control the Internet by Glenn Greenwald

What Government Spies Are Actually Doing with Their Spying on Their Own Fellow Americans by Washington’s Blog

The Vampire State Draws Blood by William Grigg

Police Enter Homes to “Sneak and Peak” Search Without Warrants While Residents Not at Home by Police State USA

Facebook “Emotional Study” Linked to Pentagon Research on Civil Unrest by Steve Watson

U.S. Military Using Darpa Funded Research Studied How to Influence Twitter Users by U.K. Guardian

Edward Snowden Shouldn’t Return for Sham Kangaroo Trial by Kevin Zeese

The Senate Is Giving More Power to the NSA in Secret by Trevor Timm

“Overwhelming Number” of False Matches to Come from FBI Biometric Database by Steve Watson

New ACLU Report Takes a Snapshot of Police Militarization in the U.S.  by Radley Balko

The U.S. Supreme Court Marching in Lockstep with the Police State by John Whitehead

Has the DHS Become America’s Standing Army? by John Whitehead

Why It Shouldn’t Be Criminal to Report Government Secrets by Conor Friedersdorf

America’s Electronic Police State by Wendy McElroy

Judge, Jury, and Executioner: Have the Police Become a Law Unto Themselves? by John Whitehead

First They Came for the Porn Stars by Wendy McElroy

Police in Indiana Attack 10-Year-Old with Tasers at a Day Care Center by Jonathan Turley

Befehl Ist Befehl: Why Cops Are Morally Wrong, by Bill Buppert

Online Assault on Libertarians Continues by Jeff Berwick

Martial Law, Detention Camps and Kangaroo Courts: Recreating the Third Reich? by John Whitehead

Police Brutality: A Crime Against Civilization by Bill Buppert

Badged Serial Killers: the Growing Murder Culture of Cops by Bill Buppert (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5)

DOJ Goes After Guns in Further Capital Controls by Jeff Berwick

Common Core-Approved Textbooks Rewrite the 2nd Amendment by Joe Wolverton

The 2nd Amendment: A Symbol of Freedom or an Invitation to Violence? by John Whitehead

Revelations about the CT Mother Killed in Her Car by DC and Capitol Cops by Garth Kant

America’s Torture Doctors by Philip Giraldi

Free Speech, RIP: A Relic of the American Past by John Whitehead

How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive and Destroy Reputations by Glenn Greenwald

Support Your Local Slave Patrol by William Grigg

Don’t Call the Cops by Brian Doherty

Ain’t That Amerika? by William Grigg

The NSA’s Role in the Assassination Program by Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill

Executive Order Tyranny by Andrew Napolitano

Armed Mundanes: The Reason Why SWAT Teams Exist by William Grigg

Free Barrett Brown by Justin Raimondo

Chief of Police Harassed by Feds after Signing Pledge to Uphold Constitution by Paul Joseph Watson

If We Had No Constitution and Bill of Rights by Jacob Hornberger

The Verdict: Murder as Official Entitlement by William Grigg

American Fascism by Lew Rockwell

America Is Plunging into Kafka’s Nightmare by Brandon Smith

More DHS-Funded Police Surveillance Cameras – No Drop in Crime by Joe Wolverton

When Atrocity Is Central to Your Being by Arthur Silber

Washington DC Police Knew Lady Was Not a Terrorist, But Murdered Her Anyway by WND

Police Statists Want to Confiscate Civilian Guns by Infowars

Judgment at Nuremberg Redux by Charles Burris

Committee to Protect Journalists: Special Report on the Obama Administration’s Attempts at Suppressing Freedom of the Press

ACLU: The Prospects of Blackmail by the NSA

U.K. Guardian: NSA: No Detail Too Small in Quest for Total Surveillance

Washington’s Blog: Why You Shouldn’t Talk to the Police

John Whitehead: Who’s to Blame for Police Militarization? Militarized Police? Or Our Militarized Culture?

Infowars: The ObamaCare “Secret Security Force,” Medical Martial Law

Stephen Halbrook: What Made the Nazi Holocaust Possible? Gun Control

Washington Times: Armed Agents Storm Reporter’s Home, Steal FOIA-Obtained Documents

U.K. Guardian: What the NSA’s Criminal Intrusions Mean for You

William Grigg: California’s Gun-Grabbers

Wendy McElroy: Measuring the Extent of the Police State in Amerika

Nat Hentoff on Chris Hedges Suing Obama over NDAA

A Police State Conspiracy So Vast, by Andrew Napolitano

Dave Hodges: The NFL is Now Part of the USSA Police State

U.K. Guardian: NSA Infiltrates XBox

Chase Madar: The Criminalization of Everyday Life

The New American: Why Is Homeland Security Taking Control of Local Police?

Paul Joseph Watson: Fallujah-Style Checkpoints in Sacramento

Kevin Carson: Cops Get “Protected and Served,” Don’t Like It

Oath Keepers: Expose Unconstitutional Actions

The State Is Too Dangerous to Tolerate by Robert Higgs (Video)

It Can’t Happen Here by Larken Rose (Video)

Citizens Alarmed as Militarized Cops Invade Missouri Neighborhood by Kurt Nimmo

XKeyscore: NSA Tool Collects ‘Nearly Everything a User Does on the Internet’ by Glenn Greenwald

Committing War Crimes Is a Duty; Reporting Them Is a Felony by William Grigg

What’s Wrong with the NSA Collecting Your Phone Records? by Michael Rozeff

Martial Law vs. Market Law: Reflections on Boston by David Greenwald

Maryland v. King and the Total Loss of Our Bodily Integrity by John Whitehead

Mac Slavo on the People’s Right to Not Submit to Unlawful Orders

Obama Uses a Sledge Hammer Against Dissent by Amy Goodman

Trained for Totalitarianism by Arthur Silber

This Is How We Resist by Mac Slavo

Pentagon Unilaterally Grants Itself Authority over ‘Civil Disturbances’ by Jed Morey

‘Secure in Their Persons’ No More by Michael Orsi

Mac Slavo: Are All Those Guns and Ammunition for Obama’s Civilian National Security Force?

Paul Joseph Watson: DHS Supplier Provides Shooting Targets of Americans

John Whitehead: Turning Our Schools into Totalitarian Enclaves

Jacob Hornberger: Guns and Tyranny

Patrice Lewis: A Rifle Behind Every Blade of Grass

NDAA: Dictatorship Codified by Jacob Hornberger

The NDAA: A Clear and Present Danger to American Liberty by Naomi Wolf

Why I’m Suing Barack Obama by Chris Hedges

New Obama Executive Order Seizes U.S. Infrastructure and Citizens for Military Preparedness by Brandon Turbeville

Obama’s Latest Executive Order: Martial Law, Confiscation of Private Property, Forced Labor by Kurt Nimmo

Laptop Seizures by U.S. Government Highlight post-9/11 Climate of Fear by Glenn Greenwald

25 Signs That the Nazification of America Is Almost Complete   by The American Dream Blog

Kurt Nimmo and Alex Jones: More Video Evidence of FEMA Political Dissent Detainment Camps

Police State Amerika by David Galland

Total Federalization of Police Proposed by Homeland Security Paper by Aaron Dykes

30 Signs That the U.S. Is Being Turned into a Giant Prison by The American Dream Blog

The American Dream Blog: America Is Being Systematically Transformed into a Totalitarian Society

Glenn Greenwald: The ‘War on Terror’ — By Design — Can Never End

John Whitehead: Government Violence: The Missing Link in the Gun Control Debate

Naomi Wolf: Revealed: How the FBI Coordinated the Crackdown on Occupy

Dave Hodges: Insiders Warn of More False Flags to Confiscate Guns

America 2012: The Supreme Court Has Made It Legal for the Police to Strip Search You Any Time they Want by The American Dream Blog

The Making of a Prison Society by William Grigg

10 Reasons the U.S. Is No Longer the Land of the Free by Jonathan Turley

Pentagon Gifts Local Cops with “Cast Off” Military Hardware  by Kurt Nimmo

The Police State Is Personal by Wendy McElroy

Army Posts Job for “Internment Specialist” Following KBR Call for FEMA Camp Subcontractors by Kurt Nimmo

Army Course Manual Trains Soldiers to Confiscate Constitutionally-Protected Firearms  by Kurt Nimmo

Army Manual Outlines Plan to Kill Rioters, Demonstrators in America by Paul Joseph Watson

The Police State Abolishes the Trial by Lew Rockwell

The Overcriminalization of America: Are We All Criminals Now? by John Whitehead

Botched Paramilitary Police Raids (Map) by CATO Institute

Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Raids in the U.S. by Radley Balko

Militarization of Police by Radley Balko

Why Do the Police Have Tanks? by Rania Khalek

SWAT Raids, Stun Guns, and Pepper Spray: Why the Government Is Ramping Up the Use of Force by Radley Balko

Practicing S.W.A.T. raids on non-violent people? by Radley Balko

‘Obama Truth Team’ Orders GoDaddy to Shut Down Website by Paul Joseph Watson

Army Trains MPs to Drive Tanks on U.S. Streets by Paul Joseph Watson

Urban Warfare: Troops on the Streets in Hartford, Connecticut by Patrick Henningsen

Video: NATO Troops Training in Tampa (in Preparation for August 2012 GOP Convention)

Drone Used to Spy on Miami Partygoers by Paul Joseph Watson

Malware Wars: Software Vendor Claims CIA and NSA Infiltrated Microsoft by Kurt Nimmo

Twelve Victims of the Drug War by Laurence Vance

All Over America Government Control Freaks Are Forcing Preppers Back on to the Grid by the American Dream Blog

Ordinary Horrors, Everyday Murders by Arthur Silber

The Police State’s ‘Cardinal Rule’: The Mundane Must Submit by William Grigg

Why Are Police in America Treating Women Like Dogs? by The American Dream Blog

Monthly Terror Drills Now Required for New Jersey Kindergarteners and First Graders by Alexander Higgins

No Wonder America’s Founders Distrusted Standing Armies by Chuck Baldwin

Obama Executive Order Allows DHS to Seize Control Over Communications Systems, Including Phones and Internet (Washington Times)

UN Plans to Ban American Guns (

DHS Arms Build-Up by Kurt Nimmo

Red Spotlights to Highlight ‘Precrime’ Suspects by Aaron Dykes

America’s Police Brutality Pandemic by Paul Craig Roberts

Homeschool, Anti-Vaccine Family Ripped Apart by Child Protective Services by Activist Post

NYPD Stop-And-Frisks Increase 13% in 2011, 4 Million New Yorkers Patted Down Since 2004 by Huffington Post

New York City: Prototype of the American Police State? by John Whitehead

Is the War on Terror a Hoax? by Paul Craig Roberts

In America the Rule of Law Is Vacated by Paul Craig Roberts

The Shocking Truth About the Crackdown on Occupy by Naomi Wolf

Another Step in the Elimination of the First Amendment by Kurt Nimmo

Janet Napolitano says we need citizen spies by Activist Post

Law Would Encourage Americans to Report on Each Other by Paul Joseph Watson

Are Cameras the New Guns? The move to stop recording of police misconduct by Wendy McElroy

Disturbing trend: many Americans arrested for legally filming on-duty public servants by Madison Ruppert

Fed Interest in Food Storage Facility Connected to FEMA Executive Order by Kurt Nimmo

All the Reich Moves by Willam Grigg

Government Censors Document Revealing Plans to Wage War on Americans by Aaron Dykes

Military to Designate U.S. Citizens as Enemy During Collapse by Aaron Dykes and Alex Jones

Stewart Rhodes: Consider NDAA Law a Declaration of War on Americans by the Government by Infowars

Government Trains Troops to Run American Cities by Paul Joseph Watson

Domestic IED Threat Hyped as Justification for Martial Law Takeover by Paul Joseph Watson

NFL to begin intrusive pat-downs from ankles up of fans entering sports stadiums by Kurt Nimmo

Congress Endorsing Military Detention, a New AUMF by Glenn Greenwald

Chilling Effects of Anti-Terrorism: “National Security” Toll on Freedom of Expression by the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Maryland Cops Illegally Arrest Anti-Abortion Protesters by Steve Watson

Goodbye, Fifth Amendment by Eric Peters

Fifth Amendment Dead in America by Kurt Nimmo

Police Thugs With Guns by Wendy McElroy

FEMA Camps Confirmed by Aaron Dykes

The Federal Government’s Bureaucratic Wall That Keeps the People In by Wendy McElroy

The Importance of a Second Slave Card by Jeff Berwick

Unacceptable Emotions Soon to be Analyzed in Airports by Brandon Turbeville

Smart Meters Are Surveillance Devices by The American Dream Blog

Homeland Security Wants to Spy 4 Square Miles at Once by Spencer Ackerman

High-Level American Officials Admit that the United States Uses False Flag Terror by Washington’s Blog

Send in the Drones: The Predator State Goes Domestic by William Grigg

Major Wars and Suppression of American Freedom Started Before 9/11 by Washington’s Blog

Bradley Manning and the Totalitarian State by Karen Kwiatkowski

The Backdoor to Military Rule in America by Jacob Hornberger

Prison Yard America by Wendy McElroy

28 Signs That U.S. Public Schools Are Rapidly Being Turned into Indoctrination Centers and Prison Camps by American Dream Blog

The Drug War’s Continuing Collateral Damage by Radley Balko

An American Stasi? by Wendy McElroy

Police State Conspiracy by Jesse Ventura (video)

Secret Underground Base at Denver Airport by Jess Ventura (video)

The BP/government police state by Glenn Greenwald

DHS Snitch Culture Expands to National Hockey League by Kurt Nimmo

Suspicious Activity Reports from U.S. Malls Being Processed by Police State Fusion Centers by Mac Slavo

Voting Rights Advocate Held at Gunpoint by SWAT Team with No Warrant; Timing Suspicious by Crooks and Liars

Student Loans and DOE S.W.A.T. Teams by Wendy McElroy

The FDA’s secret war on raw milk farmers, using KGB tactics by Mike Adams

TSA VIPR Highway Search Teams by Wendy McElroy

The Freedom to Cross a Border by Wendy McElroy

Forced Expatriation Coming to the USSA by Jeff Berwick

Passport to the Total State by Wendy McElroy

Who’s Worse: The Nazis or the U.S. Government? by Jeff Berwick

Execution by secret WH committee by Glenn Greenwald

Militarization of American Police Started 30 years Ago by Washington’s Blog

Cass Sunstein proposes to have government infiltrate Internet chat rooms, social networks and activist group websites by Glenn Greenwald

Criminalizing Your Internet Profile? by Wendy McElroy

The Attack on Accidental Americans by Wendy McElroy

U.S. Government Uses Torture to Produce False Confessions by Washington’s Blog

List of Cases of Police Brutality in the United States by Wikipedia

Critics of the Government and War Considered to be “Terrorists” by Washington’s Blog

The American Nightmare That Is Asset Forfeiture by Wendy McElroy

When the State Breaks a Man by William Grigg

The Roots of Surveillance America by Wendy McElroy

Enemy Expatriation Act Would Strip Americans of Citizenship For “Hostilities Against the United States” by Mac Slavo

Decriminalize the Average Man by Wendy McElroy

J. Edgar Hoover Obama by Nat Hentoff

FEMA Puts Out Contract for Emergency Camps to House “Displaced Citizens” by Paul Joseph Watson

“Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act” by Wendy McElroy

NYC’s Police to Deploy Dangerous Body Scanners to Further Erode 2nd Amendment Rights by Kurt Nimmo

TSA Thugs by Mary Theroux

The Bill of Rights: Antipathy to Militarism by Jacob Hornberger

Paranoia Is Good for You by Wendy McElroy

Arizona’s Immigration Law: Police State or State of Emergency? by Joe Wolverton

WND: ‘Nazi’ Police Kidnap woman at town hall

Chicago Sun-Times: State to track all purchases of allergy medicines in police database

Boston Globe: Brookline, Massachusetts police chief wants to fingerprint business owners

NY Post: Schools Spying on Kids With Wrist Monitors

CBS New York: NYPD Spy Drones

NY Daily News: Alabama’s draconian immigration law is hitting farmers hard