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News and Commentary

Brian McGlinchey: Why Patriots Shouldn’t Pledge Allegiance.

Trevor Timm: Trump Spied on Journalists. So Did Obama. America Needs More Press Freedom Now.

Jacob Hornberger: Liberal Blindness on Wealth and Poverty.

Richard Ebeling: The Labor Shortage Is a Government-Contrived Scarcity.

Jon Rappoport: The Covid Vaccine and Depopulation; the Beginning of the Trail, and Covid Vaccines: Designed for Depopulation?

Swiss Policy Research: Obesity and The Pandemic: New Insights.

Bill Sardi: What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Covid-19 Vaccines

Edward Curtin: The Elephant in the Room: Cell Phones.

Reason: Over 24 Cops Raided the Wrong Address and Wrecked an Elderly Man’s Home. They All Got Qualified Immunity.

And Brian Cloughley: Cease Confrontation With China. Concentrate on Trade and Global Development 

News and Commentary

Pierre Lemieux: The Centrality of Exchange.

Sheldon Richman: VP Tells Guatemalans to Stay in Their Place

Glenn Greenwald: Trump DOJ Obtained Data on Schiff and Swalwell, Two Long-Time Champions of Domestic Spying.

Abigail Hall: Militarized Police: A Consequence of the War on Drugs

Joseph Mercola: CDC Caught Cooking the Books on Covid Vaccines

America’s Frontline Doctors: ‘Urgent’ British Report Calls for Complete Cessation of Covid Vaccines in Humans.

Lew Rockwell: Introduction to the Persian Edition of Murray Rothbard’s What Has Government Done to Our Money?

Jeff Krinock: Teach a Man To Acquiesce

Patrick Eddington and Julian Sanchez: The Pentagon Papers at 50

Kyle Anzalone: The Pentagon Is Invading Public Schools.

Gateway Pundit: Printing Companies that Supplied Ballots in the 2020 Election May Be Guilty in Potentially Altering the 2020 Election Results.

And L. Reichard White: Don’t Defund the Police, Defund the – – –

Fascist Digital Covid Certificates In Europe

Laurence Vance writes:

“All 27 EU countries will use this digital COVID certificate program by July 1, 2021.” There goes my vacation to Europe.

And here in the USSA? Grocery stores, and other stores, etc: Expect lawsuits galore if people such as myself are not allowed in the store/business sans “vaccine passport.” I know, I know, “private property,” etc. I really believe in private property rights. However, any grocery stores who will require a “vaccine passport” and deny entry to the “unvaccinated” (sic) DESERVE to be sued, harassed, etc. (And any legislators and governors making it the law to legally require such proof of poison-injections, get ready for protests, at the state capitols, and maybe even at their homes or on their street, and impeachments of course.)

More News and Commentary in USSA, Amerika

Laurence Vance: Would the Republicans Have Saved Us?

Life Site: Covid Hospitalizations, Deaths for the Vaccinated More Than Triple in One Month, CDC Reports.

Andrew Napolitano: Torture Enters the Courtroom

Jacob Hornberger: Nullifying the First Amendment

Glenn Greenwald: Yet Another Media Tale — “Trump Tear-Gassed Protesters For a Church Photo Op” — Collapses.

Brian Joondeph: Follow the Science or Follow the Herd (Immunity).

Walter Block: Should We Recognize ‘Hate Crimes’?

Scott Horton: Introduction to New Book, Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terrorism.

Jeff Deist: The Real Tax Scandal

Tom Woods: They Are Coming After Me

Madhava Setty: If You Want To “Trust The Science” Don’t Read The Washington Post.

And Richard Bernstein: Almost Overnight, Standards of Color-Blind Merit Tumble Across American Society.

News and Commentary

James Bovard: Pentagon Papers Failed to Prevent Perpetual Media Kowtowing.

Barry Brownstein: Liberating Yourself from Faucism.

Caitlin Johnstone: U.S. Troops Die for World Domination, Not Freedom.

Laurence Vance: The Conservative Hypocrisy on Menthol Cigarette Ban.

Gary Barnett: ‘Public’ (Political) School Madness: Military Supported ‘Vaccination’ of Students in Idaho

 Meryl Nass: Fauci Emails: How Top Public Health Officials Spun Tangled Web of Lies Around Covid Origin, Treatments.

Jason Ditz: Troops Leaving, But US Commits Billions to Fund Afghan Fighting.

Reason: U.S. Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan Almost Halfway Done, but Full Exit Isn’t Assured.

Politico: USA Today Fights Subpoena Aimed at Readers of Florida FBI Shooting Story.

Juan Cole: Israel—the “Only Middle East Democracy”—Criminalizes Journalism, Arrests Al Jazeera Reporter for Covering East Jerusalem.

Finn Andreen: The Case of Joe Rogan: Vaccine Policy and Freedom of Speech.

Karen Selick: CPSO to Ontario Doctors: “Shut Up or Lose Your Licence”

Paul Joseph Watson: German Study Finds Lockdown ‘Had No Effect’ on Stopping Spread of Coronavirus.

Ludwig von Mises: They Don’t Hate Gold Because It’s Gold. They Hate It Because It’s Not Government Money.

And Aimee Villella McBride: Why You Should Disable ‘Amazon Sidewalk’ on All Devices Before June 8

David Swanson Interviews Scott Horton on Ending the War on Terrorism


This Week on Talk World Radio, it’s time to end the terrorism-generating war on terrorism. Our guest is Scott Horton. Scott Horton is the director of the Libertarian Institute, editorial director of, host of Antiwar Radio on KPFK 90.7 FM in Los Angeles, and author of Fool’s Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan, and of the new book we’ll be mostly discussing Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terrorism.

More News and Commentary

James Bovard: Will the Pandemic Promote Political Power in Perpetuity?

Brandon Smith: Oregon Is Proof That Leftist Politics Ultimately Lead To Tyranny And Decay.

Tho Bishop: Fauci and the Fed: America’s Technocratic Frauds

Mac Slavo: Australia Institutes Strict Lockdowns Again after 26 Tested Positive for Covid.

Eric Boehm: China Is Paying Less Than 8 Percent of Tariff Costs. Americans Are Paying the Rest.

William Anderson: There’s No Conflict Between Profit and “Social Responsibility”

Joseph Mercola: Mass Vaccination Triggers Spike in Cases, Deaths

David Stockman: The Cryptoverse – Bastard Son of the Fiat

Thomas Knapp: Government-Employed Kidnappers Stole from the Crypto 6.

Rory Mir: Activists Mobilize to Fight Censorship and Save Open Science.

P Gosselin: Fantastic Findings: German Study Shows Added CO2 Has Led to 14% More Vegetation Over Past 100 Years!

Michael Tracey: “America First” Conservatives Declare: “Actually, We Meant Israel First”

Matt Taibbi: “Fact-Checking” Takes Another Beating.

Brad Polumbo: New Poll: Americans Aren’t Willing to Pay for the ‘Green New Deal’—And It’s Not Even Close.

And Revolver: Stunning New Court Ruling Reveals Blatant Institutional Discrimination Against White Americans.

Ron Paul: Equal Justice? Jan. 6 ‘Insurrectionists’ Rot In US Gulag

Why are the people who trespassed in the US Capitol Building on January 6th being detained for months in solitary confinement? Why have they been denied bail for mostly minor crimes? Why are they being held in particularly inhuman conditions despite for the vast majority no previous criminal charges? Is this justice…or political revenge? Also today: Press hypocrisy on Wuhan lab “conspiracy theory.” And…some justice for Newsom’s victims.

Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams discuss.

More News and Commentary

Children’s Health Defense Team: The Warnings Are Clear: Vaccinating Kids for Covid Is a Dangerous Gamble.

Jonathan Turley: Connecticut High School Student Arrested for Posting Racist Slur.

Matthew Ehret: Beijing, the Five Eyes or Something Else? Who’s to Blame for the Covid Pandemic?

Tim Cushing: Violent, Bigoted Cop Accused of Beating Another Cop Is Upset His Text Messages Expose Him as a Violent Bigot.

Matt Agorist: U.S. Cops Train Far Less And Kill Far More Than All Other Developed Countries.

Andrew Bacevich: Is There a Doctor in the House? Biden the Bold vs. Joe the Timid.

Doug Bandow: As Seeming Consensus Hardens for Cold (Or Hot) War Against China, It Becomes Ever More Important to Fight for Peace.

Andrea Mazzarino: Changing the Way the Military Handles Sexual Assault.

Robert Bridge: Transgender Fender-Bender: U.S. Judge Rules in Favor of Males Residing at Christian College Female Dorms, Using Showers.

Jo Bartosch: Trans Ideology Is Warping Our Justice System.

And Robert Wheeler: Brain-Computer Interfaces: Don’t Worry, It’s Just a “Game”

More News and Commentary

Life Site: Frontline Doctors File Motion to Stop FDA Authorization of Covid Vaccines for Children.

Arjun Walia: Sweden Says PCR Tests “Cannot Be Used To Determine Whether Someone Is Contagious”

Peter Van Buren: The Other Virus: Learned Helplessness.

Becky Akers: The Church of Covid

Eric Brakey: Congress Won’t End the Wars, So States Must.

And The Last Refuge: Dept of Labor and OSHA Reverse Course, Will Not Enforce Employer Responsibility to Report Covid Vaccination Injuries.

And finally, this blog post by Thomas DiLorenzo was on the blog:

The Public is Just Plain Dumb

That’s Lord Fauci’s latest declaration. He now claims that “the public is misinterpreting” the latest ever-changing, non-scientific, all-about-politics-and-the-CDC-budget, Hitlerian dictate about mask wearing. It’s not that we’re sick and tired and fed up with Fauci, the CDC, all the mini Mussolinies, lockdowns, serial lying about the planned-demic, and throwing the Constitution in the toilet. We’re just so dumb we don’t even know how to follow Lord Fauci’s orders.

We now have a new definition of “science.” Scientific knowledge is not derived from applied mathematics, the generation of testable theories and hypotheses, discussion, research, debate, and scholarship in general, but from the mouths of the likes of one Anthony Fauci and scores of other government bureaucrats and political hacks. All dissenters are to be libeled, slandered, smeared, and character assassinated. Furthermore, science is no longer knowledge that free people can utilize to make decisions for themselves about how to live their lives. It is now the justification for orders and dictates by the state about how you MUST behave — or else. Follow the science my ass.

The Covid True Believers Continue the Crusade

Someone posted a video of Bill Maher recently telling the government, media and medical establishment to cut it out with the “bunch of crap,” the lies about Covid. For a year now, those propagandists had been talking out of both sides of their mouths, contradicting themselves, and scaring the bejesus out of people, all for a flu or cold virus that at least half of the people who have the virus have no symptoms, a virus with literally a 99.98% survival rate.

Maher brought up several polls in his talk. One poll found that the young people who have little or no risk of dying from Covid-19 are the most afraid, while the older people who have much more risk feel less fear of “re-socializing.”

Maher brought up the Gallup poll that found that Democrats were the most ignorant about the chances of someone’s having to be hospitalized with Covid. The correct answer is supposedly between 1 and 5%, according to Gallup, but 41% of Democrat respondents said the chance was 50% or higher. However, 28% of Republicans and 35% of Independents/Other also erroneously thought that people had a 50% chance of being hospitalized with Covid.

I think we can blame the fear-mongering bureaucrats and their ignorant “news” media stenographers for molding gullible people and terrorizing them to needlessly fear passersby and spray doorknobs and everything else with disinfectant spray.

And the mask wearing out there has become a cult. People are engaged in ritualistic cult-like behaviors now. It’s very unbecoming, quite frankly. Many people now, mainly those on the political left, feel comforted by their face-covering suffocation mask, as they seem to believe every word of their beloved Fauci.

But the “news” media have been real terror mongers. I think it’s mainly the people on the left and the rulers of the blue states who have been True Believers in the Covid scam. Sadly, the sheeple with their CNN and MSNBC and social media, they haven’t been able to see through the media’s 24/7 fear mongering, 24/7 hysteria, 24/7 panic. It’s like they are hypnotized. The True Believers bought the “Trump-Russia collusions story even though that was totally false, and they believe that January 6th was an actual “insurrection” that wasn’t.

And regarding the Covid vaccines that aren’t vaccines but pharmaceutical drugs that are fraudulently being promoted as “vaccines,” whose purpose is to reduce symptoms and not to prevent infection or transmission, there are many on both the left and non-left who are True Believers in such “vaccines.” But it’s the people on the left who are the ones who mainly mock “anti-vaxxers.” I heard a panelist on Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me say that “anti-vaxxers like disease.” Not a particularly good understanding of that debate there. And another person on the show had referred to the non-lockdown states as “the dumb states.” Oh, well. So much for government schools in USSA.

And now we’re getting Nazi Germany-like “vaccine passports”? Already the U.S. military is coercing unsuspecting citizens into getting these medical treatments, and they are “targeting the young,” the very group of people least in danger of Covid-19! (Hmm, do we really need the U.S. military anymore?)

And Maher made a passing reference to Republicans who should own “climate change denial,” the liberals should own the Covid crap and so on. “Climate change” is another issue in which the people on the left are True Believers.

But the climate denial is to do with alleged human-caused climate change, not that there is climate change. Yes, humans and industry have contributed to pollution, but haven’t actually changed the climate. The climate has been changing naturally, with its natural effects, since the world began, so for hundreds of millions of years there have been warming trends and ice ages, and warming trends and ice ages, and so on. One of the main reasons why the climate charlatans have fooled so many in recent times is the computer models, that have turned out to be incorrect. Just like those early Covid computer models. How’d that turn out for us? But I digress.

As I wrote recently, the Covid lies started early on when the CDC changed the guidelines as to what constitutes a “Covid death” to include non-Covid deaths as “Covid deaths.” They also allowed the states “public health” commissars to write down as a “Covid death” someone who was “likely” and “presumed” to have Covid regardless of laboratory confirmation.

And speaking of laboratory confirmation, we also know that the testing has been extremely flawed throughout this whole scamdemdic, testing at too high a cycle threshold which caused false positives. The W.H.O. then changed their guidelines to reduce the cycle number to “weed out false positives,” which they announced only hours after Biden was inaugurated. Hmmm.

Any and all “public health” bureaucrats and governors and other bureaucrats who have been knowingly disseminating false information to terrorize the masses, and any media flunkies who have been knowingly repeating the propaganda over the past year need to be criminally charged with fraud, terrorism, and crimes against humanity. And that’s what I think about all that.