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More News and Commentary

James Bovard: Memorial Day: remembering the political lies that spurred mass killing.

Jim Davies: The bogus plague of 2020.

Brian Shilhavy, Jon Rappoport: Pharmaceutical industry is the largest offender of criminal fraud based on settlements and judgments for the False Claims Act.

MassPrivateI: Big Tech is turning hospitals into real-time surveillance centers.

Bill Wirtz: The chilling return of “Papers Please”

Mike Maharrey: Coronavirus is just the latest excuse to expand the surveillance state.

Zero Hedge: WA governor to residents: COVID-test-deniers will not be allowed to leave home to get groceries.

Becky Akers asks, Is Chicago in the U.S. or the USSR?

Neenah Payne: “Social distancing”: attack on the First Amendment!

The Last Refuge: Tyranny is real — Pennsylvania governor threatens to destroy disobedient businesses.

Daisy Luther asks, What will schools look like after COVID? Prison camps.

Jacob Hornberger: Businesses, employees, and the coronavirus crisis.

John Solomon: Adam Schiff may be the biggest loser of Russia probe declassification.

Ray McGovern: New House documents sow further doubt that Russia hacked the DNC.

The Hill: List of Obama officials who sought to “unmask” Mike Flynn.

Joe Lauria: Biden should be named in criminal probe in Ukraine, Ukrainian judge rules.

David Stockman: Wake up, Donald! Your malpracticing doctors are the real killers.

Laurence Vance: Government tyranny should come as no surprise.

Sam Jacobs: Bubble-wrapped Americans: how the U.S. became obsessed with physical and emotional safety.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Vaccine trial catastrophe: Moderna vaccine has 20% “serious” injury rate in high dose group.

And Jack Cashill: Seth Rich refuses to stay buried.

More News and Commentary

I’m still going through a lot of articles I have bookmarked. There are many to get through so I am a little backed up here. But here are some more.

Brandon Smith: The conman elites that want to “save us” from the coronavirus.

Tim Leonard: Guccifer 2.0’s hidden agenda.

Children’s Health Defense Team: Inflammatory syndrome affecting children: Kawasaki Disease, COVID-19 … or something else?

Wendy McElroy: New York Times hurts survivors with falsehoods about domestic violence.

Jacob Hornberger has three reminders from the Bill of Rights, and says the early Americans would have rejected the U.S. government.

Barbara Boland: IG fired days after inquiring about Pompeo’s “donor dinners.”

Raul Diego: Massachusetts contact tracing program handed to Clinton-linked NGO with questionable past.

Glenn Greenwald: The CIA’s murderous practices, disinformation campaigns, and interference in other countries still shape the world order of U.S. politics.

Ryan McMaken: Do lockdowns work? Mounting evidence says no.

Gary Barnett: The coronavirus “dark winter” psy-op: question everything.

And Derrick Broze: This is why you can’t trust the fact checkers.

News and Commentary

Reps. Andy Biggs and Ken Buck ask, Is Anthony Fauci helping or hurting?

Zero Hedge: Whistleblower: How CDC is manipulating the COVID-19 death toll.

MassPrivateI: White House uses COVID-19 as a reason to create a real-time national coronavirus surveillance system.

Veronique de Rugy: Life is completely different, except for the bureaucrats.

Bill Sardi has a letter to Dr. Fauci.

Jacob Hornberger asks, Is it time for a new direction?

Arjun Walia: Bill Gates: We won’t go back to normal until a vaccine has “gotten out to the entire world.”

Gary Galles on why central planning by medical experts will lead to disaster.

Robert Wenzel: The COVID-19 testing cover-up?

Thomas DiLorenzo asks, Will the Gates/WHO/CDC Cabal sneak an anti-fertility drug in their COVID-19 vaccine?

James Bovard says it’s time to track the FDA’s death toll.

Richard Ebeling asks, What comes after the coronavirus, freedom or despotism?

Wendy McElroy: The lesson of a crash that cured itself.

John Tamny: Peter Navarro has got to go.

And Michael Thau: God help us all: Dr. Fauci knows exactly what he’s doing.

The Queen Reminds Me of Carol Burnett Doing the Queen

Queen Elizabeth II recently spoke at an event commemorating the 75th anniversary of “D-Day” during World War II.

And that reminded me of when Carol Burnett did The Queen on the Carol Burnett Show, with the late Harvey Korman as Prince Philip (although addressed as “King”), and the recently departed Tim Conway as the soldier who swallowed a live hand grenade before it went off. (I think Carol did a better job doing The Queen than her royal majesty herself, but don’t tell anyone I said that.)

Important Articles on Society, Corruption, Due Process, Race

I will be writing more at some point, but this week I just haven’t had that much time. So, here are some more important articles to read.

Wendy McElroy says that due process is important. She makes very good points.

Besides Wendy McElroy, James Bovard is also constantly busy writing many articles highlighting the corruption, abuses and criminality of the bureaucrats who rule over us, and the importance of due process. This week, Bovard writes about when James Comey was an apparatchik in the Bush torture regime, and says the FBI shouldn’t be counted on to clear up the Kavanaugh-Ford mess.

And Walter Williams discusses racial disparities in school discipline. I didn’t know that kids are getting away with beating up teachers. Why aren’t the abused teachers pressing criminal charges against the assaulters?

Recent Articles

James Bovard on Brett Kavanaugh and a political class drunk with power.

Zero Hedge with an article on corrupt IRS parasites as exposed by Project Veritas.

Laurence Vance shows how the Trumpist anti-free traders are supporting Soviet-style central planning.

Richard Ebeling on the rise of capitalism and the dignity of labor.

Joe Lauria discusses the New York Times as judge and jury.

Walter Williams on how racism has become a welcome cult on college campuses in the name of fighting racism.

Michael Rozeff on the crazy extent of identity politics at today’s colleges and universities.

And Bill Sardi discusses flu scare tactics.

Soviet France Now

The bureaucrats of France, Emmanuel Macron’s France, have ordered that “far-right” politician Marine Le Pen undergo a psychiatric examination for her posting of graphically violent images on social media that supposedly included Islamic State extremists killing innocent people. The government accuses Le Pen of “inciting terrorism or pornography or seriously harm human dignity.”

Totalitarian regimes do that kind of thing to dissidents or to those who attempt to express a particular reality that goes against the government’s narrative as repeated and reinforced by the media, and by intellectuals and pro-regime academics.

The rulers send a “disloyal” or “unpatriotic” citizen to a mental institution or to be evaluated by a government-approved or government-employed psychiatrist, usually to then either be involuntarily committed to the institution or drugged up with mind-altering drugs.

Now, while I believe that Marine Le Pen definitely has a right to express herself and post images, I don’t agree with her on emphasizing the Muslim extremism stuff.

What we do need to emphasize is that Western governments have been invading, occupying, bombing and tyrannizing Muslim countries for decades now and no wonder there is blowback. No wonder they retaliate in their own radicalized, primitive ways. (Actually, the U.S. and other governments’ violence against those countries has been that of primitives as well.)

But if France has been experiencing terrorism in recent years, they need to look in the mirror for the real causes. France’s regime has been one of the worst participants as far as warmongering on the Middle-East is concerned. So in addition to France’s warmongering criminality against foreigners, now France also wants to crack down on its own people, and punish their difference of views and speech with Soviet-like psychiatric impositions. Shame on France.

Why Should We Love the Constitution So Much?

First, as long as we have the U.S. Constitution as the law of the land, it contains rules that government bureaucrats and their enforcers must follow. So as long as the bureaucrats and the rulers have power over us, we need that they have rules to follow, to protect out liberty.

But Gary Barnett has this article on the Constitution, with good questions to ask as far as how has it really helped to protect our liberty.

More Articles of Interest

Ron Paul comments on Republicans’ responsibility for socialism’s comeback.

Jacob Hornberger on “price gouging.”

Tho Bishop says that in socialist Venezuela the poor starve to death while the politically powerful feast.

The Daily Caller on FBI officials discussing “media leak strategy” ahead of major Trump-Russia revelation.

Ryan McMaken says that capitalism makes us more humane.

Jeff Deist with three lessons from the Kavanaugh debacle.

Jesús Huerta de Soto says that credit expansion squanders capital.

And Zero Hedge with an article on U.S. diplomats involved in trafficking of human blood and pathogens for secret military program.

Root for Neither Republicans Nor Democrats in the Roman Colosseum of USSA

Just a follow-up on my rant from yesterday. The Democrats are maneuvering to delay the Senate vote on Judge Kavanaugh for Supreme Court until after the mid-terms, but their manipulating may backfire on them in the November elections.

Unfortunately, what the Democrats care about are issues to do with “women’s rights,” i.e. abortion rights, and their race- and gender identity-obsession, and empowering the parasites of government to tax and steal as much as possible from the producers to fund this or that social or redistributive economic program that makes them feel good. Democrats don’t care about due process, dismantling the empire abroad, the warmongering and invasions and occupations by Washington against foreigners, civil liberties, or ending the police state.

In their contempt for due process, Democrats and otherwise Trump despisers are uncontrollably hysterical in their trying to aid and abet the Mueller/FBI fishing expedition and frame-up on Trump to get him out of office. And I am not a Trump supporter as readers already know. As Bob Woodward has admitted in an interview, after two whole years of looking for evidence of Trump-Russia collusions or espionage, he has found no evidence.

And the media sharks (as Ronald Reagan would call them), some of them know there is no evidence of such, but they still go on to do their talk shows and news as though “Trump-Russia collusions, hacking and cheating the election process,” is a given. Chuck Todd has been a big example of that. Todd interviewed former Director of National Intelligence James Claptrapper James Clapper in March of 2017, and Clapper said there was no evidence of any “collusion between members of the Trump campaign and the Russians,” and when asked if such evidence actually exists Clapper answered, “Not to my knowledge,” and “we had no evidence of such collusion.” Now, Clapper reminded Todd that all the other intelligence (sic) agency heads, such as FBI, CIA, NSA, report to him, to the Director of National Intelligence. So if by that time he knew of no evidence of Trump-Russia collusions, then it did not exist. But like all the other news media propagandists, Chuck Todd has apparently nevertheless continued on in his discussions with the assumption that Trump did collude or conspire with Russia, as well as the other media-government operatives.

So, race and gender issues, “climate change,” and abortion are what these “Russia collusions”-obsessed Democrats care about, certainly not Trump’s drone-bombings and murders of innocents overseas or the drug war that Trump is continuing to impose with great drool.

The Democrats and their media co-conspirators don’t care that it really was a frame-up and fishing expedition from the very beginning, from months before Trump was even elected. Some of the higher-up Democrats in Congress know that was the case, and some people in the media know it was the case as the evidence shows that, with the corrupt FBI and DOJ people abusing their FISA spying authority, lying to FISA judges and illegally spying on their political opponents. This is why the DOJ will “slow-walk,” as Ray McGovern put it, Trump’s order to de-classify the FISA requests and other Russia-gate materials. The top officials may even disobey Trump’s order to de-classify the material, to avoid the exposure of their corruption and criminality.

But the Republicans are just as bad when it comes to due process and presumption of innocence. So, tough noogies if they don’t like the lack of due process against their precious Brett Kavanaugh and the Senate votes to reject him. He should get borked. And the Rethuglicans with their anti-immigration anti-due process policies of arresting and caging innocent peaceful people, arresting employers and the gubmint’s other fascist measures. And the Repugs’ love of Gitmo and criminally imprisoning and torturing totally innocent foreigners, most of whom were gathered up at random by Afghan villagers in return for payments by CIA. But the conservative sheeple would never even believe that was the case. Git those terrists!

For the Rethugs, it’s “due process for me, but not for thee.”