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The Mandatory Vaccine Police-State Terrorists

Dagny Taggart of the “Organic Prepper” details the way of life in the new Amerika, the mandatory vaccine police state, in which government police and S.W.A.T. team goons break into a family’s home and kidnap their 3 kids, because one of them had had a fever and had not been vaccinated. The article is not clear about what the kids are not vaccinated against.

The mother apparently told the doctor on the phone that the child’s fever had already gone down and was already feeling better, and so she would not be taking him to the emergency room as the doctor ordered. And also, the mother had expressed concern that the doctor might report her to Department of Child Safety (DCS) for not having her kids vaccinated.

Now, the important information the doctor was given on the phone at that time was that the fever had gone down to normal, and the child was feeling better and was playing, and so on. So (and I’m not a doctor, I know), what a doctor with common sense at that point would do is to say, okay, I’m glad the kid is feeling better and the fever has gone away so he’s better and there’s no need for the child to be taken to the emergency room.

But, noooooo. Not in today’s Amerika. Today’s police state. The doctor called the police and the DCS on the family. The goons kidnapped the kids and put the family through hell.

We’re going to have a lot more of this kind of medical police state, especially with “Medicare for All,” i.e. Soviet medical care, when doctors are all government employees.

The younger doctors now are getting even dumber and less rational, which reflects on the younger generation in general, because the schools are making it easier and easier to get higher grades regardless of the students’ actually learning anything of value. What they are learning is that every little thing is “racist” or “sexist,” white males have “privilege” (even if they’re poor or discriminated against because of affirmative action), and that people have a right to free education, free health care and free iPhones.

And the vaccine stuff. I recently wrote about Gov. Matt Bevin who isn’t vaccinating his kids and wants them to have typical childhood illnesses so they can develop immunity naturally, which is the best way to develop immunity. But in “modern society” today, millions of people literally worship vaccines like a god.

Just recently Brian Shilhavy of Health Impact News wrote about a Philadelphia mumps outbreak among already vaccinated people. The article also notes that the maker of the vaccine, the evil Merck, is being sued by former Merck employees who are acting as whistleblowers regarding the employees having “witnessed firsthand the improper testing and data falsification in which Merck engaged to artificially inflate the (MMR) vaccine’s efficacy findings.”

Merck and other pharmaceutical companies have been sued by people because of injuries caused by the vaccines. I have already written about Merck’s killer HPV vaccine, Gardasil.

And as I wrote in my post on Gov. Matt Bevin, Sharyl Attkisson wrote about what the news isn’t saying about vaccine-autism studies, and has this page of links to many articles on the subject of vaccines. Please check out those articles, and then tell me about something being “debunked,” or that the “science is settled.” (The closed-minded among us will continue to say, “debunked.”)

And why are little kids being given so many vaccines now? The medical establishment is poisoning and damaging the kids and adults’ brains, all in the name of profits for Merck, Pfizer and Glaxo-etc-etc. But it’s worse for the kids at such a young age when their brains are still in very important early development stages.

And, as I had also mentioned in various posts, Dr. Julian Whitaker wrote that “Depending upon which vaccine is being administered, a single shot can contain a brew of adulterated bacteria, viruses, aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, hydrochloric acid, and/or numerous multisyllabic chemical additives. To say that repeated exposures to such a wide range of toxins have no cumulative adverse effects on a child’s developing nervous and immune systems is more than irrational—it’s diabolical.” Dr. Whitaker also points out that kids receive 14 different vaccines in 49 doses by the age of six.

Bill Sardi states that “children under age 2 are not able to develop sufficient antibodies to develop immunity from vaccination.  Despite this basic fact, the medical establishment insists upon administering a total of 19 shots, containing 24 vaccines, to infants on their 2, 4 and 6 month pediatric visits.” Sardi gives a lot of important information with links for further inquiry.

We now live in a societal regression. Even hundreds of members of Congress have signed on to getting rid of cars and trucks, planes, and probably all of industry, because what they really want is to bring us all back to the Dark Ages, in the name of saving the environment.

So, also in today’s societal regression, in which myths, medical corruption and ignorance rule, we will now have a medical police state with doctor-S.W.A.T. team terrorists going after dissenters to force people to poison their kids’ brains, all in the name of protecting them.

Brexit Delays Annoying? Try Transgender Censorship in the U.K.

As Theresa May and the other anti-Brexit forces continue to delay the inevitable, there are other issues going on in England these days. Such as the criminalization of speech and opinions that go against the irrational consensus.

Law professor Jonathan Turley has written extensively on the criminalization of speech in the U.K., and now has a post on how a columnist for the U.K. Catholic Universe, Caroline Farrow, had apparently online “misgendered” the child of a transgender rights activist named Susie Green. (Actually it’s the obnoxious activist who is “misgendering” her kid!)

The wacko activist Susie Green then had Farrow charged with violating the “Malicious Communications Act,” although, according to WND, Green has already dropped the complaint.

You see, what Caroline Farrow did, Telling the Truth, referring to Green’s son as “male” or as a “boy,” or “he” or “him,” was taken by the moron activist as an offense. (It’s the activist who calls her son a “daughter” who is offensive!)

Meanwhile, Farrow, the alleged “offender,” has been subject to “violent and sexual threats,” and “doxxing” of her kids. But that’s okay as far as England’s police are concerned. Incorrect pronouns, not so much. Ooooh, incorrect pronouns (that aren’t even incorrect!).

Get this. The transgender “rights” activist, Susie Green, lobbies for medical interventions for transgender children. According to WND, “(Green’s) son, Jackie, was born male and known at first as Jack. But he began puberty blockers at 13 and went to Thailand at the age of 16 for surgery, a procedure that now is illegal in the U.K. for those iunder 18.”

“Illegal in the U.K.”?? Hmm. I wonder why THAT is?

Farrow had apparently called Green a “child abuser.” Ya think? Children and teens are still in their very important emotional and physical development stages. Tampering with their hormones and bodies in such a personal and intimate way, in my view, really is “child abuse.”

And, according to Johns Hopkins psychiatrist Paul McHugh, the vast majority of children who experience feelings of or express interests in being the opposite sex are merely going through a phase and generally grow out of it at some point. So, in my view, to engage in the chemical abuse with “puberty blockers” and slicing and dicing really is a form of child abuse, and people who are rational and empathic really have a right to say that and really ought to tell the truth about it.

Unfortunately, Western society now is being run or controlled more and more by the freaks and misfits, the tyrants and totalitarians who want to forcibly silence those who criticize their idiocy and especially their abusiveness against children.

We also have a right to criticize people in other areas who deserve it, such as the fascist ruler of the U.K. Theresa May who has along with her statist cohorts been attempting to sabotage the U.K. voters’ Brexit since two years ago — because those statists and centralists (such as Theresa May) just can’t let go of their goddamn powers and controls!

Gov. Matt Bevin: Will Not Kowtow to Vaccine Hysteria

Wow, things sure are different now than they were when I was a kid during the 1960s and ’70s. When it comes to chickenpox or measles, or other illnesses, there was not the mass hysteria that we have these days. Today’s mass hysteria is based on ignorance, fear mongering and propaganda. Are you on the side of rationality, or hysteria?

The latest issue: Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has stated that he intentionally allowed his 9 kids to get chickenpox as a way for their immune systems to safely protect themselves from future exposure. Well, good for him!

Bevin says the government has no right to force people to get a vaccine or to force parents to inflict vaccines on their kids, whose vulnerable brains are still in the important early developing stages. I agree.

Some vaccines contain harmful elements such as aluminum and mercury, and for some people the risks involved in getting chicken pox, or measles or the flu, are not as dangerous as whatever risks may be involved with vaccines.

Now, some parents are going against the “anti-vaxxers,” and supporting mandatory vaccines for kids. In my view, many people including doctors are ignorant and hysterical and basing their fears on myths. For example, if your kid is vaccinated, why are you concerned whether or not another kid in the classroom has been vaccinated? If your kid is vaccinated then he is immune to and protected from whatever that particular vaccine addresses. Right? But noooo, the hysterical parents still want to force ALL kids to get a vaccine. (Because, what they are really saying is, they are admitting that the vaccine is not effective. If they believed the vaccine to be effective, they would not worry about their own vaccinated kid contracting chicken pox or whatever from other, non-vaccinated kids.)

According to this article, the CDC states, “Chickenpox can be serious and can lead to severe complications and death, even in healthy children. There is no way to tell in advance how severe your child’s symptoms will be. So it is not worth taking the chance of exposing your child to someone with the disease.”

That’s just hysteria. According to the CDC, one in 60,000 kids might die from getting chickenpox. But this is regarding reported cases. It’s probably closer to one in 100,000 or even fewer, because most people don’t report their kids’ chickenpox. And also, the key factor to whether people’s immune systems can resist diseases is not vaccines but nutrition. Many people especially nowadays are malnourished, because they are eating junk or processed foods and don’t conscientiously have a nutritious diet. I can’t believe some of the crap that some mothers give their kids.

And by the way, regarding the hysteria that the CDC and all the Establishment doctors are exhibiting and their fear mongering, this recent article on measles propaganda is well worth your time. It notes (Go to linked article for footnotes and links),

According to the CDC, the last recorded measles-associated death in the U.S. occurred in 2015. But even before the measles vaccine was introduced and given to children in the early 1960s, the annual death toll from measles in the U.S. was between 450 and 500, and never approached the high death rate of smallpox, which was a far more deadly disease, and which prompted calls for states to pass mandatory smallpox vaccination laws for children.

While any death, for any reason, is tragic, it is reasonable to ask whether it makes sense to mandate that children receive vaccines for diseases with low mortality rates when there are many other causes of death that are not only easier to prevent but would save far more lives.

According to a special report on child mortality published 2018 in The New England Journal of Medicine, 20,360 children aged 1 to 19 died in 2016; it goes on to list the top 10 causes of death in this age group.

Twenty percent of deaths (4,074 children) were caused by motor vehicle crashes, which came in at No. 1, followed by firearm-related injuries at 15 percent (3,143 deaths). In terms of disease, cancer was the primary cause of death (1,853 deaths), followed by suffocation (1,430 deaths) and drowning (995 deaths). A total of 982 children died from drug overdoses. Heart disease killed 599 children and chronic lower respiratory disease took the lives of 274.

One thing that the hysterical CDC and many, many pro-mandatory vaccine doctors fail to note is the money, money, money that the pharmaceutical industry rakes in from their vaccines, the symbiotic relationship between many doctors and the pharmaceutical industry, and the revolving door between pharma execs/members of their boards and the CDC and FDA.

Sharyl Attkisson wrote about what the news isn’t saying about vaccine-autism studies, and has this page of links to many articles on the subject of vaccines. Now, for those of you who really believe the myth and propaganda that “science is settled” and vaccine links to neurological problems have been “debunked,” then you have been relying too much on mainstream media propaganda and not actual truth, in my view.

So good for Gov. Matt Bevin for sticking to the principle of FREEDOM and freedom of choice in letting his kids develop immunity naturally (which is healthier and longer lasting) rather than poisoning them with vaccines containing harmful elements.

Medicare and Medicaid: The Root Cause of America’s Healthcare Crisis

Now, many people really believe that government programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, were necessary to be imposed on the people to help the people. Many people are indoctrinated to believe that after many years of government-controlled schooling. Those programs are a given, a normal part of everyday life, they have been made to believe.

However, Jacob Hornberger discusses why those programs are the root cause of today’s healthcare crisis. Those are socialist programs, which involve redistribution of wealth to fund them, and government central planning to administer them.

It was a new system of government central planning imposed by political operatives and bureaucrats to replace the old system of freedom and free markets.

Hornberger describes how things used to be in America with healthcare:

The United States once had the finest healthcare system in the world. It was one based on no government involvement in healthcare. It was a free-market healthcare system. Advances in healthcare were occurring at a phenomenal rate. Doctors absolutely loved what they did in life. Healthcare services were reasonably priced.

In fact, hardly anyone had major medical insurance. That’s because healthcare costs were considered just an ordinary part of life, sort of like periodic car repairs. The price of healthcare stayed within reasonable boundaries.

The poor had no problems receiving treatment by both physicians and hospitals. I grew up in Laredo, Texas, which the Census Bureau said was the poorest city in the United States. Every day the doctors’ offices were filled with patients, some from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, which was on the other side of the Rio Grande. The doctors knew that many of them could not pay for the treatment. It didn’t matter. I never heard of a case where doctors turned away anyone for inability to pay. And Laredo doctors were among the richest people in turn, second only to the oil families. They didn’t begrudge giving people free healthcare, especially since they were making so much money from everyone who could pay.

That’s the way things should be: a way of life in which healthcare is based on the free market and where charity is voluntary, not mandated through the force of the IRS or any welfare-state bureaucracy. A free-market healthcare system is precisely why the United States once had the finest healthcare system in the world.

Everything began going south with the enactment of Medicare and Medicaid in the 1960s…

And, as Hornberger points out, one socialist intervention after another has been imposed to try to fix the terrible effects of the previous socialist interventions, including ObamaCare, and on and on. Now the socialists want “Medicare for All,” i.e. Soviet-style top-down authoritarian-imposed medicine.

By the way, speaking of Soviet “Medicare for All,” Anna Ebeling, who was born and raised in the Soviet Union, wrote an article on how the Bolsheviks wanted to destroy the medical care system of Old Russia in the name of utopia, just like today’s “Democrats” want to do. And look what they did! And former Gorbachev-era Soviet economist and then dissident and defector Yuri Maltsev also tells us what Soviet medicine teaches us.

In Soviet Amerika, Don’t Dis the Gubmint

Former CIA agent and whistleblower John Kiriakou has a piece about an activist Martin Gottesfeld who has received 10 years in prison for hacking computers at Boston Children’s Hospital and causing a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) for 2 weeks. Gottesfeld believed that he was acting appropriately given that the hospital criminally kidnapped a teenager, Justina Pelletier, and aided and abetted Justina’s kidnapping away from her parents by Massachusetts DCF, based on a disagreement between doctors and Justina’s parents.

As I wrote in this post, I don’t believe that Gottesfeld’s hacking and DDoS attack was justified.

I have written extensively on the Justina Pelletier case, most recently noting that Justina’s father Lou Pelletier thinks their lawsuit against Boston Children’s Hospital may come to trial around January of 2020.

Check out the website, which has story after story about how hospitals and CPS/DCF agencies kidnap and imprison innocent children for the sake of research, as well as for the sake of power-mad practitioners who love to grab kids and abuse them.

In his recent article linked above, Kiriakou states that the judge in Gottesfeld’s trial was Nathaniel Gorton, the same judge who persecuted computer programmer and Internet activist Aaron Swartz who was mercilessly driven to suicide by evil prosecutors, as I wrote about in this post. The difference between Swartz and Gottesfeld is that Swartz didn’t actually do anything criminal, but Gottesfeld did.

Kiriakou also mentioned in his article that because Gottesfeld has been writing about criminality and corruption in the DOJ and his judge’s alleged conflicts of interest, Gottesfeld was then placed in solitary confinement and will be put into a facility in which all his mail will be read, all communications monitored, really something out of Soviet prison kind of stuff.

Only in Soviet Amerika.

More News and Commentary

Bill Sardi has an important article debunking the anti-eggs and anti-cholesterol propaganda, and promoting vitamin C.

Target Liberty with an exchange between New Jersey libertarian activist Murray Sabrin and a USA Today columnist on libertarianism.

Zero Hedge with the best analysis of what really happened to the Boeing 737 Max from a pilot and software engineer.

Per Bylund on socialist time ignorance, subjective value, and anarchism: a world of sovereigns.

And Donald Boudreaux says, In free markets, “balls” and “strikes” are called only by consumers.

More Transgender Totalitarians Who Want to Jail More People

I really wanted to call them the “Transgender Nazis,” like there is the “Soup Nazi” on Seinfeld, the “Sugary Drink Nazi” Bloomberg who wanted to ban sugary drinks, and the climate change nazis who want to jail “deniers.”

But I know that the use of the word “Nazi” is offensive to some people, so I won’t do that. (Why is calling someone a “Nazi” more offensive than calling someone a “Commie”? The Soviet and Chinese commies murdered millions and millions more innocent human beings than the Hitler Nazis did. Discuss.)

Instead I will refer to the anti-freedom of thought and conscience, anti-freedom of speech fascists as the “transgender totalitarians.” They are fascists who want to outlaw certain forms of speech, certain forms of discussion, or in the case of transgenders, gays and lesbians, outlaw “conversion therapy.”

Conversion therapy isn’t just the “electric shock therapy” that the fear mongering propagandists have been screaming about. Conversion therapy can include someone who is insecure with his or her sexual orientation or gender identity, such as having difficulty identifying with one’s gender that one was born with, and going to a clinical psychotherapist to talk about the issue to try to deal with it better. The transgender totalitarian censors want to outlaw that and jail such therapists.

As I wrote in this post on the 2018 elections in New Hampshire, Gov. Chris Sununu signed into law the “conversion therapy” ban in that state, New Hampshire, the “Live Free or Die” state. He signed the bill into law in October, just weeks before his reelection. Doh! I recently heard Howie Carr interview Gov. Sununu and I have a feeling that Carr probably knows that Sununu signed that bill but won’t criticize him for it because Sununu is a Rethuglican. Were Sununu a Democrat, we wouldn’t have heard the end of it on the Howie Carr Show. Sununu comes from a very corrupt political family, with his father former Gov. John Sununu having been Chief of Staff for the war criminal then-President George H.W. Bush who passed away last year.

And now the Massachusetts House of Representatives has voted to outlaw “conversion therapy.” The vote was 147-8. So much for freedom of speech and freedom of thought and conscience in Massachusetts, the birthplace of freedom in America. Gov. Charlie Baker, a.k.a. Gov. Charlie Half-Baker, has stated that he’s inclined to sign the bill.

In England the authorities (i.e. the crazies, loony-tunes, fascist bureaucrats, etc.) are kidnapping and stealing little kids away from their parents when the parents aren’t willingly and sheepishly going along with the charade when their kids express a desire to be the opposite gender.

And yes, it is a charade with this transgender crap. Someone who is a male but believes he is a female obviously has some psychological issues going on. Maybe he’s been brainwashed by wacko parents or by demented ideologically-guided teachers at school, or there is some high level of dysfunction in the home that is affecting his personality development or his self-identity and gender identity. Whatever the situation, someone who is a male but thinks he’s a female (but clearly isn’t a female because he’s a male) or someone who is a female but thinks she’s a male (but clearly isn’t a male because she’s a female) and who wants to have a normal gender identity that’s based on what actual biological gender the person actually is, has a right to seek guidance in that regard, and the gender Nazis who want to jail therapists are very dangerous people. The gender activists who want to jail innocent people are child abusers and they are the ones who should be jailed, quite frankly.

Social “Justice” (sic) and Political Correctness Run Amok

Michael Rozeff has a humorous post on the LRC blog on gender neutrality and communism. Why do people have a problem with “boys and girls,” and “mother” and “father”? What is WRONG with those people? Some people are actually offended by such gendered language, because they are brainwashed, and need to be deprogrammed.

And Mike Masnick says, beware the rise in censorship under the guise of stopping fake news.

The Control Freaks Want to Complete the Total Ruination of Amerika

We’re getting it from all over now. From the activists, the socialists, the fascists, the drug-addicted and the boozers, and the general statist control freaks who love their enmeshment with government powers.

First, Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley says that a Louisiana woman was arrested for posting online a video of a fight between two boys at her son’s school. She was not there to see the fight but found the video on her son’s cell phone. She was charged with…with…I can’t even remember now, some stupid thing, charged by some stupid government police bureaucrats.

Of course people have a right to post a video of a school fight. In fact, as the actual law (that Turley quoted from) shows, there are exceptions to the prohibition including the video being used as a “public service.” In my view, the woman is providing the public with actual video of a school fight, especially when both students in the fight were charged by police.

Turley describes the law as a “poorly conceived law that criminalizes the ‘Unlawful posting of criminal activity for notoriety and publicity’,” and was first introduced by Democrat state Rep. Barbara Norton (obviously a relative of Ed Norton from the Honeymooners), and signed into law by then-Gov. Bobby Jindal, the fast-talking politician who ran for President in 2016, but dropped out of the race in 2015. (Does he look like Yoda?)

Now, the answer to these problems occurring at public schools is to abolish public schools, a.k.a. government schools. And regarding posting videos of a fight or other incidents happening on the promises of public property, of course that would be in the public interest, and in the public domain.

The response to someone posting something online that meddling statists don’t like is to prohibit such an act, by law. That is what dictators like to do. They like to give orders and boss people around. For instance, another example is Carl Tuckerson who wants to ban kids from having Smartphones, by law, by federal law as well. Not let parents decide whether or not they think their kids should have a Smartphone, no. The Nanny State should decide for us.

According to the Blaze, Tuckerson compares that to the age restrictions to buy cigarettes, because phone addiction is harmful to one’s health. Tuckerson stated, “Smartphone use makes your kids sadder, slower, and more isolated, and over time, can kill them.” Yeah, but so can watching Fox News, Carl.

“There’s no reason why the Congress, which made smartphones possible in the first place, shouldn’t be part of the solution,” he continued.

What? Congress made Smartphones possible? Are you serious? That sounds like the typical mindset of someone who worships our Washington overlords. Here is the history of the Smartphone. I see nothing in there about “Congress” or anything government! What are you, Al Gore?

Government shouldn’t have the power to ban anything! Not Smartphones or football for kids, or cigarettes or booze for that matter. Let parents decide. And government shouldn’t be banning anything by law, not drugs, booze, phones, or guns. These people are real meddlers when you get right down to it.

And there’s someone in Washington now who wants to do some serious banning, prohibiting, forbidding, restricting, punishing, meddling, intruding, interfering, dictating, ordering, controlling, and all-around messing things up, that being Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who Roseanne Barr is now calling a “Farrakhan-loving bug-eyed b*tch.” (Is she related to Bill Barr? What about Bob Barr?)

Ocasio-Cortez wants to ban cars and trucks, and apparently go back to horse and buggy, and she wants to ban airplanes, and cows. And apparently she wants to have some kind of “public bank or system of regional and specialized public banks, public venture funds” to pay for the Greed New Deal Green Wheel-Deal those Washington communists are foaming at the mouth about. So they’ll just give everybody phony Monopoly money to play with, that’s worth nothing, and they will just move the whole society further into total impoverishment more quickly, that’s all.

And this is all in the name of not environmentalism but Social Justice i.e. control. Ocasio-Cortez has been joined by many of her fellow crazies in Congress including Presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Kamoolah Harris. And Bernie Goetz Bernie Sanders if I’m not mistaken. These people in Washington are really nuts, not just ignorant and low-IQ.

Transgenders Trying to Escape from the Transgender Crusade

Well, the anti-transgender writers at WND are at it again. Good!

I hope the “hate speech” zealots don’t come after my blog for writing the truth here. There is no “hate” here, only the truth.

The WND article is about how some transgender or formerly transgender people have experienced utter intolerance and torment from the “LGBT” community after the transgenders or former transgenders express their disappointment, their regret, their desire to change back to identifying themselves as the gender they actually are or were born with.

Now, are you one of those morons who treats such former transgenders with hostility rather than acceptance? What’s your problem? (as Dr. Meltzer would say) You see, it’s all about narcissism, this “transgender” movement. In fact, much of the leftist movements we have today, transgender, “LGBT” in general, “climate change” and calling opponents “deniers,” the college campus shouting down of speakers, it’s all a competition to see who can out-narcissist all the others.

In the WND article, a common theme of the female-to-male transgender was the pressure they received at an early age to change their genders, and their begging their parents to let them have testosterone treatments while teens. One expressed regret and said if only she had waited until she was past the age of 18.

The article referenced a USA Today op-ed by a transgender male-to-female-and-back-to-male now in his late 70s who had regretted his change. The writer noted the psychological abuse as a child, particularly from his grandmother who had dressed him up as a girl when he was only 4 years old, she “cross-dressed me in a full-length purple dress she made especially for me and told me how pretty I was as a girl,” and so on. Now, that’s child abuse, and the grandmother should have been brought up on charges. Apparently, this is over 70 years ago, so I doubt that Grandma-from-Hell is still living. (She’s probably in Hell at this time, quite frankly.)

And then the guy was sexually abused by his then-teenaged uncle. He wrote in USA Today, “Hidden underneath the makeup and female clothing was the little boy hurt by childhood trauma. I was once again experiencing gender dysphoria, but this time I felt like a male inside a body refashioned to look like a woman. I was living my dream, but still I was deeply suicidal.” Sad.

In more recent years we have the phenomenon of males saying they are females, and joining ladies’ athletic teams and competing in all-female events. I think that because of anti-“discrimination” laws, the ladies teams are not allowed to refuse to let the males on the team. The “transgenders” may think they are female, but they are still male. Why the hell do you think they keep winning competitions? We keep hearing about the “transgender female” (who is really a male) coming in First Place or winning First Prize in competitions. But they are cheaters, in my view. Phony “females.” Fakes, just like the cheating fake Indian Elizabeth Warren.

Back to the WND article, it also features several females who had had regrets in their transgender-male lives and wanted to go back. But they were targeted by the intolerant LGBT bigots.

One of the victims stated, “As soon as you start to maybe move away from a trans identity or start to voice things, they call you a TERF (trans-exclusionary radical feminist) or they instantly ostracize you and call you a traitor and fake, so it’s very hard to voice doubts and that contributes to not allowing you to voice that or realize that about yourself.”

When the subject of “hate” is involved here, it is those who target these regretful victims of society’s activist misfits. The “hate” is clearly on the part of the zealous activists who are probably too brainwashed to fathom that they, too, are victims of a gender-change cult.

Based on what I have read, in most cases when a child is expressing feelings of identifying as the opposite gender, it is really just a phase, and the kids naturally grow out of it. To encourage a healthy and honest gender self-identity, or gender identity, it is best to ignore the phase and continue treating the child as the male he is, or as the female that she is. But some of the “adults” in these kids’ lives are ignorant and in some cases brainwashed by this loony-tunes societal trend, and they are encouraging the child to go with such opposite-gender identity phases. Which, in my view, is adding to further psychological damage and fostering dysfunction.