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Governments’ Covid Terror Campaign Continues with “Omicron”

Because the world’s sheeple have not been sufficiently terrorized by the continuing government-imposed Covid-19 terror campaign for close to two years now and counting, the world’s lying health bureaucracy shysters have made up a new variant they are calling “Omicron,” or B.1.1.529. So far, the government terrorists are saying that Omicron is possibly more transmissible but not more deadly. Just like the “Delta” variant last Summer.

So now a new wave of hysteria and panic, as governments are imposing fascist travel restrictions for no good reason. And I’m sure there will be more lockdowns.

Government terrorists and “public health” nazis don’t like the people resisting their impositions and decrees, they don’t like it when people are protesting mandates for unhealthy face mask-gags and vaccine-poisons that don’t prevent the spread of virus.

Yes they are making it up. As I have written previously, this whole Covid scam is made up to begin with! And with the lack of health bureaucrats’ ability to distinguish between the “Delta” variant and Covid or other Covid variants, I am very skeptical of what they are claiming regarding this new Omicrap variant.

And the vaccines are contributing a great deal to enhancing Covid infectivity and variants. The vaccines actually help more virus variants to develop based on Antibody Dependent Enhancement. But we don’t hear that from CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC, New York Slimes, Washington Pest, Bloomberg, FoxSnooze, and all the rest of the regime’s propaganda spokespeople and scribblers.

So, the way for vaccine nazis to deal with that is to tell people to have MORE shots, more “boosters” and mandate them by force!

Besides being morons and corrupt liars, as are “Doctors” Fraudi and Lewinsky, these people are crazed psychopaths. They’re nuts!

Don’t believe the latest scam, the Omicrap variant, because the “public health” nazis are full of sh*t. Resist the anti-health mask-gags, the poisonous “vaccines” that are not vaccines and that don’t prevent infection or spreading but are killing and injuring people.

Resist the fascist lockdowns, the quarantine prison camps and “vaccine passports.” RESIST! As Milosz Matuschek wrote today, this is a time when resistance becomes a duty.

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As Media, Bureaucrats and Medical Morons Escalate Their Covid Lies, the People Must RESIST!

The Covid scam has to end ASAP, or this fascist crap will go on forever!

I’m sure that people don’t want to believe that bureaucrats and doctors could be so dishonest, corrupt and criminal that they would impose or follow policies that are contrary to people’s good health.

But when you put all the facts together you have to admit the truth. Or, you can keep believing the propaganda at your peril. That’s up to you.

Government apparatchiks like Fauci, Murthy and Walensky and their hospital and medical flunkies have been stepping up their rhetoric and propaganda, more “cases,” more Covid hospitalizations, which are really influenza, pneumonia and fear-panic hospitalizations, and in many cases hospital protocol including ventilators are what have been killing many people.

The whole thing is a scam, and the MASK and VACCINE mandates must be fought and protested in FULL FORCE!

There is NO reason for people to be wearing the damn suffocation mask-gags. And we know the “vaccines” don’t work, they don’t prevent infections and they don’t prevent spreading.

The mask imposition is mainly a psy-op, as the rulers order compliance, obedience and submission among the sheeple. The rulers use the masks to demoralize the people and weaken their will and spirit.

The latest outrage: pushing the experimental drug injections onto children ages 5-11. CDC director Walensky recently stated that “the risk (of Covid-19) is too high and too devastating to our children and higher than many diseases we vaccinate our children for.”

Does Walensky really believe that? I say she doesn’t believe that, and she knows the truth, that kids are the least affected by Covid-19.

That linked article refers to the most recent study, in addition to many other studies done in the past year, including the British study examining 69,516 Covid patients: “No children without a serious comorbidity of an additional illness died, and neither did any child between the ages of 28 days and 15 years.”

The liars in government and “public health” have also been falsely stating that little Johnny and Susie can be asymptomatic carriers of the virus and “give it to Grandma,” and so on. Nope. (See Coronavirus: No Child Known to Have Passed COVID-19 to Adults, Global Study Finds, School Children Don’t Spread Coronavirus, French Study Shows, and Children Are Not Covid-19 Super-Spreaders: Time to Go Back to School.)

But the kids’ immune systems are negatively affected by lockdowns and their being made to separate from others for many months, and by the masks! So now, many more kids are testing positive for Covid and more are sicker, some being hospitalized. (In some cases I’m sure they falsely tested positive for Covid but were really suffering from bacterial pneumonia caused by the MASKS!)

Besides weakened immune systems, the masks have been making the kids sick as well! The masks are unsafe and unhealthy. One study showed how easily the masks can be contaminated. Another study tested the kids’ masks and found they were contaminated with “bacteria, parasites and fungi.” And here is Life Site with a list of many, many studies confirming the ineffectiveness of the masks and showing their negative health effects as well.

And that Covid test swab shoved up people’s nostrils, that has horrible risks in and of itself, to test you for some virus even though you are healthy and have no symptoms.

There’s no reason to test healthy people for some virus that has a 99.98% survival rate!

And regarding the asymptomatic carriers, not just child asymptomatic carriers but adult asymptomatic carriers, too, do NOT spread the virus. Fauci said this early on in the scam, before he got the memo.

And the W.H.O. did “very detailed contact tracing” of asymptomatic carriers in several countries and found that their spreading the virus was “very rare.” Here is another article on the myth of asymptomatic carriers spreading the virus.

Yes, the lockdowns, shutting businesses down, stay-in orders and mask orders were and are based on a lie.

The virus detection tests include the PCR test, which medical officials have been implementing at high cycle thresholds to guarantee false positives. Dr. Fauci himself said that would happen with high cycle thresholds with the PCR tests.

We saw the “case” numbers drop dramatically the first half of this year after the W.H.O. advised on January 20th that the cycle threshold numbers for Covid tests be lowered to weed out false positives. (And I believe they are now increasing the cycle threshold numbers with the tests again to increase the numbers of “cases” to say that people in the hospitals are “Covid cases” when they are not!)

Many hospitals are testing everyone in the hospital (for no good reason!), such as patients who are there for non-Covid reasons. And some of those testing positive for the virus are asymptomatic yet nevertheless are being counted as “Covid cases.”

Because of all the fear-mongering over the past year, when someone receives a positive Covid test result (although likely a false positive) they obviously feel terror, and the terror causes them MORE stress that actually can make them sick!

Besides a “pandemic” based on mostly false positives of Covid-19 when people really had a bad flu or cold, medical and government officials have been redefining a Covid “case” to be anyone who tests positive regardless of having any symptoms or actually being sick.

It used to be, and should be, that a “case” is someone who actually is sick, with symptoms.

And regarding the lie of the “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” per CDC guidelines, medical personnel are being advised to do the testing with lower cycle thresholds to weed out false positives but only for those who have had the “vaccine,” while keeping the tests at higher thresholds for those who are “unvaccinated.” (More here.)

And that’s on purpose to keep the lie of “pandemic of the unvaccinated” going. And per those CDC guidelines, as of May 1st this year non-hospitalized “breakthrough” cases will no longer be recorded, so “vaccinated” mild or asymptomatic cases will not be counted, only the “unvaccinated.”

Yes, they are doing that. “Government liars” is a total redundancy.

At least half of those who have been hospitalized supposedly with Covid are fully vaccinated! But do we hear that in the “news”? Nope. (More here.)

And then we hear that the vaccines are enhancing infectivity, not preventing it. (What then? Hmmm? Mandate more vaccines?)

Further, the PCR test can’t distinguish between Covid and the seasonal flu. The number of flu cases dropped to near zero in the past year, probably because of being relabeled as “Covid.”

Not only that, but “public health” agencies in many states have even been counting non-confirmed Covid cases as “confirmed” Covid cases (even though they are NOT confirmed!):

Boston Globe: “Officials are now classifying as infected those who were likely stricken by the virus but did not have the diagnosis confirmed through a laboratory test.

New York Times: “New York City, already a world epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, sharply increased its death toll by more than 3,700 victims on Tuesday, after officials said they were now including people who had never tested positive for the virus but were presumed to have died of it.”

The CDC announced a change in guidelines in April, 2020 so their Covid death counts would include non-Covid deaths as “Covid deaths.” Dr. Birx confirmed that. (The Daily Wire: Dr. Birx: We Have ‘Very Liberal’ Recording Of Covid Deaths; If They Test Positive, ‘We Are Counting That’)

So, on the fake list of Covid deaths for many months included people who died of heart disease, heart attacks, kidney disease, cancer, gunshots, motorcycle accidents, and so on.

But the deceased supposedly tested “positive” for Covid-19, therefore that’s a “Covid death.”

Project Veritas revealed that some funeral directors have been putting “Covid” on death certificates regardless of the actual cause of death.

And with financial incentives in mind, hospitals have been pressuring doctors to write Covid on death certificates even if Covid didn’t contribute to the patients’ death.

And finally, there have not been over 700,000 people dying in the U.S. of Covid-19. Another lie.

As I wrote in an earlier post, on CDC’s own “provisional death counts” weekly updates page, the CDC states, “For over 5% of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 4.0 additional conditions or causes per death.” CDC had previously written it was “6%” died of only Covid, with an average of 2.6 comorbidities.

So, of the people who actually have been dying throughout this scam, they have been dying of what they were already dying of, one of their “4.0 comorbidities” (heart disease, kidney disease, cancer, etc). But there generally hasn’t been a dramatic increase in deaths over the past 1 to 2 years. That assertion has been a scam.

So, much of this whole ongoing dystopian nightmare is a total fraud and a scam. Why is this happening? Sadly, mad scientists (and I think that Fauci fits that description!) like to experiment on people, with or without their knowledge or consent. And then there’s the greedy, murderous pharmaceutical industry. Shameful.

So given that all these fascist health-compromising policies, the “vaccines,” and psy-op masks are doing much more harm than good, the people need to speak up for themselves, their families and their freedom and resist this horror the fascists are inflicting on us.

Freedom of Speech, Covid and Vaccine Truth-Telling, and Lawsuits

Joseph Mercola is a medical doctor many of whose articles I have linked to and commented on, and while I don’t agree with everything he says, most of his analyses are generally spot on.

Unfortunately, there are those who are brainwashed sheeple who believe government and establishment medicine’s official narrative about matters such as Covid, vaccines, or cholesterol and so on, and those people refer to the truth-teller Mercola as a “quack” or his columns as “misinformation” because his well-researched articles, that oftentimes cite peer-reviewed papers and studies, seem to go against the official government-approved narrative.

The truth is, many of those critics are the real quacks, they are superstitious True Believers in voodoo establishment medicine and snake oil “vaccines” that don’t work, or they are just dumb and incompetent or dishonest and corrupt. (And among their other cohorts, “Doctors” Fauci, Walensky, Gottlieb and Murthy come to mind.)

But first here I wanted to briefly address Mercola’s recent lawsuit against Sen. Elizabeth Warren. The lawsuit concerns Warren’s letter to Amazon (.pdf) in which Warren accuses Mercola’s book on Covid-19 of containing “misinformation,” an action by Warren which Mercola believes to be violating his First Amendment rights.

Well, two months after the September 7, 2021 date of the letter, Mercola’s book, The Truth About COVID-19: Exposing The Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Normal, is still available at and is still a Best Seller. So far, Mercola does not seem to show that any particular harm has been done by the letter.

In the letter to Amazon, Sen. Warren doesn’t demand or legally order, such as with a court order etc., that Amazon stop selling the book, even though the letter is written in her capacity as a fake Indian U.S. Senator.

So, after going on and on and on with one item after another of her own misinformation, lies and false accusation, Warren finally “asks” that Amazon “perform an immediate review of Amazon’s algorithms and, within 14 days, provide both a public report…” And she then “requests” that they answer her list of questions there. The list of questions includes a typical bunch of meddlesome questions from a typical evil bureaucrat U.S. senator who has nothing better to do with her time.

So, “asking” and “requesting” are not demanding and ordering. Amazon can very well deny her request and ignore the letter. So far, after two months it seems to be doing that.

Additionally, Amazon is still a privately owned company. If Amazon wants to take Mercola’s book off the Amazon website, it has the right to do so.

So, in my view Mercola’s lawsuit is without merit. But making Liawatha have to spend extra time dealing with a lawsuit against her is a good thing, or any other way to distract and bother the criminal fraudster fake Indian, is always a good thing in my view. So there is some good from all this.

In total contrast, we have a government bureaucrat who is suing a private citizen for daring to criticize the bureaucrat! The “health” minister of Northern Ireland is suing musician Van Morrison for “defamation” because Morrison very publicly criticized the government and “health” minister Robin Swann for the government’s fascist Covid restrictions that caused Morrison’s concerts to be cancelled particularly at the last minute.

Morrison had called Swann a “fraud” and “dangerous” (which the bureaucrat probably is, just as much as Fauci, Walensky, and Murthy et al. are here in the USSA). And in some musical recordings which reflected on the Covid restrictions and lockdowns, Morrison’s song lyrics, according to the Guardian, “included claims that scientists were ‘making up crooked facts’ to justify restrictions that ‘enslave’ the population.” (Which is all TRUE!)

So in Northern Ireland we have a bureaucrat going after a private citizen to violate his freedom of speech rights. Apparently they don’t have a First Amendment in the U.K. They do have a lot of “hate speech” laws there. Jonathan Turley has written extensively on the “hate speech” laws in the U.K. and France especially, and about free speech in general.

I’m sure that if we didn’t have the First Amendment here in USSA, Liawatha Warren would have gotten an enforceable court order of some kind to forcibly make take down Joseph Mercola’s Covid-19 book. That is what unchecked fascists do.

The Covid lies and propaganda from bureaucrats and “news” media are just mind-boggling now. Listening to our local “All-News” radio station, we hear its constant misinformation about Covid and “vaccines.” These media robots are sickening!

The media are still keeping the hysteria and fear-mongering going, with no end in sight. They repeat the mantra, “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated,” even though many of the hospitalizations are of “fully vaccinated” patients. Nothing about how the “vaccines” are not preventing the infections or spread of infections (and weren’t intended to) and that is why officials want people to receive boosters, nothing about the tens or hundreds of thousands of adverse reactions to the “vaccines” reported to VAERS, which is a legitimate reporting agency.

The media continue to cite the 700,000+ deaths figure even though the CDC had stated that it’s really 6% of that figure who had actually died of Covid-19 (CDC recently changed the “6%” figure to be “over 5%” — see Wayback page of original), with the rest of the deceased really having died of other diseases they were already fighting and dying of but having tested positive for the virus. Nothing about the PCR Covid tests resulting in mostly false positives because of overly high cycle thresholds used in the tests, nothing about the inflated number of “cases” by their redefining a “case” as anyone who tests positive regardless of not being sick or having any symptoms.

It’s distressing hearing the “news” on the radio that’s really just repeated government propaganda. Just look at Elizabeth Warren’s letter to Amazon linked above, and you’ll see Soviet-like propaganda and the actual misinformation in there. Why aren’t people suing Fauci, Walensky, and Murthy, as well as the operators of Pfizer et al. for fraud? They really need to be criminally charged in this large scale SCAM, in my view.

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The Mandates Continue for “Vaccines” That Are Not Vaccines

In my recent post I reiterated that the Pfizer/Moderna mRNA “vaccines” are not actual vaccines to prevent contagions but therapeutics known as “gene therapy,” that are treatments for something. And some of the government and medical bureaucrats telling the rest of us to “get vaccinated” know this is the case but they are lying about it, for whatever reason.

I know, many people are in denial. Most people don’t want to believe that the Covid “pandemic” is a hoax and a scam, going on 20 months now, and that we have whole groups of brainwashed, sociopathic bureaucrat nutjobs and their medical cohorts who see nothing wrong with experimenting on their fellow humans with drugs. “Oh, they wouldn’t do THAT!” etc., etc. Yes they would, and they are.

There are many doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel who are true believers in the Covid “vaccines,” because they believe what government bureaucrats like Fauci tell them. They believe the crap that comes out of the evil, corrupt AMA and other similar organizations. And they are generally authoritarians who don’t question the CDC, NIH, HHS, FDA, or the evil, corrupt AMA.

But we do have some genuinely informed and honest medical professionals who have done their own independent research and know the truth about this whole scam being inflicted on us. Unfortunately they are being censored, fired, threatened and gaslighted by major medical institutions and many high-up “doctors” who are either ignorant, brainwashed in the Covid Cult, or just plain corrupt and in bed with the pharmaceutical drug pushers.

So why are medical institutions including hospitals firing doctors, nurses and other medical staff who refuse to be assaulted with a dangerous drug that doesn’t prevent infections or transmission of virus? Don’t these idiots know that there are already hospital staffing shortages?

Yes, such hospital administrators and “doctors” are ignorant idiots who obviously rely too much on government-aligned “news” outlets for information and they believe liars like Dr. Fauci without question.

The medical morons are actually firing doctors for openly citing the importance of natural immunity over vaccines, and certainly gene therapy “vaccines” that are not vaccines.

Mandates won’t allow exceptions for people with natural immunity. Why? Are the mandaters really that ignorant? Or are they knowingly just trying to coerce and compel people to have to accept a dangerous drug injected into their bodies? Because they’re getting paid off by the pharmaceutical companies? Because they’re sadists?

Some people on the radio have been saying that this kind of coercive physical and bodily intrusion mandate amounts to a form of rape. Now, while the legal definition of “rape” refers to specifically sexual contact, the DOJ states that the legal definition of rape “also recognizes that rape with an object can be as traumatic as penile/vaginal rape. This definition also includes instances in which the victim is unable to give consent because of temporary or permanent mental or physical incapacity.” I think that telling people they will lose their jobs and their ability to feed themselves and their families unless they submit to a forcible injection of dangerous chemicals, that to me could be considered an act of rape or attempted rape, no?

And the legal drug pushers are going after the kids now. Medical morons and pharmaceutical company merchants of death are  frantically attempting to get their dangerous experimental therapeutics falsely labeled as “vaccines” onto the children. Misinformed and bamboozled educrats want to mandate the drugs on students.

Meanwhile, the young people have been the least affected by Covid!

And please government and media liars cut it out with the “asymptomatic spreaders” crapola. The W.H.O and Dr. Fauci himself stated that asymptomatic carriers of the virus do not spread the virus. If someone does not have enough of a viral load to have symptoms then one does not have enough of a viral load to be contagious.

Pfizer drug pushers should be charged criminally with fraud on this Covid “vaccine” scam, because they have been pushing the drugs by feeding the people’s assumption that the drugs prevent infection and transmission of Covid, when that’s not the case.

Along with the fact that the Covid PCR tests can’t distinguish between Covid and the seasonal flu, we know that at least half of the Covid hospitalizations are “fully vaccinated” patients, that supposedly “fully vaccinated” people are still getting the virus, still getting sick, and still passing the virus on to others.

As I have asked before, where is Rand Paul on this? He’s good on the natural immunity issue, and face masks, but why isn’t he calling in the heads of Pfizer and Moderna and making them explain under oath that their Covid “vaccines” are gene therapy, therapeutics or treatments, and not vaccines intended to prevent infections or transmission of viruses? They are fraudsters, and GETTING AWAY WITH IT!!

The Pfizer/Moderna mRNA “Vaccines” Were Never Intended to Prevent Covid Infections Or Transmission

There is a disconnect between the real truth about Covid including the snake oil “vaccines,” and what people are actually hearing from government officials and their media stenographers.

People refer to “having to get vaccinated” and “being vaccinated,” with the assumption that such drug injections give people immunity, prevent infections and prevent transmission of Covid. Even though they don’t.

The Pfizer/Moderna mRNA drug injections don’t, and weren’t intended to, prevent infections or transmission of the virus, no matter how much you want to believe that.

Millions of people are making that assumption that the Pfizer/Moderna mRNA “vaccines” prevent infection and transmission of Covid virus and that “you are protected,” even though that is not the case, and such mandates are based on false assumptions.

But there are those such as the evil lying creep “Dr.” Fauci who knows the mRNA isn’t even intended to prevent infection or transmission of Covid and that its intended purpose is to reduce symptoms in someone if one happens to contract the virus.

So the Pfizer/Moderna mRNA “vaccine” is a therapeutic, or a treatment for a virus, only intended to treat the injectee if one happens to get the virus. It is not intended to have any effect on others who are around the injectee.

So the Pfizer/Moderna drug injection is an after-the-fact therapeutic treatment drug, and NOT a preventative or protective drug, like an actual vaccine. Those comparing it to the “polio vaccine” or others that we got when we were kids are making erroneous statements.

As Mercola wrote in a past article, the pharma drug pushers and their cohorts are calling the drugs “vaccines” most likely to evade immunity from liability, because the pharmaceutical companies are immune from liability with vaccines, but not with other drugs! Thanks to CONgress.

And I did do a major post on the fact that the mRNA drug injections are, from the drug makers’ own words, “gene therapy.” (I corrected the typo in that post, by the way.)

The Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine is a more traditional vaccine, and I’m not going to address that here. I’m not going to address the blood clots and other problems it causes. (And for what, a virus with a .1 to .2% infection fatality rate, a 99.9% survival rate? How crazy is that?)

But it’s mainly the mRNA drugs that the pushers are pushing, and for various reasons.

So given how intimately involved with mRNA research and development the little NIH creep Fauci has been, he has to know the facts about the Pfizer/Moderna drug injections when he tells people to “get vaccinated.” He must know that when he says “get vaccinated,” listeners are assuming he means “getting vaccinated = preventing infections and transmission.” In fact, I heard him lie about that just this past week in an interview with David Westin on Bloomberg-Pharma Radio.

How many others in The Bureaucracy also know the truth about this but are continuing to lie about it? How many of those liars are in the media doing that?

Speaking of Fauci, I recently linked to this article on how Fauci and other schemers have been planning this Covid fascism for years, to implement their mRNA into a flu vaccine. But because there hasn’t been enough societal fear of the seasonal influenza the schemers all agreed that they would have to make the perception of the seasonal flu as being much more deadly (and frightening) than it really is, in order to implement their experimental mRNA flu “vaccine.” And they came up with “Covid-19.”

Those people — and there are millions of them and their groupies among the masses — are brainwashed, sociopathic control freaks who have delusions of grandiosity in the extreme of delusions of grandiosity.

These wackos dismiss natural immunity, which is much better than drugs for people’s better health, because these elites believe that their snake oil potions and concoctions should replace people’s natural healing, health and being. (Moderna literally refers to it as replacing your “operating system,” like in a computer.)

These are the sick puppies of society, and there are millions and millions of their fellow brainwashed robots who think just like them. Thanks to government schools and government-controlled higher “education,” of course.

The deranged schemers and Doctors Mengele see nothing wrong with experimenting on the sheeple commoners with or without the subjects’ knowledge or consent, and the elitist lunatics don’t even bat an eye regarding all the illnesses and deaths their drugs and concoctions cause, these evil wackjobs.