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Will the Covid Scam Ever End?

I know I’m getting a bit repetitive on this blog now. But it’s 19 months of this Covid scam now, and no end in sight. Many of us know the truth about it, yet the corporate “news” media continue to spread the government’s misinformation and propaganda to keep the people ignorant and in fear, and to get the masses to do things that go against their health and safety, like wearing oxygen-depriving bacteria-laden masks and accept a harmful and deadly experimental drug injection for no good reason.

All the corporate “news” media suck now. Chris Wallace is extremely authoritarian in his deference to the government and academic “public health experts.” So Wallace is not particularly dumb or dishonest, just authoritarian and unquestioning of the guests’ assertions. The same with George Snuffleupagus and Martha Radish.

Why don’t Wallace et al. cover the truth about the PCR tests that give out mainly false positives? The redefinition of “cases” to now mean anyone who tests positive, regardless of having any symptoms? Why do they make references to “being vaccinated” with the Moderna/Pfizer experimental drug injections when they are not really “vaccines” and weren’t intended to prevent infection or transmission of viruses and in fact aren’t preventing infection or transmission?

And the talk radio personalities are getting just as bad. For instance, “Clay and Buck” are good on the horrible masks and other general Covid idiocy, but they seem to refer to “the vaccine” as though it is legitimate, and an actual vaccine. And other talk show hosts do the same thing. I wonder if iHeart or Premier Networks have been telling these talk radio personalities they had better not dis the vaccines (i.e. Big Pharma). Just wondering, not accusing.

And I can’t believe that nazi Biden is giving fascist orders for “mandatory vaccines” that are not vaccines. How can you ORDER someone to have to get an experimental drug injection that does not prevent infection or transmission of virus and isn’t intended to, especially when there are many documented cases of heart inflammation and deaths following the “vaccines”?

For a reminder of how greedy and corrupt the pharmaceutical industry and their partners in CONgress are, see this March of 2020 Intercept article, “Big Pharma Prepares to Profit from the Coronavirus.” They’re making a killing, that’s for sure.

And I wanted to mention this here on the experimental drug injections as well. New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sumumu was recently in the hospital for “flu-like symptoms,” but tested negative for Covid. And it turned out that tests showed he had a “bleeding ulcer.” And he had been “fully vaccinated.” And how DARE anyone suggest that Sumumu’s bleeding ulcer could possibly have been caused by the “vaccine”!

So, here’s a question: Why are so many nurses and hospital staff quitting or being fired for not wanting to have an experimental drug injection forced into their bodies? Maybe these medical professionals know something many of the rest of us don’t?

Here is a group of nurses speaking out against the California “vaccine” mandate:

Sadly, a lot of people assume that government bureaucrats are not lying to us, especially when it comes to “public health” and an alleged contagious virus.

But it should be the opposite of that: assume the government is lying. And the media merely repeat everything bureaucrats tell them, word for word. And because of that, you have to do your own research. Especially nowadays with the mainstream “news” media’s non-existent investigative research or any real attempts to hold the bureaucrats’ feet to the fire.

Even “Dr.” Fauci said that the PCR tests done at high cycle threshold numbers will guarantee false positives, yet all or most of the test-administrators have been doing just that. Then after Biden was inaugurated they lowered the numbers so all the stats came down after January. And then back up again starting in maybe July now. Hmm, that wouldn’t be because of all the state and city elections coming up, or the California recall election, would it? Nah.

And now the rise in “cases,” hospitalizations, crowded ICUs, all the sick kids now. “1 in 4 Covid hospitalizations is a kid.” Yeah, right. They are giving PCR tests to all patients in the hospital, regardless of why they are in the hospital, and the medical imbeciles are moving a Covid-positive patient to the Covid ward so that they can make the patient worse off with their Covid “protocol” even if the patient has no symptoms. In many cases, people are in the hospital for other, non-Covid reasons, falsely test positive for Covid, and then counted as “Covid cases,” in order to up the numbers. We know that hospitals receive financial rewards for more Covid “cases.”

But, you can believe what you want to believe. Believe the “news” telling us about the rise in Covid “cases,” hospitalizations, and so on, at your own peril.

“But there are people who really are sick, there are kids who really have symptoms and testing positive for the Delta variant. Well?”

Well, if they are sick with cold- or flu-like symptoms, even if they test positive for Covid, there’s a good chance that they probably have the common cold.

By the way, there’s no way for the Covid tests to distinguish between original Covid virus and the “Delta” variant. And the PCR test can’t distinguish between Covid and seasonal influenza as well. This whole “pandemic” has been a lie, based on a bunch of lies. It is a “scamdemic” (and really, a “Dempanic” is more accurate, if you know what I mean.)

But if the kids are sick, why are they sick? Could it be that they have been wearing those goddamn masks, not handling them properly, reusing the same masks, and making themselves sick from the masks? Nah, that couldn’t possibly be what’s making them sick!

Or, after a year or more of stay-in orders by fascist psychopath governors and mayors, so much staying inside and not going out and being with other people compromises the kids’ immune systems (and adults, too!), so their bodies are not fighting off viruses as they ordinarily could do if the fascists hadn’t been falsely imprisoning them and causing them sickness and interfering with their normal growth and development. Ya think?

To conclude this, I found this tweet earlier today. It is exactly right:

On “Vaccine” Fraud and the Latest “Surge in Covid Cases”

Many people now refer to “getting vaccinated,” with the common implication that such “vaccination” from Pfizer or Moderna gives people immunity from Covid-19, and prevents transmission of the virus.

“Being vaccinated protects you from me,” or “protects me from you,” is what is being stated or implied. But that’s just not true.

First, the Pfizer/Moderna mRNA “vaccine” does not prevent infection or transmission of the virus, and was not intended to. The mRNA drug injection’s purpose and intention is to reduce symptoms. It is only intended to benefit the one being injected.

With the Pfizer/Moderna mRNA drug injection, there is no prevention of transmission or stopping of a contagious virus.

So, why are so many employers, schools, businesses and venues mandating “being vaccinated” and that people show “proof of vaccination” if it’s based on what is really just a myth?

Hmm, that’s a good question. (Because we now live in a 21st Century “Twilight Zone”? Ya think?)

So, while it seems that most people are repeating the lie unwittingly and ignorantly, there are people repeating the lie knowingly and intentionally and misleading the public, including, in my view, the people at Pfizer and Moderna, and the CDC and NIH. They HAVE to know the truth!

Medical and “public health” officials have no real way of even distinguishing the “Delta” variant from other variants of the Covid virus, as Jon Rappoport points out.

And the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA drug injections are not preventing infections or transmission, so instead of admitting that these drugs aren’t even intended to do that, officials such as the CDC director are saying that people will need to have a third booster shot. (And then a fourth, and a fifth, etc., etc.)

Those “vaccines” intended to reduce symptoms are really just pharmaceutical drugs for people who actually have symptoms. So, with mandates and passports, what is being mandated is that people have a pharmaceutical drug injected into their bodies, coercively, whether they are sick or not.

However, as the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine actually is a traditional vaccine, and is approximately 60% effective, it causes blood clots. Wait, so do the mRNA vaccines! What is the point?

In addition to that information, Laurence Vance totally dismantles the main arguments to get a Covid “vaccine,” especially by pointing out the hundreds of thousands of reports to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, and the validity of the VAERS itself.

But the Covid propaganda, lies and fear-mongering just seem to never stop. This all started in or around January of 2020, and now it’s September of 2021. Alas, it looks like it will never end.

In September 2021 we now have a religious revival in Covidiocy, a.k.a. “surge,” with “more cases” and “increased hospitalizations” and so forth. And we now hear another repeated lie, that it’s a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” when the truth is a high percentage of those in the hospital for Covid have been partially or fully “vaccinated.” And the truth is, it is the vaccinated who are actually more of a threat to the unvaccinated!

But I wanted to address the Pfizer/Moderna mRNA “vaccine” issue here.

Now, I have referred to the mRNA “vaccines” as not actual vaccines, that weren’t intended to prevent infection or transmission but are in fact intended to reduce symptoms.

So, those “vaccines” cannot legitimately be called “vaccines,” and in fact the companies and government agencies claiming them to be such are committing fraud.

And the Pfizer/Moderna “vaccines” really are “gene therapy,” like a form of chemotherapy. When I’m googling mRNA vaccines and “gene therapy,” I see many websites such as Reuters, WebMD, and Forbes spinning and falsely asserting that the mRNA “vaccines” are NOT gene therapy.

Joseph Mercola has taken on this issue several times now. He says there’s no way around the mRNA drug injections being gene therapy, and not vaccines. But it appears that sources such as Merriam-Webster are partaking in the aforementioned spin. Mercola writes:

We should not be fooled by attempts to condition the public to accept redefined terms. As of February 2019, Merriam-Webster defined “vaccine” as “a preparation of killed microorganisms, living attenuated organisms, or living fully virulent organisms that is administered to produce or artificially increase immunity to a particular disease.” By February 26, 2021, they had updated the definition of “vaccine” to:

“A preparation that is administered (as by injection) to stimulate the body’s immune response against a specific infectious disease:

a: an antigenic preparation of a typically inactivated or attenuated … pathogenic agent (such as a bacterium or virus) or one of its components or products (such as a protein or toxin)

b: a preparation of genetic material (such as a strand of synthesized messenger RNA) that is used by the cells of the body to produce an antigenic substance (such as a fragment of virus spike protein)”

Mercola quotes from the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy, from Moderna’s own trial website and from Wired magazine on how these Pfizer and Moderna “gene therapy” medical treatments work.

And Mercola quoted the MIT Technology Review, regarding Moderna’s development of mRNA technology:

“Vaccines were not their focus. At the company’s founding in 2010, its leaders imagined they might be able to use RNA to replace the injected proteins that make up most of the biotech pharmacopoeia, essentially producing drugs inside the patient’s own cells from an RNA blueprint. ‘We were asking, could we turn a human into a bioreactor?’ says Noubar Afeyan, the company’s cofounder …”

Hmm, that sounds like something I want injected into MY body, for sure.

Especially for a virus that has a 99.98% survival rate, and in which at least half of the people who have the virus have no symptoms. And we know that “asymptomatic carriers” do not spread the virus, according to an earlier Dr. Fauci himself and the W.H.O.

So the whole thing with lockdowns, business and school closures, masks and “vaccines” is a total scam!

Back to Mercola. In that important article Mercola cites Moderna’s SEC filings, regarding the description of the mRNA “vaccine” as “gene therapy.” The Moderna SEC filing states, according to Mercola, that, “Currently, mRNA is considered a gene therapy product by the FDA.”

And I searched the Moderna SEC filing document for that sentence. Here is what Moderna states:

Currently, mRNA is considered a gene therapy product by the FDA. Unlike certain gene therapies that irreversibly alter cell DNA and could act as a source of side effects, mRNA-based medicines are designed to not irreversibly change cell DNA; however, side effects observed in gene therapy could negatively impact the perception of mRNA medicines despite the differences in mechanism. In addition, because no product in which mRNA is the primary active ingredient has been approved, the regulatory pathway for approval is uncertain…

Hmm, they sure do project a lot of confidence in their mRNA product here, don’t they? Of course such a drug injection should be mandated on people! Who in his right mind would object to that?

And the statement says that “mRNA-based medicines are designed to not irreversibly change cell DNA,” [emphasis mine] but Moderna doesn’t guarantee otherwise.

Then there’s the “however,” followed by “side effects observed in gene therapy could negatively impact the perception of mRNA medicines…”

The “perception”? Like after the tens of thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of other adverse reactions from the mRNA “vaccine,” we might perceive it to be negative? Okay.

And in that Moderna SEC filing I searched for words like “prevents infection” or “prevention of infection,” or “prevents transmission,” etc. And there were no such references throughout the roughly 86,000-word document.

Mercola points out:

So, to summarize: The definition of “genetic” is something relating to genes, and the definition of “therapy” is the medical treatment of a disease. The definition of “gene therapy” is the process of modifying or manipulating the expression of a gene, or altering the biological properties of living cells.

mRNA are snippets of genetic code that instructs cells to produce proteins. mRNA COVID-19 therapies “deliver genetic instructions into your cells,” thereby triggering your body to produce a fragment of the virus (the spike protein). So, mRNA vaccines ARE gene therapy. There’s simply no way around this. They fulfill all the definitions of gene therapy and none of the definitions for a vaccine.

What we are seeing here is a massive fraud scheme, in which pharmaceutical companies are selling their experimental drug injections, claiming them to be “vaccines” and falsely claiming they will prevent Covid-19 virus infection and prevent transmission of the virus, claims and assertions that are being repeated by government officials, their “news” media stenographers, business leaders and others.

“The Unvaccinated” are being labeled selfish and terrible people and being discriminated against socially and even financially. It has now become a fanatical crusade based on misinformation, lies and propaganda.

And for what? For pharmaceutical companies to make a lot of money at U.S. taxpayer expense? This is total fraud.

Where is Rand Paul on this? He’s been good with his criticism of the harmful, oxygen-depriving sickness-causing masks, and pointing out the importance of natural immunity. But I heard Sen. Paul on the Sean Hannity radio show discussing those issues and it sounded like Paul was promoting and certainly not criticizing the “vaccines.” Is Sen. Paul afraid of the pharmaceutical companies?

And I haven’t heard Sen. Paul point out that the people administering or analyzing the PCR tests have been using high cycle threshold numbers which guarantees false positive results, and turning the numbers back down (such as in January after the W.H.O. advised that people do that, an advisory just hours after Biden was inaugurated, of course).

The problem with the PCR tests goes beyond just overly high cycle thresholds.

Does Sen. Paul know about the “casedemic” based on redefining a “case” as anyone who tests positive rather than a “case” being someone who is actually sick with symptoms? There has been another “surge in cases.” (But most of them are probably not sick.)

What about the CDC guidelines on turning the cycle threshold numbers lower to weed out false positives but only for “vaccinated” people, but leaving the numbers higher for the “unvaccinated”? I’ll bet the general population doesn’t really know that this fraud is being done. If I had any influence that U.S. senators have I’d be shouting all this by the rooftops.

If Sen. Paul is or seems to be the only one in Washington publicly arguing with Fauci and other bureaucrats on the masks, the virus itself and funding for viral research, why isn’t he bringing up the “vaccine” fraud, like calling in the CEOs of Moderna and Pfizer and getting them to admit under oath that their “vaccines” are “gene therapy” and thus are medical treatments and aren’t intended to prevent transmission of viruses?

And further, regarding the latest Covid Delta “surge,” hospital staff are testing everyone who is in the hospital, so what they have are many people already in the hospital for other reasons but falsely testing positive for the virus.

“Hospitals are inundated with Covid patients,” but mainly because many hospitals’ nursing and other medical staff are voluntarily quitting or being fired for refusing the “vaccine”! (Because they might know things most of us don’t? Ya think?)

Still, we’re talking about a cold/flu with a 99.98% survival rate, and those dying from Covid are mainly already very sick elderly people and obese people with other comorbidities.

Why so much hysteria for a virus with a 99.98% survival rate?

Rather than dangerous and risky “vaccines,” especially for people who are healthy and are not at risk from a Covid virus, taking vitamin D and zinc is better and much less dangerous for prevention. (See Our greatest weapon against the coronavirus is Vitamin D: Board-certified pathologist, Boston University study finds Vitamin D reduces COVID-19 risk, Vitamin D levels appear to play role in COVID-19 mortality rates. Patients with severe deficiency are twice as likely to experience major complications, Vitamin D deficiency may raise risk of getting COVID-19, study finds, More Than 80% of COVID Patients Are Vitamin D Deficient, Covid-19: Poor outcomes in patients with zinc deficiency, and The Potential Impact of Zinc Supplementation on COVID-19 Pathogenesis for some info.)

And plenty of studies now have been confirming that people with natural immunity, that is, people who have had Covid-19 and developed immunity, are much less likely to have Covid with symptoms than those who have had these “vaccines.” As Mercola has asked, why don’t we hear about natural immunity from our “public health” gurus?

It’s Time to Resist Covid Fascism And Tyranny

Here is Sen. Rand Paul on standing up for your rights in the age of Covid-1984:

And Rand Paul is right. Just look at all the comments on that tweet that shows government and media propaganda and panic-incitement’s effects on the sheeple.

We need more public officials to stand up for the truth and against propaganda and fear-mongering.

And I have made what I think is a good case with evidence that this whole thing is made up. We know that “asymptomatic carriers” are NOT contagious! Officials and media are really just lying about this latest “surge” in Covid, hospitalizations, and the “Delta” variant. Here is just one example.

They are once again talking about their “casedemic,” in which many or most of the “cases” are really just people who tested positive for Covid, but are not sick.

And as I have mentioned here officials and health practitioners and administrators are doing the Covid tests at too high a cycle threshold number to guarantee false positive test results.

Do you like getting that Covid test swab shoved up your nostrils, that has horrible risks in and of itself, to test you for some virus even though you are healthy and don’t have any symptoms? You like that?

Sorry, you don’t test healthy people for some virus hat has a 99.98% survival rate! There’s no reason for the testing!

But, the propaganda being pushed by so many ignorant and/or corrupt people in government and the media has a huge influence on others.

The latest “news” that I have heard is that many more kids are testing positive for Covid and more are sicker, some being hospitalized.

So, what the misinformation propagandists in government and their “news” media stenographers aren’t telling you is that many of the kids are already going to the hospital for OTHER issues, the hospital tests them and more are testing positive (because the testers are using too high a cycle threshold to guarantee false positive test results), and they are erroneously (or intentionally) misdiagnosing the sick or already-hospitalized kids as having Covid.

According to Standford Medicine News Center, “Counting SARS-CoV-2 infections in hospitalized children overestimates the impact of COVID-19 in pediatric populations because such counts include many asymptomatic patients, according to a new study by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine.”

And that’s not even considering the occurrence of false positive test results.

Stanford continues:

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, children have been less likely than adults to catch the virus or to develop symptoms when infected. They are also much less likely to become sick enough with COVID-19 to require hospitalization.

Throughout the pandemic, however, many have developed other conditions that require hospital care, from common childhood complaints, such as broken bones and appendicitis, to rarer illnesses, such as pediatric cancers. And when they come to the hospital and are tested for SARS-CoV-2, some turn out to be infected.

But in the past month now, it seems to me that hospitals and doctors offices are testing patients for Covid using the too-high cycle threshold numbers that guarantee false positives. I don’t know if some might be doing that on purpose, and for political reasons. It wouldn’t surprise me, given their available financial incentives from government handouts, as well as how corrupt many people just are now. (There is a California recall election in September, after all. And we know how the hysteria and panic all last year led to states changing their election laws and voters begging for mail-in voting, which made it easier to cheat and commit vote fraud.)

In January, just hours after Biden was inaugurated the W.H.O. advised that medical institutions lower their Covid testing cycle threshold numbers to weed out false positives. I know, I wrote about that just recently but I think it’s an important aspect of all this. That was in January, and in the months after we saw a huge decline in “Covid cases,” i.e. decline in people testing positive for Covid.

But in recent weeks the “cases” are way up again, only because the testing of healthy, asymptomatic people is up, which is giving us false positive “cases” and driving up the hysteria and panic. Music venues are cancelling their events, and there are reimposed mask mandates for no good reason, the nazi bureaucrats like Mayor Duh Blasio are imposing vaccine mandates, etc.

Bureaucrats, activists, leftists, Karens, perpetually hysterical sheeple, just can’t let go of their dependence on fake news and panic, and masks, and this worship of establishment medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.

Speaking of the goddamn masks. And kids! I think that if there are kids who are so sick they need to be hospitalized, it’s probably those damn masks making them sick! This pisses me off so much, the child abuse that government nazis, teachers, businesses and parents are inflicting on the kids with masks, psychologically and physically, and for no good reason!

In March of 2020, the W.H.O. said, “There is no specific evidence to suggest that the wearing of masks by the mass population has any potential benefit. In fact, there’s some evidence to suggest the opposite in the misuse of wearing a mask properly or fitting it properly…”

And Dr. Joseph Mercola wrote,

Many firmly believe wearing a mask in public will protect themselves and/or others, and one of the reasons for this is because they appear to work in some circumstances, such as operating rooms. If they don’t work, why do surgical staff and many health care workers use them on a regular basis?

As explained by Rancourt, the reason surgical masks are worn in the operating room is to prevent spittle from accidentally falling into an open wound, which could lead to infection. Surgical masks have been shown to be important in that respect.

Preventing microbes and bacteria from falling into an open wound is very different from preventing the spread of viral particles, however. Not only are viruses much smaller than bacteria and many other microbes found in saliva, they are, again, airborne. They’re aerosolized and part of the fluid air. Therefore, if air can penetrate the mask, these aerosol particles can also get through.

Another study showed how easily the masks can be contaminated. Here is Jon Rappoport on how the masks are unsafe and unhealthy. And here is Life Site with a list of many, many studies confirming the ineffectiveness of the masks and showing their negative health effects as well.

And, according to Townhall,

…we on Team Reality have not only continued to point to real-world data that shows masking to be entirely ineffective, we’ve also maintained that forced public masking, especially long-term, has negative societal and even health ramifications that the powers-that-be are all-too-happy to ignore in subservience to their newfound face mask god.

The Townhall article goes on to describe a study that tested used face masks, and listed the “bacteria, parasites, and fungi, including three with dangerous pathogenic and pneumonia-causing bacteria,” found in the masks. “No viruses were detected on the masks, although the test is capable of detecting viruses,” according to the study.

The study, according to Townhall, listed the following:

• Streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumonia)

• Mycobacterium tuberculosis (tuberculosis)

• Neisseria meningitidis (meningitis, sepsis)

• Acanthamoeba polyphaga (keratitis and granulomatous amebic encephalitis)

• Acinetobacter baumanni (pneumonia, blood stream infections, meningitis, UTIs— resistant to antibiotics)

• Escherichia coli (food poisoning)

• Borrelia burgdorferi (causes Lyme disease)

• Corynebacterium diphtheriae (diphtheria)

• Legionella pneumophila (Legionnaires’ disease)

• Staphylococcus pyogenes serotype M3 (severe infections—high morbidity rates)

• Staphylococcus aureus (meningitis, sepsis)

Half of the masks were contaminated with one or more strains of pneumonia-causing bacteria. One-third were contaminated with one or more strains of meningitis-causing bacteria. One-third were contaminated with dangerous, antibiotic-resistant bacterial pathogens. In addition, less dangerous pathogens were identified, including pathogens that can cause fever, ulcers, acne, yeast infections, strep throat, periodontal disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and more.

Yet, the ignorant (or evil and sadistic) “doctors” of the American Academy of Pediatrics declare that all school students over the age of 2 should wear the damn masks, for no good reason!

So the masking of the children is nothing but child abuse, in my view. The “officials” suggesting to impose mask mandates for kids in schools are aiding and abetting child abuse, and they should be arrested and charged with such crimes.

I’m not going to get into the “vaccines” that are not vaccines here. Although Health Impact News does have this lengthy page on the people who died after getting the Covid “vaccine,” many of them.

Rand Paul is right to suggest that people take back their freedom and engage in a sort of civil disobedience, if you want to call it that. Try not to get arrested. You have a right to live free and a right to keep yourself in good health. Fake “vaccines” and face masks are against good health.

And try not to be affected by the “public health” bureaucrats’ propaganda, the lies, Joe Biden’s nonsense, and especially “Dr.” Fauci and “Dr.” Walensky’s idiocy. They are morons. Ignore them.

The Covid Cult Continues, Based on Lies and Fear

The Twilight Zone of Covid-1984 continues and continues, a never-ending nightmare of fascism, lunacy, irrationality, stasi Karens, and threats against people like me to ruin my somewhat good health with drug injections that would no doubt make me less healthy, more unsafe physically, as well as threats against us to lock us in or banish us from the grocery store, the symphony or from being employed. And for NO GOOD REASON!

In this Covid and “vaccine” cult, the cultists are calling for the arrests and jailing of those who won’t get an experimental, untested drug injection for no good reason. You people out there among that crowd are definitely a cult. The Branch Covidians. You need to be deprogrammed.

“You must be vaccinated,” the cultists declare. Even if you’ve been vaccinated, you must still wear a mask! We must test healthy people with tests that give mostly false positives, by shoving stick things up their noses that could give them brain damage or otherwise health problems. Cult much?

So, Life Site has published an article by epidemiologist Paul Alexander who goes over the many Covid lies by government officials and their media groupies, and gives the more accurate information to counter the lies.

He begins with the original lie:

1) This COVID-19 pandemic was never the “emergency” that governments, technocrats and the medical community and task forces told you it was. COVID-19 was not as severe as SARS-1 (2002-2003) or MERS (2012). It was not the bubonic plague, it was never what authorities made it out to be, and they have lied repeatedly to their populations. The infection fatality rate at most is 0.15% (at most 0.2%) and less than 0.05% when you look at ages 70 years old and below. CDC data showed that the risk of survival for persons 0-19 is 99.997%. Near 100%. Everything that our governments and the media told us and did were pure lies.

Only for the first three weeks at most in February and March 2020 did we need some pause or restriction to gain an understanding of the pathogen….

People needlessly died in the U.S. and children died due to these failed, specious lockdown policies put out by government “task forces.”

These “task forces,” including in the U.S., have lied to the people and driven damaging fear.

Economies were crushed, businesses were closed forever. We very early on understood the parameters and yet governments and their inept “task forces” did not care. They enacted unscientific, unsound polices that did nothing other than kill people through the lockdowns, not the virus. History will record that the pandemic response – what was done to populations by their governments – was the greatest public health disaster in history. The vaccines will match this and I will state openly: you should not take these vaccines. It is likely you are already immune. A vaccine was never needed for this virus.

This was akin to a bad flu season. It could have been dealt with via early therapeutics and proper securing of the elderly high-risk populations, combined with improved hand hygiene, vitamin D supplements, weight control, and allowing the low-risk “healthy” and well in the population to live largely normal lives taking reasonable safety precautions. There was no need to lock down society or close schools, ever.

No doubt, this virus is deadly to the elderly with underlying risks as well as very obese persons, or some younger persons who are ill, etc. But this is a segment of the population and not the vast majority. The vast majority were never at risk from COVID as governments claimed they were – a pure lie. It is akin to the falsehood about coronavirus deaths in children: close examination of all the deaths in children found that in all of them, there was a serious underlying medical condition. Even Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins states that to date (July 2021), we are unable to be definitive as to whether these deaths were causal or incidental.

After addressing the many other lies by bureaucrats, “experts” and medical professionals, Alexander concludes with this:

I close by saying how disappointed and dismayed I am – and I know many share this view – by the abhorrent, distasteful, and shameful behavior of doctors in the U.S. and elsewhere. Most have stood by and have been silent.

Silent so that they will not lose their research grants and positions. Silent because they fear their university leadership. Silent because they are academically sloppy and lazy and refuse to do the work to read the science and are just not informed optimally. Silent because they are hiding behind the pure garbage trickled down to them from their colleges and regulatory bodies. Silent because they are politicized and corrupted, and bring their biases to the table when they should have checked them at the door. Shame on them. Their silence cost thousands of lives. They know and knew that early drug treatment works via the use of anti-virals very early on in the disease sequelae. They know it. They use empiric treatment all the time to help their patients, but not for COVID.

Again, something other than science has been at play for COVID. Was it only “anti-Trump”? They know natural immunity is way better and robust than the “narrow” immunity conferred from this sub-optimally developed vaccine. These medical experts have tried to bend reality. They also know that the vaccine is showing troubling safety signals with nearly 10,000 deaths temporally linked to the vaccine in the U.S. as of July 12, 2021 (CDC VAERS database). It cannot be safe, if it was developed in months versus the decade typically needed. They know the vaccine does not prevent transmission or infection, or death or hospitalization. They know children in no way require this vaccine and they know it is potentially very dangerous for pregnant women. Shame on them. They are placing thousands in harm’s way by their silence. Their silence has garnered them a significant loss in credibility and I wonder if it can ever return.

Are you a doctor? Have you been repeating the lies, and knowing they are lies? Then shame on you. Medical doctors who have been participating in the lies need to be exposed, shunned, shamed, and excluded from our social gatherings, expelled from our businesses, etc. They are the ones who should be banned, not children from school who haven’t been “vaccinated” or who don’t have a mask on, or such “unvaccinated” or maskless adults banned from businesses or the grocery store.

But most of all, our rulers and experts are lying to us about these Covid “vaccines” that are not vaccines. They are merely drugs being injected into the person, no different from the pharmaceutical companies’ other drugs. These mRNA drug injections don’t “provide immunity,” they don’t prevent infections or transmission of infections as they aren’t intended to.

No, the Covid mRNA “vaccines” intention is to reduce symptoms in people who are having symptoms. Even Fauci has said this early on. You can hear in the news “vaccinated people still getting Covid,” such as those New York Yankees players.

There is no need to mass-inject the population with a drug whose purpose is to reduce symptoms. Most people who have the virus have “mild cold or flu-like symptoms,” or in many cases they have no symptoms at all! Why do you want to force drugs onto or into people who have no symptoms? THAT MAKES NO SENSE!! Doh!

Doctors, bureaucrats, “experts” and media stenographers who are saying that the “vaccines” are to “protect others” are either ignorant or they are lying. These drugs do not prevent the spread of infections!

So the “vaccines” are really being injected into the person with the intention of protecting just that person and no one else. But how is the injectee being protected from the heart inflammation or blood clots from these drugs that have not been tested and remain experimental?

Yet, the Pfizer and Moderna “vaccines” are being pushed and sold to the public as immunity-providing, contagion-preventing vaccines which is an outright lie. They are calling their mRNA Covid drugs “vaccines” to protect themselves from liability from the deaths and injuries caused by these drugs. The U.S. CONgress legislated these pharma companies immunity from liability with their vaccines in 1986-87 but not immunity from liability from their other drugs. The mRNA drugs do not qualify legally as vaccines and the exemption from liability in this case is a total fraud and they need to be charged criminally with fraud.

Where is Rand Paul on this? Why is he promoting these drugs as vaccines? I heard him on Sean Hannity radio regarding these “vaccines” and he wasn’t telling the truth about them. Does Rand Paul know the truth about these drugs?

By the way, besides the above article on all the Covid lies that are contributing to destroying our society, another article on Revolver discusses Joe Biden spreading vaccine misinformation on CNN to millions of Americans.

And more on Life Site with an article on 47 studies confirming the ineffectiveness of masks for Covid and 32 more studies confirming the masks’ negative health effects. You people in charge out there, why do you want to continue making people wear oxygen-depriving, unhealthy masks for no good reason? Why do you endorse child abuse? Why are you so anti-science?

This cult of the Branch Covidians and the “vaccine” push are all part of a scam, as Paul Craig Roberts writes, a scamdemic I have never witnessed until now in my getting-close-to-60 years now. Doh!

The Lying New York Slimes and Washington Pest Continue Their Covid Whoppers

Stephen Lendman is good here, in “Flu/Covid Jabs Spread Disease“.

Some excerpts:

… Suppressed is that most flu/covid outbreaks occur among jabbed people, not the other way around as falsely claimed by US/Western dark forces and their media press agents.

Representing some of the worst, NYT fake news defied reality by calling flu/covid jabs “the only answer for fighting” the viral illness (sic),” adding:

“(W)e have more than one highly-effective (jab) available (sic).”

There are none. They’re all health-destroying and deadly. And you can take that reality to the mortuary.

Saying “almost the only people getting sick enough to be hospitalized at this point are those who have yet to” be jabbed is a bald-faced Big Lie and high crime against humanity, demanding accountability.

More Big Lies followed, the Times falsely saying millions of Americans “signed onto this (mass-jabbing) social contract…as a condition of a return to normalcy (sic).”

WaPo keeps spreading fake news about the delta scariant that’s virtually no different from other flu/covid strains.

Ignoring science, it falsely claims that delta is increasing flu/covid outbreaks — a bald-faced Big Lie that’s all about pushing refusniks to self-inflict harm like their jabbed counterparts, adding:

White House officials “are growing increasingly anxious about the state of the (nonexistent) pandemic (sic) and are gravely concerned about the situation spiraling out of control in some areas of the country with low (jabbing) rates (sic).”

Suppressed by WaPo, other establishment media, and US/Western dark forces is that outbreaks are highest in areas with the greatest percent of jabbed people, not the other way around.

No evidence suggests that “hospitals are filling up in the West, another fear-mongering Big Lie.

Now, unfortunately a lot of people in Soviet Amerika are brainwashed and spend so much time staring into their TVs and little electronic gadgets, they just gullibly believe what the “news” media tell them, which is what the government bureaucrats tell the “news” media. No scientific inquiry or debate is allowed!

Bombarded with so much government and media propaganda, public “service” announcements containing total fear-mongering and panic-incitement, and really mainly just 24-7 pharmaceutical ads, people just believe it without a second thought. If others try to tell them about actual science and facts that contradict what they’ve been brainwashed with, they think they’re hearing tinfoil hat conspiracy theory stuff.

But no, the truth is the opposite of what you’re being told by media liars, and government liars. They wouldn’t know the truth if they fell over it.

In fact, there is yet another article on the real number of deaths so far from the “vaccines”. It begins:

A government related computer programmer, who works in health care data analytics, has made a declaration under penalty of perjury that according to medical claims submitted to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) there are “at least 45,000” vaccine-related deaths due to experimental COVID-19 vaccine injections…

And the whistleblower analyzed the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), and looked at the number of deaths reported to the system. The whistleblower “verified these numbers by collating all of the data from VAERS myself, not relying on a third party to report them. In tandem, I queried data from CMS [Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services] medical claims with regard to vaccines and patient deaths…” and concluded that the real number of Covid-“vaccine” deaths so far is “at least 45,000.”

And so these assertions from a whistleblower show that the reporting to VAERS is not “fake” as was suggested a week or two ago by the two schmucks “Pat and Stu” filling in for Glenn Beck on the radio. These idiots on the radio are all-in with the “vaccines.”

The other talk radio personalities I’ve heard recently are almost just as bad. What, did iHeart reach down and threaten them if they dare to criticize the pharmaceutical companies and tell the truth about these “vaccines”? So, the talk radio people might be good in their criticizing Covid-1984 in general, but they’re just as bad as the mainstream media in promoting the “vaccine” cult.

Turn off the TV, everyone, and put away your stupid little electronic gadgets. Do your own research. Don’t use Google (i.e. government controlled searches). Read.

A Society of Government Liars (Sorry for the Redundancy)

In fact, government itself is a lie. It is there to supposedly “protect” people, their lives and property. But really government robs, enslaves, assaults, tortures and kills people. And that’s about it. We can just look at the political and legal apparatus of government, as well as the “public health” apparatus. They suck.

In this recent article Paul Craig Roberts refers to several examples of how local and federal governments in USSA make things up and lie about someone who might be associated with the real target of the gubmint goons’ “investigation,” i.e. someone the bureaucrat thugs don’t like mainly for his political views or expressions.

The first example is the New York DA Cyrus Vance’s going after Trump org CFO Allen Weisselberg as the “justice” (sic) system’s third party to eventually go after Trump. Gubmint thugs want the third party to lie about the real target in order for said third party to save himself from a false prosecution. (I’m sure this is old, but what a difference in one generation when Vance’s father with the same name resigned as U.S. Secretary of State out of principle because of the “evil” Zbigniew Brzezinski authorizing a military op in Iran sans Vance Sr.’s knowledge or input. But whatever.)

So, in contrast the corrupt younger Cyrus Vance is a typical Soviet-styled Democrat apparatchik using his government “law” office to go after political enemies.

Roberts notes how the feds are going after people who attended the January 6th trespass and riot, even if they committed no actual crime. And he also points out how the Michigan attorney general is going after people who allege election fraud from the 2020 Presidential election. And Roberts expands on some of his points from that article in this next article today.

In those election fraud cases, by the way, if you remember there were what 60 or 80 cases attempted to be brought to court by the Trump people and almost all the cases were dismissed by the ignorant or corrupt judges. And that was because in all those cases the judges didn’t see or hear any of the actual evidence or witness testimony.

Judges in Soviet Amerika are mostly corrupt now, they psychopathically rubber-stamp electric shock punishments for children, and in many cases they are just ignorant and or just don’t care about the truth. Just look at the recent “Supreme” Court term, in which the robed Swamp creatures wouldn’t hear certain important cases. I don’t remember the specifics but in one case Brett Kavanaugh said he wanted to leave something in place that he acknowledged was clearly illegal but because it would be ending at some point we might as well just leave it in place, or some retarded thing. And Amy Crony Barrett also voted terribly on a few decisions. Thanks, Donald, for those two Swamp creatures.

So the rulers are criminals, quite frankly. In Soviet Amerika those who don’t repeat the official government narrative have their own disagreements and dissent suppressed and censored if not outright criminally prosecuted.

I know that a lot of people are still believing in what government bureaucrats and rulers tell them, but they really are liars. Everything or just about everything they say is a lie. And their “news” media groupies are just as bad. Either the media people are intentional liars in their “reports” or they are just so dumb now they have no clue how to actually research a story or issue, how to actually question, challenge and investigate the assertions (i.e. lies) of the bureaucrats in charge. It’s probably a combination of both.

“But all the media outlets are saying the same things, that January 6th was an insurrection and Trump supporters are insurrectionists, that the Delta faucets Covid variant is extremely dangerous, if we don’t put oxygen-depriving gags over our faces and stay indoors and get a dangerous experimental injection we’ll all die, all the media are saying the same things. Those things MUST be true, so of course they aren’t lying or wrong…” (Arg.)

I don’t know why so many people are so gullible and continue to be so ignorant. I guess they “trust” the establishment information sources, such as ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox, NYT, WaPo, i.e. the government mouthpieces.

But now after lying about Covid-1984 for well over a year, they are lying about the Delta variant and how “dangerous” it is, as well as lying about the “vaccines” that aren’t vaccines. Initially the Covid terrorism last year by government apparatchiks (sorry for the redundancy) was mainly to provoke people to insist on mail-in voting, so they wouldn’t have to go to the polls in person. That was so the mail-in voting could be exploited by cheaters and vote fraudsters to do their ballot stuffing, cancel out Trump votes in swing states, and so on.

In March of last year the CDC changed its guidelines to include non-Covid deaths on the list of “Covid deaths,” in which deaths from heart attacks, heart disease, kidney disease, cancer, gunshots, motorcycle accidents, and so on, were listed among the “Covid deaths.”

They have been doing that intentionally. If you are a regular reader here, then you obviously know that. So, the latest 600,000+ death figure is a lie. We know that’s not the case, and that they had been counting many non-Covid deaths as “Covid deaths” throughout Amerika this whole time.

And with the Covid testing, they had been intentionally using higher cycle threshold numbers to get mostly false positives. I believe the “public health” authorities are still doing that especially in states in which “vaccine hesitancy” i.e. refusal and resistance, is higher in order to inflate the “Delta variant” numbers with the purpose of pushing the mRNA drug injections.

Besides door-to-door harassment of the “vaccine hesitant,” now the DNC wants phone companies to spy on users to expose “vaccine misinformation” i.e. scientific facts and the truth about vaccines that’s not the lies the government and its media puppies are disseminating.

The media have also been lying about the mRNA drug injections by referring to them as “preventing infections and preventing transmission” which is not even their purpose when their actual purpose is to reduce symptoms for those who actually have the virus.

And the “vaccines” aren’t effective for an increasing number of people now, with some people not only still getting Covid (or at least are sick and may have been falsely tested positive for Covid) but dying as well. In my view I think they are dying because of the experimental mRNA drug injections, not from Covid.

By the way, one of the requirements for the FDA’s “emergency use authorization” for the Moderna and Pfizer drug injections is that there are no other alternative treatments available. That is why the government and its media stenographers suppressed and censored information about hydroxychloroquine. And they haven’t seemed to mention the necessity of vitamin D and zinc to prevent or reduce respiratory inflammation and thus reduce fluid in the lungs if one has the virus. Those nutrients are available and over the counter, and, unlike the experimental mRNA drug injections vitamin D and zinc don’t take over your entire system and attack your own organs if you do then come into contact with a virus.

Non-Establishment Medical Information Is Important

I just wanted to have a brief follow-up to my post yesterday, and other posts in which I cite and link to articles by Dr. Joseph Mercola. He is one of those non-establishment doctors who writes informed, honest assessments of various medical issues as well as giving information about alternative medicine especially nutritional information. Most doctors don’t really know about or understand the importance of nutrition. Many illnesses, in my view, are caused by nutritional deficiencies and the way to counter that is by replenishing one’s nutritional needs. That’s my view.

But sadly, because Mercola is very critical of establish medical treatments and especially the use of pharmaceutical drugs as the establishment’s go-to for treatments, he is thus called a “quack” by others, and by the lying “fact-checkers” on the Internet. Well, it is really the opposite of that, in which the real quacks are the establishment doctors and their damn drugs they are poisoning and killing people with. Dr. Fauci is the lead quack in my view.

Dr. Mercola often cites establishment medical journals and peer reviewed studies and articles in his own articles either to promote important information in them or to refute various assertions made in them. So it would be difficult for the “quack” labelers to actually back up their name-calling if they actually read Mercola’s articles.

And, by the way, I know about the decline in medical care, the real quacks, from my own personal experience with my own medical situation that went on for nearly 10 years, dealing with several different doctors and maybe one of them had at least a minimal knowledge and understanding of the importance of nutrition. But the others, if they weren’t ignorant and incompetent, they were dishonest and corrupt. Instances of bad advice that made the issue worse after it had gotten better, bad advice that caused new problems, and at some point one of the “doctors” trying to push a particular drug that I had already had a few years before that but caused severe side effects, and more.

I’m convinced now that this authoritarian compulsion of the medical establishment and its many followers and adherents to only promote establishment medicine and pharmaceutical drugs is a CULT. They are definitely a cult and that explains why they call anyone who offers alternative advice or information a “quack,” and are censoring the non-establishment non-government-approved practitioners and writers.

Twitter, Google and Fakebook and all the rest of them are only allowing establishment-promoting government-approved information that is really just propaganda, and actively censoring those who question and who openly refute the establishment propagandists and who give more truthful alternative information. Even prestigious medical journals are censoring now.

In this article, for instance, Mercola details how Google is now censoring his website and articles and in favor of establishment health-related websites such as WebMD and Healthline, which, in Mercola’s opinion, promote ill health.

My only real criticism of Mercola is that his website requires you to submit your email address and sign up for a newsletter in order to see the articles. But I don’t want to do that, so I link to his articles from a different source. (Here is the aforementioned article on Mercola’s website, by the way.)

And the decline in medical care and information we have now goes further than the establishment cult and Big Tech and media censorship of non-establishment, non-government-approved information. The higher ed admissions boards are now eliminating SATs and other requirements to show a student’s academic proficiency and reading comprehension and math skills. What the admissions boards want now is minorities and people of color, regardless of their abilities.

I am sure the medical and law schools will also be doing this. And what that means is it doesn’t matter if someone is actually qualified to be a doctor (or lawyer, etc.) What matters to the retards of higher ed admissions boards is the race, skin color and ethnic background of the students. Add to this the “social justice” and “woke” crap. What will matter to the schmucks is promoting LGBT and transgenderism, and race ideology and segregating people by their skin color and their race.

At the same time, “doctors” will even more be repeating establishment and government-approved medical care, whatever the government bureaucrats tell them, and censoring non-government-approved information and locking out any medical practitioners or would-be practitioners from working in health care, in hospitals, or having private practices. And above all the schmucks will be totally fused with the pharmaceutical industry. Everything will be all about drugs. And vaccines. All about synthetic, artificial chemicals to poison the population with, and discouraging of nutritional medicine and treatments.

So, I will continue to link to articles by non-establishment, non-government-approved doctors and writers, including Joseph Mercola, Kelly Brogan, Peter Breggin, Ron Paul and other websites such as GreenMedInfo, Collective Evolution, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and others. Because I think that people have the right to know the truth, especially about health and medical matters. The government, CDC, FDA, HHS, Dr. Fauci, and many, many “doctors” with an “MD” are so ignorant or corrupt now, or they are brainwashed cult members. Establishment “doctors” and mainstream media just aren’t telling us the truth much of the time.

More News and Commentary

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Project Veritas: Facebook Whistleblowers Expose Leaked Internal Docs Detailing New Effort to Secretly Censor Vaccine Concerns on a Global Scale.

James Bovard: The Bogus January 6 Commission Poses a Real Threat to Freedom

National File: Texas: Abbott, Patrick, House Speaker Received $250K+ From Clinic That Chemically Castrates ‘Transgender’ Kids.

Ron Paul: How Texas Killed Covid

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John Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead: Drivers Beware: The Deadly Perils of Blank Check Traffic Stops.

Becky Akers: More Benefits from The Unshot and Ohio Governor Invests in Covid Vaccines.

William Hartung: America Dominant Again (in Arms Sales)

Ted Galen Carpenter: Paranoid Superpower: Threat Inflation Is the American Way.

RAIR Foundation: Bombshell: Nobel Prize Winner Reveals – Covid Vaccine is ‘Creating Variants’

And Whitney Webb: The Cover-Up Continues: The Truth About Bill Gates, Microsoft, and Jeffrey Epstein.

On Whitewashing an Election Steal and Smearing Political Opponents

CONgress wants to create a new “January 6th Commission,” with the stated intention of investigating the “insurrection” on the Capitol. I think this ties in with their faux “domestic terrorism” agenda. But I’m sure such a commission will be as helpful in finding out the truth as was the “9/11 Commission,” and the Warren Commission, i.e. it will be another official whitewash, to make sure the truth is not told.

And just as the Swamp uses the “news” media on TV and the New York Slimes, the Washington Pest and Big Tech social media to disseminate its propaganda, lies and utter crap for the sheeple to swallow, hook, line and sinker, the Swamp’s little “Commission” i.e. Whitewash will tell the people how the January 6th trespass and riot were an “insurrection” by Trump supporters, as incited by The Donald himself, and that the 2020 presidential election was NOT stolen!

In fact, I heard Upchuck Toady on Meet the Fake yesterday, at least the beginning of it, introducing his “special” program devoted to the “Insurrection” and the main reason why the “Insurrection” occurred: Yep, you guessed it. White Supremacy! I know, there are all these white supremacists all over. Every other person I see on the street is obviously a “White Supremacist.”

I didn’t listen to the rest of the show, which I hear on the dreadful Bloomberg Radio. And I’m trying to find the episode online now, and items online are saying that NBC actually preempted Meet the Fake yesterday with something else. So, I must have heard a rerun. And I didn’t hear any of the other Sunday fake shows because Bloomberg Radio preempted those shows with a golf tournament. Yeah, golf is something we like to hear on the RADIO!

So, Upchuck Toady seems to have an agenda of promoting false narratives like “White Supremacy!” while he and other “news”casters whitewash the Black Lives Matter (sic) riots that burned down hundreds maybe thousands of businesses in several cities, many businesses of which are were owned by black people and employed black people.

I can’t remember if what little of what I heard on Meet the Fake addressed the election fraud and the stealing of the 2020 Presidential election, which was a main reason why Trump had that January 6th rally (the rally that agents provocateurs then exploited to then cause their destruction and violence).

There was plenty of evidence of vote fraud, suppressed by the “mainstream” media that is too extreme to be “mainstream.” Why would hundreds and hundreds of witnesses sign sworn affidavits regarding the shenanigans they witnessed, including by activist fraudsters bringing in suitcases and coolers full of fake Biden ballots to stuff, after campaign workers ordered Republican observers to leave the premises, and in several of the swing states?

Anyway, along with government bureaucrats the “news journalists” have to whitewash all this to continue the false narrative that the Alzheimer’s-in-Chief Joe Biden is the legitimately elected President.

Lately it’s much harder to distinguish between the government employees/apparatchiks and the “news journalists.” That’s because many of the latter are just another part of the regime. Which is why I call them the “government media.” We now know that the Swamp exists, it’s not “conspiracy theory,” and today’s “news journalists” are mere spokespeople for the Swamp.

Many of the Swamp creatures now masquerading as “journalists” are brainwashed True Believers in their worship and glorification of the Swamp. And that is why they relentlessly went after Donald Trump with “Russia collusions” fake news and impeachment crusades — because Trump said, “Drain the Swamp!”

Anyway, whatever happened to the days when “liberals” had special programs to expose the warmongering and militarism inflicted on the rest of the world by the U.S. government in Washington? Sadly, now the “liberals” and the media ARE the warmongers. (And the propagandists and liars as well.)

So the Swamp will impose a new “commission” to “investigate” the January 6th riot, but really to cover up and suppress the truth. And the government parasites — Demoncrats and Rethuglicans — will aid and abet, right along with their lapdog propaganda cohorts in the “news” media.

The Covid True Believers Continue the Crusade

Someone posted a video of Bill Maher recently telling the government, media and medical establishment to cut it out with the “bunch of crap,” the lies about Covid. For a year now, those propagandists had been talking out of both sides of their mouths, contradicting themselves, and scaring the bejesus out of people, all for a flu or cold virus that at least half of the people who have the virus have no symptoms, a virus with literally a 99.98% survival rate.

Maher brought up several polls in his talk. One poll found that the young people who have little or no risk of dying from Covid-19 are the most afraid, while the older people who have much more risk feel less fear of “re-socializing.”

Maher brought up the Gallup poll that found that Democrats were the most ignorant about the chances of someone’s having to be hospitalized with Covid. The correct answer is supposedly between 1 and 5%, according to Gallup, but 41% of Democrat respondents said the chance was 50% or higher. However, 28% of Republicans and 35% of Independents/Other also erroneously thought that people had a 50% chance of being hospitalized with Covid.

I think we can blame the fear-mongering bureaucrats and their ignorant “news” media stenographers for molding gullible people and terrorizing them to needlessly fear passersby and spray doorknobs and everything else with disinfectant spray.

And the mask wearing out there has become a cult. People are engaged in ritualistic cult-like behaviors now. It’s very unbecoming, quite frankly. Many people now, mainly those on the political left, feel comforted by their face-covering suffocation mask, as they seem to believe every word of their beloved Fauci.

But the “news” media have been real terror mongers. I think it’s mainly the people on the left and the rulers of the blue states who have been True Believers in the Covid scam. Sadly, the sheeple with their CNN and MSNBC and social media, they haven’t been able to see through the media’s 24/7 fear mongering, 24/7 hysteria, 24/7 panic. It’s like they are hypnotized. The True Believers bought the “Trump-Russia collusions story even though that was totally false, and they believe that January 6th was an actual “insurrection” that wasn’t.

And regarding the Covid vaccines that aren’t vaccines but pharmaceutical drugs that are fraudulently being promoted as “vaccines,” whose purpose is to reduce symptoms and not to prevent infection or transmission, there are many on both the left and non-left who are True Believers in such “vaccines.” But it’s the people on the left who are the ones who mainly mock “anti-vaxxers.” I heard a panelist on Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me say that “anti-vaxxers like disease.” Not a particularly good understanding of that debate there. And another person on the show had referred to the non-lockdown states as “the dumb states.” Oh, well. So much for government schools in USSA.

And now we’re getting Nazi Germany-like “vaccine passports”? Already the U.S. military is coercing unsuspecting citizens into getting these medical treatments, and they are “targeting the young,” the very group of people least in danger of Covid-19! (Hmm, do we really need the U.S. military anymore?)

And Maher made a passing reference to Republicans who should own “climate change denial,” the liberals should own the Covid crap and so on. “Climate change” is another issue in which the people on the left are True Believers.

But the climate denial is to do with alleged human-caused climate change, not that there is climate change. Yes, humans and industry have contributed to pollution, but haven’t actually changed the climate. The climate has been changing naturally, with its natural effects, since the world began, so for hundreds of millions of years there have been warming trends and ice ages, and warming trends and ice ages, and so on. One of the main reasons why the climate charlatans have fooled so many in recent times is the computer models, that have turned out to be incorrect. Just like those early Covid computer models. How’d that turn out for us? But I digress.

As I wrote recently, the Covid lies started early on when the CDC changed the guidelines as to what constitutes a “Covid death” to include non-Covid deaths as “Covid deaths.” They also allowed the states “public health” commissars to write down as a “Covid death” someone who was “likely” and “presumed” to have Covid regardless of laboratory confirmation.

And speaking of laboratory confirmation, we also know that the testing has been extremely flawed throughout this whole scamdemdic, testing at too high a cycle threshold which caused false positives. The W.H.O. then changed their guidelines to reduce the cycle number to “weed out false positives,” which they announced only hours after Biden was inaugurated. Hmmm.

Any and all “public health” bureaucrats and governors and other bureaucrats who have been knowingly disseminating false information to terrorize the masses, and any media flunkies who have been knowingly repeating the propaganda over the past year need to be criminally charged with fraud, terrorism, and crimes against humanity. And that’s what I think about all that.

The “News” Media Continue Their Obedience to Government Narratives

I still listen to Bloomberg Radio regardless of how biased in deference to government official narratives they are, and because I must be a glutton for punishment. But they are no different from all the “mainstream” outlets, which are no longer mainstream but government spokespeople. We might as well have Jen Psaki taking over the morning show, “Bloomberg Daybreak.” (Can you imagine if Jen Psaki married someone with the last name “Toomey,” she’d have to be called “Jen Psaki-Toomey”!)

So, Michael Bloomberg, the one who donated billions to the Johns Hopkins “Bloomberg School of Public Health” which has been repeating the fake Covid death and “cases” numbers for a year now, spent about $1 billion on his losing 2020 presidential campaign only to get 6% of the primary vote. So much for “Big Money buying votes!” Bloomberg is the majority owner of Bloomberg Radio.

And why am I pointing all that out? I don’t know. But, because I stopped watching TV many years ago I can hear the rebroadcasts of Fake the Nation, Fake News Sunday and Meet the Fake on Bloomberg Radio on Sundays. I can’t believe just how dishonest and/or ignorant and brainwashed these “professional journalists” are on the corporate-government “news” shows. And they’re all the same now, on Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, your local “All-News” radio station, and everywhere.

For instance, this past Sunday Upchuck Todd, a.k.a. Chuck Toady was referring to Donald Trump’s “election fraud lies” like Toady really believes that Trump has been deliberately lying about it, not that Trump really believes that the election was stolen but that Trump believes it wasn’t stolen but is lying about it.

And the phrase “election lies” is repeated by many now in the government-obedient media, including Juan Williams. I guess Juan is the token Democrat on their panel. On that show, Chris Wallace interviewed the warmonger neocon Liz Cheney, who hasn’t met a war she didn’t like. Cheney also referred to the “Trump lies” about the 2020 election. So, my conclusion is that Liz Cheney is using the Democrats’ “election lies” rhetoric because she just wants to get rid of The Donald and keep him out of D.C. and she’ll probably say anything and align herself with anybody who also wants to get rid of Trump. Cheney apparently wants to fill her loathsome (and 3-time war criminal) father Dick’s shoes on behalf of her neocon warmongering agenda that Trump was trying not to be a part of.

By the way (and speaking of “filling Dad’s shoes”), I wonder if Chris Wallace would ever cover the actual truth about these Covid “vaccines” and all the deaths and other adverse reactions that have been reported to VAERS but the “news” media refuse to disclose, unlike his father Mike Wallace who did do a report on the 1976 rushed swine flu vaccine. In the 1976 fiasco, there were only a few reported deaths and several severely adverse reactions, but by that point the vaccine program was ended. That was before CONgress passed the law exempting pharmaceutical companies from vaccine-caused adverse reaction liability.

Today, there have been over 4,000 Covid vaccine-related deaths in the U.S. reported to VAERS, among other reported adverse reactions, but the Covid “vaccine” continues. Thanks to our corrupt and evil voodoo medical system.

But Chris Wallace and his “mainstream” media ilk will not cover these issues. Instead they have their medical savior Dr. Fraudi, the infectious disease “expert.” And CBS’s Fake the Nation has had Big Pharma bloodsucker Scott Gottlieb on for 66 straight weeks for drug-promoting propaganda. Yech.

And on ABC’s “This Week” Martha Radish and her panel of ABC “News” correspondents referred to the “election lies,” all of these “journalists” in lockstep with one another, and speaking of the January 6th “insurrection,” like they really believe that a near-riot was an actual “insurrection” that day. They dare not report the truth that most of the people who attended the Trump rally, in which Trump told them to “peacefully” walk to the Capitol, were voluntarily let in by police opening the gates and doors for them after which they were mainly wandering around like morons in a dumb stupor, while the antifa agitators pretending to be Trump supporters broke into doors and windows and offices and caused damage. But even the agents provocateurs didn’t attempt to take over the government, that would be an actual “insurrection.” Yeah, some wacko with horns, he’s an “insurrectionist”!!

So, the “news” media people are either very dishonest propagandists, or they are just dumb and ignorant and just don’t know what they are talking about. (I know, in some cases it’s both.)