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Category: Authoritarianism

News and Commentary

Pierre Lemieux: The Centrality of Exchange.

Sheldon Richman: VP Tells Guatemalans to Stay in Their Place

Glenn Greenwald: Trump DOJ Obtained Data on Schiff and Swalwell, Two Long-Time Champions of Domestic Spying.

Abigail Hall: Militarized Police: A Consequence of the War on Drugs

Joseph Mercola: CDC Caught Cooking the Books on Covid Vaccines

America’s Frontline Doctors: ‘Urgent’ British Report Calls for Complete Cessation of Covid Vaccines in Humans.

Lew Rockwell: Introduction to the Persian Edition of Murray Rothbard’s What Has Government Done to Our Money?

Jeff Krinock: Teach a Man To Acquiesce

Patrick Eddington and Julian Sanchez: The Pentagon Papers at 50

Kyle Anzalone: The Pentagon Is Invading Public Schools.

Gateway Pundit: Printing Companies that Supplied Ballots in the 2020 Election May Be Guilty in Potentially Altering the 2020 Election Results.

And L. Reichard White: Don’t Defund the Police, Defund the – – –

Fascist Digital Covid Certificates In Europe

Laurence Vance writes:

“All 27 EU countries will use this digital COVID certificate program by July 1, 2021.” There goes my vacation to Europe.

And here in the USSA? Grocery stores, and other stores, etc: Expect lawsuits galore if people such as myself are not allowed in the store/business sans “vaccine passport.” I know, I know, “private property,” etc. I really believe in private property rights. However, any grocery stores who will require a “vaccine passport” and deny entry to the “unvaccinated” (sic) DESERVE to be sued, harassed, etc. (And any legislators and governors making it the law to legally require such proof of poison-injections, get ready for protests, at the state capitols, and maybe even at their homes or on their street, and impeachments of course.)

News and Commentary

James Bovard: Pentagon Papers Failed to Prevent Perpetual Media Kowtowing.

Barry Brownstein: Liberating Yourself from Faucism.

Caitlin Johnstone: U.S. Troops Die for World Domination, Not Freedom.

Laurence Vance: The Conservative Hypocrisy on Menthol Cigarette Ban.

Gary Barnett: ‘Public’ (Political) School Madness: Military Supported ‘Vaccination’ of Students in Idaho

 Meryl Nass: Fauci Emails: How Top Public Health Officials Spun Tangled Web of Lies Around Covid Origin, Treatments.

Jason Ditz: Troops Leaving, But US Commits Billions to Fund Afghan Fighting.

Reason: U.S. Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan Almost Halfway Done, but Full Exit Isn’t Assured.

Politico: USA Today Fights Subpoena Aimed at Readers of Florida FBI Shooting Story.

Juan Cole: Israel—the “Only Middle East Democracy”—Criminalizes Journalism, Arrests Al Jazeera Reporter for Covering East Jerusalem.

Finn Andreen: The Case of Joe Rogan: Vaccine Policy and Freedom of Speech.

Karen Selick: CPSO to Ontario Doctors: “Shut Up or Lose Your Licence”

Paul Joseph Watson: German Study Finds Lockdown ‘Had No Effect’ on Stopping Spread of Coronavirus.

Ludwig von Mises: They Don’t Hate Gold Because It’s Gold. They Hate It Because It’s Not Government Money.

And Aimee Villella McBride: Why You Should Disable ‘Amazon Sidewalk’ on All Devices Before June 8

News and Commentary

Brian Shilhavy: Man Who Developed CDC Vaccine Tracking System, BBC Radio Personality – Among the Dead Following Covid-19 Injections.

Townhall: Six Bombshell Revelations from Fauci’s Emails.

John Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead: Make Way for the Snitch State: The All-Seeing Fourth Branch of Government.

Glenn Greenwald: The New Domestic War on Terror Has Already Begun — Even Without the New Laws Biden Wants.

Children’s Health Defense Team: ‘Self-Spreading’ Vaccines Pose Multiple Risks to Society — Including the End of Informed Consent.

Michelle Malkin Covid Vaccines: Family Sovereignty Under Siege.

Lawrence Wittner: Lesley Blume’s Fallout: The Hiroshima Cover-up and the Reporter Who Revealed It to the World.

Ron Paul: The ‘Woke’ Fed

Joseph Mercola: Facebook Insider Blows Whistle on Vaccine Censorship

Martin Armstrong: Who Are the Real Terrorists?

Andrew Napolitano: Taking Liberty for Granted

Thomas Knapp: Joe Biden a Big Spender, But Not Enough for Republican “Defense” Scammers.

Gateway Pundit: Fauci Was Informed of Hydroxychloroquine Success in Early 2020 But Lied to Public Instead Despite the Science #FauciEmails.

And Dave DeCamp: After Gaza Slaughter, Israel Wants Another $1 Billion Out of the U.S.

More News and Commentary

James Bovard: Will the Pandemic Promote Political Power in Perpetuity?

Brandon Smith: Oregon Is Proof That Leftist Politics Ultimately Lead To Tyranny And Decay.

Tho Bishop: Fauci and the Fed: America’s Technocratic Frauds

Mac Slavo: Australia Institutes Strict Lockdowns Again after 26 Tested Positive for Covid.

Eric Boehm: China Is Paying Less Than 8 Percent of Tariff Costs. Americans Are Paying the Rest.

William Anderson: There’s No Conflict Between Profit and “Social Responsibility”

Joseph Mercola: Mass Vaccination Triggers Spike in Cases, Deaths

David Stockman: The Cryptoverse – Bastard Son of the Fiat

Thomas Knapp: Government-Employed Kidnappers Stole from the Crypto 6.

Rory Mir: Activists Mobilize to Fight Censorship and Save Open Science.

P Gosselin: Fantastic Findings: German Study Shows Added CO2 Has Led to 14% More Vegetation Over Past 100 Years!

Michael Tracey: “America First” Conservatives Declare: “Actually, We Meant Israel First”

Matt Taibbi: “Fact-Checking” Takes Another Beating.

Brad Polumbo: New Poll: Americans Aren’t Willing to Pay for the ‘Green New Deal’—And It’s Not Even Close.

And Revolver: Stunning New Court Ruling Reveals Blatant Institutional Discrimination Against White Americans.

More News and Commentary, More Soviet USSA

John Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead: Total Tyranny: We’ll All Be Targeted Under the Government’s New Precrime Program.

Kit Knightly: How the CDC Is Manipulating Data to Prop-Up “Vaccine Effectiveness” – New Policies Will Artificially Deflate “Breakthrough Infections” in the Vaccinated, While the Old Rules Continue to Inflate Case Numbers in the Unvaccinated. (More cheating and lying from the CDC. That is what they have been doing throughout this entire scamdemic.)

Jon Rappoport: The Pandemic Virus That Doesn’t Exist.

Jacob Hornberger: How We Got Omnipotent Government.

Glenn Greenwald: Corporate Media’s Double Standard: They Attack Whomever They Want, But You Cannot Criticize Them.

Martin Armstrong: Using the Criminal Law to Target Trump & His Family.

Reason: Former Florida Sheriff’s Deputy Found Guilty of Planting Drugs on Motorists.

And Joaquin Flores: And Just Like That, the Mask Mandate Ended.

News and Commentary

Donald Boudreaux: Will 2020 Prove to Be the Beginning of the End of Modernity?

Life Site: Biden Admin Again Moves Toward Making Christians Perform ‘Sex-Change’ Surgeries.

Robert Wenzel: Slaves Who Love Their Chains (And the Chains of the Children)

Allan Stevo: We Won! Trader Joe’s Was the First Crack in the Armor

USSA News: Whistleblower Chelsea Manning Compares Lockdown to Solitary Confinement, Says People Will Take Years to Recover.

Just The News: Election Audit in Small New Hampshire Town Could Have Implications for 2020 Results Statewide.

Mike Whitney: The Same Pattern Everywhere? Mass Vaccination Triggers Sharp Spike in Cases and Deaths.

Daily Caller: Eric Clapton Criticizes Coronavirus Vaccine ‘Propaganda’ After ‘Disastrous’ Experience.

The Last Refuge: Windham, New Hampshire, Ballot Audit Forensics Finds CCTV Cameras of Ballot Counting Machines in Audit Room Mysteriously Disabled for 90 Minutes.

Bill Sardi: The Perfidious Dr. Fauci

Ann Wright: Gaza Doctor Describes Deaths of Fellow Doctors and Entire Families Killed by Israeli Attacks on Gaza.

And Gateway Pundit: Elites Worried: COVID Cases in India Plummet After Government Promotes Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine Use.

News and Commentary

Jim Davies: Journalism, R.I.P.

Brandon Smith: Vaccine Virtue Signaling And The Cult Of Woke.

Life Site: Employers May Be Liable for ‘Any Adverse Reaction’ from Mandated Coronavirus Shots: OSHA.

Caitlin Johnstone: The Israel Narrative Is Crumbling Because Of Phone Cameras And The Internet.

Joshua Cho: Corporate Media Oppose Afghan Control of Afghanistan.

Glenn Greenwald: Liz Cheney Lied About Her Role in Spreading the Discredited CIA “Russian Bounty” Story.

Gateway Pundit: Federal Judge Signals He May End Twitter’s Immunity in Dr. Shiva Case – Speech Police in Panic — Watch Hearing Live on May 20.

Becky Akers: At Last: A Basic Question Answered!

Lawrence Reed: F.A. Hayek on ‘the Supreme Rule’ That Separates Collectivism From Individualism.

The Federalist: 5 Big Things Wrong With Biden’s Mask-Or-Vaccine Ultimatum

Matt Taibbi: On the Hypocrites at Apple Who Fired Antonio Garcia-Martinez.

And Breitbart: New York Times: Joe Biden Has Short Temper; Outbursts of Profanity (You mean, like Hillary? And Amy Klobuchar?)

More News and Commentary

James Bovard: The Media Wants You to Trust Washington Again Now That Trump Is Gone.

Andrew Napolitano: Can Federal Judges Alter the Constitution?

Brian Shilhavy: CDC: Death Toll Following Experimental COVID Injections Now at 4,434 – More than 21 Years of Recorded Vaccine Deaths from VAERS.

Thomas Knapp: Peace in Palestine? Not if American Politicians Can Help It.

Jacob Hornberger: Splinter the CIA into a Thousand Pieces and Scatter It to the Winds

Charles Burris: JFK’s War with the National Security Establishment

Robert Wenzel: Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Includes Making Neighborhoods Across America “Diverse” and Council of Economic Advisers Goes Woke and Calls for Massive New Government Control and Spending

Jon Rappoport: Pandemic: Follow the Real Money, the Unthinkable Amount of Money.

Gary Barnett: Considering the ‘Covid’ Lie: This Is No time for Diplomacy, It Is a Time for Truth

Sheldon Richman: FDA Targets Black and Other Minority Smokers

Abigail Devereaux: Restricting the Unvaccinated Sets a Dangerous Precedent.

Joseph Mercola: The Real Reason Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Google Want You to Eat Lab-Grown ‘Meat’

And Edward Curtin: Second Stage Terror Wars

News and Commentary

Martin Armstrong: Mental Health Pandemic.

Don Boudreaux: “This Is Mental Illness” (Covid Derangement Syndrome).

Ron Paul: Covid Authoritarians Abuse Children

Jon Rappoport: Covid Vaccine Can Worsen Disease; Mainstream Study; Not on the Evening News

Life Site: Healthcare Workers Report Suffering ‘Full Body Convulsions’ after Covid-19 Vaccines.

James Bovard: Biden Plans Expansion of Feds’ Army of Snitches in ‘Dollars for Collars’ Program.

Matt Taibbi: Reporters Once Challenged the Spy State. Now, They’re Agents of It.

Robert Wenzel: MIT Researchers Infiltrated a Covid-19 Lockdown/Mask Skeptics Community: This is What They Found

Jacob Hornberger: A Woke CIA … or a Free, Peaceful, and Prosperous Society?

Lew Rockwell: An American Classical Liberalism

William Anderson: We Cannot Build an Economy on Lies

Glenn Greenwald: Antony Blinken Continues to Lecture the World on Values His Administration Aggressively Violates.

William Astore: Endless War Is A Feature of Our National Programming.

Mandy Smithberger: Why the Pentagon Budget Never Goes Down.

Maryam Henein: FDA: “Operation Quack Hack”: Medical Mafia vs. Medical Health Freedom Fighters.

Daniel Larison: Israeli Apartheid Is On Display.

Winter Oak: 10 Things We Have Learned During the Covid Coup.

And Laurence Vance: The Hypocrisy of the Left on Discrimination