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I’m a little behind in getting these links on here, and there are still some earlier articles I have bookmarked that I have to go through. But here are some important articles now.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Coronavirus – Testing: What are we doing? What does it mean?

CJ Hopkins: Brave New Normal.

Ron Paul: Listening to the coronavirus “experts” has led to death and despair.

Jennifer Giustra-Kozek: Masks: Are there benefits or just a comfort prop? Let the facts speak.

Dr. Joseph Mercola: “Plandemic” documentary.

Brian Shilhavy: Vaxxed film reveals deaths and injuries caused by vaccines by interviewing the victims — Gardasil vaccine the worst?

Jeff Tucker: The 2006 origins of the lockdown idea.

John Lott and Timothy Craig Allen: The U.S. is dramatically overcounting coronavirus deaths.

Daniel Larison: It took COVID to expose the fraud of “American Exceptionalism.”

Washington Examiner: California doctors say they’ve seen more deaths from suicide than coronavirus since lockdowns. (probably because many people have been overloading on horrible suicide-causing antidepressants!)

Jacob Hornberger: How about permanently closing public schools?

James Bovard asks, Will the political class be held liable for what they’ve done?

Thomas DiLorenzo: The nursing home scam.

Bill Sardi: Possible prolonged lockdown by misclassifying tuberculosis deaths for COVID-19.

Whitney Webb and Raul Diego: A powerful network of political operatives, a global vaccine mafia, and their man in Washington.

Max Blumenthal: “The American friends”: New court files expose Sheldon Adelson’s security team in US spy operation against Julian Assange.

Jonathan Turley: The new ACLU: the once premier protector of due process has filed a lawsuit opposing due process protections.

Richard Ebeling: There will be no recovery without production.

Laurence Vance: Get rid of government licensing.

Caitlin Johnstone: Narrative managers argue China-like Internet surveillance is needed.

Coleen Rowley: Ghost of J. Edgar Hoover haunts Flynn investigation.

Reese Erlich: Michael Flynn’s forgotten Turkish connection.

And Glenn Greenwald: New Flynn prosecution documents reveal corruption in Russiagate investigations.

Justina Pelletier Lawsuit Jury: The Government Owns Your Children

Justina Pelletier was the teenage girl who has suffered from Mitochondrial Disease and after having been treated in Connecticut and at Tufts Medical Center for several years, she was taken to Boston Children’s Hospital at which time the doctors declared that her entire medical issues really weren’t medical but psychological.

Justina was then put into the care of psychiatrists against the parents’ wishes, placed into a psychiatric institution where she was abused, and her physical conditioned had deteriorated extensively. Additionally, at the beginning of this terrible ordeal, the hospital and doctors accused the Pelletiers of “child medical abuse” and called in CPS to take custody away from the parents.

The psychiatrists had also claimed Justina to be a “ward of the state” as aided and abetted by CPS, and used “ward of the state” as their excuse to legally engage in human experimentation for the hospital’s government-grant-funded research.

Most recently, when the Pelletiers’ lawsuit trial began in January, I wrote a summary of the whole case and reposted several posts I had written previously to give people an idea of what really went on in Justina’s and the Pelletiers’ ordeal that goes back 7 or 8 years now. I recommend that recent post which gives quite a lot of detail in the whole case.

As I wrote in the older posts, the psychiatrists have this ideology of “behavior modification,” to the point of being a religiously fanatical ideology, in which they are taking a medical patient and attempting to fit a square peg into a round hole as they ritualistically impose their personally indoctrinated psychological ideology onto an innocent human being.

Destroying her life physically and mentally doesn’t matter to the zealots. And they are zealots, believe me. I have met people like this.

Justina has had to be in a wheelchair, whereas prior to the hospital and CPS’s seizure of Justina she was able to stand and walk and do figure skating. She is now 21.

Jury Verdict at Pelletier Family Lawsuit Trial of Boston Children’s Hospital

So the jury deliberated for about 6 hours after about a 5-week trial, with many witnesses and documents presented as evidence, and the jury found the hospital as not negligent in Justina’s decline of health. This sheeple jury is all in on Establishment Medicine Worship, believe me.

When reading a Boston Globe article about the jury’s verdict (which I will not link to), it seems to be, with jurors’ statements after the trial, a totally different scenario than everything I have heard or read about over these past 6 years now. That included interviews of Mr. Pelletier describing the ordeal (as shown in my earlier post linked above), rallies held on Justina’s behalf that included people such as Rev. Patrick Mahoney pleading in person with then-Gov. Deval Patrick to get the Massachusetts CPS to free Justina and let her return to her family. It is as though the Pelletier family didn’t get adequate witnesses, and/or the jury just obediently bought everything said by the doctors and hospital witnesses.

In my view, the family should have sought criminal charges as soon as the “doctors” called in CPS and attempted to have Mr. Pelletier arrested for resisting in his daughter being kidnapped and taken away. Charges of kidnapping and child abduction, wrongful imprisonment, torture, false accusation, child endangerment, and child abuse for starters. But, it appears the family didn’t try to do that, or their attorneys advised them to go just for a financial lawsuit. Those doctors are criminals, in my view.

But what the jury is telling us is that we may not question the authority of government-approved doctors. The sheeple jury comes to their defense no matter how bad, no matter how corrupt and greedy, no matter how ignorant and incompetent the “doctors” are who committed such criminal acts against a teenage girl.

So here, in my view, is a rough translation of what the jury was really telling us in its defense of the doctors and the hospital and psychiatrists who screwed up a child’s life:

“We the sheeple of the jury think it’s okay for doctors and hospital staff to forcibly seize a child and take custody away from her parents. We must always trust the judgment of establishment medical professionals above whatever judgment parents might have.

“We also think it’s okay for CPS to put a medical patient into a juvenile detention center, a place for troubled teens even though she had no history of being a troubled teen. We think it’s okay for CPS to get a judge to impose a gag order on the parents and order them not to talk to the media about what the hospital is doing to their daughter. It’s for her own good!

“We must always trust the judgment of the government, CPS and government-approved doctors who know what’s best for us.

“They know what’s best for us regardless of the fact that medical errors are still the third leading cause of death, after heart disease and cancer. This includes side effects of prescription drugs, unnecessary surgeries, medication errors in hospitals, hospital-acquired infections, diagnostic errors, and hospitals failing to follow guidelines. According to the Journal of Patient Safety, 210,000 to 440,000 hospital patients die each year because of preventable harm at the hospital. So we must — MUST — trust the judgment of doctors, hospitals and hospital administrators. (After all, those government research grants are very important…)

Okay, thank you, sheeple jurors. And we should definitely trust the judgment of crackpot psychiatrists, who take a psychologically normal teenage girl but who has serious medical issues, and suddenly remove her from the treatments she was used to having (without considering the possible harm such sudden removal could cause) and instead say her problem is “all in her head,” and put her into a psychiatric ward (and, I assume, give her those poisonous psychiatric drugs!), all in the name of using her as a guinea pig for government-funded research, and all in the name of a “behavior modification” ideology.

Yes, we should trust the judgment of sick psychiatrists in USSA Amerika. Just look at this blog by a psychiatrist at the 2019 meeting of the American Psychiatric Association. Look at all the advertisements for antidepressants all over the premises, terrible drugs that in many cases make people more depressed or suicidal! And these psychiatrists at that convention seem more concerned about “wokeness,” about “social justice,” with their obsession with race, gender and LGBT, just like on the college campuses.

No, today’s psychiatrists are not rational people, in my view. They should NOT be trusted!

I can just imagine some poor psychiatric patient in the office who might have uttered an SJW-deemed faux pas. That professional practitioner will make sure to remind that patient of his error, no doubt about that. Today’s psychiatrists and psychologists will probably label such a patient with some disorder, like “Oppositional Defiant,” or “Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder,” or some such thing. (You see what I mean? They’re the nutsos, these psychiatric practitioner professional people! Yep.)

And while the MD psychiatrists are loony-tunes and brainwashed zombies, the PhD psychologists are just as bad. And speaking of the torture that Justina Pelletier endured after the “doctors” confiscated her from her family, we have other psychologists who have engaged in torture, in cahoots with deranged CIA thugs at Gitmo, and with the approval of the American Psychological Association. (Hmm, with “psychologists” like these, who needs monsters?)

So we have a biased jury who are brainwashed to obediently trust the judgment and authority of today’s government-approved “doctors,” government-approved hospitals and government-licensed psychiatrists, who thought that Justina Pelletier’s parents were the problem and were uncooperative. Meanwhile, the jury excused the doctor who wrote an email calling the family “evil.”

And this Soviet-like crap is what we are going to deal with in the future, especially if the government takes over the health care system.

The American Sheeple’s Faith in Fake Science

Jon Rappoport has two terrific articles on his blog. In the first one, A whole branch of science turns out to be fake, he notes the fraud and lack of science behind psychiatric diagnoses. The pharmaceutical industry is excited when the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is published, in which the establishment shrinks invent new disorders which will multiply the numbers of diagnoses every year, thus increase even more the prescribing of poisonous psychiatric drugs to profit from.

The second article, Fake science in the Oklahoma Bombing, covers the 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. With fake science and government cover-ups, the government’s conspiracy theory of “anti-government militia blowing up the building with a Ryder truck” is believed by the sheeple. He writes toward the end of the article, “If the federal government can egregiously lie about an event as huge as the Oklahoma Bombing, using fake science as a cover—what wouldn’t they lie about?”

Orwellian: Washington, DC Will Determine Who Has “Mental Illness”

Jon Rappoport has this excellent analysis of calls for a new agency to determine who is mentally ill or mentally unstable and thus may not have a gun. Once diagnosed with “mental illness,” psychiatrists will give these newly diagnosed “mentally ill” people psychiatric drugs, so that they probably WILL become violent! Doh! (Is there anyone more “mentally ill” than our typical Washington bureaucrat? Just askin’.)

A Deranged Society in Amerika Has a “Straight Pride” Parade

There was a “Straight Pride” parade, with 36 arrested and 4 police officers injured, in Boston. Many police officers had to act as shields between the “Straight Pride” people and the demonstrators, some of whom were saying that they needed to have a presence there to shout down the “Straight” morons and also accuse the “Straight” people of advocating hate and discrimination against gays and lesbians, and other LGBTQZZZZZ activists.

So, can someone please tell me why heterosexual people must go to this public event to say unequivocally that they are “Straight” Pride? What exactly does “Straight” mean, anyway? And I thought that “gay” meant “happy” or “joyous.” (Apparently not.)

I think that all this is going on, as idiotic as it is, because the LGBT activists have gone way off the deep end, in such an extreme, far removed from advocating “gay rights” or protecting themselves from the violence of anti-homosexual thugs. In the old days in America gays were victims of such violence, just because of being gay. But that doesn’t really happen that much now. It does happen in Saudi Arabia, Iran and other more repressive areas, in which those places’ governments are inflicting such harm against people just for being homosexual.

But sadly in Amerika, in which “social justice” warriors are being brainwashed in the schools from their earliest days to believe in a lot of crap they believe now, the violence is going in the reverse. Whether it’s gays and lesbians or other members of the LGBTQ+++ community, Black Lives Matter or other black or minority activist groups, abortion groups or other leftist organizations, the violence is being perpetrated against conservatives, anyone with a “MAGA” hat, and even police now, regardless of any particular police officer’s record or himself respecting the rights of protesters, etc.

And all over on the college campuses we have speech codes, lists of the many words or phrases that one may not speak, or else, and professors getting fired for using the “n-word” merely in historical context such as describing a ’60s Civil Rights march dialogue, and so on.

During the 1980s a common phrase, including being written as graffiti on buildings and street posts, was “Silence = Death.” This was in reference to the AIDS crisis that was mainly hitting the male homosexual community (if that is a “community”). In the old days if someone was homosexual that meant he had to be hush-hush about it, or risk getting some sort of abuse or even evicted or fired from work. But the AIDS crisis brought about silence that included being silent about ways to protect themselves from getting the HIV and then possibly AIDS, that at the time was a death sentence.

But now, silence is what the people on the left want, not only from those with whom they disagree on political and social issues, but from EVERYONE! Anyone caught uttering certain, specific phrases or words (example) will be disciplined, like it’s the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany.

People are getting censored from Google, Facebook and Twitter. And they are getting “de-platformed,” which in some cases can threaten people’s livelihoods.

Speaking of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, unfortunately many of today’s young people are not educated in the history of those 20th Century, socialist, totalitarian societies. They have NO idea that they are being brainwashed to believe the same kinds of statist ideologies and myths of things that don’t exist in reality. They have no idea that they are acting like little fascists now. I don’t like being around the young people now, quite frankly, because I’m afraid some little innocent thing I might say could elicit the brainwashed twerp to then call the police on me!

And speaking of people to fear, we now have “Antifa,” which stands for “Anti-First Amendment,” gang thugs who actually start fights with, beat up on, put in the hospital those whose views they don’t like or even journalists like Andy Ngo who are merely covering a public event.

And the word “hate” is thrown around like it no longer means anything, because the ones who are accusing others of “hate” are themselves the ones spewing hate, foul language and inflicting violence on others. They do it in public, on Twitter, in restaurants, everywhere.

Now, are you parents out there? In your 30s, 40s or 50s? Are any of those young people your kids? What the hell did my generation (mid-50s) do to the next generation? What the hell is wrong with MY generation?

So, it is those people on the left who are driving a bunch of schmucks to have a moronic “Straight Pride” parade and wasting the very nice holiday weekend weather when they could have done something more worthwhile.

America the Brainwashed

In my rant of the other day on Donald Trump’s clownish show of authoritarianism and military worship on “Independence” (sic) Day, I made references to today’s conservative talk radio personalities and their love of government authority and devotion to a flag and how they are not much different from the ones on the left with their own fanaticism and fetishes.

I am sure a lot of people would never believe they are actually brainwashed in their views, but I am tired of being polite, so I could say they are “conditioned” to believe things or are indoctrinated, which are both true. But the word “brainwashed” applies, I think, to many people now.

For example, there are the many people who have been fooled and bamboozled by the medical establishment and mainstream media’s hysterical promotion of vaccines as the saviors that end or prevent diseases and suffering.

Well, it turns out that some vaccines have caused people problems, to say the least. That is why the feds have paid out over $4 billion in compensation to vaccine-injured families. So  “brainwashed” is when people refer to vaccine skeptics and victims as “anti-vaxxers” and accuse the skeptics or non-vaccinated of being “dangerous,” an accusation thoroughly based on ignorance and false beliefs.

But many skeptics base their own opposition to vaccines, or some vaccines, on their own experiences such as with their kids. They are “ex-vaxxers.” Jon Rappoport discussed how mothers know when their kids suddenly have severe medical issues after being given a vaccine. (And check out all the links. That’s on the Wayback Machine, because the censors at WordPress took down his blog.)

But people who are brainwashed, by many years of indoctrination to be faithful in establishment medicine, will be like the example given in this article by Bretigne Shaffer. They will not listen to those who point out that many of the measles patients had already been vaccinated, and that vaccines themselves have caused measles. And they will not care if the truth is that the flu vaccine has very little effectiveness.

And the brainwashed ones will not care in the least that measles is not that serious a disease, and not at all worth al the hysteria.

But reason and rationality are not their thing. No, their thing is hysteria. Brainwashed hysteria.

I am sure that some vaccines have helped in prevention. But the key to prevention is being well-nourished. Nutrition is most important. (But sadly, many people are malnourished.)

And it’s not just the kids, who are now assaulted and poisoned with multiple vaccines many times throughout their childhood, and whose neurological health is affected by vaccines. Adults, too, are affected, especially the elderly.

And it’s not just vaccines but any drugs or medical chemicals such as pharmaceuticals, as well as artificial food additives, with synthetic ingredients that can negatively affect one’s neurological health (and one’s heart health, and one’s muscles, bones and joints, and on and on…).

But the brainwashed ones don’t care about those things. They have their magical elixirs to make them feel immune from disease, and they have their junk foods and fast foods, so they’re good. But hysterical brainwashed sheeple want to throw the “anti-vaxxers” in jail, even give them the death penalty.

And I’ll probably offend more people with this, but another category of brainwashing is the nationalism stuff, as I mentioned the other day. The nationalists, like the talk radio crowd and the Deal Leader himself, Donald Trump, really believe the myths about “America,” the “Exceptionalism” stuff with all the arrogance and delusions of grandeur, how great the military is and how the American flag must not be “desecrated.” You would have to be brainwashed to believe all that stuff.

But one thing’s for sure, there is a conflict between the freedom that was promoted at the early years of America, and the kind of authoritarian government-worship and mysticism that today’s nationalists believe in and have a heavily-indoctrinated obedient blind faith in. They certainly don’t believe in actual freedom, only the rhetorical, meaningless kind.

The nationalists are like the ones on the left who call people “deniers,” because of their brainwashed beliefs in “man-caused global warming and climate change.” Their mantra is “97% of climate scientists” and calling for the jailing of the “deniers,” just like the anti-“anti-vaxxers.”

While the kids went through heavy Al Gore “Inconvenient Truth” brainwashing during the 2000s and now, people continue with their climate brainwashing by staring into the television for hours a day, and being zombiefied with their hours of phone-staring and social media that isn’t very social.

But I digress. I was talking about the nationalists. If the conservative talk radio crowd are so “pro-life,” then why do they never criticize the U.S. government’s criminal atrocities overseas, murdering millions of innocents? Millions of North Koreans, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laotians, Iraqis, Afghans, Syrians, Yemenis, and more. I heard Dennis Prager, “Mr. Authoritarian,” defend the U.S. military’s invasion and bombing of Vietnam maybe a year ago.

But you see, “We” are an “Exceptional” nation, a “City upon a Hill,” and all that. I guess 12 years of government schooling or government-controlled “private” schooling, standing for the Pledge of Obedience every day, and you get a lot of State-worship brainwashing and rationalization of government criminality.

So the “moral values” conservatives also never say anything about the government theft of private property that is the income tax. In fact, the brainwashed ones rationalize that theft, as long as the Almighty State does it. Then it’s okay. And they believe VERY strongly in government confiscation of private wealth and redistributionism and Welfare Statism when it comes to Socialist Security and Medicare. They LOVE those things.

They also want the government to continue its control over the education system. They never say anything about ABOLISHING it! They don’t seem to ask, “Why the hell does the government, which ruins everything, run the education system??!” But noooo, “as long as the right people are in charge” (like Betsy DeVos! Doh!) and all that kind of brainwashed nonsense.

They also defend the war on drugs, but not a war on booze because they gotta have their booze! Total cognitive dissonance there.

Because the nationalists are brainwashed, they would never consider decentralizing the U.S., which is too big to be one single country, as I’ve said before. No. Way.

When they say they “love America,” they love the centralized regime in Washington. THAT is what “America” is, not the fantasy mythological made-up stuff the nationalists constantly prattle on and on about. (Have you ever heard anything as puke-worthy as “Rush Revere”?)

And the America with actual freedom that the Founders envisioned is not what we have now, and have never had here. At least with a full “Brexit” here, a full decentralization and ousting Washington, D.C from our lives forever, we stand a chance of restoring a lot of our freedom that has been lost or had never been realized.

Massachusetts Supreme Court: People Not Responsible for Their Own Actions

Well, the Michelle Carter case is back in the news again. She was the teenager who through texts and phone calls urged her boyfriend to commit suicide, which he did. Carter had told a friend two weeks later that she even told Conrad Roy to get back into his truck after he had second thoughts while the truck was apparently full of carbon monoxide. That subsequent text to her friend was the main item of evidence against her.

She was convicted of involuntary manslaughter by a judge, and now the Massachusetts state Supreme Court has upheld the conviction.

I am sure that Carter’s words and bullying may have influenced the boy’s final decision to do himself in, but she was not there, only on the phone with him. With the state Court’s ruling, this is another case in which an individual is not responsible for his own decisions and actions.

Carter’s attorney has stated that they will take the case to the U.S. Supreme Court, which hardly has a good record on freedom of speech issues.

The Massachusetts Court stated, according to Reason, “No constitutional violation results from convicting a defendant of involuntary manslaughter for reckless and wanton, pressuring text messages and phone calls, preying upon well-known weaknesses, fears, anxieties and promises, that finally overcame the willpower to live of a mentally ill, vulnerable, young person, thereby coercing him to commit suicide.”

“…preying upon well-known weaknesses, fears, anxieties and promises…”?

But isn’t that what politicians do all the time? Such as Elizabeth Warren in her Presidential campaign announcement, appealing to the ignorant, covetous masses? Or Donald Trump with his fascist wall, appealing to simple-minded tribalists?

Psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin had testified at Carter’s trial and considered Carter and Roy “victims of psychiatry,” because the two of them had both been taking prescription psychiatric drugs for years. But that does not excuse anything.

Dr. Breggin points out that there is no actual evidence, recording or texts, indicating that Carter actually told Roy to get back in the truck. The only evidence regarding such an assertion that exists is Carter’s texting to a friend two months after Roy’s death that she told him to get back in the truck. But what if she was mistaken in her memory of that ordeal?

To highlight the prosecutor and judge’s zeal and inconsistency, Dr. Breggin wrote, “The DA takes Michelle’s self-destructive statement texted in despair to a friend two months after Conrad’s death as a truth so certain it is sufficient to charge and convict her of killing Conrad. This is ironic. Throughout the trial, the DA repeatedly described Michelle as a liar, a faker, a manipulator, an exaggerator, a dramatizer, a schemer, and someone whose declarations could never be trusted. The DA considered Michelle an outright liar who was wholly unreliable except on this one quote that served the DA’s driving need for a conviction.”

Dr. Breggin has a series of articles related to the Michelle Carter case.

Anyway, it was Conrad Roy’s ultimate decision based on his own free will to kill himself. That’s my view on this. Michelle Carter may have been a mean b*tch, but she was not responsible for Roy’s death.

So unless the U.S. Supreme Court overturns the Massachusetts Supreme Court’s decision, the decision can be used to suggest that someone’s “meanness,” verbal bullying, “exploiting another’s vulnerability,” and so on, can be made criminally responsible for the suicidal death of another. But will other forms of speech then be made to be responsible? Such as a “mean rant” in blog that depressed someone? Or even a bitter, vindictive political speech such as by Elizabeth Warren?

Here is what Murray Rothbard had to say about a similar situation of people urging others to do something very bad or criminal, the idea of “incitement to riot”:

Should it be illegal, we may next inquire, to “incite to riot”? Suppose that Green exhorts a crowd: “Go! Burn! Loot! Kill!” and the mob proceeds to do just that, with Green having nothing further to do with these criminal activities. Since every man is free to adopt or not adopt any course of action he wishes, we cannot say that in some way Green determined the members of the mob to their criminal activities; we cannot make him, because of his exhortation, at all responsible for their crimes. “Inciting to riot,” therefore, is a pure exercise of a man’s right to speak without being thereby implicated in crime.

On the other hand, it is obvious that if Green happened to be involved in a plan or conspiracy with others to commit various crimes, and that then Green told them to proceed, he would then be just as implicated in the crimes as are the others — more so, if he were the mastermind who headed the criminal gang. This is a seemingly subtle distinction which in practice is clearcut — there is a world of difference between the head of a criminal gang and a soap-box orator during a riot; the former is not, properly to be charged simply with “incitement.”

America’s Culture of Escapism, Denial, and Narcissism

Copyright 2014 (Link to article)

Yet another incident of multiple murders has occurred, this time in Santa Barbara, committed by 22-year-old student Elliot Rodger who left behind videos and a manifesto which showed him to be extremely narcissistic and irrational.

And once again, hysterical anti-self-defense people call for not only more gun control but for “mental health” background checks and disarming those determined to have a “mental illness.”

As Ron Paul noted, observations of the mental health of others is subjective. Who will decide who is “mentally ill”? We saw what the psychiatric community did to Justina Pelletier, who didn’t even have mental health issues but a medical condition. The zealously ideological psychiatrists seized her case and removed custody of her from her parents over to the State. And it was these medical and government bureaucrats who caused whatever mental health issues I can imagine she has now. The clinicians want to impose their “behavior modification” ideology at all costs.

The real issues with these campus killings is not mental illness, guns, knives or cars. But there are ignoramuses and devious people out there who are campaigning to disarm innocent people, for no good reason.

So if you want to discuss some possible causal factors to these school campus killings, looking at the perpetrators’ earlier lives can be instructive. And even more relevant, in my view, are the kids’ obsession with video games, parents and teachers’ self-centered detachment from the kids’ emotional needs, and psychiatric drugs.

Regarding the psychiatric drugs, during Elliot Rodger’s later years, his last psychiatrist prescribed the anti-psychotic drug Risperidone but after researching it Rodger wouldn’t take it. However, it appears that he was possibly addicted to Xanax ( a benzodiazapine anti-anxiety drug) and was also prescribed Vicodin (a pain killer), both of which he had intended to take just before ending his life, according to his manifesto, My Twisted World (on Scribd), and last video(s).

Sandy Hook School killer Adam Lanza’s psychiatric drug history is unclear. According to this Hartford Courant article, which includes interviews of Lanza’s earlier psychiatrists and a psychiatric nurse, the nurse prescribed the SSRI antidepressant Celexa to Adam Lanza when he was about 14 or 15, but Lanza’s mother Nancy Lanza reported that Adam was experiencing side-effects and she then withdrew the medication. However, after the Sandy Hook killings about 5 years later, neighbors and acquaintances of the Lanzas had stated that they believed Adam was “on medication,” so it is possible that he may have been taking a psychiatric drug prescribed by a later psychiatrist. The post-Sandy Hook toxicology report stated there were no drugs, prescription or otherwise, in Adam Lanza’s system, but there is also the possibility that Lanza could have been suffering from withdrawal had he been taking a psychiatric drug at one time. Also, there have been allegations of a cover-up by Connecticut’s state medical examiner.

The Centers for Disease Control has reported that 1 in 13 children ages 6 to 17 is on some form of psychiatric medication. The connection between many of the mass murders in recent years and the SSRI antidepressants or anti-psychotics is well documented. For instance, Columbine High School killer Eric Harris had been taking Luvox after his psychiatrist switched him from another SSRI antidepressant Zoloft. The alleged Aurora theater shooter James Holmes had also been taking Zoloft, as well as the Benzodiazapine anti-anxiety drug Clonazepam. And the Red Lake school shooter Jeff Weise had been taking Prozac.

But another aspect of the Elliot Rodger and Adam Lanza stories I wanted to address is the video games. Some people believe those video games to be addictive.

In his earlier years, Elliot Rodger had the Game Boy and Nintendo 64 and was attached to the popular but allegedly addictive Pokemon. And when he was 10 years old for Christmas his mother bought him a Playstation 2. At age 11 he received an Xbox and the military sci-fi game Halo became his favorite video game.

At age 13 he received the MMORPG World of Warcraft for Christmas. In his manifesto, he noted, “(World of Warcraft) was like stepping into another world of excitement and adventure. It was a video game world, but they made it so realistic that it was like living another life, a more exciting life. My life was getting more and more depressing at that point, and WoW would fill in the void. It felt refreshing and relieving.”

At this point, the video games became a large part of Elliot Rodger’s life. He wrote about his mother moving to a new apartment: “This was the point when my social life ended completely. I would never have a satisfying social life ever again. It was the beginning of a very lonely period of my life, in which my only social interactions would be online through video games, with the sole exception being my friendship with James. The ability to play video games with people online temporarily filled in the social void. I got caught up in it, and I was too young and naïve to realize the severity of how far I had fallen. I was too scared to accept it. This loss of a social life, coupled with the advent of puberty, caused me to die a little inside. It was too much for me to handle, and I stopped caring about my life and my future. I even stopped caring about what people thought of me. I hid myself away in the online World of Warcraft, a place where I felt comfortable and secure.” World of Warcraft became an obsession for him, continuing into high school.

Regarding Adam Lanza and his incessant video game playing, there are several articles online which seem to be distorting or exaggerating his use of violent video games. For instance, this Guardian article states that Lanza was obsessed with mass murder and listed only violent video games based only on some items police actually found in the Lanza home, while this Techdirt article clarifies that he also had non-violent video games such as Dance Dance Revolution, and it was that video with which the article claims Lanza actually was obsessed. This Hartford Courant op-ed agrees based on witness interviews that Lanza’s real obsession was for the non-violent video games, especially Dance Dance Revolution.

In my view, when someone spends hours at a time, day after day, totally immersed in the imaginary non-realities of video games, how can that not distort one’s general perceptions of reality? Even if he weren’t taking psychiatric drugs, and even if the videos into which he seemed to be emotionally merged were mostly non-violent, how can such intensive time spent with the video games not affect his ability to discern between real humans and fictional characters in video games?

The video games can psychologically reinforce a perception of others as mere objects, and the psychiatric drugs can also chemically exaggerate emotions such as anger and rage, and can effect in deadening a sense of empathy toward others.

While some people say “conspiracy theorist,” others point to connections between the recent mass killings and implications of government-infiltration of media and use of drugs to “trigger” violent behavior in people, some of whom have claimed no knowledge of their even having committed violent acts.

Which should not be too hard to fathom, by the way, given that we now know that the NSA has not only collected video gamers’ chats, buddylists and geolocations but also NSA agents themselves participate and role-play in games and discussions as a means of extracting personal information and metadata and recruiting informants, specifically in Xbox Live and World of Warcraft. We also know that governments have instilled their propaganda in these video games.

And besides the video games, many people now, especially the younger ones, escape from the realities of life with other distraction-based computer-related activities such as texting, constant email-checking, Facebook and otherwise hand-held device preoccupations. Staring into a video screen is a form of hypnosis, in my view. I see young people turning into zombies who, if they are not themselves violent they seem to be more accepting of government, military and police violence as a normal way of life.

The increase in police violence and hysteria, by the way, with thousands of unnecessary S.W.A.T. raids and so forth, is occurring at a time in which actual civilian violence in America has been in a steady decline. Nevertheless, the people seem to be passively and subserviently accepting of this American police state.

But given the influence that psychiatric drugs may have had on Elliot Rodger and Adam Lanza, and given how militarized local police departments have become and how many military veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan have joined local police departments, should we be concerned about how some of those in the military and vets have themselves been given those same kinds of psychiatric drugs?

And that includes the “cocktails” of several drugs, such as antidepressants, sedatives, sleeping pills and pain killers doctors have been giving them. Military doctors give the soldiers tens of thousands of prescriptions for these mind-altering psychiatric drugs each year. One crony executive VA bureaucrat also has sat on the boards of GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and AstraZeneca, makers of some of the most commonly-prescribed (and dangerous) anti-psychotics and antidepressants. According to Dr. Peter Breggin, author of The Anti-Depressant Fact Book and a book on psychiatric drug withdrawal and who has testified as an expert witness in cases involving these drugs, the antidepressants actually worsen soldiers depression and have been linked to suicides and violence. Meanwhile, some of the studies which clear these drugs contain huge loopholes in order to hide the truth.

Coincidentally, both Adam Lanza and Elliot Rodger were diagnosed with Asperger’s, had been characterized as “withdrawn” and “shy,” were bullied, and their parents divorced. But in my view those things had nothing to do with their later becoming mass killers. But I can assert that the extensive, obsessive video gaming and the psychiatric drugs may have contributed.

In my view, both the psychiatric drugs and obsessive video game rapture greatly magnified Adam Lanza’s rage and possible resentment toward his mother for controlling his life extensively as well as her leaving him home alone to escape into the world of video games. And the drugs and video game rapture also magnified Elliot Rodger’s rage and extreme narcissism and hatred toward women for rejecting him.

My concern here is that instead of exploring children’s emotional issues during early years, the adults of our generally impatient society rush to label a child with this or that “disorder,” and the more ignored his true issues are the more deeply repressed he can become.

For instance, if a child reacts so negatively to being touched or hasn’t spoken by age 3, as was the case with Adam Lanza, then can it be possible that the child may have experienced something of a traumatic or invasive nature prior to that point?

And what’s going on with the child emotionally that is distracting him from concentrating on the class material or his homework, or causing him to act out or become withdrawn? And if it’s something chemically influenced (prior to the administration of any psychiatric drugs), then the processed foods, fast foods etc. and extra vaccines with all those additives and synthetic chemicals really do affect the brain and influence emotions and behaviors, especially in vulnerable and developing kids.

Today’s psychiatric and “mental health” community exploits these situations, in my view. I can see why, rather than dealing with what’s going on with a troubled child, today’s psychiatrists and psychologists find their behavior modification therapy stuff less challenging for them. Such a behavior modification ideology is very authoritarian and pedagogical in nature, and involves the therapist telling the patient what to do and how to act. it doesn’t take into account the child’s actual individual needs, but it does take into account the clinicians’ own emotional needs to be controlling and directing the behaviors of others.

Some books that may be of interest include The Family Crucible: The Intense Experience of Family Therapy by Augustus Napier and Carl Whitaker, and For Your Own Good: Hidden Cruelty in Child-Rearing and the Roots of Violence and Thou Shalt Not Be Aware: Society’s Betrayal of the Child by Alice Miller.

Our society is now one in which kids who challenge the teachers’ politically correct diktats and teens who “speak truth to power” are diagnosed with “oppositional defiant disorder,” and adults who are considered to be “anti-government” or who challenge the statist quo are considered by the elites to be “terrorists.”

The rush to more civilian disarmament and calls for “mental illness” background checks are discomforting, to say the least.