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Mattis Panics While Trump Removes Troops from Syria. Yes, End the Occupations, Invasions, Bombings, and Blowback

Donald Trump has announced that U.S. troops will be withdrawn from Syria. And apparently he’s starting to talk about getting out of Afghanistan, too. (Why does the U.S. have troops in Syria? And Afghanistan?)

And secretary of “defense” (sic) Jim Mattis has announced that he is resigning in protest, because he believes that “the U.S. remains the indispensable nation in the free world” and that “our strength as a nation is inextricably linked to the strength of our unique and comprehensive system of alliances and partnerships” (i.e. government collusions).

And that is why our government in Washington must send troops to Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, and all over the world, to act as occupiers and invaders in countries that are not U.S. territories and where they have no moral right or constitutional authority to be.

These internationalists and globalists like Mattis believe that, for some reason, the U.S is some divinely chosen country in which the government is obligated to protect not just the people who live in the U.S. but those elsewhere in the world. (By invading their countries, bombing, murdering millions of innocent civilians, etc., and acting surprised when a 9/11 occurs.)

Now, I know that Mattis will not be charged with war crimes, manslaughter or murder, but it should be known that the war crimes and murders that he oversaw as the “defense” secretary has numbered in the thousands of innocent civilians, in Syria alone.

According to NPR,

The U.S.-led coalition against ISIS has so far verified 104 unintended civilian casualties caused by its attacks in Raqqa and is investigating more cases, coalition spokesman Army Col. Sean Ryan tells NPR.

Since January, the rescue team has uncovered more than 2,600 bodies. Through their identification process, they say they have found that most of the bodies were civilians killed in coalition airstrikes during the battle for Raqqa between June and October 2017.

n May 2017, Defense Secretary James Mattis told CBS News the U.S. was accelerating and intensifying the campaign against ISIS, and added, “We have already shifted from attrition tactics … to annihilation tactics.” [Yup. You sure have, Mr. Secretary.]

Data given to Airwars by the U.S. military’s central command show the coalition launched at least 21,000 munitions — airstrikes and artillery — in the city in little over four months.

The True Believers in American Exceptionalism really believe that U.S. troops should be in these other parts of the world, bombing and killing. The sheeple believe the propaganda and they seem to easily get bamboozled. American Exceptionalism has replaced the Golden Rule. Our government forces can occupy other countries’ territories, invade and bomb other countries and get away with killing thousands (or hundreds of thousands in the case of Iraq), but we can’t let other governments have their military bases here in the U.S. Can you imagine how we’d feel if foreign governments bombed U.S. cities out of some belief that doing so would protect them over there from terrorist invaders coming from the U.S.? The American sheeple believe in their rulers in Washington, they worship the U.S. military and will continue to rationalize the interventions, the “nation building,” the U.S. invasions and bombings of other countries, and the blowback.

All that is what Mattis is referring to when he references “our unique and comprehensive system of alliances and partnerships.” Such alliances, which George Washington and Thomas Jefferson warned us against (Thomas who? George…?), such partnerships have not proven for the good since World War II, but the bamboozled sheeple believe otherwise.

End the wars, invasions and occupations, the bombings and blowback, and close down ALL foreign U.S. military bases, bring ALL U.S. troops back to the U.S.

For those who are a bunch of chicken littles, like Mattis and millions who agree with his hysterical panic and fear, eventually all the U.S. government interventions and occupations will have to end at some point. So end all that forthwith.

Hysterical Nationalists and Collectivists on Immigration

Alex Nowrasteh addresses Donald Trump’s hysterical assertion that his government wall on the border will protect us from terrorists, who apparently are sneaking through the border into the U.S.

Nowrasteh points out that there is no evidence to verify that assertion, and says the Trump Wall is “the anti-terrorist version of the Alaska bridge to nowhere. It’s big, expensive, and a waste of resources.” And Nowrasteh also says, “All of the people murdered by foreign-born terrorists on U.S. soil since 1975 have been killed by those who entered legally.”

On the terrorism issue, this phenomenon of Islamic terrorism has mainly been sparked by the U.S. government’s invasions, occupations, and bombings of mostly-Muslim countries overseas, especially since 1991 when George H.W. Bush started the first war of aggression on Iraq and imposed sanctions and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians by the year 2000. As I wrote in my post on the recent passing of the dearly departed George H.W. Bush, there wouldn’t have been a 9/11 had he not started that war of aggression.

Nowrasteh also made reference to the recent terrorist murders in France, which probably were also blowback for western governments’ including France’s aggressions in the Middle East. “When will we learn?” Hmm.

But why exactly are the pro-Trump Wall people so short-sighted and simple-minded? Are they just ignorant of the fact that most of the undocumented immigrants in the U.S. are here because they violated their visas or some kind of bureaucratic restriction, and not because they snuck through the border? How will a government wall on the border prevent those people from being here?

As I have written quite a bit here, the collectivist-minded anti-immigration crowd believe in this myth that the territory as a whole is commonly owned by U.S. citizens. This is a most anti-private property, anti-free market view. They might as well be communists. Being collectivists, they see the American people as “One Big Family,” and this whole territory is “our home,” and “outsiders are breaking in.” They just don’t get what America is all about, quite frankly.

Thomas Jefferson et al. were individualists and they believed in private property and voluntary exchange, not collectivism and government controls over private economic and social activity. They wanted immigrants to come here and spend their money at the locals’ businesses, provide labor services for businesses, and even open new businesses and employ people here.

In fact, in one of their complaints against the King in their Declaration of Independence, Jefferson wrote:

He has endeavoured to prevent the population of these States; for that purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither, and raising the conditions of new Appropriations of Lands.

But now, the anti-market nationalists like Donald Trump are using terrorism fears to put up this government wall that won’t protect us, and in fact could then be used by future administrations as another Berlin Wall. Very short-sighted, these people.

Important News of the Day, Unspun

Paul Craig Roberts has this very truthful and important article on truth and free speech being taken away from us. Dr. Roberts writes, among other things: “As a person who has held high security clearances, I can say with confidence that no more than one percent of classified information falls in the realm of national security. Most classification is simply to prevent the people and Congress from knowing what is going on. Classification allows the various components of government to put the spin where they want it. “National security” has always been an excuse accepted by patriots for the government to conceal its wrong doings and hidden agendas.” (There are people who view Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange as “traitors” or guilty of “espionage” out of those people’s ignorance or because of their believing the government’s lies and propaganda, just as there are people who believe in Identity Politics and who believe that those who criticize group identity PC should be silenced and shut down.)

Jacob Sullum says that Donald Trump’s cluelessness remains his best defense against charges that he “knowingly and willfully” violated campaign finance law.

David Stockman on The Donald undone: tilting at the swamp, succumbing to the Empire.

Arjun Walia says that George H.W. Bush met with the Bin Laden family on the morning of 9/11.

And Jeffrey St. Clair shows how Poppy H.W. Bush’s brother, “Uncle Bucky,” made a killing off the Iraq wars.

On Questioning the Official 9/11 Narrative

One reason why many people dismiss skeptics of the official 9/11 narrative is because many people get their news mostly from mainstream news media, who mostly repeat what government officials tell them, i.e. the news media act as stenographers for the rulers.

Most people tend to not look into these matters further. If the Congress had a commission and “investigated” 9/11, then their conclusions are good enough for me, most people say. And then when others question or challenge the mainstream media and congressional committee’s conclusions, and even bring forth evidence which refutes such conclusions, then those challengers and skeptics are to be dismissed as “conspiracy theorists,” tinfoil hat wearers, and crackpots. That is the extent to which many people have obedient faith in their rulers and in government investigations of catastrophes that are mainly caused by government’s own actions especially abroad, and by government’s failures.

And that brings me to this extensive article by Elias Davidsson, in which he critiques a HuffPo article aiming to discredit a professor and others’ legitimate questioning of the official 9/11 narrative. The Davidsson article is quite extensive and gives quite a bit detailed information on the “investigation” following 9/11.

Davidsson is also the author of Hijacking America’s Mind on 9/11: Counterfeiting Evidence. People with open minds should check these things out.