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Assange’s US Extradition Hearing Resumes Monday – We Need To Step Up the Fight.

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Ron Paul on the Return of Shutdown Fascism in Amerika

Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams discuss the return of shutdowns and lockdowns, and based on propaganda and fear-mongering by corrupt, psychopathic bureaucrats. On the YouTube page: “While they are cooking the books on ‘new cases’ by ramping up testing and even double-testing, half the population of the US is living in states that are actually returning to some form of shut down. The Houston hospital capacity lie has pushed Texas back into shutdown. And no one is noticing that deaths and death rates continue to decrease. Is this pandemic becoming just about politics?”

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Jim Davies: Bigotry and prejudice.

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Becky Akers has more on masks, unfortunately.

Laurence Vance on the masks and the fascist mayor of Orange County, Florida, and mask fascism at McDonald’s.

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The Daily Sheeple: ‘The squad’ opposed to law barring sexual predators and terrorists from being hired at TSA.

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Fox News: Strzok notes show Obama, Biden weighed in on Flynn case even as Comey downplayed it: lawyers, and Nunes says Strzok notes link Obama, Biden to Flynn prosecution: ‘They kept this investigation going’

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Why social distancing should not be the new normal.

And Joel Pollack: NYC Mayor De Blasio offers South Africa-style “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” for NYC.

Ron Paul: Corona Masks – Infection Prevention…Or Submission-Signaling?

Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams discuss the masks, those dreaded possibly harmful face masks that several fascist politicians have ordered the sheeple to wear.

On their YouTube page:

Ironically, as coronavirus deaths continue to decline in the US and as more states are “opening up,” there appears to be an increase in mask wearing. Are the face masks going to prevent the spread of the virus? Will they protect people from the virus? Or may they actually cause harm to some people? Or…even: are they a new form of “virtue signaling,” a show of submission to the “authorities”? Plenty of prominent MDs – including Fauci not long ago – have condemned the mass masking of America. Are they right?

No More Vaccine Worship

Tony Cartalucci says that “All corporations – without exception – pursuing government-funded vaccines and therapies for Covid-19 are corporations guilty and repeatedly convicted in courts of law around the globe of crimes including falsifying research, safety, and efficacy studies, bribing researchers, doctors, regulators, and even law enforcement officials, and marketing drugs that were either entirely ineffective or even dangerous.” And more.

Gary Barnett says that the false flag flu scamdemic COVID-19 is for the purpose of population control and reducing the world’s population, with eugenicists’ agenda including vaccines being used to weaken people’s immune systems.

And James Corbett discusses Bill Gates’s plan to vaccinate the world, in this video. On the YouTube page, it notes: “In January of 2010, Bill and Melinda Gates announced a $10 billion pledge to usher in a decade of vaccines. But far from an unalloyed good, the truth is that this attempt to reorient the global health economy was part of a much bigger agenda. An agenda that would ultimately lead to greater profits for big pharma companies, greater control for the Gates Foundation over the field of global health, and greater power for Bill Gates to shape the course of the future for billions of people around the planet.” (Micro$oft sucks, anyway. I switched to iMac many years ago!)

News and Commentary

Zero Hedge: “Remdesivir Is probably worthless” – a trauma surgeon exposes “drug company’s shenanigans.”

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Rutherford Institute: Appeals court chills First Amendment activity by allowing cops to retaliate against nonviolent protesters.

Matt Agorist: City passes ominous ordinance that could land people in jail for filming police.

Karen Selick: Coronavirus crisis reopens 150-year-old controversy.

And Tim Golden and Sebastian Rotella: Attorney general Barr refuses to release 9/11 documents to families of victims.

Are You a True Believer in the COVID-19 Racket?

Notice how a lot of public service announcements and commercials are including the phrase, “We’re all in this together”? (Referring to the ongoing COVID-19 “crisis” and propaganda)

So, the brainwashed sheeple really believe the coronavirus COVID-19 racket and, “Together, We Can” and all that crap. So perhaps this whole thing is a way to bring on the socialist paradise that the brain-fried-from-drugs flower children of the ’60s have been dreaming for (or hallucinating, that is).

Dr. Fauci, the one who wants to mandate a future coronavirus vaccine assault on all Americans and who would profit from such a vaccine along with Bill Gates, and who wants to force Americans to carry a “certificate of immunity” to prove it, says we should never shake hands again, which is fine with me, although it is a tradition.

I think he thinks no more shaking hands would prevent the spread of viruses and germs and might “save lives.”

Well, never driving again would “save lives,” so we should have people get rid of their cars and trucks and stop driving, and then there would be no more car crashes and we would save tens of thousands of lives each year.

But that’s not practical, is it Fauci you moron?

So, I’ve had enough of Fauci now, haven’t you? And now the feds are coaching doctors and hospitals to overcount the number of COVID-19 deaths so hospitals can receive more money.

So this whole thing is just another fraud! Not only should Dr. Fraudi and Dr. Deborah Bersirx and the others in government and media be charged with inciting panic (and, in my view, terrorism), they should also be charged with defrauding the United States of America!

And regarding the number of people testing positive for coronavirus, what about all the false positives because the testing was flawed and the results weren’t positive but negative for the virus? Do Fascist Fauci and Dr. Bersirx care about that?

Obviously those two are “Never Trumpers,” along with 99% of the mainstream media, and many members of the Washington Swamp. Following the failed Russian collusions and then the failed impeachment farce, all based on lies, now the apparatchiks are using the COVID-19 racket and the intentional economic crash to get rid of Trump.

These people are nuts! They are psychopaths in their zeal. The government and media have soaked the public with COVID brainwashing, just like after 9/11, to get people to accept their home confinement martial law and other bizarre behaviors like “social distancing.”

But we have to get people to be more rational now. It’s enough of this, now. COVID-19 is NOT that serious for MOST people. Let’s try to deal with that, and reject the martial law and police state that we’re getting from this latest episode of the “Twilight Zone,” can we?

So, most people who get the COVID-19 virus have “mild” symptoms or no symptoms, and the mortality rate will end up being somewhere between .01% and .1%, like the flu.

99% of those who have more serious symptoms and have to be hospitalized already had preexisting serious illnesses or conditions which worsened the effects of the virus, or they are elderly and frail.

People who are obese especially need to be careful. And people who have diabetes, have respiratory conditions or illnesses, or other conditions or illnesses such as heart disease or cancer, will have a much more difficult time with COVID-19 just as they would with the regular seasonal flu.

Therefore, all this is really a message to incentivize people to get themselves in better shape and be in better health so their immune systems can protect them from a virus including COVID-19.

Stop smoking so your lungs and respiratory systems are stronger to withstand a respiratory virus such as COVID-19, don’t overeat or be obese, stop eating junk food and processed foods and high amounts of sugar. Don’t drink alcohol except in small amounts. Don’t do drugs. Avoid prescription drugs at all cost!

By the way, “alcohol sales way up”? Alcohol is actually not good for your health, did you know that? Alcohol depletes your vitamins and nutrition and reduces brain cell density. Do you want that? You need your vitamins and nutrients to build your immune system (see above). So alcohol sales are way up which means people being less able to defend themselves from the coronavirus? Not good!

And the goddamn morons are hoarding my eggs! Why do you do this? STOP HOARDING!

So the message of taking better care of yourselves and preventing serious illnesses or having serious health conditions, THAT should be the message, and the policy of government.

The people who are most vulnerable are the ones who should take better care of themselves, and if they are elderly they are the ones who should stay in and avoid social contacts, etc. But NOT the rest of us!

We should not be imprisoned, have to wear masks “to protect the vulnerable or elderly,” etc. And this is because given that the flu is just as deadly a virus, and that’s contagious and it’s around every season, we don’t do all those crazy, “Twilight Zone” things because of the FLU!

And what exactly are those face masks made of or treated with, anyway? Do the manufacturers treat the masks with some kind of chemicals? And you’re breathing in whatever it might be?

One study shows that the N95 surgical masks are USELESS! (“The N95 filtering face piece respirators may not provide the expected protection level against small virions. Some surgical masks may let a significant fraction of airborne viruses penetrate through their filters, providing very low protection against aerosolized infectious agents in the size range of 10 to 80 nm.” -NIH)

And this “Social distancing” thing? That’s NUTS!

Just listen to the commercials on the radio having to add now, “…and keep your distance, stay 6 feet away from others,” like good little obedient sheeple who believe this crap. Listen to all the brainwashed sheeple who have been inundated with propaganda for a month now and becoming True Believers in utter NONSENSE, and based on ignorance and hysteria.

“We are all Bubble Boys now.”

No, Stop watching TV now! You need to be deprogrammed!

Are you a True Believer? Listen to the nazi mayor of Los Angeles ordering people there to wear a face mask! (Is there anyone in L.A. willing to say “F” you! to His Excellency, and just go outside without a mask anyway?)

And yes the COVID-19 is not that much different from the flu. The propagandists in government are trying to suggest that it is because they have a corrupt incentive to do so, such as Dr. Fauci profiting from vaccines and so on. And the Trump haters are obsessed with their hatred and will do ANYTHING they can to get him to lose his reelection bid, even if it means making the whole economy crash and millions of people lose their jobs.

Making people be slaves and prisoners and making people wear masks that may not even be safe, stopping people from going from one state to another to “protect” others from a bad flu reminds me of how a large group of people claims to be “triggered” by the slightest word or phrase and so they want to silence the rest of us. We must go out of our way to accommodate them.

This current situation reminds me of that. Because some people feel “violated” by a word or feel “vulnerable” the rest of us have to pussyfoot around and “self-censor” in order to “not offend.”

(Hmm, do you think that might be the real intention behind this fraud? That “cultural Marxism” crap?)

I know, the other case is referring to an actual virus, but the situation is so extreme, government ordering people to stay in their homes, ordering businesses closed down, and especially this “social distancing” crap — and it is a lot of crap.

So, I am reminded of the “microaggressions” and “triggering,” the silencing and censorship crusade in order to “protect” someone from harm. In both cases, one group of people is getting off on a power trip, in the name of “protecting” others, when they are doing NO SUCH THING.