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Justina Pelletier Lawsuit Jury: The Government Owns Your Children

Justina Pelletier was the teenage girl who has suffered from Mitochondrial Disease and after having been treated in Connecticut and at Tufts Medical Center for several years, she was taken to Boston Children’s Hospital at which time the doctors declared that her entire medical issues really weren’t medical but psychological.

Justina was then put into the care of psychiatrists against the parents’ wishes, placed into a psychiatric institution where she was abused, and her physical conditioned had deteriorated extensively. Additionally, at the beginning of this terrible ordeal, the hospital and doctors accused the Pelletiers of “child medical abuse” and called in CPS to take custody away from the parents.

The psychiatrists had also claimed Justina to be a “ward of the state” as aided and abetted by CPS, and used “ward of the state” as their excuse to legally engage in human experimentation for the hospital’s government-grant-funded research.

Most recently, when the Pelletiers’ lawsuit trial began in January, I wrote a summary of the whole case and reposted several posts I had written previously to give people an idea of what really went on in Justina’s and the Pelletiers’ ordeal that goes back 7 or 8 years now. I recommend that recent post which gives quite a lot of detail in the whole case.

As I wrote in the older posts, the psychiatrists have this ideology of “behavior modification,” to the point of being a religiously fanatical ideology, in which they are taking a medical patient and attempting to fit a square peg into a round hole as they ritualistically impose their personally indoctrinated psychological ideology onto an innocent human being.

Destroying her life physically and mentally doesn’t matter to the zealots. And they are zealots, believe me. I have met people like this.

Justina has had to be in a wheelchair, whereas prior to the hospital and CPS’s seizure of Justina she was able to stand and walk and do figure skating. She is now 21.

Jury Verdict at Pelletier Family Lawsuit Trial of Boston Children’s Hospital

So the jury deliberated for about 6 hours after about a 5-week trial, with many witnesses and documents presented as evidence, and the jury found the hospital as not negligent in Justina’s decline of health. This sheeple jury is all in on Establishment Medicine Worship, believe me.

When reading a Boston Globe article about the jury’s verdict (which I will not link to), it seems to be, with jurors’ statements after the trial, a totally different scenario than everything I have heard or read about over these past 6 years now. That included interviews of Mr. Pelletier describing the ordeal (as shown in my earlier post linked above), rallies held on Justina’s behalf that included people such as Rev. Patrick Mahoney pleading in person with then-Gov. Deval Patrick to get the Massachusetts CPS to free Justina and let her return to her family. It is as though the Pelletier family didn’t get adequate witnesses, and/or the jury just obediently bought everything said by the doctors and hospital witnesses.

In my view, the family should have sought criminal charges as soon as the “doctors” called in CPS and attempted to have Mr. Pelletier arrested for resisting in his daughter being kidnapped and taken away. Charges of kidnapping and child abduction, wrongful imprisonment, torture, false accusation, child endangerment, and child abuse for starters. But, it appears the family didn’t try to do that, or their attorneys advised them to go just for a financial lawsuit. Those doctors are criminals, in my view.

But what the jury is telling us is that we may not question the authority of government-approved doctors. The sheeple jury comes to their defense no matter how bad, no matter how corrupt and greedy, no matter how ignorant and incompetent the “doctors” are who committed such criminal acts against a teenage girl.

So here, in my view, is a rough translation of what the jury was really telling us in its defense of the doctors and the hospital and psychiatrists who screwed up a child’s life:

“We the sheeple of the jury think it’s okay for doctors and hospital staff to forcibly seize a child and take custody away from her parents. We must always trust the judgment of establishment medical professionals above whatever judgment parents might have.

“We also think it’s okay for CPS to put a medical patient into a juvenile detention center, a place for troubled teens even though she had no history of being a troubled teen. We think it’s okay for CPS to get a judge to impose a gag order on the parents and order them not to talk to the media about what the hospital is doing to their daughter. It’s for her own good!

“We must always trust the judgment of the government, CPS and government-approved doctors who know what’s best for us.

“They know what’s best for us regardless of the fact that medical errors are still the third leading cause of death, after heart disease and cancer. This includes side effects of prescription drugs, unnecessary surgeries, medication errors in hospitals, hospital-acquired infections, diagnostic errors, and hospitals failing to follow guidelines. According to the Journal of Patient Safety, 210,000 to 440,000 hospital patients die each year because of preventable harm at the hospital. So we must — MUST — trust the judgment of doctors, hospitals and hospital administrators. (After all, those government research grants are very important…)

Okay, thank you, sheeple jurors. And we should definitely trust the judgment of crackpot psychiatrists, who take a psychologically normal teenage girl but who has serious medical issues, and suddenly remove her from the treatments she was used to having (without considering the possible harm such sudden removal could cause) and instead say her problem is “all in her head,” and put her into a psychiatric ward (and, I assume, give her those poisonous psychiatric drugs!), all in the name of using her as a guinea pig for government-funded research, and all in the name of a “behavior modification” ideology.

Yes, we should trust the judgment of sick psychiatrists in USSA Amerika. Just look at this blog by a psychiatrist at the 2019 meeting of the American Psychiatric Association. Look at all the advertisements for antidepressants all over the premises, terrible drugs that in many cases make people more depressed or suicidal! And these psychiatrists at that convention seem more concerned about “wokeness,” about “social justice,” with their obsession with race, gender and LGBT, just like on the college campuses.

No, today’s psychiatrists are not rational people, in my view. They should NOT be trusted!

I can just imagine some poor psychiatric patient in the office who might have uttered an SJW-deemed faux pas. That professional practitioner will make sure to remind that patient of his error, no doubt about that. Today’s psychiatrists and psychologists will probably label such a patient with some disorder, like “Oppositional Defiant,” or “Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder,” or some such thing. (You see what I mean? They’re the nutsos, these psychiatric practitioner professional people! Yep.)

And while the MD psychiatrists are loony-tunes and brainwashed zombies, the PhD psychologists are just as bad. And speaking of the torture that Justina Pelletier endured after the “doctors” confiscated her from her family, we have other psychologists who have engaged in torture, in cahoots with deranged CIA thugs at Gitmo, and with the approval of the American Psychological Association. (Hmm, with “psychologists” like these, who needs monsters?)

So we have a biased jury who are brainwashed to obediently trust the judgment and authority of today’s government-approved “doctors,” government-approved hospitals and government-licensed psychiatrists, who thought that Justina Pelletier’s parents were the problem and were uncooperative. Meanwhile, the jury excused the doctor who wrote an email calling the family “evil.”

And this Soviet-like crap is what we are going to deal with in the future, especially if the government takes over the health care system.

Justina Pelletier Family’s Lawsuit Against Boston Children’s Hospital Begins

Justina Pelletier is now 21 years old. She was the teenager who suffered from Mitochondrial Disease, but during an unfortunate time when her regular doctor was unavailable she was then taken to a different hospital, Boston Children’s, in which the “doctors” decided that her problems were not medical, but psychological. The hospital falsely accused the Pelletiers of “medical child abuse” and took custody away from the parents and gave it to the dreaded Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF).

The Pelletiers are now suing Boston Children’s Hospital and the trial finally begins this week. The “doctors” crimes against the then-teen were 7 years ago now. The family is seeking “unspecified monetary damages,” according to Boston 25. In my view, they should have insisted that the doctors and hospital staff involved be criminally charged with kidnapping, false accusation, child abuse, and endangerment, among probably other charges. They are indeed criminals.

Here is a video of the Pelletiers being interviewed on a local Connecticut TV station last Summer with an update at that time.

These cases of medical kidnapping are happening all the time in Amerika now. Many “child protection” practitioners want to have control over a child to use as human guinea pigs for experimentation. There have also been many cases now involving CPS (“Child Protective Services”), the foster care system and child sex trafficking. (See this article on pedophiles and foster care, this article that states 60% of child sex slaves comes from foster care, this article on pediatricians using CPS to kidnap innocent kids, this article on corrupt police aiding and abetting CPS in trafficking children, this article on CPS kidnapping children for money, and this article on CPS possibly trafficking children, alleging that CPS is a “for-profit business that depends on the removal of children in order to get paid.”)

I had quite a few posts on this Justina Pelletier case although there have been many cases just like hers. See These cases also include those in which pediatricians report on parents who have not done anything wrong, such as this current case in Florida.

I will repost right here some of my posts on the Justina Pelletier case:

More Prisoners of Soviet Amerika’s Medical Establishment Cult

February 21, 2014

Speaking of the incompetent and corrupt Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, there is an alarming case involving both that agency and area medical facilities.

This is yet another case of child abduction, pure and simple, and worse. You see, child snatchers and torture are rampant amongst various state “child protective” (sic) agencies.

15-year-old Justina Pelletier was being treated by doctors at Tufts Medical Center for Mitochondrial Disease, with initial symptoms mainly involving her colon. She was transferred a year ago to Boston Children’s Hospital against her parents’ wishes. The situation went from bad to worse, as the doctors at Children’s Hospital accused Justina’s parents, Lou and Linda Pelletier, of “child medical abuse,” of “over-medicalizing” the child. Hospital officials than called in the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) who seized custody of the child away from the Pelletiers.

According to Lou Pelletier, who spoke to Glenn Beck (videos below) recently, doctors had initially performed exploratory colon surgery for possible “blockage.” The surgeon found “20 inches of cartilage wrapped around her colon and appendix.”

It appears that both Justina and her sister have congenital Mitochondrial Disease, but the sister’s issues haven’t been as severe as Justina’s.

After being moved to Boston Children’s Hospital Justina’s condition worsened and she is now in a wheelchair. When she was brought into Boston Children’s Hospital, doctors there had her see psychologists, one of whom asked her why she allowed the previous doctors to insert the tube in her colon.

With the very severe problems she was having, Justina needed her digestive system “flushed” but the Children’s Hospital doctors refused to do that, insisting that her problems were “psychological.” “It’s all in your head,” basically is what they told her and her parents. It isn’t Mitochondrial Disease that she has, but “Somatoform Disorder.”

So what we have here in crazy Amerika is this. Medical establishment zombies either diagnose a normal child who acts like a child as “abnormal,” or “hyperactive” and all those terms, and then they drug up those kids which causes further problems including actual medical, physical side effects. OR, they take a kid like Justina that they KNEW had a REAL medical condition as diagnosed by earlier doctors — a condition that was actually seen to exist via exploratory surgery — and they tell her that her problems are psychological.

So, instead of allowing the “flushing” treatment to continue, these doctors forced Justina to instead sit on the toilet for hours, according to her father, Lou Pelletier. Mr. Pelletier stated that the term the doctors used for how they were treating her was “behavior modification.”

You see, there are some doctors who are objective, and they take all the information of a particular case into account and act accordingly in the best interests of the patient.

And then there are doctors who believe in an ideology. In this case, the ideology is “behavior modification.” When doctors — or other kinds of providers — have an ideology, they are not objective, they are instead fixated on their ideology. In this case, as I see it, the doctors receive a new patient, and, regardless of what her symptoms are, the doctors attempt to get the patient to fit into the particular structure their ideology calls for. But it doesn’t fit in with reality, or with what the patient is actually experiencing. Then, it becomes a cult, in my opinion.

In fact, that these doctors and hospital administrators seized custody away from the Pelletiers and gave that illicitly-obtained custody over to the state’s Department of Children and Families, is relevant to this “behavior modification” ideological mistreatment of Justina. This is because the hospital’s research agenda involves children who are a “ward of the state.” According to the Blaze, Boston Children’s Hospital’s own Clinical Investigation Policy and Procedure Manuel states that “Children who are Wards of the state may be included in research that presents minimal risk…or greater than minimal risk with a prospect of direct benefit.” The Blaze notes that there is no assurance as to whether or not Justina is being used in research.

More recently, however, Justina was transferred from Boston Children’s Hospital to the Wayside Youth and Family Support Network facility in Framingham, Massachusetts. Wayside is a place for teens with behavioral problems and many come from “broken homes.” According to this local news article, “There are no doors to the rooms for the kids who live there, just curtains. Doors would allow students to barricade themselves in their rooms, said Dennis Miles, the campus residential director.”

You see, collectivists who may in fact be using others in experimentation don’t believe in the concept of privacy, as well as common sense. Actually, collectivists in general don’t believe in privacy, hence ObamaCare, NSA, TSA, FBI, etc.

The article also notes that “Pushbars for some of the doors have a 15-second delay to prevent students from running through or out of the school.

“Many doors need a security card to open, while others leading outside trigger an alarm.”

Hmmm. Now it’s beginning to sound more like a “correctional institute.” Is there a fence outside with barbed wires facing in?

Is there a Nurse Ratched there?

Mr. Pelletier describes Justina’s treatment by all these doctors as “torture.” He describes his daughter as now in a wheelchair, paralyzed below the waist, almost no muscle control above the waist, with her hairline and gumline receding, and says she seems to be malnourished.

So much for the psychologists’ “behavior modification” ideology.

Here is a video of Justina’s father, Lou Pelletier, talking to Glenn Beck and describing this ordeal being perpetrated against their family by the vultures of the DCF and the medical establishment quacks:

Another aspect of this case which is just as troubling is that the DCF judge imposed a gag order on this case. The Pelletiers are not allowed to talk to the media about what’s being done to their child. However, since later last year, Mr. Pelletier has been talking to media, including Glenn Beck.

Now, what authority does any judge have to order the Pelletiers not to speak out about their ordeal? Some sort of Fascist Manifesto, perhaps?

Worse, because of his talking about what the vicious state and the psychopathic medical establishment have been inflicting on them, Mr. Pelletier has now been charged with “contempt of court.”

Here is the video of Pelletier telling Glenn Beck about the contempt charge:

In my view, these medical establishment people are not just medically incompetent, but criminally dangerous. If there were any justice at all, criminal charges of child endangerment, kidnapping and hostage taking, and physical abuse need to be pressed against those who were actually responsible for refusing to allow the Pelletiers to take Justina out of the hospital last year, and such charges pressed against those who then seized custody away from the Pelletiers. (The judge also needs to be impeached and charged with violating the Pelletiers’ First Amendment-protected rights of free speech.)

If ObamaCare continues as the “law of the land,” we can just multiply by many times all these fiascoes and crimes perpetrated by the State-medical establishment cult.

Our Modern Salem Witch Doctors

April 1, 2014

There is a terrific article on the Justina Pelletier case at the website of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights by Kelly Patricia O’Meara, titled Modern Day Salem—Boston Psychiatric Unit’s Imprisonment of Teenager Justina Pelletier Needs State Investigation into Reckless Endangerment of Psychiatric Diagnosing.

O’Meara compares to the the Salem witch trials the Children’s Hospital psychiatrists who recklessly ignored Justina’s medical diagnosis and treatment in favor of a subjective, non-scientifically verifiable psychiatric diagnosis and treatment.

The article highlights the DCF and psychiatrists’ obsessive zeal in continuing Justina’s psychiatric treatment despite their causing her condition to dangerously deteriorate. The writer points out some of the discrepancies between the DCF social workers’ court testimony and their prior discussions with Justina’s original medical doctor, and discrepancies between the Children’s Hospital psychiatrists guidelines for Justina’s case and those same doctors’ statements published in earlier research papers:

For example, the affidavit accused the Pelletiers of “obstructing her care,” and also reported that Boston Children’s Hospital does “not know where the parents picked up the current diagnosis and they are hard to disprove.”

The social worker failed to include in the affidavit that she had spoken directly to Tufts’ Dr. Korson, who had explained Justina’s mitochondrial diagnosis in great detail. The Juvenile Court judge ruled in favor of Boston Children’s Hospital and Justina became a ward of the state, severely restricting the Pelletiers’ access to their daughter.

In fact, the February 2013 “guidelines” drafted by Boston Children’s Hospital in regard to Justina’s case included: “set strict limitations on medical discussions with the family and eliminate interaction with providers outside our hospital” such as Dr. Korson. Unbelievably, the family and the treating physician were to be excluded from any conversation about the health and well-being of the 15-year-old captive.

The “guidelines” are a direct contradiction to what the psychiatric “team” muttered in published psychiatric papers. For instance, Dr. Simona Bujoreanu, Assistant in Psychology, and Dr. David DeMaso, psychiatrist-in-chief, both of Boston Children’s Hospital, co-authored an article entitled “Enhancing Working Relationship between Parents and Surgeons.”

In describing the treatment modality, DeMaso and Bujoreanu explain:

“The working relationship between parents and surgeons is fundamental in providing excellent health care to children and adolescents. The breakdown of this working relationship has a significant potential for detrimental effects on individual well-being and adverse systemic outcomes….”

So not only do these so-called medical practitioners forcibly take over the case of a child who is being treated for Mitochondrial Disease, which had indeed been medically and scientifically verified through exploratory surgery, so the “doctors” can implement their ideology of behavior modification. But these schnooks are apparently doing what they can to cover up their criminally negligent treatment of an innocent child.

I’m beginning to believe that not only is this “behavior modification” some sort of indoctrinated ideology being practiced by these “doctors,” but with their outright zeal in this case it gives the feeling of bordering on a kind of religious zealotry.

Apparently Justina’s father, Lou Pelletier is ready to file a “writ of habeas corpus in Massachusetts Supreme Court for ‘wrongful imprisonment’,” according to ABC News. And who can blame him?

The Pelletiers really need to press a multitude of criminal charges against the Children’s Hospital doctors as well as the DCF social workers who have been complicit in causing Justina’s condition to deteriorate as it has.

The aforementioned Citizens Commission on Human Rights article concludes:

Additionally, under the United Nation’s 2013 Report by the Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, the Pelletiers certainly could claim Justina’s human rights have been violated: “Medical care that causes severe suffering for no justifiable reason can be considered cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, and if there is State involvement and specific intent, it is torture.”

Surely, when a child’s life is at stake, even the governing bodies overseeing those institutions that claim to represent the best interests of children, would demand proof of the medical diagnosis. Or is it possible that Massachusetts has so easily forgotten the dreadful prosecutions of Salem, born from rumor, speculation and belief?

(Cross-posted on the Blog.)

Beware of Zealous Doctors Who Might Falsely Accuse Parents of Abuse

June 2, 2018

I have written quite a few times about Justina Pelletier the teenager who suffers from Mitochondrial Disease but who was taken off her treatment by doctors more loyal to their “behavior modification” ideology than to their oath to “Do no harm.” I mentioned her case most recently in this article.

As far as I know, Justina and her family are suing Boston Children’s hospital, and the lawsuit is still pending.

But I found this article from January from a Mitochondrial Disease News website, about parents who face false charges of “medical child abuse” by “doctors” and hospitals. The article includes references to Justina Pelletier, whose parents were falsely charged with such. The article states, “But in recent years, the U.S. mitochondrial disease community has been hit with hundreds of other false accusations of medical child abuse. MaryBeth Hollinger of MitoAction says the problem is getting worse.”

In many cases, “doctors” aren’t able to immediately find a cause for a patient’s symptoms, and already jump to the conclusion that “it’s all in her head,” i.e. the cause is psychological, to them. And many times, the doctors rush to insist that the young patient be kept in their psychiatric ward as an in-patient, to do God-knows-what, but especially to give them those goddamn psychiatric drugs. The article doesn’t say that, but that’s been my conclusion. So in my view, these damn doctors are obsessed with drugging up their patients. It’s like a religion to them, it seems to me. And also, in many cases the Children’s Hospitals or other hospitals are government-funded research hospitals, as was the case with Justina Pelletier. The doctors use the patient as a guinea pig to give these horrible drugs to and to experiment on.

The article points out, “Hollinger spoke of a general lack of awareness, noting that ‘most doctors were never taught anything about mitochondrial disease.’ Because the disease involves energy production, it varies greatly from one person to the next.”

And the article gives good advice to parents, which I back 1,000%:

Hollinger advised parents to watch what they say around doctors and nurses, and to think twice before posting photos of their children on Facebook or Twitter.

“You have to really be careful about what you share, and how it could impact your child down the line,” she said. “I would definitely say no photos. What law enforcement does is use social media to see if you are guilty or not. It is the most important aspect of their investigation. They consider social media your crime scene. Any picture that could embarrass your child at less than 18 years old is considered abusive.”

A Recent Update to the Justina Pelletier Case

I had written quite a lot about Justina Pelletier since my initial 2014 post about her situation. That’s the teenager (now 20) who was the victim of “medical kidnapping,” in which the new hospital changed her diagnosis from mitochondrial disease to a psychological disorder, accusing her of merely having psychosomatic reactions despite the actual medical tests which verified her medical diagnosis. The hospital, Boston Children’s, removed her from the treatment she was getting and then placed her in a facility for troubled teens despite the fact that she was not “troubled,” and her physical condition deteriorated to the point of her having to be in a wheelchair. They had also brought in CPS and removed custody from her parents and transferred custody over to the State. Based on what I have learned throughout all that time, it appears that the hospital kidnapped Justina, most probably for the purpose of using her as a guinea pig for research against her will and without her or the parents’ consent. When the hospital does that to kids, the kids are considered a “ward of the State,” and therefore the Doctors Mengele can do what they want with them.

The Pelletier family initiated a lawsuit against the hospital and the specific “doctors” involved in the kidnapping, false imprisonment and torture.

Most recently, there is an article on The Daily Wire with an exclusive interview of Justina’s father, Lou Pelletier. Pelletier says he thinks the lawsuit will come to trial around January of 2020. (Does it have to take 6 or 7 years after the crimes were allegedly committed by “doctors” for a trial to take place?)

Check out the website, and you’ll see that these kinds of situations are going on all across the USSA. (They do it to elderly people too, folks.) Just wait until the government takes over your health and medical matters completely. With ObamaCare, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” and so on. In the People’s Republic of USSA, “child welfare” means that children exist to serve the control-freakish desires of the apparatchiks of the State and its Soviet psychiatric wing.

Children’s Hospital Hacker Comes Forward, Claims It’s on Behalf of Justina Pelletier

The hacker who attacked the Boston Children’s Hospital website, including its donation page during a major fund-raising period, has come forward and has been arrested. Martin Gottesfeld claimed that he brought down the BCH website on behalf of Justina Pelletier, the teenager whom the hospital’s “doctors” and staff are accused of torturing in addition to making her condition life-threateningly worse after suddenly changing the course of her treatment.

Now, I don’t condone Gottesfeld’s alleged actions, of course, as that would be under the category of “vigilante justice,” and that isn’t justice, in my view. Real justice would have been: when the doctors were changing Justina’s treatment without the consent or even consultation of Justina’s regular physician, hospital officials could not have prevented the Pelletiers from removing Justina from that hospital. The Pelletiers would have been allowed to get a second opinion. Justina’s father would not have been threatened with arrest if he had taken her out without the “authority” of hospital bureaucrats. Custody of Justina would not have been taken away from the Pelletiers and handed over to the state of Massachusetts. Mr. Pelletier would not have been further threatened with a “gag order” when he and Mrs. Pelletier had tried to tell their story of what BCH had done to them and their child.

The Pelletiers are finally seeking justice in their February, 2016 lawsuit against Boston Children’s Hospital. As of March, 2014, Mr. Pelletier was preparing to “file a writ of habeas corpus in Massachusetts Supreme Court for ‘wrongful imprisonment’ of his daughter,” according to ABC News. But I don’t know what the status of that is now.

And in further interviews of Mr. Pelletier we learned that the kidnapping of Justina was in the name of “behavior modification” experimentation. And in this very informative interview of Lou Pelletier by Howie Carr, we also learned that there were connections and collusions between Children’s Hospital and Harvard University, and between them and the Massachusetts state Department of Children and Families.

Additionally, Natural News has this partial listing of medical kidnapping cases in the U.S., and there’s a website devoted to these cases. In many cases, arrogant doctors and hospital staff treat a parent’s disagreement with doctors as “abuse” of the child. In some cases, doctors are just plain wrong in their course of treatment of patients. So adult patients and parents of child patients need to inform themselves about what’s going on, about their conditions, and about what the doctor suggests and prescribes.

I first wrote about Justina Pelletier in this post, which includes these two videos of Glenn Beck’s interview of the Pelletiers.

As part of my further commentary in that blog post, I wrote:

So, instead of allowing the “flushing” treatment to continue, these doctors forced Justina to instead sit on the toilet for hours, according to her father, Lou Pelletier. Mr. Pelletier stated that the term the doctors used for how they were treating her was “behavior modification.”

You see, there are some doctors who are objective, and they take all the information of a particular case into account and act accordingly in the best interests of the patient.

And then there are doctors who believe in an ideology. In this case, the ideology is “behavior modification.” When doctors — or other kinds of providers — have an ideology, they are not objective, they are instead fixated on their ideology. In this case, as I see it, the doctors receive a new patient, and, regardless of what her symptoms are, the doctors attempt to get the patient to fit into the particular structure their ideology calls for. But it doesn’t fit in with reality, or with what the patient is actually experiencing. Then, it becomes a cult, in my opinion.

In fact, that these doctors and hospital administrators seized custody away from the Pelletiers and gave that illicitly-obtained custody over to the state’s Department of Children and Families, is relevant to this “behavior modification” ideological mistreatment of Justina. This is because the hospital’s research agenda involves children who are a “ward of the state.” According to the Blaze, Boston Children’s Hospital’s own Clinical Investigation Policy and Procedure Manuel states that “Children who are Wards of the state may be included in research that presents minimal risk…or greater than minimal risk with a prospect of direct benefit.” The Blaze notes that there is no assurance as to whether or not Justina is being used in research.

In a different blog post I referred to an article by Kelly Patricia O’Meara, writing for the mental health watchdog CCHR International, who highlighted discrepancies between the DCF social workers’ court testimony and their prior discussions with Justina’s original medical doctor, and discrepancies between the Children’s Hospital psychiatrists guidelines for Justina’s case and those same doctors’ statements published in earlier research papers.

And Wendy McElroy wrote about U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann’s bill to “prohibit Federal funding of any treatment or research in which a ward of the State is subjected to greater than minimal risk to the individual’s health with no or minimal prospect of direct benefit.” That bill was never passed.

However, my own wording would be something like,”prohibit making a human being a ‘ward of the State,’ involuntarily; and prohibit experimentation on a human being involuntarily, regardless of age.” But regarding funding for research, my own solution is to prohibit all public funds for all research. If people feel that some particular research is necessary or for the “public good” (in their view), they can use their own funds, or organize private, voluntary funding for such research.

And as mentioned above, the latest action has been the Pelletiers’ lawsuit against Children’s Hospital, started this past February, 2016. I don’t know what the status of that is now. But here is an earlier, February, 2015 TV interview with the Pelletiers, after Justina had finally been freed from her involuntary imprisonment:

To some people, all this stuff might sound like “conspiracy theory” doctor-bashing, etc. But no, there have been many good reasons to question modern day medical “authorities.” After all, medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S., according to this NPR article. And the late pediatrician Barbara Starfield wrote (.pdf) that “an estimated 44,000 to 98,000 (Americans) die each year as a result of medical errors.”

But I found great interest in this Justina Pelletier case when it was brought to my attention because I myself have had plenty of issues with “doctors” and the mainstream medical establishment, especially from the late 1990s through the late 2000s. I really, really want to write about all that, and with details (excluding specific doctors’ names because I don’t want to be sued for “libel” or “defamation” or “slander”). But I do have a story to tell. And my own now-84-year-old father as well. Based on all that I’ve read about modern medical “care,” especially the statin drugs that are used to treat high cholesterol, I really believe that he wouldn’t have had his two strokes in 2013 or an arterial blockage had he not been given the Lipitor that he had been taking for several years. (I could be wrong, but that’s my own personal conclusion.) On, Bill Sardi had this article with links to some of his other articles debunking the “good” that statin drugs do. In fact, a most recent study which concludes that the risks of statin drugs are overstated and the benefits understated, has also been criticized by a prominent heart surgeon who points out that the study was funded by the drug companies (i.e. biased). Apparently Donald Trump is taking a statin drug for high cholesterol, and he still eats terrible fast food and doesn’t seem to care.

Anyway, I hope the Pelletiers win their lawsuit against Boston Children’s Hospital, and I also believe that criminal charges should be required against the hospital staff who wouldn’t let the Pelletiers take Justina back to her regular physician’s treatment, and who had held Justina against her will in a psychiatric clinic when she clearly had no mental health problems at the time.

Justina Pelletier and her Family to Sue Boston Children’s Hospital (Updated)

According to ChristianNewsWire (via Rev. Patrick Mahoney‘s Twitter),

Justina Pelletier Sues Boston Children’s Hospital and Alice Newton for Civil Rights Violations and Medical Malpractice

Contact: Rev. Patrick Mahoney, [see ChristianNewsWire link]

BOSTON, Feb. 24, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ — Justina, the Pelletier family and Justina’s legal team will hold a news conference to discuss the lawsuit on Thursday, February 25, at 11:00 A.M.

The news conference will be held in the Massachusetts State House in room 437.

At the news conference, Justina Pelletier and her family will be sharing as well as members of her legal team.

Justina was wrongfully and unjustly removed from her family by Boston Children’s Hospital and the State of Massachusetts in 2013 which ignited a national debate as well as a media and political firestorm concerning parental rights, medical abuse and the overreach of courts and governmental agencies.

Justina is being represented by the KJC Law Firm in Boston, Massachusetts.

Rev. Patrick Mahoney, spiritual advisor and spokesperson for the Pelletier family, states;

“For almost 18 months, Justina Pelletier and her family had to endure emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological suffering and pain along with major civil rights violations because of the incompetence, neglect and malpractice of Boston Children’s Hospital.

“This lawsuit holds Boston Children’s hospital accountable for their mistreatment of Justina and will ensure that no child or family ever has to endure again the nightmare the Pelletier family experienced.”

Lou Pelletier, the father of Justina comments;

“It’s time for parents and children not to be fearful of going to a hospital with a complicated medical history and worrying that their children might be taken because they don’t agree with the diagnosis.”

Justina Pelletier adds:

“This should never happen to another family or child ever again.”

The KJC Law Firm states;

“Lou, Linda, and Justina Pelletier, who ignited national debate and a media firestorm when Justina was, at age fourteen, wrongfully taken from her family by Boston Children’s Hospital and officials from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, have served a 35 page complaint on Boston Children’s Hospital.

“The law suit alleges that Alice Newton, M.D., Jurriaan Peters, M.D. and Simona Bujourneau, M.D. committed medical malpractice and violated Justina’s and her parents’ civil rights when they sought to have her parents’ custody rights terminated after the parents refused to agree to Children’s Hospital’s radical ‘treatment plan’ for their child.”

I have written about Justina Pelletier’s case especially here in this post, and also here, here, and here.

UPDATE: They had their press conference. Here is a summary from the Boston Globe online.

A New Update on Justina Pelletier

Justina Pelletier is the now-16-year-old Connecticut girl who was being treated for Mitochondrial Disease, but when transferred to Massachusetts to the Children’s Hospital her case was then seized by psychiatrists who took her off her medical treatment and put her into mental health facilities, and they had the Department of Children and Families take custody of her away from her parents. Their irresponsible actions caused Justina’s condition to deteriorate. All in the name of those psychiatrists’ favored “behavior modification” studies, for which they are reliant upon government research grants. I have written about her story several times here, particularly in this post and you can search this blog for “Justina Pelletier” if you are interested in reading subsequent updates.

Here is an interview that Howie Carr did with Justina’s father, Lou Pelletier, who describes the dishonest dealings by Children’s Hospital doctors and the DCF bureaucrats, and their several conflicts of interest, and Mr. Pelletier names names as well.

There are other cases similar to this one, such as the two sisters Kayla and Hannah Diegel taken away by Arizona “child welfare” bureaucrats, which apparently endangered Hanna’s medical condition. Natural News lists several other medical kidnappings by hospitals and government bureaucrats. And in this post I mentioned the many horrible cases in Massachusetts. There are also the hundreds of missing children in the Massachusetts welfare system, and the hundred more now dead.

In June of last year Justina Pelletier was finally allowed, by a judge, to return home to her family in Connecticut. But in November she had to go back to the hospital because of some new issues with her condition.

Following that news in November, the only news I had heard about Justina Pelletier was from the Twitter of Rev. Patrick Mahoney, a close associate and advocate for Justina. In December he tweeted that Justina and the Pelletiers needed an extra prayer at that time, but then on Christmas he tweeted that Justina was returning home for Christmas, and Rev. Mahoney posted a photo of Mr. Pelletier carrying Justina.

In this newest update, it appears that Justina is still home but she still has chronic problems. Two years ago this week she seemed to be doing just fine until the moment her case was taken over by psychiatrists and her condition deteriorated after that. I hope that the Pelletiers are going to sue the Children’s Hospital for the damage they have done, and I believe that criminal charges for hospital staff and DCF bureaucrats such as endangerment, false imprisonment and kidnapping will also be in order.

Justina Pelletier Back in Hospital

Justina Pelletier is the teenager whose life was torn apart by zealous psychiatrists at Children’s Hospital who suddenly discontinued her treatment for Mitochondrial Disease and made her physical condition severely deteriorate — all in the name of “behavior modification” fanaticism. And she is the one whose life was torn apart by Massachusetts Department of Children and Families who abducted her away from her family and kept her imprisoned in mental health facilities even though she had no apparent “mental health” issues. She has since returned home to her family in Connecticut, last June. I have written about her case several times now. Here is the Miracle for Justina Facebook page, and the Free Justina Pelletier Now Facebook page.

Apparently in late September Justina was taken to the hospital because of experiencing “serious pain,” and then rushed to Yale/New Haven Hospital on October 5th, according to the #freejustina Twitter account and the Twitter account of a major Pelletier family advocate, the Rev. Patrick Mahoney. And yesterday, Rev. Mahoney asked to pray that Justina could be transferred to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and it seems his prayers were answered just today. Whatever is going on with Justina Pelletier now, I sure hope she gets better.

Besides Justina, I have also mentioned the case in Arizona of Kayla and Hannah Diegel who were kidnapped from their mother Melissa by CPS on behalf of Phoenix Children’s Hospital. See the Miracle for Two Sisters Facebook page. It is criminal what these government agencies and federally-funded hospitals are doing to kids and to families! And there are many hundreds of victims now.

As far as I’m concerned, if Justina does not survive this ordeal, then those Boston Children’s Hospital doctors must be criminally charged. They already should have been charged, in my view.

Given the cultural, moral and ethical decline of our society, and the pervasiveness of narcissistic tendencies, there really do seem to be practitioners who are obsessed with getting government funding as well as with using human beings in experiments to “prove” their theories. So I think the hunger for research funding has become as much a religious fanaticism as this “behavior modification” ideology seems to be. Sadly, the inclination of an increasing number of doctors as “Hmm, what can I do to make this patient better?” now seems to have become “Hmm, what can I do with this specimen to further my career in receiving government grants?”

Justina Pelletier Has Been Freed

16-year-old victim of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families Justina Pelletier is finally going home to her family in Connecticut, after the DCF judge ordered her to be released from State custody. It was a long ordeal in which, because of some bizarre circumstances during her treatment for Mitochondrial Disease, her case was seized away from her Tufts Medical Center physicians by the research-driven and “behavior modification”-obsessed Boston Children’s Hospital psychiatrists who then asserted that her symptoms were psychologically-caused. Those doctors’ criminally irresponsible and reckless behavior and the DCF kidnapping and false imprisonment led to Justina’s deteriorating physical health.

It may be that the judge has decided to let Justina have her freedom out of concern that the DCF will be taken to court over this, or that he will eventually be impeached. Or, he may be responding to Justina’s own plea to him for her freedom. According to the Boston Globe, her father, Lou Pelletier, said that “there is going to be a firestorm” of lawsuits against the DCF. And, I hope, Boston Children’s Hospital as well. There also need to be criminal charges of child endangerment, child abduction and false imprisonment against those responsible for putting that child through her ordeal.

A Rally to Free Justina Pelletier

Justina Pelletier is the teenager from Connecticut whose life has been stolen by Massachusetts medicrats and DCF child snatchers. More recently, a bureaucratic decision was made to transfer her from the Framingham, Massachusetts mental health facility where she has been falsely imprisoned and unjustly tortured, to a mental health facility in Thompson, Connecticut. Her case has always been a medical, cell-related disease and not a mental health issue, but the medicrats and the DCF fascists made it a mental health issue. Her parents disapprove of the decision, as she should be brought home with her family, obviously.

And tomorrow, Justina’s 16th birthday, there will be a rally at the State House in Boston from 2 to 4 PM (ET), a protest directed at Gov. Deval Patrick to bring Justina home to her family. Now, I don’t see the point of politicizing this, as their appealing to the master governor and his minions to free any serfs would seem pointless to me. Soviet-like bureaucrats don’t listen to their victims or their tax-slave supporters. The state government mental health flunkies seem to be intentionally delaying any release of this innocent victim of sadists. In my view, if you are told by doctors or DCF “social workers” that your child is to stay involuntarily at some facility that you suspect could do her more harm than good, you have a right to insist that you take her home or somewhere else. If they don’t take no for an answer, have the child snatchers arrested right away, press charges of criminal child endangerment, false imprisonment, etc. People have to protect themselves and their families.

And also, I have received a few emails from people who say they are in similar predicaments. I wish there were something I could do about their cases. There certainly isn’t anything I can do about Justina. And I am sure that there are many, many families that state DCFs all across the country are ruining and attempting to steal children away from, and for devious reasons, in my view. That the sheeple have given so many people of such questionable character so much power over others is very sad.

Interview of Justina Pelletier’s Father

Justina Pelletier’s father, Lou Pelletier, was interviewed by Howie Carr yesterday and Mr. Pelletier gave a summary of what’s happened to Justina over the past several years and updates everyone on the the current situation. The interview expresses a clearer picture with some revelations including the connections between Children’s Hospital and Harvard University, and between them and the Massachusetts state Department of Children and Families.

My immediate take after hearing the interview: 1. The “doctors” really are, in my view, religiously devoted to their ideology of “somatoform disorder” and “behavior modification,” and seem to be willing to attempt to force any medical patient to fit into that model, like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

2. The parasitic need for federal research grants seems to have become a form of “mental illness” (as Michael Savage might say), in my view.

3. We can really see just how fused together the government-medical complex is now. America really has become the Soviet Union.

Hospital Hackers Misguided; Justina Pelletier Still Being Held Involuntarily

The hacker group Anonymous has allegedly hacked into and sabotaged the website of Boston Children’s Hospital in the name of trying to free Justina Pelletier, and allegedly hacked and sabotaged the website of the Wayside Youth and Family Support Network in Framingham, Massachusetts where Justina has been held in detention against her will. Justina’s medical treatment was wrongfully discontinued and her case seized by psychiatrists at Children’s Hospital, after which her condition has deteriorated, and doctors had the state’s Department of Children and Families take custody of Justina away from her parents.

Now, I am totally against any hacking into the hospital’s website without authorization, sabotage or other acts of property destruction or aggression as a means of expressing a cause. In my opinion, whoever committed such acts against the hospital’s and Wayside’s websites had committed criminal acts. But, had the parents taken Justina out of the hospital even with the help of armed guards, against the will of the government’s dictators, of course that would be risky on their part, but I would certainly support them if they had done that. The real criminals in that instance are the doctors, hospital administrators, DCF social workers and their enforcers who have abducted the girl and have been holding her in a state of imprisonment in addition to endangering her life by withholding medical treatment. Human beings who have been taken hostage by false “authorities” (government, medical or otherwise), and whose lives are being physically harmed by the captors, have a right to escape to safety, either by themselves or with the help of others.

Another notable event yesterday was the confrontation between a representative of the Pelletier family, the Rev. Patrick Mahoney, and Gov. Deval Patrick. Pelletier family supporters have been urging Gov. Patrick to step in and personally intervene in getting Justina back home with her family. According to the Blaze, Mahoney referred to a letter by Patrick to a Massachusetts state representative, mentioning a judge’s decision on Justina’s fate “based on a detailed record of the history of neglect in the home,” even though Justina’s father had stated that no Massachusetts DCF people ever visited them at home, but Connecticut DCF did visit them and found no evidence of neglect or abuse there. (In other words, Patrick is FOS here.) A video of the confrontation is on the Blaze article.

Update on the Justina Pelletier Case

Here is an update on my recent blog post on 15-year-old Justina Pelletier, who had been treated by physicians at Boston’s Tufts Medical center for Mitochondrial Disease. To review briefly, in February of 2013 because of difficulty with the flu, her doctors had her taken for treatment with gastroenterologists at Boston Children’s Hospital. But she was immediately seen by psychiatrists who changed her entire diagnosis and treatment as a psychological disorder.

Because her parents attempted to take her out of Boston Children’s Hospital, custody of Justina was then seized by the state’s Department of Children and Families (DCF), an agency notoriously dangerous for those unfortunate young victims, and she had then been moved to a mental health facility which sounded more like a correctional institution. Later last year as the nightmare got worse for the Pelletiers, the DCF judge had imposed a gag order on the parents, which Mr. Pelletier violated by telling his story to the media. Justina’s condition had gotten much worse since her medical treatment for Mitochondrial Disease was discontinued by psychiatrists and since her abduction by the state’s “Child Welfare” (sic) bureaucrats.

An attorney who has been helping the Pelletiers has this more detailed review and new update at the Blaze. The attorney states that he has gotten the DCF judge to drop the “contempt” charges (against Mr. Pelletier for violating the gag order) and end the gag order altogether. And the attorney has gotten the Boston Children’s doctors to allow Justina to return for treatment with her previous doctor at Tufts, along with several other doctors as a team.

But actual custody of Justina is to remain with the state. They have literally been holding this girl against her and against her parents’ will, as a ward of the state, really a hostage of government bureaucrats, and they continue to do so, criminally in my view.

As I wrote in that initial blog post, the Children’s Hospital doctors — not the gastroenterologists Justina was supposed to see but psychiatrists who seized her case — had told Mr. Pelletier that Justina’s condition was “all in her head” and her new treatment was to be a form of “behavior modification.” This “behavior modification” for these people is really an ideology in my view. Not really a practice of behavior modification that could be useful when people have anxiety or panic disorders, etc., but in this telling case, it really becomes a cultish ideology when these doctors totally disregard the previous doctors’ valid diagnosis and treatments, in the name of instilling such a “behavior modification” onto a clearly physically sick patient. (There are indications which show that the “doctors” at Children’s Hospital may have been using Justina as research material, against her will or that of her parents, but that would probably be difficult to prove, I think. Look for that kind of stuff under ObamaCare. But I digress.)

But one big challenge to the Tufts doctors is whether or not they will actively expose the Children’s Hospital doctors as not just engaging in malpractice but as criminally negligent and dangerous physicians, which, in my opinion, they clearly seem to be. Alas, like those good cops out there (yes, there probably are some) who either cover up for the bad cops or if they do act as whistleblowers they are fired or severely ostracized, I will not hold my breath for the Tufts doctors to act as whistleblowers. Call me a pessimist, oh well.

The medical establishment has not changed much in the past century. And now with ObamaCare/Single Payer/SovietCare, those doctors who don’t mind being government bureaucrats will stay in or join the field, and those who believe in patients’ rights and “first do no harm” will leave.

Remember now, the change in Justina’s case was in February 2013 when she had the flu. That was when her doctors had her go to Children’s Hospital, and the nightmare began at that time. So, if your child gets the flu, it might be a good idea not to use a hospital for treatment. But I will not get into those kinds of things here, as I don’t want to be accused of giving medical advice or dietary advice without being licensed by a high-and-mighty government bureaucrat license-giver.

Especially in the near future when medical treatment probably will do more harm than good under ObamaSovietCare, it will be necessary to act preventively, for both adults and children. To prevent the flu, Dr. Miller suggests that the flu shot is not a good idea, but taking vitamin D is. And Bill Sardi today explains how vitamin C deficiency can be a contributor to getting the flu, and Dr. Mercola also recently advised vitamin C as a good idea.

And finally, always get a second opinion, especially in a case as serious as the Pelletiers. Those Children’s Hospital psychiatrists refused to allow that family to get a second opinion. For those who find themselves in a situation in which “doctors” don’t allow you to get a second opinion, in my view those “doctors” must be criminally charged with endangerment. And that’s what I have to say about that.

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