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Month: November 2021

Covid Update, Including Pfizer Fraud, the War on Truth Tellers, etc.

David Gortler: The FDA Failed in Its Duty to Ensure Vaccines Are Safe for Children

Just the News: Doctor Running for Minnesota Governor Faces Repeated Medical License Investigations for Covid Views

Zero Hedge: ‘Falsified Data’: Pfizer Vaccine Trial Had Major Flaws, Whistleblower Tells Peer-Reviewed Journal

Life Site: Congress Made Crucial Change to Vaccine Definition Weeks before Covid-19

Megan Redshaw: FDA Grants Emergency Use of Pfizer Vaccine for Kids 5 to 11, as Reports of Injuries After Covid Vaccines Near 840,000

Alex Berenson: A New Low: CDC’s Flawed Study Attempts to Show Covid Vaccination Better Than Natural Immunity

Toby Rogers: Ten Red Flags in the FDA’s Risk-Benefit Analysis of Pfizer’s EUA Application to Inject American Children 5 to 11 with Its mRNA Product

Karen Selick: Canada’s War on Conscientious Doctors Revs Up Boston University’s Silent Coercion

Paul Elias Alexander: 22 Studies and Reports Raise Doubts About Covid Vaccine Efficacy and Vaccinating Children

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr: Beyond #BeagleGate: Fauci’s Long History of Atrocities, Including Torturing Children

Life Site: America’s Frontline Doctor: Microscopic Data show ‘Clotting’ in Lungs, Vessels, Brains of Jabbed Patients

Joseph Mercola: Winning the War Against Therapeutic Nihilism, and The Only Choice Left: Slavery or Freedom

Daniel Horowitz: Tennessee Legislature Bans Vaccine Passports and Protects Doctors Who Speak Out Against Shots

And Gateway Pundit: Kentucky Man Challenges Federal Mask Mandate and Then Immediately Gets Placed on Terrorist Watch List and Harassed When Flying

More News and Commentary

The Last Refuge: Tucker Carlson Has Triggered The Fourth Branch of Government with His Preview of “The Patriot Purge”

Strategic Culture Foundation: Julian Assange Exposes Western Corruption More Than Ever, Even While in Solitary Confinement 

Jacob Hornberger: The Silence of CIA Media Assets on the JFK Cover-Up

Murray Rothbard: A Libertarian Theory of War

Paul Sperry: Clinton Campaign Spread Alfa Bank Ruse Throughout Obama Admin to Press Trump-Russia Probe

David Gordon: The Historical Origins of Modern American War Crimes

Laurence Vance: The Case Against Drug Courts

And Zero Hedge: “Very Green” – Biden’s Gas-Guzzling 85-Car-Motorcade Raises Climate-Crazed Eyebrows in Vatican Visit

Do You Want Bureaucrats, Businesses, Banks and Your Neighbors to Know What Medical Drugs You’ve Had or Not Had?

Ron Paul with an article about proposals in CONgress to force the “Unique Patient Identifier” onto us so that government, medical personnel or employers can know your medical history, including whether or not you’ve received an untested, experimental “vaccine” or therapeutic (such as the Covid “vaccine” that doesn’t prevent infections and doesn’t prevent transmission of Covid but does kill, injure and paralyze people).

2021 Elections: Governors Races in New Jersey and Virginia

Besides the mayor’s races in Boston and New York that I discussed previously, there are also off-year governor’s races in New Jersey and Virginia. The elections are tomorrow, Tuesday, but I don’t have that much time now, so I’ll have to keep this brief.

I’m sure that by now you know my point of view, that most politicians are scum, and criminals. Even some of the so-called “libertarian” ones suck because of being statists or being mealy-mouthed gutless wonders, afraid to say without question that the gubmint is a racket, which it is, and much of it needs to be dismantled forthwith.

But we have to write about the continuation of elections to see which candidate can out-statist the other, which is more fascist than the other and which is more communist than the other. Not that there’s that much difference.

So, those governor’s races. My own view is that those offices are not necessary and should be abolished. Just take a realistic look at what those people have been doing, and most sensible people should agree with me on that.

Sometimes that office of governor is referred to as “gubernatorial” (appropriately pronounced “goobernatorial”), so these are goobernatorial elections here.

In New Joisey incumbent Democrat goober Phil Murphy is running for reelection, opposed by a Republican Jack Ciattarelli, and some third-party candidates, Green Party candidate Madelyn Hoffman, Socialist Workers Party [again, more self-contradictions] candidate Joanne Kuniansky, and Libertarian Party candidate Gregg Mele.

We already know that Phil Murphy is a corrupt, incompetent moron, with his presiding over one of the highest number of Covid deaths per capita, along with New York and Massachusetts. (Even though the CDC has been counting non-Covid deaths as “Covid deaths,” so it’s all a huge farce, but whatever.)

Gov. Murphy has shown throughout the Covid scam what an autocratic dictator he is, with no understanding of the Constitutional limits on his power (“above my pay grade,” etc.). Many of these fascist governors have come out of the closet regarding their unapologetic urges to impose unconstitutional orders on the people. He needs to be impeached and jailed, let alone lose his reelection bid.

And to show what a slimy slithering sleazebag Murphy is, Project Veritas has revealed, at least through a senior campaign advisor, that Murphy will not tell the people of New Jersey before this election that he intends to impose a state-wide vaccine mandate (and for no good reason except to make people less healthy and compromise their own immune systems), and that he will make that order public after he is reelected (or IF he is).


And Republican Jack Ciattarelli is a Trump supporter, and all over the map on the social issues. He looks like a typical statist Rethug. He writes stuff on his campaign website like, regarding law enforcement, “Oppose the release of internal affairs and personnel records going back decades – as well as going forward…” and “Oppose Civilian Review Boards with or without subpoena power…” So, he opposes police accountability and transparency. Talk about an authoritarian police statist. Worse, his name starts with “Cia,” as in …

There’s no need to discuss the “Green” and Socialist party candidates. They probably want more government power and control over your miserable little life. That’s about the size of it. They are just exaggerated forms of Demopublican and Republicrat.

But in New Jersey there is a Libertarian candidate, Gregg Mele, who sounds good on getting rid of all the fascist Covid policies. But on education. at least in this interview, he doesn’t say abolish government schools. That’s very important. He is for “school choice,” and on some of the other education-bureaucracy related stuff he seems in favor of keeping the government-controlled system in place, just “trim that” and “cutting costs.” Not particularly libertarian — perhaps he should be a Republican. Libertarians are for total separation of education and state, and abolishing government schools, period.

In Virginia, former governor Terry McAuliffe is the Democrat hoping to return to that office, versus Republican Glenn Youngkin, and Princess Blanding of the “Liberation” (sic) Party.

Some of third-party candidate Princess Blanding’s platform is reasonable and with some actual libertarian aspects, such as releasing non-violent “offenders” from jails and dropping drug-related charges, legalizing marijuana (although all drug laws need to be repealed), and ending “qualified immunity” in government police. However, she has other, non-libertarian, “progressive” views such as promoting government education and imposing policies that advance the crackpot “climate change” agenda. I think that Blanding might find articles on and LRC of interest, and articles by Murray Rothbard, and maybe she can have a better understanding of why government should not have a monopoly on community policing or education and why private property rights and the first 10 Amendments of the Constitution are important.

This one is really gross. Republican Glenn Youngkin spent decades with the Carlyle Group including during the time of 9/11, and has even been its CEO. So he was heavily involved with this “private equity, asset management and financial services” company that has had a relationship with the Bush family and its cronies, the Saudis and the bin Laden family. Need I say more?

And Democrat Terry McAuliffe is a tired old political hack, with a long relationship with the Clintons. Just look at his Wikipedia bio and see how dripping and oozing with corruption and sleaze this guy is.

And then, this week we hear that some people within the McAuliffe campaign and local media coordinated to present fake “white supremacists” showing support for Youngkin, which was all exposed soon after this fiasco took place.

If I lived in Virginia, and actually voted, I would probably write in libertarian Jacob Hornberger whose Future of Freedom Foundation is located in Fairfax, so I assume he’s a resident there.