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Jonathan Turley: Rittenhouse Revisited: How Media Misinformation Can Fuel Social Unrest

Joseph Mercola: Covid Shots Are the Deadliest ‘Vaccines’ in Medical History

Barry Brownstein: Why There is a Civic and Moral Duty to Oppose Tyrannical Bureaucracies

Charles Burris: Remembering the Deep State Coup d’état and Murder of President John F. Kennedy

Michael Nevradakis: CDC Forced to Admit It Doesn’t Collect Data on Natural Immunity to Covid

Alex Berenson: Vaccinated English Adults under 60 Are Dying at Twice the Rate of Unvaccinated People the Same Age

: Canadian Forces Promote Militarism in the Classroom

Doug Bandow: Joe Biden Said He Was Against Endless Wars: But His Defense Secretary Is for Endless Entanglement

Paul Joseph Watson: NIH Director Calls For Covid Conspiracists to be “Brought to Justice”

Gateway Pundit: European Medicines Agency Data Shows 1,163,356 Adverse Drug Reactions and 30,551 Fatalities by Covid Vaccinations

Ron Paul: Biden’s Numbers Tank…as US Rattles Sabers At Russia

Robert Koehler: How Many Dead Kids Before We Admit US ‘National Security’ Is a Lie?

And James Kunstler: Onward Into Darkness

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