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Governments’ Covid Terror Campaign Continues with “Omicron”

Because the world’s sheeple have not been sufficiently terrorized by the continuing government-imposed Covid-19 terror campaign for close to two years now and counting, the world’s lying health bureaucracy shysters have made up a new variant they are calling “Omicron,” or B.1.1.529. So far, the government terrorists are saying that Omicron is possibly more transmissible but not more deadly. Just like the “Delta” variant last Summer.

So now a new wave of hysteria and panic, as governments are imposing fascist travel restrictions for no good reason. And I’m sure there will be more lockdowns.

Government terrorists and “public health” nazis don’t like the people resisting their impositions and decrees, they don’t like it when people are protesting mandates for unhealthy face mask-gags and vaccine-poisons that don’t prevent the spread of virus.

Yes they are making it up. As I have written previously, this whole Covid scam is made up to begin with! And with the lack of health bureaucrats’ ability to distinguish between the “Delta” variant and Covid or other Covid variants, I am very skeptical of what they are claiming regarding this new Omicrap variant.

And the vaccines are contributing a great deal to enhancing Covid infectivity and variants. The vaccines actually help more virus variants to develop based on Antibody Dependent Enhancement. But we don’t hear that from CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC, New York Slimes, Washington Pest, Bloomberg, FoxSnooze, and all the rest of the regime’s propaganda spokespeople and scribblers.

So, the way for vaccine nazis to deal with that is to tell people to have MORE shots, more “boosters” and mandate them by force!

Besides being morons and corrupt liars, as are “Doctors” Fraudi and Lewinsky, these people are crazed psychopaths. They’re nuts!

Don’t believe the latest scam, the Omicrap variant, because the “public health” nazis are full of sh*t. Resist the anti-health mask-gags, the poisonous “vaccines” that are not vaccines and that don’t prevent infection or spreading but are killing and injuring people.

Resist the fascist lockdowns, the quarantine prison camps and “vaccine passports.” RESIST! As Milosz Matuschek wrote today, this is a time when resistance becomes a duty.

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