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Freedom of Speech, Covid and Vaccine Truth-Telling, and Lawsuits

Joseph Mercola is a medical doctor many of whose articles I have linked to and commented on, and while I don’t agree with everything he says, most of his analyses are generally spot on.

Unfortunately, there are those who are brainwashed sheeple who believe government and establishment medicine’s official narrative about matters such as Covid, vaccines, or cholesterol and so on, and those people refer to the truth-teller Mercola as a “quack” or his columns as “misinformation” because his well-researched articles, that oftentimes cite peer-reviewed papers and studies, seem to go against the official government-approved narrative.

The truth is, many of those critics are the real quacks, they are superstitious True Believers in voodoo establishment medicine and snake oil “vaccines” that don’t work, or they are just dumb and incompetent or dishonest and corrupt. (And among their other cohorts, “Doctors” Fauci, Walensky, Gottlieb and Murthy come to mind.)

But first here I wanted to briefly address Mercola’s recent lawsuit against Sen. Elizabeth Warren. The lawsuit concerns Warren’s letter to Amazon (.pdf) in which Warren accuses Mercola’s book on Covid-19 of containing “misinformation,” an action by Warren which Mercola believes to be violating his First Amendment rights.

Well, two months after the September 7, 2021 date of the letter, Mercola’s book, The Truth About COVID-19: Exposing The Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Normal, is still available at and is still a Best Seller. So far, Mercola does not seem to show that any particular harm has been done by the letter.

In the letter to Amazon, Sen. Warren doesn’t demand or legally order, such as with a court order etc., that Amazon stop selling the book, even though the letter is written in her capacity as a fake Indian U.S. Senator.

So, after going on and on and on with one item after another of her own misinformation, lies and false accusation, Warren finally “asks” that Amazon “perform an immediate review of Amazon’s algorithms and, within 14 days, provide both a public report…” And she then “requests” that they answer her list of questions there. The list of questions includes a typical bunch of meddlesome questions from a typical evil bureaucrat U.S. senator who has nothing better to do with her time.

So, “asking” and “requesting” are not demanding and ordering. Amazon can very well deny her request and ignore the letter. So far, after two months it seems to be doing that.

Additionally, Amazon is still a privately owned company. If Amazon wants to take Mercola’s book off the Amazon website, it has the right to do so.

So, in my view Mercola’s lawsuit is without merit. But making Liawatha have to spend extra time dealing with a lawsuit against her is a good thing, or any other way to distract and bother the criminal fraudster fake Indian, is always a good thing in my view. So there is some good from all this.

In total contrast, we have a government bureaucrat who is suing a private citizen for daring to criticize the bureaucrat! The “health” minister of Northern Ireland is suing musician Van Morrison for “defamation” because Morrison very publicly criticized the government and “health” minister Robin Swann for the government’s fascist Covid restrictions that caused Morrison’s concerts to be cancelled particularly at the last minute.

Morrison had called Swann a “fraud” and “dangerous” (which the bureaucrat probably is, just as much as Fauci, Walensky, and Murthy et al. are here in the USSA). And in some musical recordings which reflected on the Covid restrictions and lockdowns, Morrison’s song lyrics, according to the Guardian, “included claims that scientists were ‘making up crooked facts’ to justify restrictions that ‘enslave’ the population.” (Which is all TRUE!)

So in Northern Ireland we have a bureaucrat going after a private citizen to violate his freedom of speech rights. Apparently they don’t have a First Amendment in the U.K. They do have a lot of “hate speech” laws there. Jonathan Turley has written extensively on the “hate speech” laws in the U.K. and France especially, and about free speech in general.

I’m sure that if we didn’t have the First Amendment here in USSA, Liawatha Warren would have gotten an enforceable court order of some kind to forcibly make take down Joseph Mercola’s Covid-19 book. That is what unchecked fascists do.

The Covid lies and propaganda from bureaucrats and “news” media are just mind-boggling now. Listening to our local “All-News” radio station, we hear its constant misinformation about Covid and “vaccines.” These media robots are sickening!

The media are still keeping the hysteria and fear-mongering going, with no end in sight. They repeat the mantra, “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated,” even though many of the hospitalizations are of “fully vaccinated” patients. Nothing about how the “vaccines” are not preventing the infections or spread of infections (and weren’t intended to) and that is why officials want people to receive boosters, nothing about the tens or hundreds of thousands of adverse reactions to the “vaccines” reported to VAERS, which is a legitimate reporting agency.

The media continue to cite the 700,000+ deaths figure even though the CDC had stated that it’s really 6% of that figure who had actually died of Covid-19 (CDC recently changed the “6%” figure to be “over 5%” — see Wayback page of original), with the rest of the deceased really having died of other diseases they were already fighting and dying of but having tested positive for the virus. Nothing about the PCR Covid tests resulting in mostly false positives because of overly high cycle thresholds used in the tests, nothing about the inflated number of “cases” by their redefining a “case” as anyone who tests positive regardless of not being sick or having any symptoms.

It’s distressing hearing the “news” on the radio that’s really just repeated government propaganda. Just look at Elizabeth Warren’s letter to Amazon linked above, and you’ll see Soviet-like propaganda and the actual misinformation in there. Why aren’t people suing Fauci, Walensky, and Murthy, as well as the operators of Pfizer et al. for fraud? They really need to be criminally charged in this large scale SCAM, in my view.

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