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War Criminal Colin Powell Has Dies, “of Covid,” Was “Fully Vaccinated”

Retired war criminal Colin Powell died at the age of 84. And yes, he was a war criminal. When he was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1991 Powell participated in then-President George H.W. Bush’s war of aggression against Iraq, the first U.S. war against Iraq, a country that was of no threat to the United States of America. And then in 2001 and 2003 as Secretary of State Powell helped to start the war in Afghanistan and the 2nd U.S. war against Iraq, respectively. Starting a war is a war of aggression, and thus a war crime and the aggressors are the war criminals.

But the point I wanted to make here is that Powell was supposedly “fully vaccinated” against Covid-19, and he died anyway. So, yet another example, along with all the sports team players who were “fully vaccinated” but tested positive for Covid anyway and had to be quarantined for no good reason, another example of how the Covid “vaccines” don’t work, they don’t prevent the infection or spread of Covid. But the fascist vaccine mandate crowd doubles down, and want third booster shots and fourth booster shots, because the zealots refuse to acknowledge that these “vaccines” don’t work. How long will the true believers out there continue to drink the Kool-Aid? Hmmm?

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