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More Covid News and Commentary

I’m sick of Covid. As I have said before, this whole thing is a scam. The gullible sheeple are letting the “authorities” destroy their lives and ruin society and for the sake of TPTB’s short-term enrichment at the people’s expense. The political class are a bunch of sick puppies. Here are some more articles that we won’t be seeing on mainstream media, that’s for sure.

Brian Shilhavy: Video Emerges Where Fauci and Others Planned for a “Universal mRNA Flu Vaccine” Which Became the “COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine” Because People Were Not Afraid Enough of the Flu Virus

Life Site: Asymptomatic Covid Transmission Is a Myth, and Ontario Doctor Resigns over Forced Vaccines, Says 80% of ER Patients with Mysterious Issues Had Both Shots

Jack Cashill: The Covid Survey That Should Have Rocked the World 

Zero Hedge: “Proceed With Caution At Your Own Peril” – Merck’s Covid ‘Super Drug’ Poses Serious Health Risks, Scientists Warn

And The Last Refuge: Biden Keeps Pushing Nonexistent Worker Vaccine Mandate, a Ploy That Keeps State Attorneys General from Filing Lawsuits

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