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Another Covid Update

So for two or three months now we have been suffering from a “surge” in Covid panic and hysteria, based on government misinformation, outright lies and “news” media propaganda. If you depend on CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, the New York Times, Washington Post and your local “news”papers, and your favorite social media for the latest on Covid, you are not getting the truth.

But you can instead read these articles for actual truthful information and a better understanding of what’s really going on, that you’re not getting from those aforementioned sources.


Philipp Bagus, José Antonio Peña-Ramos, and Antonio Sánchez-Bayón: Covid-19 and the Political Economy of Mass Hysteria (published on NIH website)

Michelle Malkin: What Every Parent Must Know About Pfizer

Jon Rappoport: Boosters: How to Kill More People with Impunity. and The Fixation on the One, and the Obsession with a Virus; the Individual vs. the Collective Trance

Ryan McMaken: Debunking Biden’s Claim We Must “Protect the Vaccinated from the Unvaccinated”

Vasko Kohlmayer: Lying through Their Teeth: Health Officials Know Vaccines Don’t Stop Transmission but Talk about ‘A Pandemic of the Unvaccinated’

Becky Akers: “Destroying A City In One Fortnight,” By Bill DeBlabbio

Joel Hirschhorn: Army Physician Warns about Toxic Ingredients in Covid Shots

Peter Van Buren: The New 9/11 Isn’t 1/6. It’s Covid.

Megan Redshaw: Woman Injured by Covid Vaccine Pleads With Health Agencies for Help, as Local News Agency Kills Story After Pressure From Pfizer

Life Site: Many People Have Died Following Covid Vaccine, but Authorities Not Counting Them as “Vaccinated.”

Joseph Mercola: Pathologist Asks: Where Are Investigations Into Organ Damage Caused by Covid Vaccine? And, Covid Jabs Are Killing Two People for Every Person Saved

Project Veritas: Johnson & Johnson Flunkies: Children Don’t Need Covid Vaccine Because of ‘Unknown Repercussions Down the Road’ … Want to ‘Punish’ Unvaccinated Adults for Not Complying with Mandates

The Last Refuge: CA Gov. Newsom Announces His Unilateral Attempt to Force Covid Vaccination of All Schoolchildren K-12

Jeff Thompson: NY to Replace Non-Compliant Healthcare Workers with National Guard: Will LEOs Be Replaced Next?

And Bill Sardi: Covid and Nutritional Deficiencies

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