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Bureaucrats Lying about Covid Death Count

Sharyl Attkisson has done an investigative report on her show, Full Measure, in which she exposes the exaggerated Covid death count. She interviews coroners and medical examiners, and a member of the Grand County Board of Commissioners.

The people she interviewed reinforce the assertions that many of us have been making for over a year now (and more recently here), that the counting of “Covid deaths” has been extremely exaggerated, and, in my view, intentionally in many cases.

The dreaded Dr. Deborah Birx acknowledged in April of 2020 that the CDC would count people who died of heart disease, kidney disease (and diabetes, any number of comorbidities) as “Covid deaths,” if they happened to test positive for Covid-19 (despite the mostly false results of the PCR tests throughout this whole scam), even if they really died of the disease they had already been fighting.

And this video from Project Veritas is from April of 2020, in which funeral home directors are telling us about officials “writing Covid on all the death certificates,” regardless of whether or not a deceased person actually died of Covid.

All this goes with more recently how hospitals are exaggerating or just outright lying about how jam-packed their ICUs are. I recently linked to these articles, from Gateway Pundit: New Missouri Covid Whistleblower: Hospitals Are Lying to the Public about Covid… and I Can Prove It. And from Just the News: ‘The Numbers Are Skewed’: Colorado Officials Warn of Inflated Covid Death Statistics. Also, from Zero Hedge: Narrative Nuked: Nearly Half Of ‘Covid Hospitalizations’ This Year Have Been Mild Or Asymptomatic Cases

And as I wrote in a blog a few months ago:

According to G. Edward Griffin’s “Need to Know” website,

A woman called numerous funeral directors in Ontario, in the cities of London and Toronto, which has a population of over 6 million people, to inquire whether they noticed a huge increase in deaths in 2020, or if the number of deaths were in line with previous years. All of the funeral homes answered that the deaths were similar to previous years. A funeral director in Winnipeg, Manitoba, which has a population of 750,000 people told her that the death rate was normal, and when she told him that she feels like her government is lying to the public, he advised her to keep questioning everything and that she was on the right track. There is no pandemic.

And that article links to this video at “Brand New Tube”:

We need more citizen journalists like this, and fewer Establishment government/Pharma propagandists, that’s for sure.

And professional ones like Sharyl Attkisson, of course. When she left CBS, she left what really is just another government propaganda outlet. Good riddance to those schnooks. No different from ABC, NBC, CNN, Fox, New York Slimes and the Washington Pest.

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