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The “Vaccine” Police State Escalates

John Whitehead at the Rutherford Institute has this article up regarding the calls for vaccine mandates and vaccine passports, and the growing police state in Amerika. A New State of Segregation: Vaccine Cards Are Just the Beginning.

So, I wanted to link to that one right now, and I also have some brief comments. Besides the mayor of New York, Bill Duh Blasio imposing vaccine mandates on various places in NYC, now we are hearing of Cuomo and the whole state of New York imposing vaccine mandates and New Jersey Gov. Murphy wanting to join in the fun there. Why?

Why are they doing these stupid things? We now know that the “vaccines” are not preventing infections or transmissions of infections (and they weren’t intended to). What is the point? And private businesses requiring employees to have to receive the experimental drug injection?

Why are the American Medical Association supporting Covid “vaccines” for health care workers? Don’t they understand what the mRNA “vaccine” really is, the deaths and injuries it has been causing people, and that the “vaccine” is not even preventing infections or transmission? (No, they probably don’t know those things, as I have come to understand from my years of experience with “doctors,” many of them are ignorant and incompetent, and/or dishonest and corrupt. But they do understand such important aspects of medical care and healing as “critical race theory.” That, they know.)

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