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Month: August 2021

The Cult of the Vaccine True Believers

I’m continually frustrated in this bizarro world of Covid scamdemic. The Covid scam is an ongoing nightmare of ignorance, cultish lunacy, and totalitarian tyrants.

Are you one of those aforementioned?

There are medical institutions such as hospitals that are requiring all their personnel to “be vaccinated,” or else. They are implying that “being vaccinated” means “being protected from contracting or spreading a virus,” which “the vaccinated” are NOT doing that!

Officials and media are referring to the Moderna/Pfizer mRNA “vaccine” or the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Supposedly the J&J vaccine is an actual traditional vaccine. But it causes blood clots, which are not “rare.” The Moderna/Pfizer “vaccine” is not a vaccine. Its purpose is to reduce symptoms, not to prevent infections or transmission. They do not “protect you from me.” That is a lie.

The Moderna/Pfizer “vaccines” actual intention and purpose is to reduce symptoms in those who actually get sick! The mRNA “vaccine” of Pfizer/Moderna is just another pharmaceutical drug that people are getting, believing incorrectly that it will make them “immune” and prevent transmission of infections.

As a high number of “fully vaccinated” people are still “getting Covid” i.e. testing positive for Covid, the CDC director and other bureaucrats and media are spinning it as caused by the “Delta” variant that the current vaccines aren’t stopping. But no, the Pfizer/Moderna mRNA experimental drug injection is just another pharma drug and isn’t intended to prevent infections.

So this is total fraud, by the drug makers, the government bureaucrats such as CDC and FDA who are participating in the lie, and all the others in the medical industry, media or otherwise who know the truth but are lying about it anyway.

Sadly, most in the media don’t know the truth because they are brain-dead morons who merely repeat everything government bureaucrats tell them, without question. No investigative research, no “who, what, when, where, why, how” etc.

So the “vaccine,” which is causing a lot of people inflammatory side-effects including heart inflammation, and so far killing a lot of people, is just another dangerous pharmaceutical drug.

See these recent articles by the Children’s Health Defense with actual science and information you will not get from the brain-dead government propagandists of the mainstream “news” media:

VAERS Latest Data Include 2 New Reports of Teen Deaths Following COVID Vaccine, as Total Reports of Deaths Exceed 12,000

Heart Inflammation After COVID Vaccines More Common Than CDC Claims, New Research Shows

We’ve Never Seen Vaccine Injuries on This Scale — Why Are Regulatory Agencies Hiding COVID Vaccine Safety Signals?

And Reports of Injuries, Deaths After COVID Vaccines Climb Steadily, as FDA, CDC Sign Off on Third Shot for Immunocompromised

And many companies and government agencies and music venues are mandating it now. They are ignorant, irrational and hysterical people. But the dishonest ones who know the truth but are just going along with the charade are criminals, in my view.

Can you imagine hospitals, employers or city governments mandating statin drugs to lower people’s cholesterol or mandating blood pressure medication? It’s the exact same thing.

So, when hospitals are requiring that medical personnel “get vaccinated,” they are showing their ignorance as far as what the mRNA “vaccines” really are. And they are medical institutions. And doctors. I can’t believe the number of MDs being interviewed on the radio talking about the Pfizer/Moderna mRNA “vaccine” like it’s an actual vaccine.

Joseph Mercola writes about the assertion of the “pandemic of the unvaccinated”:

…the narrative that we’re in a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” was created by using statistics from a time period when the U.S. as a whole was largely unvaccinated. When you look at more recent data, the trend is swinging in the opposite direction.

For example, August 1, 2021, Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis, director of Israel’s Public Health Services, announced half of all COVID-19 infections were among the fully vaccinated.

A few days later, August 5, Dr. Kobi Haviv, director of the Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem, appeared on Channel 13 News, reporting that 95% of severely ill COVID-19 patients are fully vaccinated, and that they make up 85% to 90% of COVID related hospitalizations overall.

In Scotland, official data on hospitalizations and deaths show 87% of those who have died from COVID-19 in the third wave that began in early July were vaccinated, and in Gibraltar, which has a 99% COVID jab compliance rate, COVID cases have risen by 2,500% since June 1, 2021.

A CDC investigation of an outbreak in Barnstable County, Massachusetts between July 6 through July 25, 2021, found 74% of those who received a diagnosis of COVID19, and 80% of hospitalizations, were among the fully vaccinated. Most, but not all, had the Delta variant.

Importantly, the argument that we need vaccine passports to prove we’re “clean” enough to participate in society immediately falls apart when you take into account the fact that the COVID shots do not provide immunity. You can still be infected, carry the virus and spread it to others. [See article for footnotes.]

More irrationality: In the news recently, Dallas schools allowed for no remote learning, then “cases” were way up, and because of that there are a high number of teacher and student absences because of quarantining! The idiot Texas state education commissioner ordered schools to quarantine students if they test positive for Covid.

Why don’t these government bureaucrats know about the problem with the overly high cycle threshold numbers being used in the Covid test results, that guarantees false positive results? Most of the scamdemic has been based on false positive test results, a “casedemic.”

Why are the idiots quarantining healthy people who have no symptoms? You don’t quarantine healthy people who have no symptoms, you schmucks!

And this whole thing for over a year now is based on the lie that “asymptomatic carriers” of the Covid virus can spread it to others and kill them. No, we know that asymptomatic carriers do not spread the virus. Dr. Fraudci said that long ago.

People who do not have symptoms do not have enough of a viral load to have symptoms. That’s why they don’t have symptoms. And they don’t have enough of a viral load to spread the virus!

And are the hospitals and doctors in Texas and Florida lying about their hospitalizations for actual Covid patients, and/or for “the unvaccinated”? Are they really talking about patients who are already in the hospital but testing positive for Covid even though the patients don’t have Covid symptoms? And also, are hospitals really just understaffed (because of “vaccine” mandates), rather than being overwhelmed with patients (as Becky Akers points out)?

Why don’t “public health” officials talk about natural immunity? Why the vaccine obsession, especially with an experimental  “vaccine” based on a largely unknown mRNA technology that’s not a vaccine and isn’t even intended to prevent infections or transmission? Why are people who are not sick being coerced or forced to have an experimental drug injection that doesn’t prevent them from contracting a virus or spreading a virus, and could very well cause them harm?

My answer is that we have a society consisting of a cult of brainwashed sheeple who worship at the altar of establishment medicine and the pharmaceutical industry, despite all the harm they have caused. The cult will believe and say anything to advance their brainwashed beliefs, unfortunately.

Blame George W. Bush for the Afghanistan Fiasco

Don’t blame Joe Biden for the problems in Afghanistan as U.S. troops are withdrawn and the Taliban takes over the war-torn “graveyard of empires.” Blame George W. Bush. He started the war, based on lies.

Bush started this war of aggression against Afghanistan and authorized the U.S. military to invade a country that had nothing to do with 9/11.

Why did Bush order the invasion, bombing and occupation of Afghanistan in the first place?

After 9/11 the Taliban were harboring al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, and Bush demanded that the Taliban release bin Laden to the U.S. government. The Taliban required Bush to provide evidence of bin Laden’s role in the September 11th attacks, and Bush said, “There’s no need to discuss innocence or guilt. We know he’s guilty.”

Who needs evidence with these things? Certainly not the President of our great USSA, that’s for sure.

The truth is, there was never actual evidence tying Osama bin Laden to the 9/11 attacks, believe it or not. (Although there was a link between bin Laden and the CIA!) Ed Haas at “The Muckraker Report” during the 2000s contacted the FBI regarding why its Most Wanted poster for Osama a.k.a. Usama bin Laden did not mention the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks, only the 1998 African embassy bombings. Haas wrote:

The Muckraker Report spoke with Rex Tomb, Chief of Investigative Publicity for the FBI. When asked why there is no mention of 9/11 on Bin Laden’s Most Wanted web page, Tomb said, “The reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on Usama Bin Laden’s Most Wanted page is because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11.”

Surprised by the ease in which this FBI spokesman made such an astonishing statement, I asked, “How this was possible?” Tomb continued, “Bin Laden has not been formally charged in connection to 9/11.” I asked, “How does that work?” Tomb continued, “The FBI gathers evidence. Once evidence is gathered, it is turned over to the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice than decides whether it has enough evidence to present to a federal grand jury. In the case of the 1998 United States Embassies being bombed, Bin Laden has been formally indicted and charged by a grand jury. He has not been formally indicted and charged in connection with 9/11 because the FBI has no hard evidence connected Bin Laden to 9/11.”

But there is very good evidence linking the Saudi regime to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The “28 Pages” from the congressional Joint Inquiry revealed those connections.

Who knows why just days after the 9/11 attacks, “a special charter flight…whisked 11 members of Osama Bin Laden’s family off to Saudi Arabia” from Boston, according to investigative reporter Greg Palast.

But George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were obsessed with invading Afghanistan and Iraq from the get-go. According to MSNBC and the BBC, and the Washington Post, Bush was planning to start a war against al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan, and a war against Iraq, well before 9/11/2001. (Those Internet links are thanks to Washington’s Blog, which sadly is no longer around.)

Bush started the war in Afghanistan, and did the same against Iraq, also a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. Bush’s father George H.W. Bush started the first war in Iraq, for no good reason, in 1991. That war, the bombings, sanctions and no-fly zones were continued by Bill Clinton, causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians throughout the 1990s, leading up to 9/11/2001.

So not only is the Afghanistan failure George W. Bush’s (and Dick Cheney’s) fault, but I am hearing especially conservatives on the radio complaining about now Afghanistan is now going to be an authoritarian, theocratic Sharia Law society, “thanks to Joe Biden.”

But guess what? Thanks to Bush and Cheney, Afghanistan already has been a Sharia Law society since the Bush administration agreed to the new Afghan Constitution in 2004-2005, which makes Islamic Sharia Law as the law of the land there. (Didn’t you know that?)

As Jacob Hornberger wrote here, the Afghanistan Constitution states:

Article One

Afghanistan shall be an Islamic Republic, independent, unitary and indivisible state.

Article Two

The sacred religion of Islam is the religion of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Followers of other faiths shall be free within the bounds of law in the exercise and performance of their religious rituals.

Article Three

No law shall contravene the tenets and provisions of the holy religion of Islam in Afghanistan.

And it’s the same in Iraq in its constitution also from the mid-2000s, thanks to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

Speaking of Jacob Hornberger, a very important must-read article from 2005 he wrote is The Troops Don’t Defend Our Freedoms.

The ones to blame for the terrible situation in Afghanistan right now are George W. Bush and Dick Cheney (and all their neocon interventionist cohorts), because foreign interventionism and especially starting wars of aggression against other countries, besides being immoral and criminal, have long-term consequences.

More Alleged Government Wheeling and Dealing, HHS, CDC, NIH, Etc.

Scott Hounsell of Red State wrote an article regarding CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky whose husband Loren Walensky received $5 million in HHS grants before she was the CDC director but while she was still “chair of the Office of AIDS Research Advisory Council,” part of National Institutes for Health, and a “member of the US Department of Health and Human Services Panel on Antiretroviral Guidelines for Adults and Adolescents,” both government positions in which she worked closely with Dr. Anthony Fauci. (So-called “doctors”).

In fact, when “insiders” were surprised that Walensky was picked [for CDC director] , it was revealed that Fauci had a lot to do with her appointment

Now, regarding the questionable HHS grants given to Walensky’s husband, according to Hounsell,

In October 2019 Loren Walensky became the scientific co-founder and a member of the Board of Directors of Lytica Therapeutics, “an early-stage biotechnology company working on an innovative platform for developing next-generation antimicrobials.” (LabCentral)

Just four months later, Walensky’s Lytica received a $16.9 million dollar HHS grant to “develop antibacterial peptides with broad activity against multidrug-resistant bacteria.”  Only $5.3 million of that money was initially disbursed to Lytica, and the remaining $11.6 million is scheduled to be disbursed upon the achievement of “certain development milestones.” I have previously worked in the world of grant writing and can tell you most agencies will not give grants to organizations that have existed for less than a year and organizations that have no other stream of funding. In this particular case Crunchbase, which monitors funding for corporations and non-profits, shows that the only funding that Lytica has received to date is the $5.3 million allocated from the grant received.

And, don’t be too shocked:

The fact that Walensky’s grant was not disclosed as a portion of his wife’s [CDC] appointment amounts to a massive lack of transparency. In her financial disclosures, submitted January 13, 2021, she lists her husband’s interest in Lytica Therapeutics as a “spousal holding,” but doesn’t indicate that he is the co-founder of the company and ostensibly working there since he is the inventor of the technology subject to the CARB-X [government-funded] grant. She also doesn’t indicate in that filing that his company is receiving a federal grant from the very agency in which she’s being appointed to a leadership position – and the agency that still has to make decisions on whether to award the additional $11.6 million.

But wait, there’s more. In a subsequent article Hounsell writes of how the CDC then sent a CDC-employed “public affairs specialist” flunky to harass Hounsell regarding the aforementioned article. The flunky accused Hounsell’s article of being based on a “dubious tip” from talk radio personality Howie Carr, on whose show Hounsell appeared.

The flunky emailed the Howie Carr Show and stated, “A little extra digging and you would have found this was all smoke and no fire.”

Hounsell writes that the CDC flunky’s using the word “dubious” is uncalled for, given that Hounsell was “insistent on independently sourcing anything that made it to publishing…”

Throughout my weeks of reporting about the nefarious actions of the NIH, not once was I, or any of my sources, contacted by the NIH. This is completely out of the ordinary. The problem with smoke is that there is always fire. Things don’t give off smoke unless they have reached a temperature at which they are burning. At this point, we can add [the CDC flunky] Mr. McDonald’s trousers to the list of things that are on fire. A little extra digging wouldn’t have merited any change from the fact that the CDC Director’s husband’s 4-month-old company got a multi-million dollar grant from the HHS and had cashed out of the company after this infusion of cash.

Hounsell then sent the CDC flunky a list of questions of his own. Such as, “Were you instructed by any CDC leadership or anyone within Director Walensky’s office to make any contact with Howie Carr or RedState?”

And I especially liked the questions, “Is Director Walensky aware of the party held June 11th with Harvard Students? Were the students required to provide vaccine documentation? Were masks required? If an ‘abundance of caution’ is necessary, why would Loren Walensky not follow his own wife’s directive?”

Heh. I’m sure the Walenskys should have no problem paying for another mansion in the ritzy D.C. area like the $4 million mansion they now have in the ritzy part of Newton, Maskachusetts.

Anyway, like “Dr.” Fauci, we have yet another corrupt parasite employed by the U.S. government, and worse, in the health care industry. Given “Dr.” Rochelle Walensky’s record of ignorance and bad advice, such as advising that children wear the damn masks or be given an experimental pharmaceutical drug injection, I am not surprised by all this.

It’s Time to Resist Covid Fascism And Tyranny

Here is Sen. Rand Paul on standing up for your rights in the age of Covid-1984:

And Rand Paul is right. Just look at all the comments on that tweet that shows government and media propaganda and panic-incitement’s effects on the sheeple.

We need more public officials to stand up for the truth and against propaganda and fear-mongering.

And I have made what I think is a good case with evidence that this whole thing is made up. We know that “asymptomatic carriers” are NOT contagious! Officials and media are really just lying about this latest “surge” in Covid, hospitalizations, and the “Delta” variant. Here is just one example.

They are once again talking about their “casedemic,” in which many or most of the “cases” are really just people who tested positive for Covid, but are not sick.

And as I have mentioned here officials and health practitioners and administrators are doing the Covid tests at too high a cycle threshold number to guarantee false positive test results.

Do you like getting that Covid test swab shoved up your nostrils, that has horrible risks in and of itself, to test you for some virus even though you are healthy and don’t have any symptoms? You like that?

Sorry, you don’t test healthy people for some virus hat has a 99.98% survival rate! There’s no reason for the testing!

But, the propaganda being pushed by so many ignorant and/or corrupt people in government and the media has a huge influence on others.

The latest “news” that I have heard is that many more kids are testing positive for Covid and more are sicker, some being hospitalized.

So, what the misinformation propagandists in government and their “news” media stenographers aren’t telling you is that many of the kids are already going to the hospital for OTHER issues, the hospital tests them and more are testing positive (because the testers are using too high a cycle threshold to guarantee false positive test results), and they are erroneously (or intentionally) misdiagnosing the sick or already-hospitalized kids as having Covid.

According to Standford Medicine News Center, “Counting SARS-CoV-2 infections in hospitalized children overestimates the impact of COVID-19 in pediatric populations because such counts include many asymptomatic patients, according to a new study by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine.”

And that’s not even considering the occurrence of false positive test results.

Stanford continues:

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, children have been less likely than adults to catch the virus or to develop symptoms when infected. They are also much less likely to become sick enough with COVID-19 to require hospitalization.

Throughout the pandemic, however, many have developed other conditions that require hospital care, from common childhood complaints, such as broken bones and appendicitis, to rarer illnesses, such as pediatric cancers. And when they come to the hospital and are tested for SARS-CoV-2, some turn out to be infected.

But in the past month now, it seems to me that hospitals and doctors offices are testing patients for Covid using the too-high cycle threshold numbers that guarantee false positives. I don’t know if some might be doing that on purpose, and for political reasons. It wouldn’t surprise me, given their available financial incentives from government handouts, as well as how corrupt many people just are now. (There is a California recall election in September, after all. And we know how the hysteria and panic all last year led to states changing their election laws and voters begging for mail-in voting, which made it easier to cheat and commit vote fraud.)

In January, just hours after Biden was inaugurated the W.H.O. advised that medical institutions lower their Covid testing cycle threshold numbers to weed out false positives. I know, I wrote about that just recently but I think it’s an important aspect of all this. That was in January, and in the months after we saw a huge decline in “Covid cases,” i.e. decline in people testing positive for Covid.

But in recent weeks the “cases” are way up again, only because the testing of healthy, asymptomatic people is up, which is giving us false positive “cases” and driving up the hysteria and panic. Music venues are cancelling their events, and there are reimposed mask mandates for no good reason, the nazi bureaucrats like Mayor Duh Blasio are imposing vaccine mandates, etc.

Bureaucrats, activists, leftists, Karens, perpetually hysterical sheeple, just can’t let go of their dependence on fake news and panic, and masks, and this worship of establishment medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.

Speaking of the goddamn masks. And kids! I think that if there are kids who are so sick they need to be hospitalized, it’s probably those damn masks making them sick! This pisses me off so much, the child abuse that government nazis, teachers, businesses and parents are inflicting on the kids with masks, psychologically and physically, and for no good reason!

In March of 2020, the W.H.O. said, “There is no specific evidence to suggest that the wearing of masks by the mass population has any potential benefit. In fact, there’s some evidence to suggest the opposite in the misuse of wearing a mask properly or fitting it properly…”

And Dr. Joseph Mercola wrote,

Many firmly believe wearing a mask in public will protect themselves and/or others, and one of the reasons for this is because they appear to work in some circumstances, such as operating rooms. If they don’t work, why do surgical staff and many health care workers use them on a regular basis?

As explained by Rancourt, the reason surgical masks are worn in the operating room is to prevent spittle from accidentally falling into an open wound, which could lead to infection. Surgical masks have been shown to be important in that respect.

Preventing microbes and bacteria from falling into an open wound is very different from preventing the spread of viral particles, however. Not only are viruses much smaller than bacteria and many other microbes found in saliva, they are, again, airborne. They’re aerosolized and part of the fluid air. Therefore, if air can penetrate the mask, these aerosol particles can also get through.

Another study showed how easily the masks can be contaminated. Here is Jon Rappoport on how the masks are unsafe and unhealthy. And here is Life Site with a list of many, many studies confirming the ineffectiveness of the masks and showing their negative health effects as well.

And, according to Townhall,

…we on Team Reality have not only continued to point to real-world data that shows masking to be entirely ineffective, we’ve also maintained that forced public masking, especially long-term, has negative societal and even health ramifications that the powers-that-be are all-too-happy to ignore in subservience to their newfound face mask god.

The Townhall article goes on to describe a study that tested used face masks, and listed the “bacteria, parasites, and fungi, including three with dangerous pathogenic and pneumonia-causing bacteria,” found in the masks. “No viruses were detected on the masks, although the test is capable of detecting viruses,” according to the study.

The study, according to Townhall, listed the following:

• Streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumonia)

• Mycobacterium tuberculosis (tuberculosis)

• Neisseria meningitidis (meningitis, sepsis)

• Acanthamoeba polyphaga (keratitis and granulomatous amebic encephalitis)

• Acinetobacter baumanni (pneumonia, blood stream infections, meningitis, UTIs— resistant to antibiotics)

• Escherichia coli (food poisoning)

• Borrelia burgdorferi (causes Lyme disease)

• Corynebacterium diphtheriae (diphtheria)

• Legionella pneumophila (Legionnaires’ disease)

• Staphylococcus pyogenes serotype M3 (severe infections—high morbidity rates)

• Staphylococcus aureus (meningitis, sepsis)

Half of the masks were contaminated with one or more strains of pneumonia-causing bacteria. One-third were contaminated with one or more strains of meningitis-causing bacteria. One-third were contaminated with dangerous, antibiotic-resistant bacterial pathogens. In addition, less dangerous pathogens were identified, including pathogens that can cause fever, ulcers, acne, yeast infections, strep throat, periodontal disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and more.

Yet, the ignorant (or evil and sadistic) “doctors” of the American Academy of Pediatrics declare that all school students over the age of 2 should wear the damn masks, for no good reason!

So the masking of the children is nothing but child abuse, in my view. The “officials” suggesting to impose mask mandates for kids in schools are aiding and abetting child abuse, and they should be arrested and charged with such crimes.

I’m not going to get into the “vaccines” that are not vaccines here. Although Health Impact News does have this lengthy page on the people who died after getting the Covid “vaccine,” many of them.

Rand Paul is right to suggest that people take back their freedom and engage in a sort of civil disobedience, if you want to call it that. Try not to get arrested. You have a right to live free and a right to keep yourself in good health. Fake “vaccines” and face masks are against good health.

And try not to be affected by the “public health” bureaucrats’ propaganda, the lies, Joe Biden’s nonsense, and especially “Dr.” Fauci and “Dr.” Walensky’s idiocy. They are morons. Ignore them.

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Another Anniversary of U.S. Atomic Bombing of Japan

It’s the 76th anniversary of the U.S. military dropping the atom bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, and slaughtering tens of thousands of innocent civilians. On Monday it will be the 76th year of the U.S. military dropping The Bomb on Nagasaki.

Many Americans are indoctrinated to rationalize the bombings and mass murder as justified, whether to “save millions” more or to “end the war,” or whatever. But it is never justified to murder an innocent person, war or not.

Here are some articles to read that contradict the government-approved official misinformation most people have been given in their government schools and by their parents or elders. The articles also point out the moral depravity of government rulers such as President Harry Truman who authorized the bombings.

Ralph Raico: Harry Truman and the Atomic Bomb.

Justin Raimondo: Hiroshima, Mon Amour.

Jacob Hornberger: Why Aren’t Hiroshima and Nagasaki War Crimes?

Edward Curtin: The Satanic Nature of the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

And finally, a must read: Murray Rothbard: War, Peace, and the State

The Hypocrisy and Double Standards of Government Apparatchiks

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is in the news, having been investigated by state attorney general Letitia “Tish” James for sexual harassment and his groping of various females at the office or at gatherings, etc. I believe 11 women made official complaints against him. (Yes, “Tish,” but not the Addams Family Tish, that’s a different Tish.)

The New York attorney general Tish said, “Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women and in doing so violated federal and state law,” yet, she then went on to say that the “matter is now civil in nature, and doesn’t have criminal consequences.” Hmm.

Just like former FBI director James Comey listing one violation of the law after another by Hillary Clinton, but then saying there will be no indictments for Hillary. But, if she were a Republican or a Trump supporter….

I know it goes without saying, but if Cuoma were a Republican, they would be throwing the book at him. He would be in jail, yesterday. That is because Democrats get away with any crimes they want to get away with. Kill people in nursing homes, that’s just fine. Let people get away with arson, looting, murder and destruction, you’re good. And grope and sexually harass, intimidate and threaten people, okay you are free to go.

Another issue is the sexual perversions and hangups that liberals and Democrats seem to have. Democrats especially have these sexual hangups, they think it’s okay to be invasive against others, they do not believe in boundaries, especially when it comes to children. Now, I’m not saying that Cuomo has done anything to kids, but we know, just from videos, that the Groper-in-Chief Biden likes to be “touchy-feely” with kids as well as other people’s wives and other young women, and openly in public forums. I think this thing with narcissistically violating personal boundaries is mainly a leftist thing. In general, they do not seem to have a basic understanding of or respect for the persons and property of others.

Additionally, this whole Covid scam is coming mainly from the people on the left. Like Cuoma getting away with killing elderly people in nursing homes and getting away with groping and sexually harassing and threatening women, note the hypocrisy and double standards from the Democrats and the people on the left with the Covid scam.

For some examples, Gavin Newsom imposes mask mandates and business closures and stay-in orders, yet he goes to the “French Laundry” restaurant for highbrow wining and dining with his comrades, maskless. In Michigan Wretchen Whitmer imposes the same orders, yet she goes and violates her own rules as well.

More recently Democrats from the Texas legislature flew to Washington to evade their constitutional responsibilities and avoid voting on important bills in the legislature. They were maskless, and mostly “vaccinated” yet still testing positive for Covid. They couldn’t care less, just like the aforementioned hacks. Because they all know what a bogus “pandemic” this is that their Democrat Party has inflicted on the rest of us, they know what a bogus and phony “variant” the “Delta variant” is, and they couldn’t care less.

However, hypocrisy and double standards are not just for Democrats. It’s also a government thing. Especially U.S. government on a larger scale, and some of the offenses are an “American Exceptionalism” thing (although that especially is with Republicans).

For instance, Republican President George H.W. Bush started a war of aggression in Iraq in 1991, caused the bombings of civilian Iraqi electrical plants and water and sewer treatment plants and imposed sanctions and no-fly zones and, along with his successor Bill Clinton who continued the violence, caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians, well before 9/11. And then after 9/11, the Bush son George W. started whole new wars of aggression, in Iraq and Afghanistan, and caused the deaths of several hundred thousand more innocent civilians and injured or displaced millions. But because of “American Exceptionalism,” that is when Republicans (and the U.S. government in general) get away with their crimes.

But Democrats don’t care about those things, only a few of them maybe with their articles of impeachment of Bush which never saw the light of day. Mostly, all Democrats care about are what pronouns people use, any little thing someone might say that might have offended someone somewhere, and so on. Democrat Obama continued where Bush left off, by the way, with the bombings, the drone strikes and murders without due process, and Obama with his war on the Press. Yawn.

So, besides how the U.S. government in general gets away with mass murder that it condemns other governments for committing, Democrats more specifically and their affiliated groups including antifa, BLM, etc. get away with all the crimes they get away with, burning down businesses and looting, destroying churches and schools and cars, and committing vote fraud and ballot stuffing and stealing whole elections. When they want to go after Republicans, they just make stuff up like the Steel dossier and “Trump-Russia collusions,” or concoct an “insurrection” with which to frame Republicans or Trump supporters.

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Jon Rappoport: Covid-19 Is the Murder of Old People, “If There Is No Virus, Why Are All These People Dying?“, The Vaccine War: Who Really Has the Upper Hand?, and Three Quarters of New Covid Cases Are in Vaccinated People — CDC Study.

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The “Vaccine” Police State Escalates

John Whitehead at the Rutherford Institute has this article up regarding the calls for vaccine mandates and vaccine passports, and the growing police state in Amerika. A New State of Segregation: Vaccine Cards Are Just the Beginning.

So, I wanted to link to that one right now, and I also have some brief comments. Besides the mayor of New York, Bill Duh Blasio imposing vaccine mandates on various places in NYC, now we are hearing of Cuomo and the whole state of New York imposing vaccine mandates and New Jersey Gov. Murphy wanting to join in the fun there. Why?

Why are they doing these stupid things? We now know that the “vaccines” are not preventing infections or transmissions of infections (and they weren’t intended to). What is the point? And private businesses requiring employees to have to receive the experimental drug injection?

Why are the American Medical Association supporting Covid “vaccines” for health care workers? Don’t they understand what the mRNA “vaccine” really is, the deaths and injuries it has been causing people, and that the “vaccine” is not even preventing infections or transmission? (No, they probably don’t know those things, as I have come to understand from my years of experience with “doctors,” many of them are ignorant and incompetent, and/or dishonest and corrupt. But they do understand such important aspects of medical care and healing as “critical race theory.” That, they know.)

The Covid Psy-Op Is Back. The “Authorities” Are Completely NUTS!

So now people are seeing that the Covid “vaccines,” those experimental mRNA drug injections, are not working or they are not preventing infections or transmission of infections. As I have been saying for a while, those “vaccines” were not intended to prevent infections or transmissions. Their actual purpose has been to reduce symptoms, and that’s it. Their purpose is solely to treat the person being injected, not having anything to do with “protecting others.”

And the people who thought otherwise are waking up now, realizing that they were misled. They have been defrauded. We have to start using that word. We have to start getting lawyers and bringing charges against the fraudsters.

But we have businesses and employers who are now mandating these vaccines, regardless of the hundreds of thousands of reported injuries and 12,000 reported deaths in the U.S. Are the managements of those businesses just uninformed? Are they just authoritarians?

In New York City, Mayor Bill Duh Blasio sounds like he wants to mandate the vaccines. On Broadway the venues require that you be “vaccinated” or present proof of negative Covid test taken within 72 hours.

And what is the point of the “vaccines” when they do not prevent the spread of a contagious disease, and what is the point of the Covid test when we know that most of the tests have been producing false positives (and false negatives)? The tests just don’t work.

As I wrote in my post on Saturday people are using the PCR tests at too high a cycle threshold and that guarantees false positive (or false negative) results.

And we’re seeing how “the unvaccinated” are being blamed for whatever spreading of Covid is going on, when the “vaccines” are not preventing spreading and aren’t intended to. The whole thing is a farce. “Dr.” Fauci and “Dr.” Lewinsky at the CDC should be arrested and charged with lying to the American people and charged with fraud.

But what is it with society’s mystical obsession with “vaccines” like some sort of superstitious cultish kind of thing? People worship synthetic pharmaceutical drugs like gods, and they look down on natural health and natural medicine. The government, medical and media Authorities have been intentionally suppressing information about vitamin D and zinc, especially. People are really Dark Ages now, unfortunately.

And the Mask Cult. Municipalities are bringing back mask mandates. As I wrote in this article, the masks do not prevent transmission of virus, because the virus is too small to be stopped by the mask. There is no scientific evidence to show that the masks protect others from the spread of the virus. The whole thing is a psy-op.

The Mask Cult now is a cult of submission and conformity. Just put a muzzle on and “stifle yourself, Edith!” as Archie Bunker would say. What a sick society we are living in now. Do you like this?

And in Florida, I find it hard to believe that there is a surge in Covid “cases.” As I wrote in my earlier post, a “case” is based on false positive results of the too-high-cycle-threshold PCR tests. Does Gov. Ron De Santis know about that? Someone should inform him of that if he doesn’t already know. And I don’t believe that hospitalizations for Covid are skyrocketing in Florida. I think that “public health” officials and some hospital bureaucrats are lying about that. They have a political agenda, and much of this Covid crap over the past 17 or 18 months now has been a bunch of crap based on lies and made-up crap.

How much longer are you going to put up with all this?

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