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The Covid Scam Continues to Go On and On and On…

As a follow-up to my recent post on the real disseminators of Covid “misinformation,” I was listening to Bloomberg Radio yesterday and its replay of Meet the Fake Meet the Press with Upchuck Toadie, and Upchuck interviewed the corrupt “Dr.” Fauci.

A lot of people hang on Fauci’s every word, like he is the god of medicine, science and infectious disease expertise, even though he has contradicted himself several times now, on masks, lockdowns, and more.

So Fauci was approving of the recent University of Washington study which concluded that the real number of U.S. Covid deaths is over 900,000, when he knows about the CDC revising its guidelines in March of last year to count non-Covid deaths as “Covid deaths,” and he knows about the widespread inaccuracy of the testing results that have been based on Cycle Threshold of 35 or higher and therefore we have been getting false positive “cases,” and more.

Like Fauci, the University of Washington researchers also have to know about those things or they are just plain ignorant, which I don’t believe. And the same goes for the “official” numbers-givers at Johns Hopkins University, upon which many “news” outlets rely for the Covid “case” and death numbers.

There was this article (now on the Wayback Machine) from Johns Hopkins that they had taken down because it questioned the official narrative that the quacks at Bloomberg Johns Hopkins School of “Public Health” have been parroting. The article pointed out that there were no more deaths on average in 2020 than previous years (i.e. “additional deaths due to Covid” that was and is a crock), and that the reporting of other deaths such as heart disease deaths had declined last year (well, that was and is because officials are counting all these other non-Covid deaths as “Covid deaths”). The Johns Hopkins article was clearly a legitimate science-based article, yet it was taken down because these officials in government, medical officials and regime academics don’t want the truth about this SCAM to be known by the masses. They are continuing the lie as we speak.

After a whole year of this, I’ll bet many people reading these posts I have been writing or other articles I have been linking to, are saying, “well I haven’t heard any of these things from my media outlets or social media and so therefore I will not believe any of it,” etc., etc. And that is because many in the “news” media are just unthinking robots who merely repeat whatever government bureaucrats tell them without question or without any meaningful investigative research, or they’re just dumb. Sadly, because of media incompetence, ignorance or corruption, the masses just don’t know the truth on Covid.

The social media Big Tech giants are censoring the truth as well, calling “misinformation” anything that doesn’t parrot the official, government-approved false narrative. They are censoring people who try to publish or link to articles or videos with alternative information that disputes the official, government-approved false narrative.

And the mask stuff. Dr. Fauci himself said at the beginning that the masks won’t block virus particles and won’t protect people. That is because the virus particles are too small and so there’s no reason for anyone to have to wear a mask in public. The N95 masks may have been shown to block viruses but they also reduce your oxygen levels even more than non-N95 masks.

But now the masks are a symbol of virtue signalling, and really nothing else. The obedient mask wearers are breathing in reduced oxygen levels and higher amounts of CO2 levels, in addition to the bacteria that accumulates in the mask, especially if it’s re-worn. And now the mask-wearing and snitching on non-mask-wearers is a part of the newest cult. The Mask Cult.

I addressed the masks here.

So, people are making themselves sick on the masks, especially if they wash the mask in the laundry, breathing in directly those lingering detergent fumes in the mask, as well as people making themselves sick on all the sanitizers and disinfectants they have been spraying all over the place, on their hands and feet, and on doorknobs and other areas for no good reason, for a whole year now. No wonder there continue to be hospitalizations for people who are making themselves sick and falsely testing positive for Covid and then being made sicker by incompetent hospital staff and ventilators.

By the way, as we saw a year ago from this Stanford University study and this University of Miami study the Covid infection fatality rate is way low, like between .1% and .2% — that is, of those who actually have the virus, only between one-tenth and two-tenths of one percent of them would not survive. Just like the seasonal flu. The researchers concluded that many people among the population by that time (April-May, 2020) had the virus but most were not sickened by it. And therefore, as I see it, a huge proportion of the population a year ago had already had the chance to develop antibodies and natural immunity to Covid (and its variants). And now probably an even greater percentage of the population since then have been exposed to the virus and have naturally developed antibodies. So by the year 2021 there has been no actual need for VACCINES! (Especially vaccines that are not vaccines but gene therapy, or risky, experimental medical treatments for healthy people who do not need medical treatments!) In other words it wouldn’t surprise me that much of our population had already developed Covid antibodies naturally, just from natural exposure (and that it’s very likely that the virus had already been here in the U.S. for months prior to that January 2020 period)!

You can continue to be a Covid True Believer (in the government-approved official narrative) if you want to. I do NOT believe the official narrative!

And so you can join the Cult — count me out. Wear the suffocating muzzle on your face. And be a human guinea pig and get an experimental vaccine that’s not a vaccine, so people at Pfizer and Moderna and J&J can get filthy rich. Yay!

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