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Rand Paul Interrogates the Corrupt Fauci: “Gain-of-Function” Virus Research

In addition to the dangerous experimental Covid gene therapy “vaccines” that will make certain people even more filthy rich than they already are, i.e. Big Pharma and health bureaucrats with ties to them, there is a controversy as to the origins of the Covid virus.

Sen. Rand Paul in the video below questions “Dr.” Fauci on the government funding or NIH funding of “gain-of-function” joint research between Dr. Ralph Baric, of UNC Chapel Hill, and Shi Zhengli, of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The researchers did “gain-of-function experiments designed to make coronaviruses infect human cells,” according to science writer Nicholas Wade as quoted by Tucker Carlson.

This apparently is the full exchange between Rand Paul and Fauci. If you heard excerpts in the news, chances are you heard only certain cuts made by the “news” people to intentionally make Paul look bad and Fauci look good. In fact, I heard one of the “news”casters on the radio describe Paul as “badgering” Fauci. Whereas, at one point Fauci says emphatically that NIH did not fund this Wuhan joint experiment of gain-of-function research, and then seconds later he is saying, if it did, then it was according to guidelines or whatever BS he was saying. These life-long government bureaucrats are very devious, dishonest shady characters, in my view.

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