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Martin Armstrong: Mental Health Pandemic.

Don Boudreaux: “This Is Mental Illness” (Covid Derangement Syndrome).

Ron Paul: Covid Authoritarians Abuse Children

Jon Rappoport: Covid Vaccine Can Worsen Disease; Mainstream Study; Not on the Evening News

Life Site: Healthcare Workers Report Suffering ‘Full Body Convulsions’ after Covid-19 Vaccines.

James Bovard: Biden Plans Expansion of Feds’ Army of Snitches in ‘Dollars for Collars’ Program.

Matt Taibbi: Reporters Once Challenged the Spy State. Now, They’re Agents of It.

Robert Wenzel: MIT Researchers Infiltrated a Covid-19 Lockdown/Mask Skeptics Community: This is What They Found

Jacob Hornberger: A Woke CIA … or a Free, Peaceful, and Prosperous Society?

Lew Rockwell: An American Classical Liberalism

William Anderson: We Cannot Build an Economy on Lies

Glenn Greenwald: Antony Blinken Continues to Lecture the World on Values His Administration Aggressively Violates.

William Astore: Endless War Is A Feature of Our National Programming.

Mandy Smithberger: Why the Pentagon Budget Never Goes Down.

Maryam Henein: FDA: “Operation Quack Hack”: Medical Mafia vs. Medical Health Freedom Fighters.

Daniel Larison: Israeli Apartheid Is On Display.

Winter Oak: 10 Things We Have Learned During the Covid Coup.

And Laurence Vance: The Hypocrisy of the Left on Discrimination

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