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Month: May 2021

Rand Paul Interrogates the Corrupt Fauci: “Gain-of-Function” Virus Research

In addition to the dangerous experimental Covid gene therapy “vaccines” that will make certain people even more filthy rich than they already are, i.e. Big Pharma and health bureaucrats with ties to them, there is a controversy as to the origins of the Covid virus.

Sen. Rand Paul in the video below questions “Dr.” Fauci on the government funding or NIH funding of “gain-of-function” joint research between Dr. Ralph Baric, of UNC Chapel Hill, and Shi Zhengli, of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The researchers did “gain-of-function experiments designed to make coronaviruses infect human cells,” according to science writer Nicholas Wade as quoted by Tucker Carlson.

This apparently is the full exchange between Rand Paul and Fauci. If you heard excerpts in the news, chances are you heard only certain cuts made by the “news” people to intentionally make Paul look bad and Fauci look good. In fact, I heard one of the “news”casters on the radio describe Paul as “badgering” Fauci. Whereas, at one point Fauci says emphatically that NIH did not fund this Wuhan joint experiment of gain-of-function research, and then seconds later he is saying, if it did, then it was according to guidelines or whatever BS he was saying. These life-long government bureaucrats are very devious, dishonest shady characters, in my view.

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The Covid Scam Continues to Go On and On and On…

As a follow-up to my recent post on the real disseminators of Covid “misinformation,” I was listening to Bloomberg Radio yesterday and its replay of Meet the Fake Meet the Press with Upchuck Toadie, and Upchuck interviewed the corrupt “Dr.” Fauci.

A lot of people hang on Fauci’s every word, like he is the god of medicine, science and infectious disease expertise, even though he has contradicted himself several times now, on masks, lockdowns, and more.

So Fauci was approving of the recent University of Washington study which concluded that the real number of U.S. Covid deaths is over 900,000, when he knows about the CDC revising its guidelines in March of last year to count non-Covid deaths as “Covid deaths,” and he knows about the widespread inaccuracy of the testing results that have been based on Cycle Threshold of 35 or higher and therefore we have been getting false positive “cases,” and more.

Like Fauci, the University of Washington researchers also have to know about those things or they are just plain ignorant, which I don’t believe. And the same goes for the “official” numbers-givers at Johns Hopkins University, upon which many “news” outlets rely for the Covid “case” and death numbers.

There was this article (now on the Wayback Machine) from Johns Hopkins that they had taken down because it questioned the official narrative that the quacks at Bloomberg Johns Hopkins School of “Public Health” have been parroting. The article pointed out that there were no more deaths on average in 2020 than previous years (i.e. “additional deaths due to Covid” that was and is a crock), and that the reporting of other deaths such as heart disease deaths had declined last year (well, that was and is because officials are counting all these other non-Covid deaths as “Covid deaths”). The Johns Hopkins article was clearly a legitimate science-based article, yet it was taken down because these officials in government, medical officials and regime academics don’t want the truth about this SCAM to be known by the masses. They are continuing the lie as we speak.

After a whole year of this, I’ll bet many people reading these posts I have been writing or other articles I have been linking to, are saying, “well I haven’t heard any of these things from my media outlets or social media and so therefore I will not believe any of it,” etc., etc. And that is because many in the “news” media are just unthinking robots who merely repeat whatever government bureaucrats tell them without question or without any meaningful investigative research, or they’re just dumb. Sadly, because of media incompetence, ignorance or corruption, the masses just don’t know the truth on Covid.

The social media Big Tech giants are censoring the truth as well, calling “misinformation” anything that doesn’t parrot the official, government-approved false narrative. They are censoring people who try to publish or link to articles or videos with alternative information that disputes the official, government-approved false narrative.

And the mask stuff. Dr. Fauci himself said at the beginning that the masks won’t block virus particles and won’t protect people. That is because the virus particles are too small and so there’s no reason for anyone to have to wear a mask in public. The N95 masks may have been shown to block viruses but they also reduce your oxygen levels even more than non-N95 masks.

But now the masks are a symbol of virtue signalling, and really nothing else. The obedient mask wearers are breathing in reduced oxygen levels and higher amounts of CO2 levels, in addition to the bacteria that accumulates in the mask, especially if it’s re-worn. And now the mask-wearing and snitching on non-mask-wearers is a part of the newest cult. The Mask Cult.

I addressed the masks here.

So, people are making themselves sick on the masks, especially if they wash the mask in the laundry, breathing in directly those lingering detergent fumes in the mask, as well as people making themselves sick on all the sanitizers and disinfectants they have been spraying all over the place, on their hands and feet, and on doorknobs and other areas for no good reason, for a whole year now. No wonder there continue to be hospitalizations for people who are making themselves sick and falsely testing positive for Covid and then being made sicker by incompetent hospital staff and ventilators.

By the way, as we saw a year ago from this Stanford University study and this University of Miami study the Covid infection fatality rate is way low, like between .1% and .2% — that is, of those who actually have the virus, only between one-tenth and two-tenths of one percent of them would not survive. Just like the seasonal flu. The researchers concluded that many people among the population by that time (April-May, 2020) had the virus but most were not sickened by it. And therefore, as I see it, a huge proportion of the population a year ago had already had the chance to develop antibodies and natural immunity to Covid (and its variants). And now probably an even greater percentage of the population since then have been exposed to the virus and have naturally developed antibodies. So by the year 2021 there has been no actual need for VACCINES! (Especially vaccines that are not vaccines but gene therapy, or risky, experimental medical treatments for healthy people who do not need medical treatments!) In other words it wouldn’t surprise me that much of our population had already developed Covid antibodies naturally, just from natural exposure (and that it’s very likely that the virus had already been here in the U.S. for months prior to that January 2020 period)!

You can continue to be a Covid True Believer (in the government-approved official narrative) if you want to. I do NOT believe the official narrative!

And so you can join the Cult — count me out. Wear the suffocating muzzle on your face. And be a human guinea pig and get an experimental vaccine that’s not a vaccine, so people at Pfizer and Moderna and J&J can get filthy rich. Yay!

Ron Paul on the Latest CDC Self-Contradictions

Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams discuss Covid myths, such as the myth of surface transmission of the Covid virus. From the YouTube page:

The CDC has quietly added a link on its website to a new study showing that surface transmission of the virus is extremely rare. Even if a person touches a “contaminated” surface the chance of getting infected is only one in ten thousand! So much for the billions of dollars shelled out over the past year on disinfectants and sanitizers. Somebody got rich! Also today; More Fauci word salad and United Airlines dangerous new “wokeism.”

And in this video, they discuss the CDC suddenly concerned about Covid false positive test results. From the YouTube page:

The CDC has issued new guidelines for measuring “breakthrough” Covid cases (a vaccinated person contracting the virus), recommending that the PCR test cycles be dialed down to below 28 to avoid false positives. False positives could undermine support for the vaccine. This move makes sense…but what about an entire year of testing the general population with a cycle of 40 or above? Are some false positives more equal than others?

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Covid “Misinformation” Is from Government and “News” Media, Not from What They Are Censoring

After a year of Covid, a lot of people remain ignorant and misinformed, thanks in large part to government propaganda that has been promoted and repeated by the “news” media and social media who censor the truth and facts while labeling them as “misinformation.”

And now we have vaccine misinformation as promoted by the aforementioned. And no, being inflicted with those poisonous intrusive “vaccines” will not make you “immune” or cause “herd immunity,” and they are not intended to.

The “vaccines” intention and purpose is to reduce symptoms for those who actually have the virus. And this is for a virus that has a 99.9% survival rate, and 94.6% for people age 70 and up, according to the CDC. And 40% to 80% of those with the virus have no symptoms at all!

So, they are legally not vaccines, they are medical treatments. Yet, millions of people are being duped to accept this scam.

And the vaccine mandates. These are still experimental “vaccines,” not approved by the FDA, only given “Emergency Use Authorization.” It is ILLEGAL to mandate experimental vaccines or any medical treatments!

Worse, they are causing many people harm! As the Children’s Health Defense Team reported a week ago:

Of the 3,544 deaths reported as of April 23, 25% occurred within 48 hours of vaccination, 17% occurred within 24 hours and 40% occurred in people who became ill within 48 hours of being vaccinated.

This week’s data included three reports of deaths among teens under age 18, including two 15-year-olds and one 16-year-old who died unexpectedly from a blood clot 11 days after receiving her first Pfizer dose.

A 15-year-old female died of cardiac arrest after receiving the second dose of the Moderna vaccine, and a 15-year-old male died of cardiac failure two days after receiving the Pfizer vaccine.


*As of April 23, 598 pregnant women reported adverse events related to COVID vaccines, including 170 reports of miscarriage or premature birth.

*Of the 1,099 cases of Bell’s Palsy reported, 51% of cases were reported after Pfizer-BioNTech vaccinations, 39% following vaccination with the Moderna vaccine and 131 cases or 12% of Bell’s Palsy were reported in conjunction with J&J.

*There were 121 reports of Guillain-Barré Syndrome with 44% of cases attributed to Pfizer, 43% to Moderna and 17% to J&J.

*There were 33,673 reports of anaphylaxis with 39% of cases attributed to Pfizer’s vaccine, 44% to Moderna and 16% to J&J.

So, you colleges and businesses and government agencies out there are going to mandate these dangerous and risky vaccines? I hope to see class action lawsuits in these cases.

And vaccine “passports” to enter the U.S. or Canada? Are you kidding me? And for what?

And the damn masks! A recent study analyzing several other studies found that the masks may lead to health problems, as reported here. And here is that actual paper. I already discussed that here and here.

Mandate self-suffocation muzzles? “Hey, let’s force everybody to put on face masks so they can suffer from oxygen deprivation and breathe in too much CO2 and bacteria from the mask and get bacterial pneumonia and make themselves sick, we’ll give them false positive test results and make them sicker with panic and fear!” (No, they wouldn’t do that!)

After over a year into this Covid scamdemic, there nevertheless are still many True Believers in the scam. The governors and mayors and their “public health” commissars with their daily propaganda conferences and the “news” media repeating over and over the number of made-up Covid deaths, “case” numbers, and people saying, “We can do this!” really makes me want to toss my cookies. The liars are sickening.

But all these government medical quacks and bureaucrats getting away with their crimes that we continue to suffer, including their media stenographers aiding and abetting the mass brainwashing. There must be some sort of revealing email chain somewhere that a good FOIA investigation can uncover. Either we find out the truth about all this or it continues.

But right now it’s the vaccine cult, based on government and media misinformation. Even in the year 2021 many people have this superstitious blind faith in establishment medicine and synthetic pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, regardless of the harm they have all done to so many people.

For instance, you can hear in the news how “effective” are the Covid “vaccines,” the propagandists saying things like, “Covid vaccine prevents hospitalizations,” or “reduces hospitalizations,” rather than saying the vaccine “prevents Covid infections” or “prevents transmission,” because they know the vaccines don’t prevent transmission or infection, and they aren’t intended to.

As Dr. Fauci pointed out early on, the vaccines reduce symptoms of the disease, so that if you have the actual virus the vaccine supposedly treats your symptoms, such as reducing inflammatory responses for example.

But the vaccines don’t prevent infections of this virus or transmission of the virus, despite some of the propagandists asserting that. This article I already linked to by Christian Elliot points out those facts among many other facts about all this we are not hearing from the bureaucrats and their government media stenographers. (Dr. Mercola also points out basic Covid facts that do not parrot the official false narrative.)

But there was one thing Elliot didn’t seem to mention that is very important. The whole Covid narrative is based on the false assertion that asymptomatic carriers of the Covid virus transmit the virus. This is not true.

Asymptomatic “carriers,” that is, those who have the virus but don’t have symptoms, do not have enough of a viral load to be contagious.

And if someone has too small a viral load to actually get sick from it (yet nevertheless tests “positive” for the virus), chances are that “asymptomatic carriers” can’t transmit the virus to others. The WHO announced a year ago that they did “very detailed contact tracing” of asymptomatic carriers in several different countries, and transmission of Covid from asymptomatic carriers was “very rare.”

In fact, as Jon Rappoport pointed out, Dr. Fauci himself stated that “In all the history of respiratory borne viruses of any type, asymptomatic transmission has never been the driver of outbreaks.”

Rappoport notes that the propagandists have been talking out of both sides of their mouths and as they continue to contradict themselves, they start by wanting to lock down all of society and ruin people’s livelihoods, and then schemed how exactly to achieve such a goal.

Here is “Dr.” Fauci:

So, there was never any actual need for fascist shut-downs or house arrest orders, face masks or vaccines. If someone has symptoms, then you stay home, for your own sake and to prevent spreading it. It’s as simple as that. And remember, it’s a virus with a 99.9% survival rate, and 94.6% for those age 70 and older, according to the CDC.

Fauci and those other bureaucrats have been really FOS throughout much of this fiasco.

And testing is meaningless because of so many false positives. The testing has mostly been with too high a Cycle Threshold to give false positives to up the case numbers.

And a “case” is no longer “someone who is sick with symptoms,” but is now “anyone who tests positive.” The whole thing is a fraud and a scam.

Further reasons to know that the whole thing is a scam and a lie include a year ago the CDC changing their guidelines to include non-Covid deaths as “Covid deaths,”  doctors and hospitals receiving financial incentives to put “Covid” on death certificates, funeral directors putting “Covid” on all the death certificates regardless of the real cause, etc., a never ending parade of fraud and cons.

A lot of people don’t believe all that because they believe what they hear on the “news”casts, every day. People reading the above probably don’t believe any of this or click on links or do any investigating or research because the “news” media says otherwise therefore what I’m saying is “conspiracy theory,” and all that.

Sadly, most people get their “news” i.e. official narrative from the government media and from social media. CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, and Facebook and Twitter who get their “news” from the aforementioned.

These Establishment government-approved outlets are censoring actual information now, on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry, and on behalf of “social justice,” hating Donald Trump, or whatever agenda they’re currently obsessed with.

By the way, if you want to check anything I write here, don’t use Google. Google censors anything that isn’t official narrative or otherwise government-approved press releases, especially in regards to health news. They are now censoring non-Establishment health-related websites in favor of Establishment websites that don’t even get their “information” from scientific studies but rather from government-approved sources, or mainly just made-up crap like we have had this past long year with the Covid scamdemic.

In this Project Veritas video, a CNN flunky tells how CNN was driving up the Covid death toll numbers to drive up fear, because fear and panic drive up their ratings, fear sells.

Martin Armstrong writes that CNN has blood on its hands for intentionally exaggerating and overblowing the seriousness of Covid and for inciting fear and panic, and asks if CNN can be sued. I think the bureaucrats who have been imposing fascist closures and mandates need to be sued, in fact JAILED for their CRIMES!

But most or close to all of the “news” people are like that CNN idiot now. They don’t care about the truth. And that was Part 2 of the Project Veritas series. Here are Part 1, in which the CNN flunky admits they aired propaganda to “get Trump out,” and Part 3.

Glenn Greenwald has been at his best in recent articles documenting how utterly biased and subservient to the gubmint the “news” media are, such as with evidence-free claims about Russia, And while the New York Times, Washington Post and NBC retracted their recent stories about Rudy Giuliani, Greenwald shows how some reporters still refused to retract or delete what they knew to be false.

And of course a main reason for the Covid scam was to get rid of Donald Trump, which they did, with the pleading for mail-in voting to enable cheating and vote fraud to steal the election.

Anyway, I don’t know what China’s initial intention was with terror lockdowns, maybe because they wanted to quell the Hong Kong protests, who knows. Or the U.S. government and its high cronies wanted to distract people away from the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, like to avoid revealing all the names of his alleged blackmail victims, who knows.

But what we have learned over the past year is that government bureaucrats’ main purpose is to harass and enslave the people as much as possible, mainly for those who “work” in government who get off inflicting such abuse on innocent people.

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