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Glenn Greenwald Takedown of Cowardly “Journalists”

Glenn Greenwald has this terrific article on how today’s “journalists” attack the powerless, private citizens, bloggers, who go off the “woke” reservation, while said “journalists” then make themselves victims to avoid criticisms of themselves. He is exactly right about these “journalists.” Many of them now are mainly brainwashed robots who act as political correctness gestapo.

A quote from Greenwald’s article:

This USA Today article is thus yet another example of journalists at major media outlets abusing their platforms to attack and expose anything other than the real power centers which compose the ruling class and govern the U.S.: the CIA, the FBI, security state agencies, Wall Street, Silicon Valley oligarchs. To the extent these journalists pay attention to those entities at all — and they barely ever do — it is to venerate them and mindlessly disseminate their messaging like stenographers, not investigate them. Investigating people who actually wield real power is hard.

In my own opinion, many of today’s “journalists” do not believe in the actual truth, they obediently take the word of their “unnamed government sources” and their “anonymous sources” when writing their fake news stories, and they just don’t bother to do the necessary investigative research required, which they would have to do in order to get the truth, because 99% of the people in government are liars and do not tell the people or the media the truth. Covid is a major example. Iraq and other warmongering. “Russia collusions.” I could go on and on.

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