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Jon Rappoport on the Covid Fraud and Lockdowns

Jon Rappoport has an open letter to people who want freedom, regarding lockdowns that are based on fraud. He begins:

This article is arranged so you see the fraud in more detail as you read further.


The lockdowns are based on high levels of COVID cases.

“We have so many new cases, we have to lock down.”

This claim is based on the diagnostic PCR test.

The more tests you do, the more positive results come up. A positive result is taken to mean: the person is infected with the virus.

But overwhelmingly, these so-called “infected” people have no symptoms. They are healthy. Nevertheless, each one is called a “COVID case.” This is absurd.

A case should mean the person has clinical symptoms; he is sick.

These people aren’t sick, and there is no indication they will get sick.

So…expand testing, test millions of people, obtain results claiming “infection,” call all these healthy people “cases,” and order lock downs.

This is a straight-out con. The real goal is lockdowns and economic devastation.


In that article he explains in great detail how the PCR tests give false positives. The lockdowns are based on skyrocketing “cases” in which people are not even sick. His conclusion is resist, rebel and protest, open up the economy. Resist the fascism, everyone.

And in this video from March of this year featuring Rappoport filling in hosting for Inforwars, he discusses the “bloodless coup” and the “fake epidemic,” and refers to the fake virus, the fake CDC and the fake World Health Organization, and the fear porn that the Rulers have been inflicting on the people. He also describes the horrible air pollution in China that contributes to pneumonia some cases of which are blamed on the “fake coronavirus.” At some point later in the video he refers to the vaccines that are being developed, including the RNA vaccine that apparently causes an autoimmune reaction, your own immune system attacks itself. Hooray! That’s something to look forward to.

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