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More News and Commentary from Good ol’ USSA, Orwellian Amerika

Daisy Luther: Snitchgiving: Americans Are Being Urged to Report Families Gathering for the Holiday.

Daniel McAdams: Inside the US Mental Ward

Janet Phelan: DOJ Asserts It Can Kill Anyone, Anywhere and Claim “State Secrets”

Donald Boudreaux: Tyranny Unmasked.

Joseph Mercola: Former Pfizer Science Officer Reveals Great COVID-19 Scam

Children’s Health Defense: COVID Vaccine Hesitancy Widespread, Even Among Medical Professionals.

Glenn Greenwald: A Long-Forgotten CIA Document From WikiLeaks Sheds Critical Light on Today’s U.S. Politics and Wars.

Jacob Hornberger: The CIA’s Anti-Democracy Actions.

Laurence Vance: Heroes True and False

Bill Muehlenberg: We’ve Been Warned About the Great Reset and Technocrat Tyranny.

Brett Wilkins: Peace Groups Blast Biden’s DNI Pick Over Links to Drones, Torture, and Mass Surveillance.

Jon Miltimore: Colorado County Refuses to Enforce Lockdowns as Civil Disobedience Spreads Across America.

The Last Refuge: Boston Authorities Contemplate Private Property Confiscation Under Guise of COVID Compliance, and Fundamental Chains.

The Federalist: Amazon Censors Alex Berenson’s Booklet Pointing Out Face Mask Ineffectiveness

Big League Politics: COVER-UP: Whitmer Admin Says ‘Records Do Not Exist’ Pertaining to $25 Million Dominion Contract Set Up by Democrat Official.

And Gateway Pundit: Wisconsin Group Is Filing Emergency Petition After Finding 150,000 Potentially Fraudulent Votes.

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