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Election Chaos and Vote Fraud Continues

Well, it looks like Joe Biden will be the next President, the next illegitimate President, that is, the next fake news President, the next plagiarist President, and so on. And then … Kamala.

Note how the “news” media keep reporting on Trump’s allegations of election fraud by adding their obligatory “with no evidence” and referring to Trump’s “false allegations,” etc, etc.

Whereas, for the past 4 years they would constantly just repeat “Trump-Russia collusions” and “Russians hacking the election,” without evidence! They just repeated those phrases like a broken record with a stuck needle. No thinking there, no investigating.

But Trump claims something “with no evidence” even though there has been plenty of evidence to back him up. Most of the “news” media will not report on the election fraud, and there are so many corrupt government officials, governors, mayors, judges, and others who just HATE Donald Trump, and they are saying (and some out loud), “There is no way we will let Trump get reelected, even if we have to make it up that millions of people want a confused, corrupt 78-year-old Alzheimer’s patient as their President, or a corrupt, sleazy nazi prosecutor who laughs at throwing innocent people in jail for marijuana possession, as their VP, etc., etc.”

In the past few days, several people alleged that some states had stopped counting votes late on election night when Trump was winning in those important states.

Hard to get info online when search engines are censoring the truth. But I did find this page at Pamela Geller’s website, of all places, that gives some info on that. Quoting a Nevada “news” outlet: “Results from the western swing state of Nevada could be known on Thursday morning, after pollsters stopped counting ballots on election day and planned to return to them on Wednesday.”

Why did they stop counting the votes? Who would do that?

And Geller quoting a tweet by Sean Davis of The Federalist, “So while everyone was asleep and after everyone went home, Democrats in Michigan magically found a trove of 138,339 votes, and all 138,339 of those ‘votes’ magically went to Biden? That doesn’t look suspicious at all.” Davis showed a graphic demonstrating that.

And Geller showed tweets by people who were shocked at the stopping of vote counting in those states.

Very interestingly, Michael Rozeff at the LRC blog gives some circumstantial evidence of when the switch from Trump’s massive lead suddenly reversed, somewhere early in the morning of November 4th between 4:30 and 7:30 AM (I assume Eastern time).

And I had recalled these articles form two months ago. Very telling. On September 1st was a Breitbart article. I don’t regularly read Breitbart, but some radio talk shows and websites were referring to or linking to this.

This first article, Bloomberg-Funded Group: Trump May Win Election Night, But Joe Biden Will Win Days Later Due to Mail-in Votes, really means that “Biden will win days later due to fraudulent mail-in votes, etc.”

The article quotes Josh Mendelsohn, “the CEO of Hawkfish — funded by Bloomberg and currently working for various pro-Biden super PACs,” as stating in an interview with Axios exactly what the title of the article suggests.

According to the Breitbart article,

Mendelsohn claims it could take weeks before Trump’s election night victory is chipped away at by mail-in votes that will show Biden as the winner.

Specifically, Hawkfish’s models predict that 4-in-10 voters this year will vote by mail. Electorally, Hawkfish’s models predict Trump could win 408 electoral votes on election night to Biden’s 130 if 15 percent of total mail-in votes are counted.

After 75 percent of mail-in votes are counted, days and potentially weeks later, Hawkfish’s models predict the race may flip to put Biden in the lead. This particular model has Biden with a blowout victory of 334 electoral votes to Trump’s 204.

Hawkfish’s claims come as a Democrat operative detailed large-scale mail-in voting fraud conducted for years by him and staff in states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. Part of the operation includes rigging elections for Democrats through paying homeless voters off, taking advantage of the elderly, posing as registered voters, and printing up fake ballots.

Democrats have fought to implement universal mail-in voting, where every registered voter on state voter rolls is mailed a ballot unsolicited, though many efforts are being challenged in court.

Last month, the Trump campaign filed suit against Nevada for their universal mail-in voting plans that would allow votes submitted after election day to count for the election. More than 223,000 mail-in ballots sent to registered voters in Las Vegas, Nevada, for their June primary bounced as “undeliverable” — 17 percent of the total 1,325,934 mail-in ballots that were sent out in the county.

That article appeared on September 1st. Two days before that, a previous Breitbart article appeared, Democrat Insider Details Mail-In Voting Fraud Operation: ‘This Is a Real Thing’.

An exclusive report by the New York Post‘s Jon Levine tells the stories of a Democrat operative who has personally led a staff to produce false election results via voter fraud for years now — a scheme that he suggests will be utilized in the upcoming local, state, congressional, and presidential elections on November 3…

In one story, the operative explained how he and his staff make fake mail-in ballots by simply running ballots sent to registered voters through a copy machine. The envelopes used for the ballots, though, are much more difficult to recreate, so instead his staff goes door-to-door convincing voters to let them deliver their mail-in ballots for them.

Then, he and the staff open the envelopes by holding them over boiling water to open the seal, remove the voter’s mail-in ballot, and replace it with their fraudulent ballot before delivering them at mailboxes in multiple towns so as not to draw suspicion.

In some instances, the operative said postal workers can be in on the scheme…

And as I linked to yesterday, postal service whistleblowers are contacting Project Veritas to claim that their superiors had them backdating mail-in ballots to a November 3rd (Election Day 2020) date. I heard James O’Keefe on Hannity radio show yesterday saying that other postal whistleblowers from other states have been contacting him to say the same thing.

The 2nd Breitbart article continues:

Taking advantage of vulnerable voters is a vital tool for the scheme, the operative said. For example, he detailed how he and his staff have links to nursing home employees who will fill out absentee ballots for elderly residents.

(See this Zero Hedge article: Project Veritas Infiltrates Texas ‘Ballot Chasing’ Ring Targeting Senior Citizens.)

Just look at this other Zero Hedge article showing that Biden got many more votes than Democrat senatorial candidates in the same states, in swing states but not non-swing states. Jeepers. Nothing to see here, and all that. More: The Federalist asks, We’re Supposed To Believe The GOP Had A Great Election Night Except For President?

Back to that 2nd Breitbart article:

When not stuffing mail-in ballots and taking advantage of voters, the operative said he and his staff impersonate voters in person on election day. The team looks for registered voters who are not active voters and obtains their personal information to impersonate them.

The process, like printing fake mail-in ballots, is easy when there are no voter ID laws in place to prevent such fraud. The fake voters go to a designated polling place and sign the real voters’ signature as best as possible.

The fraud often reaches the highest levels of election 0fficials, according to the operative. His staff bends the corners of their ballots in a specific place to tip-off their allies in states’ Board of Elections.


…in May, a former Pennsylvania judge pleaded guilty to stuffing ballot boxes for Democrats in exchange for payments from political operatives in 2014, 2015, and 2016 primary elections.  That same month, Pennsylvania election officials admitted that duplicate mail-in ballots were sent to voters.

Now, election observers want to see election workers handling, opening and processing the mail-in ballots. But I have heard that either judges are rejecting appeals by election observers not being allowed inside the premises to do their observing, or if judges are imposing orders to let the observers in, mayors are instructing local police to not enforce such laws in those states which require the election workers to let the observers in to observe.

Instead, at various places election workers are actually boarding up windows or putting up pizza boxes to block the view in addition to not letting people in. So, what are these cheaters hiding? Duh, cheaters. Some observers are reporting obvious fraud going on but being kicked out of the place. (Howie Carr tweets an audio with “Mary” a GOP poll observer telling about massive fraud going on.)

I just don’t have enough time to write about all these things. It’s one thing after another! If you rely on mainstream “news” media for information, as with the Russiagate story for 4 years and the Covid fiasco all this year, you will not get facts and information from mainstream “news” media outlets. Just propaganda, lies, campaign slogans, and government press releases.

And as Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams discuss, Election 2020: Mob Rule Has Arrived. The whole thing is a mess. I hope it doesn’t turn into a civil war.

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