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Shady Shenanigans in New York

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has a video including some funeral home directors in New York, part 1 of an investigation into fraud, waste and corruption in this ongoing COVID fiasco. The funeral directors doubt the legitimacy of alleged deaths attributed to the pandemic.

And here is a New York City nurse who is speaking on behalf of a whistleblower, another nurse who is afraid of possibly being fired or punished for speaking out. The nurse says that NYC hospitals are killing their COVID patients (or those presumed to be suffering from COVID), and she’s using the word “murder,” “murder via protocol.”

Finally, here is an article on Big League Politics about New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo forcing nursing homes to admit people who already tested positive for coronavirus, who were determined by the state to be “medically stable.”

Bureaucrats are sick psychopaths.

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