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James Bovard: Memorial Day: remembering the political lies that spurred mass killing.

Jim Davies: The bogus plague of 2020.

Brian Shilhavy, Jon Rappoport: Pharmaceutical industry is the largest offender of criminal fraud based on settlements and judgments for the False Claims Act.

MassPrivateI: Big Tech is turning hospitals into real-time surveillance centers.

Bill Wirtz: The chilling return of “Papers Please”

Mike Maharrey: Coronavirus is just the latest excuse to expand the surveillance state.

Zero Hedge: WA governor to residents: COVID-test-deniers will not be allowed to leave home to get groceries.

Becky Akers asks, Is Chicago in the U.S. or the USSR?

Neenah Payne: “Social distancing”: attack on the First Amendment!

The Last Refuge: Tyranny is real — Pennsylvania governor threatens to destroy disobedient businesses.

Daisy Luther asks, What will schools look like after COVID? Prison camps.

Jacob Hornberger: Businesses, employees, and the coronavirus crisis.

John Solomon: Adam Schiff may be the biggest loser of Russia probe declassification.

Ray McGovern: New House documents sow further doubt that Russia hacked the DNC.

The Hill: List of Obama officials who sought to “unmask” Mike Flynn.

Joe Lauria: Biden should be named in criminal probe in Ukraine, Ukrainian judge rules.

David Stockman: Wake up, Donald! Your malpracticing doctors are the real killers.

Laurence Vance: Government tyranny should come as no surprise.

Sam Jacobs: Bubble-wrapped Americans: how the U.S. became obsessed with physical and emotional safety.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Vaccine trial catastrophe: Moderna vaccine has 20% “serious” injury rate in high dose group.

And Jack Cashill: Seth Rich refuses to stay buried.

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