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Some Recent Libertarian Quotes on the Coronavirus Hysteria

Here are some good snips from various libertarian blogs and articles on the coronavirus hysteria:

Becky Akers:

Rather Than a Vaccine Against Coronavirus, We Need One Against Bureaucrats

Pennsylvania has closed all its rest areas on highways throughout the state—because, you know, “Coronavirus.” Being a mere serf, I can’t even guess how forcing travelers to queue at gas stations fights contagion, but no doubt Our Rulers know what’s best for us—even if we’re hopping from one foot to the other in lines outside the restroom.

You can bet your bottom dollar, though, that toll booths are still open.

Tom Knapp:

Someone told me today that the COVID-19 epidemic proves the US needs some form of universal socialized healthcare — “Medicare For All,” or single payer,  or whatever.


Q: In what countries is the outbreak seemingly doing the most damage?

A: China, Iran, and Italy.

Q: What kinds of healthcare systems do those countries have?

A: Highly socialized healthcare systems.

It seems to me that things would have to get a lot worse here than they are in China, Iran, and Italy before we could consider the outbreak to constitute evidence that the US needs to make its healthcare system even more like the healthcare systems of China, Iran, and Italy than it already is.

Lew Rockwell:

Hate directed against the Chinese blocks efforts in the US to deal with the coronavirus problem. Chinese scientists have developed an efficient way to test for the virus that can process 40 people in 130 minutes, instead of the 2-3 day wait for results from US tests. The US government has made no effort to get this test but instead keeps it out of the news. Instead, we hear ridiculous talk about supporting US pharmaceuticals instead of Chinese pharmaceuticals. We should be supporting free trade, so that we can get cheap drugs to US consumers. We should not help Big Pharma exploit American consumers.

Laurence Vance:

The Great H. L. Mencken on the Coronavirus:

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”

Thomas DiLorenzo:

Lost Rights During “National Emergencies” By the great Bob Higgs.

All of this reminds me of how my old friend James Bennett used to say that in normal times there is a “crisis crisis” in government bureaucracies.  With no crisis their chances of plundering the taxpayers with more and more budget appropriations is limited, therefore, they constantly work at creating either a real crisis or the perception of a crisis to eliminate taxpayer opposition to exponential plunder.

Here is that Bob Higgs video, by the way:

Robert Higgs is the author of Crisis and Leviathan: Critical Episodes in the Growth of American Government.

And finally, more Thomas DiLorenzo:

The Latest “Coronavirus Death” in Florida

A headline story on last night’s eleven-o-clock news in South Florida was about a 95-year-old man who “died from the coronavirus.” That was the screaming headline. Then after a commercial break the reporters explained that the man was 95, lived in a nursing home, and had heart disease, lung disease, and diabetes and the actual cause of death was bacterial pneumonia. Nevertheless, the blaring headline was that he succumbed to the coronavirus.

Living in South Florida one becomes very familiar with the routine, every-day danger of the elderly in nursing homes like this who catch a cold, the cold develops into pneumonia, and then the worst happens. What’s different this year is the well-planned international hysteria campaigns to accompany the cold season by the CDC and WHO.

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