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Some Rational, Non-Hysterical, Non-Propaganda Information Regarding Coronavirus

Brandon Smith says that global centralization is the cause of crisis, not the cure. If there were ever a reason to decentralize, what we are seeing in China is it. I am afraid that the centralization-obsessed criminals in Washington want to use China as a model to follow.

Daisy Luther asks, Did the Diamond Princess cruise ship “quarantine” just infect more people with Covid-19 and spread it further?

Bill Sardi has more rational information on the forced quarantine centers that will be based on ignorance and hysteria. Vitamin D is more important than vaccines. Those who are in high-risk populations will be more vulnerable to the coronavirus, including tobacco smokers, alcoholics, diabetics, obese, elderly, and very small children. So, it is helpful to avoid smoking, drinking booze, overeating and/or eating bad foods, and drugs. Those activities compromise your immune system. Taking extra vitamin D and zinc (and vitamin C, of course) will protect you more than vaccines which could actually cause disease. I’m actually more afraid of the quarantine/vaccine police state and government goons coming to my home and abducting me and hauling me off to some Katrina-like stadium, than I’m concerned about getting sick from a virus. Just keep yourselves in good health, everybody, keep your immune systems strong.

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