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Willard Romney Had Shown His True Colors Long Ago

Oh, listen to all the people who are acting surprised that Willard Mitt Romney is such a buffoon, extremely dishonest and corrupt and sleazy, with the latest news about him regarding his fake Twitter account, in which Romney defends himself and criticizes Donald Trump.

No, it’s not “Carlos Danger,” or “Reinhold Niebuhr” — it’s “Pierre Delecto“!

Really, Willard? Really?

I’m hearing those talk radio ditto-heads saying that had they known the things we now know about Romney they wouldn’t have voted for him in the 2012 primaries. Doh!

Well, I tried to warn people.

Even as early as June, 2009, in a post on Sonia Sotomayor I had to stick some anti-Romney in there:

Then we had Gov. Willard Mitt Romney, himself busy running for president [in 2006-08], and because he had so much empathy for people without health insurance, he had to push through his Mandatory Health Insurance Law–”You must, MUST have health insurance,” he said in his bill-signing speech that day, with his detectable Locust Valley Lockjaw accent. (He repeated the word, “must.”) His empathy certainly wasn’t available for the many residents and businesses who wanted to opt out of the program, and many of whom had fled or will flee the state. What business is it of the government whether someone has health insurance? How will it be enforced? If someone doesn’t participate, fine them. What if they don’t pay the fine? Jail them. With more and more police. Wait, they’re still busy collecting taxes on the highways.

And in July, 2010 in my article on “Politics or Principle,” I wrote:

Perhaps Romney’s worst deed was RomneyCare, the health care bureaucracy and mandates he installed in his last year as governor. Given his expertise as an entrepreneur and capital investor, and his knowledge of how markets work, one would think that Romney would instinctively know that more government intrusions are the cause of our medical system’s dysfunction and not the cure.

Or perhaps he did know. Politicians oftentimes compromise principle for the sake of political strategy. At the time of his signing RomneyCare into law, mid-2006, it was widely speculated that then-U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton would be running for president in 2008, as well as Romney. Clinton’s own 1993 proposals for nationalized health care would be quite useful to compare to a Republican’s own proposals or policies.

For perhaps a better explanation of his record of government expansion and apparent attraction to the power of the State, it needs to be noted that Mitt Romney grew up in a very political family. His mother Lenore Romney had been a candidate for public office, and his father George Romney was a lobbyist in Washington for the aluminum industry and the automobile industry, and, as governor of Michigan for 8 years, George was credited (or blamed) for his instituting the state’s first state income tax, and greatly expanding state government. George Romney bitterly opposed Barry Goldwater for the Republican nomination for president in 1964. Mitt Romney seemed to follow in his father’s footsteps in advocating more government interventions and intrusions, not fewer, into private economic affairs.

During his last 365 days as governor until January 2007, Romney spent over 200 of those days traveling outside of Massachusetts, “testing the waters” for a 2008 presidential bid. During that last year of Romney’s gubernatorial tenure, many of the duties of governor were taken up by Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey, who was running her own failed campaign for governor. You would think that Romney would resign as governor to run his presidential campaign, but this is politics, after all. The political “public sector” inherently discourages its employees from maintaining a consistent job attendance.

And what does it say about someone such as Romney who spends $40 million of his own wealth on a presidential campaign, only to lose to the competition? It is doubtful that he or anyone would spend so much money to be hired as a CEO of even the most prestigious private firm. But that just shows the extent to which some people will go to achieve political power.

And in December, 2011 I criticized Laura Ingraham and Rush Limbaugh for their early support for Willard. I wrote, among other things:

I heard a little of Laura Ingraham and then some of Rush Limbaugh today. From what little I heard of both of them, it is obvious they are both pushing Romney now for the Republican nomination for President. Limbaugh was complaining that the conservatives seem to be dumping on Romney. If these so-called “conservative” talk show hosts really believe that Romney represents the “business” side of things, and that he’s going to have a “business-like” approach to the federal budget, dealing with the deficit or the National Debt, they are either on drugs, or they suffer from severe delusions, or both.

And another thing, as far as these supposedly intelligent (“with half my brain tied behind my back,” etc.) radio personalities’ actually believing that the one candidate who can definitely beat Barry and Evita in the 2012 elections is Willard Romney, it is actually the opposite. A Romney nomination will guarantee an Obama victory. Why? Because they are two sides of the same coin, and most of America’s true conservatives know this.

And then in January, 2012 I wrote my article asking whether the people of New Hampshire would pick the Orwellian “conservative” Willard Romney.

In February 2012 in my post on “CPAC: Crazy Political Action Conference,” I wrote:

These so-called “conservatives” are really nuts now. They really are crazy. We have three socialists (i.e. communists) — Santorum, Gingrich and Romney — appearing at the Orwellian-named “Conservative” Political Action Conference, while the one actual conservative, who really IS conservative, Ron Paul, was cordially excluded. Only in Orwellian Amerika do we have this situation.

Romney referred to himself as “severely conservative,” in his one moment of true honesty in revealing how his destructive socialism is truly a mental illness. We know from actual historical fact that Romney/Kennedy/Obama/Bush socialism has always had destructive consequences. They are literally ruining America with their State intrusions, their confiscations, and their wars of aggression.

And, when Romney said that he was a “severely conservative governor,” even THAT’S not true! He raised taxes on businesses and implemented this failed government-managed healthcare-insurance scheme. No real capitalist would force a government-managed scheme like that on anyone! Talk about Orwellian! He’s nuts!

And I compared Romney to Ron Paul in a May, 2012 article. And then in August of 2012 I wrote that “Obama will win, thanks to the clueless banana Republicans.” And I was right.

I don’t know how many times I’ve posted this video, but here it is at this link, showing Romney snubbing a medical patient who says that medical marijuana can help him. Romney says he doesn’t support legalizing marijuana and walks away. Oh, what a caring, concerned gentleman, that Willard.

In other words, Romney is just another power-lusting politician who used sleazy tactics in his business career and has been a clueless, gutless wonder who has no real understanding of the free market as well as having no sense of decency as a human being.

So now in his hysterical rants against Trump it seems apparent to me that Willard Romney is again going to run for President. (Perhaps consider running in some other country, Willard?) Doh!

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