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Trump Was “Concerned” About Bombing Iran and Killing Civilians

Donald Trump said that he called off the bombing of Iran just minutes before it was to occur because he was concerned about causing civilian deaths, that he was told would be about “150.” The bombing was to be in response to Iran shooting down the U.S. spy drone.

He’s either very dumb, or really confused, or just a liar (or all of the above). As soon as Trump was inaugurated President of the United State, he immediately began authorizing more drone strikes abroad, most of which killed innocent civilians. So it was over 100 civilians in his first few days as President.

In just the first two months of Trump’s presidency, the drone strikes that kill mostly innocent civilians escalated by 432% more than Obomber’s Obama’s drone strikes. (See U.S. airstrike kills family of eight, U.S. drone strike kills three civilians and four “suspects,” and Trump has killed beautiful babies in four countries.)

But now, in 2+ years Trump’s civilian death toll is in the thousands.

So, Trump’s claim that he was concerned about killing civilians is just not believable. I think he called off the bombing because it was clear that the Iranians were right to shoot down the U.S. drone and that it was flying over Iranian air space.

But now, Mr. “Concerned” is attacking Iran’s computer systems and will increase sanctions against Iran. Government-imposed sanctions are an attack on the civilian population, not their government or rulers.

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