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Jeff Tucker says the socialists always come for the kids eventually.

Walter Williams says that our planet is not fragile.

Richard Enos with an article on a Harvard immunologist who says that unvaccinated children pose no risk to anyone.

Veronique de Rugy with a NY Times op-ed asking why the Republicans are embracing economic State planning.

Laurence Vance on gun rights and property rights.

Richard Ebeling says the global economy desperately needs freedom.

And a Fox News article stating that Chelsea Manning, formerly known as Bradley Manning, has now been jailed for refusing to testify on behalf of the gubmint’s secret grand jury investigation of WikiLeaks. Here is more on the story. Manning is a true hero for defending the freedom of speech and freedom of the Press, and the right of the people to know the truth about the criminality their own government is up to. Manning is the kind of hero that Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and all those talk radio chickenhawk ditto-heads will never be, as they are the ones who love and defend the authoritarian State. WikiLeaks is good for them only when it reveals Democrats’ corruption, but God forbid it should reveal the corruption and criminality of their beloved U.S. military and national security state.

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