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Authoritarian Judges Against Freedom of Speech

You’ve probably heard about Trump flunky Roger Stone allegedly violating a “gag order” that was issued by a fascist judge who sounds more like a Maduro judge than a U.S. judge. I am not a Stone fan, but his attorneys should request that this biased judge be replaced by someone who respects the defendant’s right to freedom of speech while he is outside the courtroom.

Freedom of speech applies to everyone, including criminal defendants, witnesses and juries.

But freedom of speech also implies the freedom to not speak. LRC recently posted this article by Murray Rothbard on the right to not be compelled to speak or to testify, such as at a trial.

And occasionally we hear about a news reporter who has a source for information on a case, but the reporter protects the source’s identity. Fascist judges order the reporter to name the source or the reporter will be thrown in jail. Chances are, reporters will protect a source for a story that’s revealing some kind of criminality or corruption on the part of government bureaucrats (or sometimes someone in business). The fascists want to protect their fellow corruptocrats and criminals, so they throw reporters in jail. One example was news producer Mary Richards on TV.

Another example in real life has been Bradley Manning, now known as Chelsea, who revealed corruption and criminality in the U.S. military and diplomats, as I referred to just recently.

Sadly, most government bureaucrats, including trial judges, seem to have this compulsion to either silence people or compel or coerce them to speak.

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