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Month: March 2019

Time for the Authoritarians to Censor Those Who Oppose Mandatory Vaccines

First, Bretigne Shaffer explains the anti-liberty aspect of vaccine mandates, and says that no one has a right to demand that others are vaccinated.

There has, historically, been a widely held and asserted expectation of quarantine in the case of exceptionally dangerous illnesses. However, this is not at all what the proponents of mandated vaccines are calling for. Quarantine is simply the demand that those who are already infected with a disease remain isolated in their homes or elsewhere until they are no longer able to infect others.

This is profoundly different from what the pro-mandate crowd demands: that those who are not infected undergo a medical procedure to minimize their chances of becoming infected. This is a much more intrusive demand and a potentially dangerous one.

Of course, if disease transmission is really what the proponents of vaccine mandates are worried about, then they should also demand that those recently vaccinated with live-virus vaccines not be allowed in schools or any public spaces. And if they aren’t demanding this, then one has to wonder whether the transmission of disease really is their primary concern.

The bottom line, though, has nothing to do with the science behind vaccines, nor with herd immunity, nor competing claims about vaccine safety and vaccine harm. Nor does it have to do with how serious diseases like measles are or are not. It is simply this: You do not have the right to force a medical procedure on another person.

And now it’s not enough that the vaccine fascists want to force everyone to have vaccines whether they want them or not. They are now trying to silence the other side.

The pro-forced vacciners are getting social media outlets to censor the anti-vaccine side’s side of the argument. If you really believe you have “science” and facts on your side, then you shouldn’t fear hearing the other side and shouldn’t fear a debate. Right?

Aaron and Melissa Dykes have this video on how the vaccine authoritarians are trying to not only censor the debate, but are labeling the anti-forced vaccine people as “haters” and a “hate group.”

The Mandatory Vaccine Police-State Terrorists

Dagny Taggart of the “Organic Prepper” details the way of life in the new Amerika, the mandatory vaccine police state, in which government police and S.W.A.T. team goons break into a family’s home and kidnap their 3 kids, because one of them had had a fever and had not been vaccinated. The article is not clear about what the kids are not vaccinated against.

The mother apparently told the doctor on the phone that the child’s fever had already gone down and was already feeling better, and so she would not be taking him to the emergency room as the doctor ordered. And also, the mother had expressed concern that the doctor might report her to Department of Child Safety (DCS) for not having her kids vaccinated.

Now, the important information the doctor was given on the phone at that time was that the fever had gone down to normal, and the child was feeling better and was playing, and so on. So (and I’m not a doctor, I know), what a doctor with common sense at that point would do is to say, okay, I’m glad the kid is feeling better and the fever has gone away so he’s better and there’s no need for the child to be taken to the emergency room.

But, noooooo. Not in today’s Amerika. Today’s police state. The doctor called the police and the DCS on the family. The goons kidnapped the kids and put the family through hell.

We’re going to have a lot more of this kind of medical police state, especially with “Medicare for All,” i.e. Soviet medical care, when doctors are all government employees.

The younger doctors now are getting even dumber and less rational, which reflects on the younger generation in general, because the schools are making it easier and easier to get higher grades regardless of the students’ actually learning anything of value. What they are learning is that every little thing is “racist” or “sexist,” white males have “privilege” (even if they’re poor or discriminated against because of affirmative action), and that people have a right to free education, free health care and free iPhones.

And the vaccine stuff. I recently wrote about Gov. Matt Bevin who isn’t vaccinating his kids and wants them to have typical childhood illnesses so they can develop immunity naturally, which is the best way to develop immunity. But in “modern society” today, millions of people literally worship vaccines like a god.

Just recently Brian Shilhavy of Health Impact News wrote about a Philadelphia mumps outbreak among already vaccinated people. The article also notes that the maker of the vaccine, the evil Merck, is being sued by former Merck employees who are acting as whistleblowers regarding the employees having “witnessed firsthand the improper testing and data falsification in which Merck engaged to artificially inflate the (MMR) vaccine’s efficacy findings.”

Merck and other pharmaceutical companies have been sued by people because of injuries caused by the vaccines. I have already written about Merck’s killer HPV vaccine, Gardasil.

And as I wrote in my post on Gov. Matt Bevin, Sharyl Attkisson wrote about what the news isn’t saying about vaccine-autism studies, and has this page of links to many articles on the subject of vaccines. Please check out those articles, and then tell me about something being “debunked,” or that the “science is settled.” (The closed-minded among us will continue to say, “debunked.”)

And why are little kids being given so many vaccines now? The medical establishment is poisoning and damaging the kids and adults’ brains, all in the name of profits for Merck, Pfizer and Glaxo-etc-etc. But it’s worse for the kids at such a young age when their brains are still in very important early development stages.

And, as I had also mentioned in various posts, Dr. Julian Whitaker wrote that “Depending upon which vaccine is being administered, a single shot can contain a brew of adulterated bacteria, viruses, aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, hydrochloric acid, and/or numerous multisyllabic chemical additives. To say that repeated exposures to such a wide range of toxins have no cumulative adverse effects on a child’s developing nervous and immune systems is more than irrational—it’s diabolical.” Dr. Whitaker also points out that kids receive 14 different vaccines in 49 doses by the age of six.

Bill Sardi states that “children under age 2 are not able to develop sufficient antibodies to develop immunity from vaccination.  Despite this basic fact, the medical establishment insists upon administering a total of 19 shots, containing 24 vaccines, to infants on their 2, 4 and 6 month pediatric visits.” Sardi gives a lot of important information with links for further inquiry.

We now live in a societal regression. Even hundreds of members of Congress have signed on to getting rid of cars and trucks, planes, and probably all of industry, because what they really want is to bring us all back to the Dark Ages, in the name of saving the environment.

So, also in today’s societal regression, in which myths, medical corruption and ignorance rule, we will now have a medical police state with doctor-S.W.A.T. team terrorists going after dissenters to force people to poison their kids’ brains, all in the name of protecting them.

Socialists Are Fascists, and Vice Versa

Thomas DiLorenzo writes on the blog:

Socialist Economists Joseph Stiglitz and Thomas Piketty Want to Know Where All Your Money Is.

They belong to an “independent commission” that advocates a “global asset registry” that would use blockchain technology to track all assets in accounts over $10,000.  Like the advocates of firearm registries, they want an asset registry so that the state(s) knows where to go to steal your property when the time is right.  Other members of this “commission” include various United Nations political hacks, fellow far-left academics, and various tax collectors, such as the former revenue commissioner of Nigeria, all of whom favor some kind of globally administered socialist welfare redistribution scheme.  (Thanks to Kyle J.).

Related: Yuri Maltsev has an article on Alexandria Obama-Chavez (AOC) and her proposals that would end up resulting in the same kind of death and destruction of all past socialists regimes and dictators.

Ocasio-Cortez is attractive and well-spoken individual, but so were Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Mao Zedong, Ho Chi Minh, Che Guevara and Fidel at her age. All of them disguised their insatiable lust for power by “altruistic idealism” and when they have fooled enough “grey masses” and “useful idiots” to get the power, they all became the worst mass serial killers as the logic of these ideas demanded them to.

Smollett MAGA-Attack Hoax Charges Dropped

I can’t believe I’m wasting my time writing this. I really don’t have time today anyway. And also I had never even heard of Jussie Smollett prior to this whole story.

It appears that all charges of actor Smollett’s hoax of a hate crime attack have been dropped, and there’s no good explanation as to why that is. Apparently the FBI is investigating the circumstances surrounding the dropping of the charges.

Smollett is the black and gay actor who allegedly falsely claimed that people wearing MAGA hats (i.e. Trump supporters) had attacked him and used racial and anti-gay slurs. But the evidence had surfaced that he was claiming that falsely and he was then charged.

Interestingly, within the same day of the dropping of those criminal charges against Smollett, Russia-collusions probe “special counsel” Robert Mueller delivered his final report to Congress, admitting after a 2+ year investigation that there was no collusion or conspiracy between the Trump 2016 campaign and Putin’s Russia government to interfere with the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.

My, what a coincidence of timing there. Is it just a coincidence?

For nearly three years FBI and DOJ apparatchiks, the Democrats and news media flunkies had been promoting the false narrative of Trump-Russia collusions/hacking the election, which those who are actually informed of the facts know was never the case and that it was a deliberate frame-up job against Donald Trump.

And there were no actual attackers with MAGA hats on, assaulting Jussie Smollett. I guess a prolonged case with a trial in the news, with the evidence supporting the allegation against Smollett of a hoax MAGA hat-wearing Trump supporters proving to be false, would even further reinforce the truth that’s being exposed now, all these false narratives mainly by the left are just that: false narratives.

I can see why the Internet intruders want to censor alternative media.

More Articles

John Whitehead with an article on how we’re all lab rats in the government’s secret experiments. Get ready to be grossed out if you aren’t already familiar with some of the sick experiments the degenerate psychopaths in Washington have performed on the people.

Laurence Vance has a lengthy article on your tax dollars at work. Very detailed. And he distinguishes between the typical liberal/conservative statist view on taxes and the libertarian view. Is there somewhere in this piece in which he suggests to get rid of the federal government as a good solution? I didn’t see it. (In fact, that same solution applies to the first link above as well.)

Michael Rozeff says that socialism suppresses entrepreneurship.

And Joseph Mercola on Internet watchdogs and fake fact-checkers, conflicts of interest.

André Previn Has Died

Occasionally I write about some famous person who has died, such as pianist Van Cliburn, symphony conductor Claudio Abbado, tax-cutting advocate Barbara Anderson, disgraced Cardinal Bernard Law, and Supreme Bureaucrat Antonin Scalia. I don’t really write personal stuff here, but I can mention that we also had a death in the family recently, due to Alzheimer’s. A horrible, prolonged ordeal.

But in this post I am writing about André Previn, who died on February 28 at the age of 89. Besides being a multi-award-winning movie composer, he was also a great symphony conductor and pianist and jazz artist.

Previn was quite with it in his elder years. He continued to compose, such as his Double Concerto for Violin, Cello and Orchestra that was premiered by the Cincinnati and Detroit Symphony Orchestras in 2014, his Music for Wind Orchestra (No Strings Attached) that was also premiered in 2014, and his Almost an Overture that was premiered in Newport in 2017.

Now, I’m not big on movie music, or jazz, but I am a classical music person, that’s for sure.

I saw Previn in New York with his Pittsburgh Symphony of which he was Music Director during the 1970s. Some Pittsburgh Symphony musicians refer to Previn as a “genius.” And I saw him again during the ’80s at Tanglewood and in Boston with the Boston Symphony. His performance at Tanglewood 1980 of the Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 3 with pianist Horacio Gutiérrez was thrilling. His Alpine Symphony by R. Strauss was also thrilling, even though the Alpine Symphony is not one of my favorite pieces, quite frankly. Actually, I can’t stand it, but Previn made it sound great.

Regarding his own compositions, I discovered one of them on a CD box set of the great pianist Vladimir Ashkenazy’s “Great Piano Concertos,” a release marking Ashkenazy’s 40th anniversary recording with Decca records. That set includes André Previn’s Piano Concerto, a great piece, in my view. Previn’s Piano Concerto was written for Ashkenazy and I believe was premiered in 1985 by Ashkenazy with Previn conducting the Royal Philharmonic.

The Previn Piano Concerto is in 3 movements: Moderato; Andante: Theme and Variations; and Fast. Those are links to YouTube of each movement. I don’t think there’s a single video with all movements together. The uploads seem to be by Universal Music from that Ashkenazy box set. Here is the Amazon link to the CD that has just that Piano Concerto (and also includes Previn’s Guitar Concerto).

Here is André Previn conducting the London Symphony Orchestra in 1977, with the great pianist Martha Argerich playing Prokofiev’s Piano Concerto No. 3.

And here is Previn conducting the NHK Symphony (Japan) in the Brahms Symphony No. 4 in 1995.

Martha Argerich Performs the Liszt Piano Concerto No. 1 in 2016

While I was working on my post about André Previn, I came across this video of the great pianist Martha Argerich. In my Previn post, I posted a 1977 video of Previn conducting a concerto with Argerich playing piano solo.

This other video here is from 2016. Argerich age 75 at the time, performs the Liszt Piano Concerto No. 1 (with Barenboim conducting), and she’s just as phenomenal as she has always been. Unbelievable performance.

The Delusional Never-Trump Media

Now, I am not a Trump supporter, but I calls it like I sees it. This whole propaganda campaign was obvious to me since the Washington Post’s November of 2016 propaganda article on “Fake News,” to try to cover themselves while they promulgated the real fake news.

Former U.S. State Department veteran Peter van Buren writes about how the entire Mueller investigation was a lie from the very beginning, and about the media’s and national security expert analysts’ propaganda throughout the fishing expedition. He summarizes the various indictments that did occur but having nothing to do with the actual allegations of “Trump campaign collusions with Russia.”

Among other things, van Buren writes:

Another generation of journalists soiled themselves. They elevated mongerers like Seth Abramson, Malcolm Nance, and Lawrence Tribe, who vomited nonsense all over Twitter every afternoon before appearing before millions on CNN. They institutionalized unsourced gossip as their ledes—how often were we told that the walls were closing in? That it was Mueller time? How often was the public put on red alert that Trump/Sessions/Rosenstein/Whitaker/Barr was going to fire the special prosecutor? The mass media featured only stories that furthered the collusion tall tale and silenced those skeptical of the prevailing narrative, the same way they failed before the Iraq war.

The short version: there were no WMDs in Iraq. That was a lie and the media promoted it shamelessly while silencing skeptical voices. Now Mueller has indicted zero Americans for working with Russia to influence the election. Russiagate was a lie and the media promoted it shamelessly while silencing skeptical voices.

The same goes for the politicians, alongside Hayden, Brennan, Clapper, and Comey, who told Americans that the president they elected was a spy working against the United States. None of that was accidental. It was a narrative they desperately wanted to be true so they could profit politically regardless of what it did to the nation. And today the whitewashing is already ongoing (watch out for tweets containing the word “regardless”).

The New York Post lists the top media “news” people who got it most wrong the whole time, including Rachel Maddow and Joe Scarborough on cable, Bill Kristol and Max Boot in the print media, Benjamin Wittes and Lawrence Tribe in the twitterverse, and Alec Baldwin and Joy Behar on Network TV.

And here is Glenn Greenwald appearing on Fox with Tucker Carlson. Greenwald scolds the media’s government flunkies CNN and MSNBC for not only being propagandists for the national security establishment’s narrative, but for intentionally banning actual investigative journalists from appearing on their networks.

The “Mueller Report”: The Coup Failed. But Will the Real Conspirators See the Hoosegow?

So yesterday I’m listening to these Sunday news shows Meet the Depressed, Fake the Nation and Faux News Sunday, rebroadcast on Bloomberg Radio, and today these local liberal talk radio personalities, and it’s like they’re all living in a different world of non-reality. They are in a world far removed from the truth, especially when it comes to the long-anticipated “Mueller Report,” and attorney general William Barr’s spin on it to Congress.

The media groupies are still clinging to the notion that Trump “obstructed justice” and they’re still talking impeachment, when in reality it was the high-up FBI and DOJ flunkies who “obstructed justice” in their falsely exonerating Hillary Clinton in her rogue email mishandlings, by changing the words “gross negligence” to “extremely careless,” in order to falsely get out of criminally indicting Clinton.

And will the impeachment-obsessed Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiffty look into the “insurance policy” that the high-ups at DOJ and FBI implemented to try to ward off a Trump presidency or to sabotage it if it were to occur? The usage of the Steele dossier that British spy Christopher Steel wrote up on Trump that was filled with made-up allegations with no verification whatsoever?

In fact, Bruce Ohr at the DOJ told senior FBI and DOJ bureaucrats, and obviously the signers of the FISA warrant applications that were used to illicitly spy on Trump campaign people, that the information used for those FISA applications, the “Steele dossier,” was unverified, and the officials then misled FISA court judges who signed the warrants. So, if there are to be indictments for “obstruction of justice” and “conspiracy,” they need to be handed to James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates and Rod Rosenstein, the officials who submitted FISA warrant applications with unverified information to the FISA judges. I wrote about all that in this article in January.

I have a feeling that, thanks to the propagandists of the mainstream media, most people have never even heard of Bruce Ohr.

So will the Obama-Comey FBI/DOJ spy ring get indicted? That also includes the former director of national intelligence (sic) James Clapper and CIA director John Brennan. Kimberly Strassel of the Wall Street Journal called Brennan the “ringmaster” and Giuliani referred to him as the “quarterback.”

Can you imagine if the Bush DOJ and FBI spied on the Obama campaign and attempted to falsely accuse Obama of “collusions with Russia to sway the 2008 election”?

And all those indictments handed down by the Mueller fishing expedition? Nothing to do with “Russia collusions” to change the 2016 election.

The first group of Russians who were indicted were using social media because they were trying to make money. It was a money-making click-bait scheme.

But the second group of Russians from the Russian intelligence GRU, were indicted to do with non-existent “hacking” of the DNC and the Clinton campaign computers, but the indictments were not substantiated with any evidence whatsoever, as we heard from Moon of Alabama and Joe Lauria. The Mueller people just made it all up.

And Paul Manafort’s dealings were with Ukrainians, not Russians, and having nothing to do with the 2016 election, and his tax-related indictments were from years ago, well before the 2016 election! Then there was Mike Flynn’s “guilty” plea for lying to investigators, after having been entrapped by FBI, even though FBI’s top agent Strzok believed that Flynn was not lying.

The whole thing has been a fishing expedition and an attempted frame-up of Trump. And I’m not even a Trump supporter.

The reasons these “national security” apparatchiks went after Trump — joined enthusiastically by the toadies of the media and the rest of the government losers in Washington — wasn’t just because he criticized the national security establishment and their terrible wars.

It was also because he’s a successful entrepreneur. Government losers HATE successful entrepreneurs. So it’s also a part of their ENVY that we are seeing more and more of from government worshipers now. That is part of why government “law enforcement” went after Martha Stewart — and Michael Milken, Aaron Swarz, Joseph Nacchio and John Kinnucan, and others.

And now government “law enforcement” is going after Robert Kraft. The goons can easily go after ANY famous celebrity male patronizing a house of prostitution. So why Robert Kraft, and only weeks after his Patriots won their 6th Super Bowl? I have answered my own question. Duh. There’s that envy again. And that’s why. (And maybe because Kraft is a Trump supporter? Ya think?)

It’s the inherent nature of the government parasite who would never make it in the private sector, or anywhere were it not for the forced redistribution of wealth scheme that’s been financed by the thievery of the income tax for the past century.

And the FBI has been going after The Donald since at least 2003, as we know from Felix Sater. The anti-business FBI has probably been wanting to get Trump since the 1980s, quite frankly.