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The Greed and Control Freakishness of the “Climate Change” Fanatics

Paul Driessen has this important article on following the money of the climate alarmists, and he makes some very good points.

And Donald Boudreaux has this column on unrealistic progressives when it comes to auto fuel efficiency standards.

In my view, the main point of the climate change industry (besides being control freaks) is like a lot of other fanatical movements of those on the Left: to further steal from the workers and producers of society, call it “taxes,” or more taxes, higher taxes, new taxes, carbon tax, etc., etc., etc. It is a part of this envy and covetousness of those who resent others being successful. Just like with Thomas Piketty whose popular recent book mainly shows the mentality not of helping those at the bottom, but taking more away from those at the top. And the climate change preachers have a lot of gullible sheeple who are duped by the emotionalistic rhetoric of fear and panic. Sad.

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