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Jacob Hornberger on the welfare statist, pro-taxation conservatives. No different from the leftists.

Timothy Sandefur comments on Tucker Carlson’s anti-free market, anti-capitalism views. No surprise there. And this goes with Carlson and his fellow Trumpistas’ anti-immigration, anti-foreigner, anti-private property and Build-The-Wall stuff, quite frankly. I’ll have more to say about all that soon. But the truth is, socialists build government walls to obstruct markets and freedom, while true capitalists don’t build government walls and instead promote free enterprise, free markets, and private property.

Alex Nowrasteh criticizes the government’s own immigration and crime data.

J.R. Dunn on Mark Felt and the “collusion” conspiracy.

Laurence Vance asks, How long should the work day be?

Gideon Levy says that in 2018, Israel’s mask finally came off.

And Adam Hudson discusses Guantanamo FBI-CIA cahooting.

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