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A Further Left Turn for Amerika?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says that an economic system that “allows billionaires” is “immoral.” Oh yeah? How about the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016, raking in $1.4 billion, according to the Washington Post? Is that “immoral”? (Oh, it’s okay that government bureaucrats and politicians have as much money as they want, but not private citizens. How dare they.)

Robert Ringer writes about Ocasio-Cortez and the moron mob.

And Robert Wenzel says that Kamala Harris has a lot of charisma which could be dangerous, and seems to want to implement a tax system that combines Elizabeth Warren’s progressive tax with Ocasio-Cortez’s wealth tax. Not good.


In this next video, Kamala Harris says that “a child going without an education is tantamount to a crime.” What she really means is that it should be considered a crime to not coercively put children in government schools for the daily propaganda and indoctrination of State worship and obedience.

Here is Harris bragging and laughing about her policy of prosecuting parents for “truancy.” (I guess that means she’s against homeschooling? Yup, probably.)

In the video, she says her staff was very concerned about such a policy, not because it is immoral and in fact criminal to intrude herself into the schooling choices of private citizens and their kids, but a concern because she didn’t know at the time if she had an opponent in her reelection race! That is what politicians are concerned about. Their political career in harassing and threatening innocent, private citizens.

So, as part of the Melissa Harris-Perry ilk (Are they related?), Kamala Harris seems to think that the community or the State owns the children.

You see, she’s one of those True Believers in the authority of the State and its Bureaucracies and its Propaganda apparatus, the government schools. “You vill go to government school, and you vill enjoy it!”

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