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Tell Them “The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution Protects My Right to Remain Silent”

And it protects your right to not answer their questions, especially without your attorney present. And if you are a political activist or a high-profile public figure like Donald Trump you should already have an attorney in place that you can call in such cases of harassment by federal or local law enforcement. And they do tend to go after political activists and high profile people. And they go after people for political reasons who are on “the other side of the aisle,” or those who are advocates of freedom and who are “anti-government” in one way or another.

Victor Ward has this important advice for Donald Trump in his possibly being interviewed by FBI or the Mueller squad. This advice applies to anyone and everyone who might be the target of the feds or police. Here are some excerpts:

Never, never, never talk to the Police/FBI or anyone in the District Attorney’s/DOJ’s office.

These guys are not your friends.

They do not care about you.

Do not let them come to your office. Do not let them in your home. Do not give them anything.

The only thing that you should say is: “I want an attorney. I want all questioning to stop until I get my attorney. Thank you.”

Sure, they will try to persuade you and tell you that the process could be so much faster if you would just answer a few questions without your Attorney present.

They will tell you that you don’t need an Attorney because you don’t have anything to hide.

They will tell you that you are not under any investigation or indictment and that you don’t have anything to worry about.

These are all lies. If they cannot get you for X, they will try and get you for Y, and then use your conviction for Y to help get something else from you.

Ward makes reference to Michael Cohen and Jerome Corsi, and suggests what they did wrong. Although if I remember correctly, the feds raided Michael Cohen’s office, and it probably wasn’t because they initially suspected Cohen of criminal activity, but probably because the feds were after Trump and were on a fishing expedition to try to find dirt on The Donald.

This whole case of the Mueller kangaroo investigation really tells us who the real criminals are, don’t you think?

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