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A Christmas Message

Becky Akers has this very nice Merry Christmas message, including a link to George F. Smith’s video of the Christmas Truce of 1914 around the beginning of World War I on or near Christmas to initiate peace. After all, was Jesus Christ not the “Prince of Peace”? She also quotes from an article with a Christmastime pro-life message.

Becky writes: “Mr. Smith’s video gently prompts viewers to question the identity of the soldiers’ actual enemies (hint: it’s not the poor slobs firing away at them). The film is a riveting introduction to the philosophy of freedom, and since it’s especially apropos now, you might want to forward it with your greetings to friends and family.”

George Smith points out that after all the death and destruction that governments have caused, the bureaucrats and politicians themselves survive and have enriched themselves off the wars. “Never forget the spirit of ’14.” I think I’ll post the video below.

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