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The New York Times’ Anonymous Op-Ed on Trump

The New York Times now has an op-ed from an anonymous source from within the White House who is admitting to sabotaging Donald Trump’s agenda, namely Trump’s attempting to strengthen relations between the U.S. and Russia. The Times begins by saying they are publishing the piece anonymously to protect the “whistleblower” from losing his/her job.

The Times writes: “The Times today is taking the rare step of publishing an anonymous Op-Ed essay. We have done so at the request of the author, a senior official in the Trump administration whose identity is known to us and whose job would be jeopardized by its disclosure. We believe publishing this essay anonymously is the only way to deliver an important perspective to our readers.”

Publishing it anonymously is the “only way”? Are they that dumb to think that? His/her job “would be jeopardized”? That’s nuts. The individual whoever s/he is can leave the White House and get a job with MSNBC immediately, or with a military contractor and make millions. That is what former Washington parasites do.

The NYT op-ed writer tries to say that s/he is from the “resistance” within the White House, but, as Brendan O’Neill of Spiked points out regarding the anti-Trump resistance at the John McCain funeral, such “resistance” is really the “Establishment.”

Now, if this NYT editorial isn’t all made up, which is very possible given the Times‘ recent history, then the person should just come forward and leave the White House. And no, it isn’t treason. But dumb Donald is learning more that the Establishment life-long government parasites he has brought into the White House are not on his side, and they are not on the side of the American people, either. They are clearly interfering with the “Will of the People” in their obstructions.

The permanent, unelected government in Washington (sometimes known as the “deep state,” or the “national security state”) thrives on Cold War with Russia, they thrive on the conflicts in the Middle East that George H.W. Bush played a major role in intensifying after the First Cold War ended in 1990 or so. They thrive on their close financial ties to the military and security contractors, a.k.a. “military industrial complex” and their close ties to their treasured propagandists of the government media, including the warmongers of the New York Times.

But, while the writer mentions “whispers within the cabinet” of making use of the 25th Amendment to oust Trump, at least this is better than assassinating Trump, which they did to JFK.

And this is probably being timed to coincide with Bob Woodward’s new book, which claims that top White House officials have been doing things like censoring and preventing certain items of information from being seen by Trump, information that the saintly do-gooder aides determine could cause Trump to make a “bad” decision.

And so we have yet another item made up by government media, as well as the probably made-up stuff in Woodward’s book. After all, Woodward helped to take down Nixon, who really was a bad guy and a war criminal, but Woodward was doing so on behalf of the permanent, national security state who didn’t like Nixon’s détente with Russia and China. The national security state thrives on Cold War tensions and hostility, as I just noted above.

And it’s not the “liberal media,” folks. It’s the “government media.”

And I first understood that the New York Times was just another rag when its reporter, Maureen Dowd, decided to go further than just “biased reporting,” and actively colluded with Dukakis for President campaign chairman John Sasso to splice together part of Joe Biden’s speech and a similar speech by British politician Neil Kinnock, to expose plagiarism on the part of Biden.

My conclusion is that, unless the anonymous White House writer is outed or comes forward, the real writers are the Goebbels of the New York Times (a.k.a. “New York Slimes“), which I believe they have a right to do, as protected by the First Amendment. And so does Bob Woodward have a right to fabricate claims on Trump. (Not so, says The Donald, and many other people.)

What Trump needs to do is fire ALL of his top staff and cabinet officials, and bring on libertarian-minded people such as Judge Andrew Napolitano who actually would follow the U.S. Constitution, and those who are not life-long government parasites or militarists. But sadly, Trump is himself a confused and ignorant nationalist who loves all things military and Big Government, and central planning. Oh, well.

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