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Month: September 2018

Soviet France Now

The bureaucrats of France, Emmanuel Macron’s France, have ordered that “far-right” politician Marine Le Pen undergo a psychiatric examination for her posting of graphically violent images on social media that supposedly included Islamic State extremists killing innocent people. The government accuses Le Pen of “inciting terrorism or pornography or seriously harm human dignity.”

Totalitarian regimes do that kind of thing to dissidents or to those who attempt to express a particular reality that goes against the government’s narrative as repeated and reinforced by the media, and by intellectuals and pro-regime academics.

The rulers send a “disloyal” or “unpatriotic” citizen to a mental institution or to be evaluated by a government-approved or government-employed psychiatrist, usually to then either be involuntarily committed to the institution or drugged up with mind-altering drugs.

Now, while I believe that Marine Le Pen definitely has a right to express herself and post images, I don’t agree with her on emphasizing the Muslim extremism stuff.

What we do need to emphasize is that Western governments have been invading, occupying, bombing and tyrannizing Muslim countries for decades now and no wonder there is blowback. No wonder they retaliate in their own radicalized, primitive ways. (Actually, the U.S. and other governments’ violence against those countries has been that of primitives as well.)

But if France has been experiencing terrorism in recent years, they need to look in the mirror for the real causes. France’s regime has been one of the worst participants as far as warmongering on the Middle-East is concerned. So in addition to France’s warmongering criminality against foreigners, now France also wants to crack down on its own people, and punish their difference of views and speech with Soviet-like psychiatric impositions. Shame on France.

Why Should We Love the Constitution So Much?

First, as long as we have the U.S. Constitution as the law of the land, it contains rules that government bureaucrats and their enforcers must follow. So as long as the bureaucrats and the rulers have power over us, we need that they have rules to follow, to protect out liberty.

But Gary Barnett has this article on the Constitution, with good questions to ask as far as how has it really helped to protect our liberty.

More Articles of Interest

Ron Paul comments on Republicans’ responsibility for socialism’s comeback.

Jacob Hornberger on “price gouging.”

Tho Bishop says that in socialist Venezuela the poor starve to death while the politically powerful feast.

The Daily Caller on FBI officials discussing “media leak strategy” ahead of major Trump-Russia revelation.

Ryan McMaken says that capitalism makes us more humane.

Jeff Deist with three lessons from the Kavanaugh debacle.

Jesús Huerta de Soto says that credit expansion squanders capital.

And Zero Hedge with an article on U.S. diplomats involved in trafficking of human blood and pathogens for secret military program.

Root for Neither Republicans Nor Democrats in the Roman Colosseum of USSA

Just a follow-up on my rant from yesterday. The Democrats are maneuvering to delay the Senate vote on Judge Kavanaugh for Supreme Court until after the mid-terms, but their manipulating may backfire on them in the November elections.

Unfortunately, what the Democrats care about are issues to do with “women’s rights,” i.e. abortion rights, and their race- and gender identity-obsession, and empowering the parasites of government to tax and steal as much as possible from the producers to fund this or that social or redistributive economic program that makes them feel good. Democrats don’t care about due process, dismantling the empire abroad, the warmongering and invasions and occupations by Washington against foreigners, civil liberties, or ending the police state.

In their contempt for due process, Democrats and otherwise Trump despisers are uncontrollably hysterical in their trying to aid and abet the Mueller/FBI fishing expedition and frame-up on Trump to get him out of office. And I am not a Trump supporter as readers already know. As Bob Woodward has admitted in an interview, after two whole years of looking for evidence of Trump-Russia collusions or espionage, he has found no evidence.

And the media sharks (as Ronald Reagan would call them), some of them know there is no evidence of such, but they still go on to do their talk shows and news as though “Trump-Russia collusions, hacking and cheating the election process,” is a given. Chuck Todd has been a big example of that. Todd interviewed former Director of National Intelligence James Claptrapper James Clapper in March of 2017, and Clapper said there was no evidence of any “collusion between members of the Trump campaign and the Russians,” and when asked if such evidence actually exists Clapper answered, “Not to my knowledge,” and “we had no evidence of such collusion.” Now, Clapper reminded Todd that all the other intelligence (sic) agency heads, such as FBI, CIA, NSA, report to him, to the Director of National Intelligence. So if by that time he knew of no evidence of Trump-Russia collusions, then it did not exist. But like all the other news media propagandists, Chuck Todd has apparently nevertheless continued on in his discussions with the assumption that Trump did collude or conspire with Russia, as well as the other media-government operatives.

So, race and gender issues, “climate change,” and abortion are what these “Russia collusions”-obsessed Democrats care about, certainly not Trump’s drone-bombings and murders of innocents overseas or the drug war that Trump is continuing to impose with great drool.

The Democrats and their media co-conspirators don’t care that it really was a frame-up and fishing expedition from the very beginning, from months before Trump was even elected. Some of the higher-up Democrats in Congress know that was the case, and some people in the media know it was the case as the evidence shows that, with the corrupt FBI and DOJ people abusing their FISA spying authority, lying to FISA judges and illegally spying on their political opponents. This is why the DOJ will “slow-walk,” as Ray McGovern put it, Trump’s order to de-classify the FISA requests and other Russia-gate materials. The top officials may even disobey Trump’s order to de-classify the material, to avoid the exposure of their corruption and criminality.

But the Republicans are just as bad when it comes to due process and presumption of innocence. So, tough noogies if they don’t like the lack of due process against their precious Brett Kavanaugh and the Senate votes to reject him. He should get borked. And the Rethuglicans with their anti-immigration anti-due process policies of arresting and caging innocent peaceful people, arresting employers and the gubmint’s other fascist measures. And the Repugs’ love of Gitmo and criminally imprisoning and torturing totally innocent foreigners, most of whom were gathered up at random by Afghan villagers in return for payments by CIA. But the conservative sheeple would never even believe that was the case. Git those terrists!

For the Rethugs, it’s “due process for me, but not for thee.”

Political Power Grabbers

Butler Shaffer has this article now, asking, Who owns the State? A very interesting take on the various groups of power-grabbers, usurpers and the obedient sheeple he calls “zombies.” No kidding, Butler. And I agree with him as far as referring to the Owners so desperate in their wanting their “fiefdom” restored. His article sure has gotten me going today.

While he doesn’t get into the events of this past week, particularly the accusations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh by a professor Christine Blasey Ford while they were in high school, and whose accusations seem questionable, in my view here is an example of the “Owners” desperate for governmental powers. Just look at the depraved and decrepit Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Shady Pines) manipulating and maneuvering in her withholding the Christine Ford accusation letter from July until now as though timing its appearance at the last moment. Shame on Feinstein. She’s this week’s Madame Apparatchik, for sure.

The Democrats are desperate to control the Supreme Court. Some of their priorities include preventing Roe v. Wade from getting overturned. It’s a terrible, unconstitutional, legislating-from-the-bench decision. Don’t worry about it. If it’s overturned most of the states will continue to not interfere with a woman’s right to choose to kill her offspring. On the radio, talk show callers are terrified of “Planned Parenthood being closed down.” No it won’t, because there are plenty of extremely rich liberals who would donate to fund its illicit operations. “Birth control will be inaccessible.” No, just go into your local CVS and get it. It’s not too expensive. If you think it’s too expensive, you need to budget your priorities. Sadly, many people prioritize promiscuous sex, and they don’t want to deal with the consequences responsibly.

The Democrats also are desperate to impose higher tax-thefts on the people, especially a “carbon tax.” The climate change crapola is ALL about further expanding the powers of government and further empowering the private-property-eviscerating police state, and stealing more from the people. It’s ALL about higher taxes, and NOT the environment or the climate.

And the Democrats and progressive activists are desperate to have the power to order private businesspeople like bakers to bake them a cake whether they like it or not. But really, the activists are drooling to impose onto traditionalists, Christians and non-LGBT pervs an acceptance of “alternative” lifestyles that are against their values. Imposing onto others is what progressives are all about. But wait a minute, the conservatives also want to impose their views, such as not allowing an atheist baker to refuse service to a Christian couple.

The conservatives also are desperate for power coming from the Supreme Court.

I have never seen or heard such a bunch of chicken littles running around in circles with their heads cut off like these people. They have been eating up the lies and propaganda of the terrorist police state from Washington ever since 9/11, hook, line and sinker. “Those ragheads are gonna kill us!” and all that. They’re hysterical.

The conservative talk radio ditto-heads only value the 4th and 5th Amendments when their rights are violated, such as the DOJ and FBI spying on the Trump campaign. But not for the riffraff, and certainly not for the Muslims and the Ay-rabs, or the Mexicans and immigrants. Judge Kavanaugh is a rubber-stamper for the surveillance state, the bureaucratic state, the police state. He is a Swamp Creature. So, if someone is accusing him of something when they were in high school, I couldn’t care less. I couldn’t care if the accusation is true or if it’s a false accusation. He’s Swamp Creature, a rubber-stamper for the tyrannical Bureaucracy. Bye-bye. Let’s hope the 9th Justice (sic) is just not replaced at all. And then when Ginsberg decides to call it a day (or croaks), let’s not replace her either. In fact, keep that trend going until there are 9 empty seats. We will all be better off.

Open Borders vs. Government-Controlled Borders

Lew Rockwell has another article on the libertarian view on immigration. But the title of the article, “Open borders are an assault on private property,” has it backwards. It’s government borders and government-controlled borders that are an assault on private property, not just real estate private property but other forms of private property such as private contracts between and among traders, privately-owned businesses and so on.

Rockwell refers extensively to the writings of Hans-Hermann Hoppe and Murray Rothbard. I responded to Hoppe several times, in this article on immigration and private vs. public property, this one on immigration and Western culture, and on the right to remove “bad neighbors.” And I also responded to Jim Cox on the immigration/culture issue, and to Walter Williams and his extremely collectivist views on immigration.

The way I am perceiving the anti-“open borders” argument from Rockwell and Hoppe is that they assume some sort of communal ownership of an entire territory by, well not the entire population but by only a certain approved sector of the population, the “taxpayers,” and that the “taxpayers” are the owners of “public property,” and involuntarily. Which is irrational, in my view.

The idea that, because people have money and earnings taken from them by the government involuntarily to fund its control over “public property” (such as along the government border), and thus those victims of tax-thefts are the “owners” of such “public property,” involuntarily, is just illegitimate. I addressed all that in the above links.

For example, in this post responding to Hans-Hermann Hoppe, I wrote:

Just how did the taxpayers come to own such “public property”? Did they inherit the property? Was it by way of a voluntary contract? Or was such ownership imposed on them involuntarily along with the tax-thefts that were imposed on them involuntarily?

Millions of undocumented workers’ presence and labor in the U.S. have not received proper bureaucrat-parasite authorization, but they have paid billions of dollars in federal taxes. And while some of their legitimate, honest earnings are withheld by employers to pay the feds the demanded booty, they are nevertheless ineligible for Social Security from those earnings. But they are “taxpayers.” Do they thus share in ownership of U.S. “public property”?

And also, do you divide ranks in “public property” ownership”? For instance, do very wealthy people have a higher percentage of ownership than lower-class workers, and thus have more ownership rights of control than the others? What if many wealthy progressive thinkers have a larger percentage of ownership/control, and want to have marijuana dispensaries, abortion clinics, etc. on “public property,” but a minority of the tax-payers disagree with that scheme? Is that legitimate?

When Hoppe says that public property is the “property of domestic tax-payers and most definitely not the property of foreigners,” what about domestic non-taxpayers? What about “citizens” (non-foreigners) who do work for a living, but don’t make enough to be required to have to pay income taxes? Are they denied rights of exclusion or inclusion because of this? So in other words, those who don’t pay the feds anything in tax-thefts should have the same denied rights of access to public property as the foreigners/non-“citizens”?

So far, I have not seen any answers to those questions.

From my perspective, it seems to me that Rockwell and the anti-“open borders” libertarians have that assumption of some sort of collective, communal property ownership, of an entire territory, the “nation,” or country. He seems to be asserting that, as long as the federal government in Washington exists, as long as forced-wealth redistribution i.e. welfare exists, as long as anti-discrimination laws exist, we are stuck with all that and should just passively accept the government central planners’ control over who gets in “our” country (and who gets out!), accept the current police state, in other words.

These libertarian theorists don’t seem to spend as much time writing articles or making speeches on getting rid of the welfare state, anti-discrimination laws and the drug war, as much as they spend time on articles and speeches promoting government control over the government borders. The drug war is a major cause of trouble in Central and South America, and is what fuels the phenomenon of migrants fleeing the drug lords and turf wars, drug traffickers and sex traffickers.

One aspect of libertarianism, besides the non-aggression principle, self-ownership, freedom of association and freedom of non-association and private property, is individualism. The Declaration of Independence has it right when referring to the unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Those are rights of the individual. There are no group rights.

As long as an individual is being peaceful, you leave him alone. That’s the moral way to treat others. If you don’t suspect someone of violating the persons or property of others, leave him alone. Collectivists, on the other hand, believe in restricting the rights of whole groups, such as immigrants or Mexicans or Muslims, regardless of whether one is peaceful or not. Collectivists believe in group rights and group identity politics as well. “Only American citizens are entitled to work at this or that job in America.” Oh, so this American citizen over here is entitled to work at that business over there, even if a Mexican worker is more qualified? What if the business owner disagrees with you and wants to hire the worker? Guess what happens to him?

But exactly who owns the life of the individual? Who is the owner of a business in which the employer wants to hire a qualified, honest worker? Does the government in Washington own these people’s lives and businesses? If so, then control away, Mr. Bureaucrat.

No, the individual has a right to be free, has a right to be free from the aggression of others, and has a right to pursue happiness, and if each individual has those unalienable rights, then obviously no individual has the right to violate the same rights of any other in his pursuit of such happiness. That includes, “Don’t trespass on private property.”

But the idea that someone going into a territory that’s collectively owned (albeit involuntarily) by a particular group? He’s “trespassing”? That’s really a stretch. And so it’s okay that the government police arrest this otherwise peaceful person and arrest his new employer for hiring him as well, throw them in a cage, and so on?

Another problem with the anti-open borders libertarians is this nationalism stuff they seem to now be promoting. And the idea of “citizenship.” The current inhabitants of the territory and new arrivals need to have permission and authorization of criminal government bureaucrats to move about, to work somewhere, to rent or buy a home, to start a business and employ other workers. Everything must be centrally-planned and controlled by bureaucrats. That’s totally illegitimate and a criminal racket, in my view. It is a system of mass parasitism for misfits and thugs to get government employment in order to harass and tyrannize other people.

Another point that Rockwell makes is the importance of a country’s culture. But now we have a country, the U.S., that is so big, spanning hundreds of thousands of square miles and with a population of over 300 million people, it is impossible for such a country to consist of one particular culture. California is a culture in and of itself, for example.

America is just too big to be one single country, and it needs to decentralize. Otherwise, it will continue to collapse economically, culturally and socially. Look at all the fighting over a single prospective “Supreme” Court Justice. Why does an entire population of 300 million give so much power and control to a few corrupt imbeciles in Washington? Talk about irrational! But I digress.

Further Explanation of My Disappointment in the “Libertarian” Party, and New Hampshire

As a follow-up on my post on disappointing candidates in New York and New Hampshire, I was probably a little harsh and nit-picky on Darryl Perry, the former Libertarian Party candidate for President and now candidate for New Hampshire state representative. I quoted from his Presidential campaign platform, in his stating that “all coercive forms of taxation should be eliminated, and government programs should be funded voluntarily.” But I expressed some disappointment that he didn’t reiterate that in his campaign for state representative.

But for his current campaign he did state that if elected he will “support any efforts to reduce taxation and oppose any efforts to increase any existing tax rates (and) oppose any efforts to implement any new forms of taxation.” I suppose that’s good enough. Or it should be, for a state representative campaign in a district that’s quite a bit more “progressive” than New Hampshire as a whole.

It’s just that I’ve now seen the Libertarian Party go from Ron Paul in 1988 to Gary Johnson (barf) in 2016. Not good. It is now hardly even the “Libertarian Partly” w/ SJW statist Johnson. During the 1987-88 Presidential campaign I heard Ron Paul on the Gene Burns show on the radio, and finally, someone to vote for.

And when Dr. Paul was on the MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour being interviewed by Robert MacNeil, Dr. Paul was not afraid to give the PBS-watching limousine liberals a jolt with his proposals to bring ALL U.S. troops home from abroad and close down those military bases, abolish the CIA, FBI, the IRS and end the income tax. Finally someone was actually verbalizing what I had already been thinking and concluding up to that point. And the October 25th, 1988 Ron Paul rally at Faneuil Hall in Boston was a great time (and was the last time I would ever attend any such rally, that’s for sure!).

And then Harry Browne reiterated much of what Ron Paul proposed in Browne’s 1996 and 2000 campaigns. By those years I was not nearly as enthusiastic and wasn’t really paying much attention anymore.

I began paying more attention to things throughout the 2000s. But in that time we saw in 2005 the Libertarian Partly supporting central-planning nonsense in its proposal for “troop withdrawal” from Iraq, writing, “As the United States removes troops from Iraq, 30,000 will be relocated to other Middle Eastern countries. Ten thousand troops will be placed in Afghanistan for peacekeeping purposes. Decisions regarding troop reallocation will be based on the locations of existing U.S. military bases in the Middle East.”

They aren’t saying, “Close down those bases!“? Well, to hell with them, I say!

And then they’re talking about giving financial aid to the Iraqi government! Do you mean aid as seized form the bank accounts of Dick Cheney, the Bushes and Clintons, Bill Kristol, Bob Kagan, Max Boot, Doug Feith, Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, John Bolton, Richard Pearle, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, et al.? No, they mean tax dollars stolen from the workers and producers of America!

And then we had Bob Barr and Gary Johnson. Yech. So much for “The Party of Principle” Not a word about private property rights, freedom of association, the non-aggression principle, self-ownership, etc., etc. What happened to the consistent antiwar, pro-peace message of Ron Paul?

So, I’ve been a bit disappointed. And when I see someone who has been like a modern, younger Ron Paul promoting the actual principles of liberty and peace, like Darryl Perry, I find that encouraging.

Oh, and there’s another issue. New Hampshire, the “Live Free or Die” state. They’re still pretty good on the anti-tax area, but the SJW stuff is creeping in now and, as I wrote in my post on this year’s campaigns there, Gov. Chris Sununu the alleged “conservative” is now an SJW, signing into laws the new “civil rights” intrusions into private property and freedom of association and freedom of non-association. So, I am disappointed in New Hampshire as well, and I wonder if Darryl Perry is also another SJW and is fine with the new Sununu LGBT “rights” law or, if elected to the state house of representatives, he would submit or sponsor legislation to repeal those kinds of laws?

You see, people have a right to their freedom of thought and conscience, and the right to live their private lives peacefully especially within their own private property and with security in their own persons. But, New Hampshire now is a disappointment, no longer the “Live Free or Die” state.

And by the way, if you live in New Hampshire and you don’t want to vote for either of the two statists for governor, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, then consider voting for the LP’s candidate, Jilletta Jarvis.

Authoritarian Dictatorships vs. Liberty (U.S. Edition)

Brandon Smith on understanding the tactics of subversive globalism. Perception is important, and the globalists do their best to manipulate the people’s perception of events. Beware the psy-ops. (I don’t think The Donald is aware of the psy-ops he’s been fed by the militarist whackjobs he has at the White House.)

Aaron Kesel with an article about Fakebook now going to fact check videos and pictures. Big Tech’s social media’s platforms need to “fact check” in order to censor out the actual truths and events that mainstream media, i.e. government stenographers, don’t want the people to know. Now that Fakebook is going to “fact check” videos and pictures as well as posts, why bother even using it?

José Niño with a brief history of repressive regimes and their gun laws.

And the Libertarian Party says, End taxation of all currency, including gold and silver.