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Media Bias: It’s Not the “Liberal Media,” It’s the “Government Media”

Last week I had my article on the real “fake news” from government media on Activist Post. The mainstream news media, a.k.a. government media, have been the most blatant propagandists for the State now. More specifically, for the “deep state.” The deep state, or as I have been referring to, the national security state, is the permanent, unelected, unaccountable group of government employees who have sworn an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America,” even though they violate such an oath in their everyday actions.

And as Glenn Greenwald noted several times in the past week, the news media have acted as White House press releasers for war especially over the past many years now. Greenwald mentioned Jeffrey Goldberg of the New Yorker and the Atlantic. And there was also the New York Times‘ Judy Miller. And many others.

It’s all about propaganda. Shaping and manipulating the public’s perception of events, and aiding and abetting the regime’s lust for more power via war and further expansion of its apparatus, especially on foreign territories. With their propaganda, lies and stenography for the regime, the media and many private corporations helped President George H.W. Bush start a whole new war of aggression against Iraq in 1991. It was the elder Bush’s first war in Iraq and sanctions which caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians throughout the 1990s that led to 9/11.

Anyway, Greenwald also wrote in 2012 about the sickening closeness between members of the news media and government officials:

This week, (Rolling Stone) features a cover story on Obama by its contributing editor, the historian Douglas Brinkley, largely based on a 45-minute interview in the Oval Office. The questions Brinkley posed are so vapid and reverent that it is hard to believe it’s not satire.


That is what explains why the US media has been so obsequious first with George Bush and now with his Democratic successor (for those who doubt that “the liberal media” venerated Bush as much as Lewis and Brinkely do Obama, I’ll remind you of this still-remarkable, borderline pornographic display of giddy fawning on Mission Accomplished Day, or the fact that Bush’s own Press Secretary wrote a book mocking the US media for how “deferential” it was to the Bush White House). It’s why journalists joyously dance with top officials, swing on their tires, are creepily grateful when they’re sprayed in the face by their squirt guns, and play fun beach games with the very campaign officials they’re ostensibly covering.

The central function, the religion, of the US establishment media is adulation of those who wield power, especially military power as personified by the inaptly referred to “commander-in-chief”. Brinkley conducted the interview in the Oval Office from his knees because – with some significant exceptions – that’s the posture which US media culture assumes in the presence of the royal court.

Greenwald has also noted, besides the news media’s promoting war and adoring the military, their reverence of national security apparatchiks in Washington. If the NSA director or underling tells you this or that, then you take his word and report the story as the “security” official wants it told. No checking, no confirmation of facts, no investigative research necessary. No FOIA requests are necessary. After all, the gubmint now makes it take so long to get a FOIA document you might as well just go with what the official tells you.

Some examples provided by Greenwald have included Bob Schieffer kissing up to former NSA directer Michael Hayden, and Bob Shieffer hatchet-jobbing Ron Paul on foreign policy. And Scott Pelley’s “13 uninterrupted minutes of drooling propaganda” interview of Obama defense secretary Leon Panetta, how Wired manipulated chat logs to aid and abet the government’s persecution of Army whistleblower Bradley Manning, Diane Sawyer and Brian Ross’s anti-Iran fear-mongering (things haven’t changed much), and the “Washington Post and transparency: total strangers.”

And regarding the corporate aspects of the biased media, I wrote in this article,

But there may be more to this than just a possible Obama influence in the firing of Jay Leno, on the corporate side. NBC, which had been employing Leno for may years, is now fully owned by Comcast, as of March, 2013.

Apparently, Comcast employees and Comcast Corp PACs contributed over $300,000 to the Obama for President 2012 campaign, according to Infowars and But that could be the case with most big corporations. (Wait, it might be more than that.)

Also according to, “86 out of 107 Comcast Corp lobbyists in 2013 have previously held government jobs.” Talk about a revolving door. And NBC itself does have a history of acting as shills for the Obama agenda.

The talk radio people I listen to are frequently noting how the mainstream news media reporters and program hosts still discuss “Trump-Russia collusions” as fact, after all this time, when many of them know there is no evidence thus far to prove it. Chuck Todd and Wolf Blitzer are especially terrible in their propagandizing.

So, thanks to these members of the government media, a.k.a. “mainstream media,” and their dependence on “unnamed government sources,” “anonymous national security sources,” etc., and the “reporters” laziness and unwillingness to verify government assertions and do actual investigative reporting, we now have unindicted co-conspirators such as Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, James Comey, James Clapper, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, and many more who are getting away with serious crimes not as much against Donald Trump but against the U.S. Constitution they all swore to support and defend, and thus the people they supposedly serve.

And all these schmucks are aided and abetted by the Big Tech social media giants who are also, as we are now seeing, government apparatchiks and servants. As Paul Craig Roberts observed recently, those who actually report the facts and tell the truth about the rulers’ criminality and corruption are being fired, censored, banned, suppressed, and sent to the gulag, here in Soviet Amerika.

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