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Trump Wants a $100 Billion Tax Cut for “the Rich”

The Trump administration is considering a $100 billion tax cut for “the wealthy,” and some people such as Chuck Schumer are complaining, you know, the usual panic from the people on the left who don’t believe that the people have a right to do whatever they want with their own money or earnings.

And what do you think the “rich people” are going to do with the extra money they will have when the government steals less of what is theirs to begin with? Stuff it in their mattress?

No, they’re going to invest it, such as investing in businesses which means greater growth, more jobs available, and so on.

And they will spend it, yes, spend it on a second (or third) home, a new luxury car, a boat, a yacht, more technological gadgets, TVs, computers, etc.

In other words, the more “the rich” will spend in the economy, the more work there will be for home builders and renovators, more work and jobs available for those who design and manufacture all those luxury items and TVs, etc., and maybe even more pay raises and bonuses for workers at Walmart, Amazon, General Motors and Ford, and so on.

People, especially those who want the government to steal more and more from the people, need to overcome their envy and covetousness and their fixation in short-term panic and short-sightedness. The people on the left would be free-market advocates and anti-tax-theft advocates if they knew exactly what happens when people have more freedom (the freedom to do what you want with your own money and income), as opposed to what happens when the rulers steal from the people and live high off the hog in Washington off the labor of the workers and producers of society.

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