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Rand Paul Has Hope for the Hopeless Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Rand Paul has hope for Donald Trump’s hopeless nominee for U.S. Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh. And Rand Paul says that he will vote for the latest swamp creature to join the other monsters on the “High” Court.

Judge Kavanaugh was born in Washington. He is not someone who wants to dismantle the bureaucracy apparatus as it stands now. He seems to love ObamaCare, and will rubber-stamp much of the rest of the rotten Bureaucratic State.

Kavanaugh has already shown that he will rubber-stamp the surveillance state.

He is a war statist and a police statist.

Kavanaugh might even be a CIA flunky.

Please, I have hope that Rand Paul will come to his senses, change his mind, and vote NO on Judge Kavanaugh.

No more swamp creatures. No more rubber-stampers for the police state and the Bureaucracy.

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