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Kids Can Be Stasi Sheeple, Too

Activist Post has this article on a new app for high school students in Henderson County, North Carolina to report on their fellow students to school bureaucrats, who will then report them to law enforcement. The app is called, “Report It, Don’t Ignore It,” like the old “If You See Something, Say Something,” to encourage people to act like neighborhood stasi and to make people feel important in their dull, worthless lives. And if there’s a neighbor they don’t like or someone who said the wrong thing then report on him, too. A world of Gladys Kravitzes. In this new situation, the students can report on ex-boyfriends or girlfriends who reject them, report something on the kid who wouldn’t share his twinkies, or just report on some innocent kid for the sake of picking on someone. Just make something up. (Taking after the Mueller-Rosenstein-Comey-Strzok people.) We’re talking about kids here. Okay.

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