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More News and Commentary

Ray McGovern is still waiting for evidence of a Russian hack.

Wendy McElroy discusses a campaign against sexual violence which is biased for female victims and removes due process from male defendants.

Don Boudreaux says that Trump’s tariffs hurt American workers and ruin relationships with our allies.

Jacob Hornberger comments on Mike Pence’s hypocrisy on Cuba, and asks, Could a U.S. domestic coup ever be justified?

Jack Burns on an immigration detention center calling the police on U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley who attempted to visit the facility.

WND with an article on how medical patients will be losing even more privacy in a big way.

Daily Caller with an article on Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Google working with the Soviet Poverty Law Center to falsely label people as “hate groups.”

And Robert Tracisnki says the Supreme Bureaucrats’ “conservative” majority wants to kill freedom softly (gay wedding cake decision).

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